Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Voter Fraud before your very EYES

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has done it again. In this unbelievable video, a young man goes to Eric Holder’s voting precinct and simply asks, “Do you have an Eric Holder at [Holder's address]?”

Not only does the poll worker confirm that there is, he prepares the ballot for the man (who never claims to be Eric Holder).

This comes as the Attorney General claims there isn’t voter fraud occurring where voter ID is not required. He said it is “a problem that doesn’t exist.”

Add these instances alone (who knows how many more O'Keefe will reveal?...oh, and get insulted for it, by the way) with the fraud I've seen and reported on here in the past, and let me know if YOU think there's no voter fraud going on. In this country where people wouldn't have dreamed of committing voter fraud in the days we had respect for truth and privacy, now we have this........and an Attorney General who thinks it's "a problem that doesn't exist.

How do we solve this?  EVERY American should be absolutely up at ARMS about this, don't you think??  This is UNAMERICAN to the SQUARE!   And how can Americans see what's really going on with a media which will not only not share this information but insult O'Keefe if he tries to get it out there?



Anonymous said...

State by State. I believe one of the law suites against my state (AZ) is over voter ID. We have so many law suites from the fed I've lost track. EPA is suing us over dust. Seriously.

Funny, them thar people never seem to drop by that often. Even Big Sis who used to work here. She's a flaming dike BTW. In case you missed it. She's Janet Reno without the testicles. Not that I'm bitter.

Always On Watch said...

This video is damning. DAMNING!

And surreal.

Always On Watch said...

Challenging Richard Nixon: Deny, deny, deny.

Also note the last sentence in the above link. Voter fraud is rampant in D.C.

Silverfiddle said...

Had that human wart been working behind a liquor store counter he would have been prosecuted. Lucky for him it was only a polling place...

FairWitness said...

Part of Leftist strategy is to destroy confidence in the fairness of elections. That's how California has stayed in the hands of Democrats for so long. They've demoralized and convinced Conservatives to stay home, that their votes won't change anything. If Americans believe elections are corrupt, then a percentage of them will just give up. Look at what happened during the caucuses at the last presidential election; Obama supporters kept Hillary supporters from attending, thereby allowing Obama to steal the nomination. This is what this regime does - WIN at any cost, use any tactic. They have no integrity, no honor - and ultimately no right to govern.

sue hanes said...

Z - It is hard for me to wrap my mind around voter fraud - that someone would go to the trouble of committing this. Voting is such a special - thing. It is as American as Apple Pie and Baseball.

Pershaps we should start punishing
people who committ voter fraud - harshly - that is when we can catch them.

But I think it should be stopped - and the sooner the better.

Mark said...

Hi, Z. I have just moved from Virginia to Kansas and have discovered that Kansas was the very first state in the Union to enact voter I.D. laws. What a happy surprise!

BTW: I am back online and posting.

Bob said...

What was obvious was the attitude of the poll workers. They would do anything to help you vote, no matter who you are, or who you are pretending to be.

This will never make the New York Times, or the Washington Post.

It's too bad Breitbart is not around to give the story some legs.

-FJ said...

Stickers on a tombstone at a local cemetery|

"I Voted"
"...and Again!"

Ticker said...

Win at all cost! Never let a crisis go to waste and when there isn't one create one. Theme of Odummer , Holder and the Demonkkkrats.

Z said...

A cousin of mine emailed me that there are already people scoffing at this incredible video "it doesn't prove anything"
"O'Keefe committed VOTER FRAUD by asking for a ballot that didn't belong to him" (You can't make this up, can you?) etc etc...and, sure enough, I googled and found a lot that I've linked below:

AOW, you think the video's damning? Check out these links showing how the Democrats are trying to deflate it..it's UNBELIEVABLE:



In the video below, they call the video "UNCOMMONLY LAME" and blast O'Keefe.
it includes this sentence "That’s what is so dishonest and lazy about this sort of stunt. A legitimate journalist would not waste time pretending to commit a crime that is not being committed by any actual criminals"

watch at your own risk....


Ducky's here said...

Was a ballot cast?

No voter fraud.

Sam Huntington said...

Voter (Election) Fraud includes all of the following examples of illegal interference with an election: fraudulent registration, Electorate manipulation, disenfranchisement, intimidation, vote buying, misinformation, misleading or confusing ballots, ballot stuffing, misrecording of votes, misuse of proxy votes, destruction or invalidation of lawful ballots, tampering with electronic voting machines, manipulation of absentee ballots —including a refusal to count them. What must we conclude from this? Obviously that Ducky doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Ducky's here said...

Sammy, which section are you gong to indict on?


Breatbart's cabana boy can shoot this video over and over. Means nothing to anyone who didn't vote for L'il Ricky Santorum.

Z said...

Ducky, even you aren't that obtuse.

Z said...

EVERYBODY: YOu won't believe this.


Ya, the Dept of Justice calls this "manufactured voter fraud"....so, wait...they don't UNDERSTAND that this could be ANYBODY and the precinct worker didn't give a SPIT about making sure he WAS Eric Holder or wasn't, etc etc?

Are they REALLY that dumb or in denial?

Hey, next time someone shoots at her husband and misses, let's just write it off because she didn't REALLY kill her husband, she just went through the motions....right?


Sam Huntington said...

The underlying argument here is whether voters should prove who they are. The left argues that this violates their right to felonious behavior. Let’s see now: we are required to prove who we are when we attempt to board aircraft, apply for a job, enroll in school, open a bank account, purchase a car, apply for social security and Medicare, open a retirement account, donate blood, purchase a firearm, write a check, use a credit card, or use the public library … but not when we wish to vote.

Why? Because leftists wish to control political power and corruption in this country, and the best way to do that is to have Democrats at the helm of local, state, and federal government. How do they achieve that? By cheating; because, you see, among leftists, Veritas Iustitia Libertas has no meaning.

Ducky's here said...

No Sam, the left argues:

1. It is an instance of voter suppression.

2. The incidence of reported voter fraud is very very low.

Combine the two and we come up in favor of not suppressing votes. GOT IT?

Now I know the right will argue that only the bad kind of people would be suppressed so it's well worth doing but libs are still a little romantic when it comes to the idea of representative democracy. Foolish us, we think it means everyone.

Speedy G said...

>i>Voter fraud before your very EYES...>/i>

What is that, the Republican nominating process?

It's the only race in town with five stalking horses.

Bachmann: "After you"

Perry: "No, after YOU"

Cain: "No, no, after Y'all!"

Gingrich: "No, no, no, REALLY, after YOU"

Santorum: "No, REALLY, please, AFTER you!"

Romney: Going to the convention... "Thanks, SUCKERS!"

Lisa said...

I bet if he did cast a Ballot Eric Holder would have had him arrested and if it wasn't recorded he would have never found out anyway.
So if the democrats are so against voter ID aren't they pretty much admitting it is their party who committing most of the voter fraud?

Sam Huntington said...


"Foolish us, we think it means everyone." As many times as possible in the same election.


Anonymous said...

Well look at who we're dealing with, what else would you have expected?

Ed Bonderenka said...

We don't need no stinking badges.
Or any other identification...

Anonymous said...

"Was a ballot cast?

No voter fraud."

Damn you're dense. How about the 400,000 dead that were registered?

I know...no fraud there cause dead people can't commit fraud.

I sometimes think you have to be one of them.

Anonymous said...

"let's just write it off.."

Yea....close calls don't count...in voter fraud or gunfire. One is stil a crime though...the other is Demrat SOP.

Anonymous said...


Yup...that's why Odummer is in South Florida today. Land of many, many dead demorats moved here from Long Island. He's visiting Century Village ( land of the almost dead...just awaiting for that bus ) to collect their signatures before they die...so he can use them in November.

Then he visits the ACLF's and the cemeteries to copy the names on the head stones. With DWS furiously keeping track of all the dead for future mailing lists.

Then he's off to the Aventura mall to proclaim his love and devotion to Israel while gulping down Biali's with a smeer.

And to assure them that he'll stand ( way ) behind them while the militant islamists firebomb their synagogues...and assuring them there'll be no more trains for them.

Sam Huntington said...

The leftist (clown) argument that voter fraud is low is a damn lie. Kansas discovered 221 cases of voter fraud. Of these, only 30 cases were prosecuted. Why? Because in order to prosecute voter fraud, district attorneys have to give less priority to felonies involving murder, rape, assault, and robbery. If states are unable to prosecute, the next best thing is to prevent fraud to begin with. Clowns, however, are unable to comprehend common sense.

Currently, Kansas, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina have passed laws requiring photo identification before allowing anyone to vote. Such laws are clearly within the purview of states —but only if you happen to support the US Constitution and recognize that states are sovereign and plenty capable of governing themselves without any help from Obama/Holder.

A curious person should wonder why Democrats complain about photo identification in states plagued with instances of voter fraud. It is simple enough, really. Democrats are not the only people who engage in such activity, but they are clearly in the lead. What we should bear in mind is that voter fraud is difficult to detect when county election supervisors and precinct workers enable fraudulent behavior.

Here’s an example: In the Democratic Primary between Rizzo and Royster in Kansas, Rizzo received 50 illegal votes cast by citizens of Somalia, who didn’t speak English, and were coached to vote for Rizzo by a Democratic “precinct assistant.” Rizzo won in this election by one vote. It is worthy to reemphasize that this was a Democratic primary. In Minneapolis, post-election investigations found that 341 felons had voted illegally. Should we conclude that 341 fraudulent elections matter during an election where 2.7 million people vote? Certainly … the margin of victory between the clown Stuart Smalley and Norm Coleman was 312 votes.

Yet the clowns persist. They then argue that requiring photo identification is a burden to the citizens of any state. The Kansas Secretary of State says this isn’t true. There are 2.1 million citizens in Kansas of voting age. There are 2.1 million who have a driver’s license or non-driver identification.

Nihil est.

Requiring photo identification preserves our electoral process and it is absurd to suggest that anyone is disenfranchised, but the clowns will keep on making such ridiculous claims because voting dead people overwhelmingly support Democrats. We haven’t event touched on some of the more despicable things the clowns do, such as give cigarettes and whiskey to homeless people in exchange for voting for Democrats. What a bunch of sick bastards!

Kid said...

I've seen youtubes of people testifying before congress that they were hired to rig electronic voting machines in favor of the democrats. And they did.

Acorn. Black Panthers. Democrat states with Democrat poll workers. All working honestly? Puhlease.

People running around voting as many times as humanely possible and laughing like hyenas all the way.

Presidential candidates who never worked a day in their life, lectured at Harvard, which means all they did is read something someone else wrote. Spent the rest of the time protesting against Whitey, had two books ghost written, graduated with a C average because Harvard doesn't fail what is essentially an affirmative action individual. If anyone.

Presidential candidates promising people that he'll make it so our cars run on Unicorn farts and put Valium out the exhaust.

And get voted in.

Good God.

I believe the voter fraud will be huge and in the democrat favor of course.

The democrat media couldn't possibly be more of a democrat propaganda arm than they are. I think it's as bad as Russia Ever was.

The only people telling the truth are branded as kooks. By everyone Including the "opposition media talking heads"

I place no bets on this election.

Sue Hanes. Who is going to stop it? The rebubblekins? They haven't stopped anything. Checks and balances are not a part of our government anymore. All that is a fairy tale now. It's all a fairy tale.

If things were actually working as they should, Eric Holder would be in jail. obama would be impeached. Most of his cabinet would be prosecuted and be in federal prison.

But too many people either get their news from comedy shows, or the democrat media that only misinform, and mostly Not inform.

If people want to sit on their couch and believe they are being informed, they are sadly mistaken.
They're as mistaken as the person who walks into the Chevy dealer and talk to the salesmen in an effort to find out who makes the best car.

Kid said...

FJ! You just gave me my tombstone marking!

I vote every year. Many times.

Anonymous said...

"What a bunch of sick bastards!"


That alone..describes the entire "party" of dems...bastards and retards ( you forgot that ) pathetic lowlifes, liars, socialists, commies, racists, dopers, terrorists, islamists and GD illiterates. That's a "party" that's allowed to participate in election?

That's the "party" of the elites, the well to do..the rich scumbags and deviants in Hollywood?

Anonymous said...

BTW..The "party" that the unashamed murdering terrorist and friend of Obummers...Ayers...who's OK with killing 25,000,000 Americans in their quest for socialism? This MF has a job? Teaching? Lecturing? He should be in jail..or better yet...a sad, bad memory.

Something like Che for the assholes to worship.

Anonymous said...

Listen...hear what a JOB CREATOR has to say about Armageddon...and a second Obummer term. God help us all.


Kid said...

Imp, as your feelings illustrate, we are much more gone as a country than anyone suspects.

That total losers are elevated and revered is a hell of a long way from Most of the elite in hollywood being WWII veterans. It's a long list.

I actually think there are more Americans running around in this country than otherwise, but they're unwilling or ill equipped to fight against the kind of corruption and propaganda going on these last several years.

Especially if the 2nd party is not too far off from the first and puts up only fake objection.

If they actually get their own Army going it will get real interesting. I've talked to a lot of current military and they say they will honor their oath to the point that they won't use their arms against citizens but even that gets a little hairy if the dems can setup the right scenarios.

They're hopping all over the Treyvon incident to get the race wars started. No one on the left has any problem with bounties, black panther threats, the jesse jackson's of the country passing judgement "he was shot because he is black". No objection to any of that. And it was not long ago at all taht obama was more than willing to be judge and jury over an incident that he even admitted in the same sentence he knew nothing about.


But, you know, he's very cool and hip, and he's all over the basketball thing and promising Russia things that even he is unwilling to divulge until after the election for fear that his mindless robots might object. What can THAT possibly be?

Unreal isn't it?

Rita said...

Wonder if good ol Eric Holder would have thought there might be a problem with voter fraud if he had walked into that same office to vote and found out he already had.

Maybe we could have Holder arrested for trying to vote twice then because there isn't a problem with voter fraud.

I consider anyone this obtuse to either be a complete dingbat or someone that wants to preserve voter fraud because they believe it would benefit their political party.

Rita said...

As to Libdip, it's apparent the OWS village is missing their idiot.

Ducky's here said...

Missouri is even better, Sam.

Reynolds county has 125% voter enrollment. Of course it votes about 70% (R).

221 cases in Kansas and they prosecuted over a third. Not bad. Were any elections influenced and were these all illegals since we know that's what's behind this.

I stand by it. Voting fraud is not a major problem and it isn't hard to believe that among the poor, elderly and students the ID law could have suppressed more than the 140 cases that weren't prosecuted (for whatever reason).

Anonymous said...

Really Kid....I think we have to drop all pretenses ( no matter how distasteful it is ) to muster the same energy...the same focus...the same shit that these barbarian idiots throw at us.

Take the GD gloves off....grow the same balls that Waters, Jackson, the shit eating Sharpton, Jordan and the rest of the racist low life heart of the demrats idiocy has used against us.

Look at them now....tossing shit at Romney...why? He's a Mormon. These lousy cretins are getting away with denigrating a religion to suit their agenda? Their so....liberal and so..loving of all of mankind? Bullshit.

All the while embracing Islamist terrorists and assassins...CRT racists...black racist theology....as a legitimate form of hating America? That our founders are nothing more than dead "European" assholes that are no longer worthy of respect? Because a ghetto preacher hasn't realized that JIM Crow is in his f'uped sick head?

Anonymous said...

"Reynolds county has 125% voter enrollment. Of course it votes about 70% (R)."

EXCELLENT...wonderful...BRAVO. Bout time we pull the same shit that you imbeciles have done for the last 40 years. Tough Sheet...Draco.

I hope it keeps on going. You losers...There's way more of us..then there are of you....and it's about damn time we use it to our advantage.

What's good for the Duckfart...is good for the good among us. And that ain't demrat scum.

I've decided to vote in every precinct in my area. Thanks dems....I think it'll be fun.

Kid said...

"Look at them now....tossing shit at Romney...why? He's a Mormon. These lousy cretins are getting away with denigrating a religion to suit their agenda? Their so....liberal and so..loving of all of mankind? Bullshit."

Short quote, but I agree with your whole comment. There is no way we can play nice and expect to win. Not any more. The dems lost two elections in a row and decided that rather than come up with ideas, they'd just lie, cheat, steal, buy, and anything else.

They'll find a way to attack anything and anybody. They sent an army of PI's and lawyers to Alaska and later went through each of thousands of Palin Governor emails and all they came up with was a DUI on Todd Palin Before they were married.

AND STILL found a way to demonize her to the point that their drooling followers STILL go postal anytime they hear the name Palin, and she's not even involved with politics anymore.

Holy .... Think about that. Seriously folks. think about that for a few more seconds....

And to the rest of your comment, think about THAT. They're willing to befriend people who perform hundreds of thousands of clitorecomies in the ME every year and abuse women to the point of absurdity... for political gain. And not just the politicians but the citizen liberals. The Women's whatever the hell foundation has No Problem with muslims. Huh?

The evilness of liberals who are aware seems to go beyond language to describe. I say aware because there are democrat supporters who have no idea what is going on in the world. Many are very nice people, but like the beauty contestant wishing for world peace, have no idea what is going on out there. The young ones are simply ignorant of the facts, and the older ones must just have dust bunnies for brains.

Z said...

Rita said...

Wonder if good ol Eric Holder would have thought there might be a problem with voter fraud if he had walked into that same office to vote and found out he already had."

VERY well said, Rita...

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Good on the people who made that video. Hopefully the media will run with it.

I'm betting Mr holder was too busy to comment, there's grass growing and his own navel that require his attention at the moment.

Always On Watch said...

@ Impertinent regarding your comment of April 10, 2012 5:44 PM,
It IS unreal.

We're watching the devolving. I'm having a difficult time even getting my mind wrapped around what my eyes and ears are taking in. Sheesh.

Kid said...

"Good on the people who made that video. Hopefully the media will run with it."

Right Wing Theo, There is no media.
The 'media' has been in the can for the democrats for decades. It's the democrat propaganda machine.

Liberalmann said...

Aw, you're deleting my posts again. I know how you hate the truth:

So, the only evidence of voter fraud you have besides Ann Coulter is some slick wingnut trying to vote as Eric Holder? Lol! And he didn't sign-because then he'd be caught! YOUR SIGNATURE IS THE BEST FORM OF ID and should be the only ID needed in a free society. Your argument of citing examples what you do need an ID
for is stupid. Funny how the extreme rightys forget about their 'founding fathers' wishes when it's convenient for them.

Whomever was taking the video is attempting to commit a crime -- the poll worker informed him that he must be who he says he is.

I hope the videographer is prosecuted.

The system worked; the criminal fled the scene.

Z said...

Oh, gad, you got me, Libman, I JUST HATE THE TRUTH:)

you are good for comic relief ...thanks!

Daniel said...

FJ! You just gave me my tombstone marking! I vote every year. Many times.