Saturday, April 28, 2012

The President's big stick :-)

Yup.  Ol' Joe Biden said "The president has a BIG STICK" at a speech recently.  He apparently didn't notice that the audience started giggling, because he just hunkered down, looking so serious, and says "I promise you."  (a very badly worded take on the Teddy Roosevelt line)...
It's on video, but when I tried to embed it here, it said EMBEDDING DISABLED BY REQUEST.
Request of whom?  the White House?   I'd have thought so!

HERE is the will CRACK UP, I promise!
By the way....with Biden around,  one might say "The president has a BIG BOOB," too! 

Have a good Saturday....


Jarhead said...

What a MORON!
And they say that Sarah Palin is stupid?

The Debonair Dudes World said...

"Z" Said: "By the way....with Biden around, one might say "The president has a BIG BOOB," too!"

What a great line, Z!

Z said...

RIGHT! but it is SO FUNNY!

Jarhead, what really bothered me more than what he said (Anybody can make a misspeak like that in the heat of giving a speech) but when he doesn't hear the giggling and REALIZE WHAT HE HAD SAID, that's positively SCARY!

He just hunkers down and repeats it, SO SERIOUSLY! Oh, my GOSH!
ANybody giving a speech (with any smarts) would say that first line, realize immediately what he'd said, or hear the laughing and THEN figure it out, and kind of back off! Or say something like "did I SAY THAT?! well, you know what I mean...back to Teddy Roosevelt's line and why that's important in diplomacy.."

or something!

Z said...

Thanks, Dude!!!

Ticker said...

Wonder when they will take Biden off the campaign trail?

Hopefully not until the election as he is the gaff that keeps on giving.

Rita said...

"Stand up Chuck"

Seriously, how could anyone not love Biden? He's better than any late night comedian.

Ed Bonderenka said...

And the point of that speech was that Biden had so much foreign policy experience.
Smarter than Romney.
I crack me up.

"Seriously, how could anyone not love Biden?"
I understand the point, but the man is VPOTUS, and he's a joke.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Isn't it racist of Biden to assume Obama has a big stick, or does he have access to information of a sensitive nature?

Z said...

Ed, very racist :-)
And you crack ME up, too!

Rita, I do so hope they get him on the campaign trail.
Instead, Axelrod's playing VP and saying some of the MOST demeaning stuff imaginable. I think this might backfire on the Obama thugs. NEVER has a president's bunch AND the president said the kinds of things these punks are..

Liberalmann said...
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Rita said...

Ed: Now THAT was hilarious.

sue hanes said...

Good one Z.

Leave it to Biden. He doesn't even have to try - to come up with stuff like that.

I had a good Saturday - hope ya did too - Z.

Z said...

Sue, I'm still in my Saturday..only almost 3 pm here! But, just realized I have only 2 hours before I have to get dressed and out of here. Thanks for the reminder!
I'm very glad you had a good day.
Have a good Sunday, too.

Jan said...

Shoot, that's nothing, Z!

Do you remember the presser where O said, "You're pitching, I'm catching," to one of the journalists?

I had to laugh at that one, too!

They make a great team. :)

Bob said...

Slow Joe always thrills the audience. The last intelligent speech he gave was mostly likely plagiarized.

Does anybody remember the Biden Plagiarism Scandal?

If anybody would know about Obama's wood, it would be Joe.

Anonymous said...
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Big Fat Tio Mike said...

I thought about playing devil's advocate and defending Biden by comparing him to high school teacher who doesn't want to acknowledge the Beavis-and-Butthead-like delinquent who fancies himself a wit for finding sexual innuendo in everything and fails to grasp how stale the line "that's what she said" is.

That's what I thought about saying until I realized how easy it would have been for Obama, had he been there, to settle the situation by doing this:

(too obvious?)


Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Big Fat Tio Mike said...

It's your call, but I would consider deleting your last comment. Perhaps Z will find it less hurtful because it has no truth in it, but it doesn't reflect well on you. Maybe it's more a product of ignorance than malice, but I suggest you delete.

Just my advice,

Kid said...

obama does have a big stick, but he's beating the * out of America and non-muslims with it.

Biden is stupid beyond belief. Who'd have thought he would be the comic relief. I wonder if they planned it that way.

Z said...

Mike, no worries. Liberal"man" has gone over the line a lot, and I only read half of his comment now and deleted it because he crossed waaaay over it now ....No one here's remotely interested in hearing him anymore and, sadly, he got disgusting tonight, so he's GONE! :-)

i can't be here all the time to delete, but I check my computer a LOT and he won't be lasting. you've got to feel a little sorry for him, though...what a mind. sad.

I hope all my commenters will STOP RESPONDING TO HIM, okay? Thanks ..

Man, I wish I could have ONE LIBERAL here who didn't feel he needed to inform !! As if we don't hear and read what they've got to say every hour on the networks, CNN, the newspapers, etc! Oh, or from the White House.

And one liberal who didn't have to insult because he can't make up good arguments...or a liberal who didn't constantly clutch at strawmen and red herrings....but, alas.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it racist of Biden to assume Obama has a big anything other than the size of his shoes!

Liberalmann said...

Z said: "I could have ONE LIBERAL here who didn't feel he needed to inform "

Yeah, you'd rather wallow in your lies, lol! What a telling statement!

Z said...

libmann, i'm only leaving this comment posted because it shows so much.
I'm sorry that you didn't understand that. it said a lot. your misreading does, too.
all the best.

Lee's Page said...

Don't you just love it when COWARDS like Liberalmann don't even have a blog where you can rebut him? this is the mentality of the lefties.

Liberalmann said...
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Right Wing Theocrat said...

biden is a walking joke, the fact that this fool is the vice president speaks volumes on the judgement of obama.