Friday, April 13, 2012

WAR WAR Obama!

There's an even creepier tone at the White House these days.  There are wars for about as many things as there are czars, have you noticed?   I've got a short list below (feel free to add on to it) and I've added the Leftwinger remarks we hear on each subject  (remember, the remarks in italics aren't mine, they're what we've all heard on each WAR subject from the Left):

WAR ON WOMEN....."Democrats care, Republicans don't like women.  Republicans don't like contraception.  Republicans don't realize it costs $3,000 a year for contraception for some women but they know most women can get it for $9.99 a month at a free clinic.  Republicans don't want women to get equal pay for equal work. Republicans think no women should work!  Republicans think it's probably a good idea to marry before having children for the sake of the children and the woman.  Republicans believe that if a woman wants to become a man, she ought to pay for it, not them.  Republicans just plain hate women.  Okay, half of Republicans ARE women, know."

Have I covered the Leftwinger nonsense?   Add to it, if you can, please.

CLASS WARFARE ... "The rich hate the poor.  Republicans are the rich ones no matter what the statistics show...don't believe statistics, heck, we don't even believe videos we see with our own eyes if we don't like the message!  Republicans might give more in charity but that's just their guilt for having more :-)  Republicans want you poor and all Republicans are rich.  Republicans want your grandparents to die painful deaths because they can't afford the insurance they need.  Republicans won't close tax loopholes.  Republicans don't want to pay any taxes.  Republicans think it's better to give a person a fishing pole than a fish.  Republicans are elitists."

Have I covered the Leftwinger nonsense on that subject?  Please add.......

RACE WARFARE..."White people will always shoot without asking...they hate black people, they just lvoe guns, dontchaknow.  Republicans want to keep blacks down because they're racist...okay, they would have voted for Cain and did elect Alan West, they like J C Watt, they adore Thomas Sowell and Walt Williams and Michael Meyers (a particular fave of that awful Conservative blogger, Z) but that's just another little detail you need to forget, all the people mentioned here are just Uncle Toms, that's why Republicans like them..  Republicans might have finally got civil rights passed, but we've screwed with our kids' heads in school so badly that they'd never believe that, so never give in.  Margaret Sanger did want to prevent more black babies from coming into the world and Republicans think that's hideous, but the same rule about how our kids are indoctrinated applies here, too, they'll never believe it, and they're too dumb to Google, so never give in.  We need to band together and VOTE OBAMA because those white Americans just won't give you the freebies he will."

THIS IS THE KIND OF THING WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO ARTICULATELY FIGHT BEFORE THE COMING ELECTION.  And is there a kind of thing happening here that we had damned well better open our eyes to?   Will a media person come forward and expose the wars our White House is engineering that seem to be dividing Americans in such unhealthy and threatening ways?  It's all about THE VOTE, isn't it. 

I thought the Lefties don't like WAR, "War is not the answer!"  right?  (by the way, what was the question?)   So, what do you think;  will this creation of ridiculous wars and outlandish, hackneyed anti-Republican slurs get Mr. Obama more voters or lose him voters?

(Odd, the one war he doesn't seem to like to fight wholeheartedly is the WAR ON TERROR)



namaste said...

i can't say what will work or not work in the coming election. but i will say these war references show how desperate those on the left have become, pandering with a boogey-monster approach to individuals they imagine, are childlike in thinking. the old lores of hero/villain, except it's more amped up. does this work? i would like to think not. Americans are not that simple. but 2008 defied most rationales. so who knows?

Anonymous said...

Report from a conservative white male in the trenches:

1) War on Women: Am outnumbered three to one as my mother, wife, and daughter are all women. Muscle mass and ability to pee standing up not an effective defense. Need reinforcements. Please send florists and Barry White CDs.

2) Class Warfare: Have made some headway infiltrating the "filthy rich who make more money than me and don't deserve to keep it" by making more money and trying to keep it. Have found that this takes great effort. Current system requires you work harder, more, or both to improve income. Will send update once I get specifics on new "fair share" of taxes.

3) Race Warfare: Maintaining a defensive posture by never going outside without my wife. Took 20 years for interracial marriage to finally pay off. Can not recommend this strategy be used in future -- see item #1.

Alpha Mike Foxtrot signing off.

Lee's Page said...

Is there any segment of our society that this president hasn't divided us on (yer)?

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, if you're still shuffling for the minstrel show the right wing loves you.

Ducky's here said...

I really enjoy your ide of class warfare,z. Progressive taxation constitutes class warfare?
Slowing the massive upward income transfer constitutes class warfare? Bore me later.

Class warfare occurs when you routinely get pulled out of your Vovo by people who are fed up and proceed to beat you with tire irons.

Silverfiddle said...

No Ducky, class warfare is just scapegoating by another name.

Their most dangerous war is the war on the constitution, reason, and common sense. Once they win that one, we're cooked.

Always On Watch said...

These "war" strategies are all about divide and conquer. And these strategies might just work. People do cast their ballots for reasons unrelated to candidates' platforms.

Always On Watch said...

Calling to your attention THIS POST at Conservatives on Fire.

Always On Watch said...

Linked at my site.

Liberalmann said...

The guilt of the right is always apparent when they so shamelessly try to defect to the left that which they are guilty of and responsible for themselves. So obvious dude, but nice try! LOL!

The GOP has stupidly and arrogantly divided us even further since the 2010 elections and their recent idiocy and assault on Women's reproductive rights sealed their fate in 2012.

They promised us jobs yet not one bill has been introduces. Only Bills to cut more and take ways rights from the Average Americans.

This fall may be the final nail in the coffin of the GOP.

Obamanot said...

I wonder where "Reverend" Sharpton will hold his champagne celebration dinner tonight, now that his mob forced an arrest of George Zimmerman? Score one for the race-baiting bullies of America. They will now be more emboldened and empowered than ever. We all better hang on for dear life now. This whole thing is disgraceful

Z said...

Cactus, your comment is hilarious! Thanks so much. REALLY good...
Is your wife Black? I love that I've posted 2 days in a row and we've learned of two interracial marriages we didn't know about just from people who comment here occasionally...great!
This was really very clever.

namaste, I'm not sure many Americans are "not that simple"... we have lefties here who'll still vote OBAMA !! WHat a record, right? :-)

Lee, I don't think so.

Silverfiddle added
WAR ON CONSTITUTION....absolutely true. And the positively worst of them ALL.

Obamanot, I hate to think so, but I believe you're right.
I'd like to point out that Trayvon's parents, at least his mother, have shown a desire for peace and are not at all behaving like the race pimps (the mother, that is)

Z said...

AOW, I picked this up from your link, which I thank you for . This really says it all and it's exactly what we all know

"If Obama can cobble together disaffected young people, greens, women, minorities, and the poor — who all believe some nefarious “they” have crushed their dreams — then massive debt and deficits, high unemployment, sluggish growth, and spiraling gas prices won’t decide the election."

Absolutely right. and it will probably work. Very sad for AMerica

Leticia said...

I love your last statement about Obama not caring about the war on terror. He doesn't.

And I agree with everything you said. It is the Democrats, NOT the Republicans that have waged war on class, race, and wealth.

It's startling to believe so many people feel there is a "war" and that the Republicans are the culprits, when it is indeed the opposite.

Excellent post, my friend.

Anonymous said...

"If Obama can cobble together disaffected young people, greens, women, minorities, and the poor..."

As ususal the dems are counting on the scraping the bottom of the barrel. The brightest bulbs the dimwits have is maxine waters and al sharpton to push it along.

Z said...

Thanks, Leticia....I was just watching a little TV news and saw people discussing this 'war on...' thing the White House is doing and was pretty surprised that a LOT OF PEOPLE have this same feeling.
I'm hoping the average American wakes up to it...I think it just might happen. are SO RIGHT

Anonymous said...

A Black man Speaks his mind...refreshing!

Z said...

MY GOD, considering blogging that but I AM GOING TO GET A LOT OF S*** for it.

Would you believe I got tears in my eyes watching it? I HATE his language, I HATE his word choice, and I think he is absolutely RIGHT in most ways.

thanks. Holy COW, what a video.

Anonymous said...

Well Z...considering that all we've heard is from the "Snivel Rights", racist white hating crowd... led by the monsters of sharpton and's time we heard a differing point of view.

This black mans opinion is what I'm hearing on the radio today...LOts...and LOTS of blacks calling into this show today...despise Sharpton and have called him names I'm not allowed to uttser as a white guy.

Anonymous said...

" I HATE his language, I HATE his word choice,.."'s common street talk from a brave, uncommon man. I'm tired of hearing the shuck & jive from the rest of them..harvard, Yale or Columbia educated or not.

Z said...

it's up.
God help me.

Pris said...

This negative approach reminds me of Jimmy Carter and his "malaise" speech and approaching the country with "downers" galore.

On the other side was Reagan, who was positive and approached the country with hope, and an uplifting

It's true there has been only one Reagan, however, the left wing Carter types are a dime a dozen! Read Ducky for one example of many.

So my advice to Romney is to present a positive approach with with hope, love of America, and a population who will never give in to mediocrity!

This is a message we can wrap our arms around, and can make Obama look small and weak. Which to my mind, he is.

Z said...

Pris, I couldn't agree with you more. There isn't much to be optimistic now with what O's given us but that IS what AMericans will respond to.
Meanwhile, all we'll hear from the left and their media is how silly and irresponsible it is to be happy and optimistic. Let them, because it's not going to resonate.

Actually Chris Christie was saying yesterday this is the first time in his life when he feels America is NOT optimistic...and that's fairly compelling, too.

"Vote hope at all"/

God, hear our prayers that Americans WAKE UP

Pris said...

And Z,
Thanks, and I agree with you!