Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sex and Tebow.........

Has American society really come to THIS

".....controversial website apparently wants to challenge one of Tebow’s core beliefs. They’re offering up big money to any woman who can prove she has slept with the NFL sensation.
CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell tweeted the rumblings of a $1 million bounty late Monday."

This offer stands for Tebow's whole first year in NY.... The blogger says nobody can survive New York City without succumbing to premarital sex.  

I think this is indecent, but I'm not sure that kind of word, 'indecent' is even allowed anymore, is it?  Can we as a society ever recover from having been at a place where someone can even suggest something this low, so debauched and unseemly?   We've really come to where if a young man wants to abstain from sex before marriage he's mocked like this?



Ducky's here said...

I wasn't aware of that site.

The things we learn from right wing sites.

Z said...

You'd learn a lot if your mind was only more open.

Ducky's here said...

No z, I don't think you realize that there probably isn't anything under the sun that you can't find somewhere on the Internet.

It's a necessary cost of a medium this open.

Anonymous said...

You know...for all the progressive bleating day in and is is OK...transgender is OK....transexual is OK...Lesbian is OK...teach your children about alternate "lifestyles"...Johnny has two mommies or daddies...condoms for 5th graders are OK....masturbation at 8 years old is OK...openly gay judges, cops, congressman / women / journalists / priests / ministers / school's all OK. Prom queens want to be open for guys, gays, lesbians. Girls want to date other girls and bring their girl dates with them and be accepted...or they'll sue.

Be open cool...religion is old fashioned...God love gays...we're born gay....

Lindsey crotch rot Lohan is OK....flashing your boobs on national TV is OK....San Francisco's disgusting debauchery during "gay pride" OK.

But..but...let it be found that a grown man who embraces his core beliefs in found to have dated a woman he might have been intimate ( naturally ) now....NOT OK...because it somehow proves that he's a hypocrite for not adhering to his beliefs?

I give up. It's one more attempt to assassinate someones character...because he in this case...may like a woman?

Chuck said...

While I agree with Impertinent about the character assassination, there is something not quite sitting right with me with this dude.

Maybe I am too cynical but I just feel he may not be quite as he seems.

Elmers Brother said...

How could you duhkkky, its for heterosexuals.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Reminds me of a plot device where a controlling type character (Claude Rains?) is trying to prove that all men are "unworthy?", while secretly hoping to find one who is worthy.
But depravity wants to feel justified and prove that it is the norm, or can't be escaped.
They killed the one "Guy" who was innocent when they couldn't buy Him off in the desert.

FairWitness said...

Tim Tebow is just fine, God is on his side. The Far Left depravity can't touch him.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Ducky, what are you talking about?
Could you EVER focus on the point of the post? You don't think I realize that? :-)
Look, PLEASE try to address the point. Or go, okay? thanks.

Impertinent...what a super comment. Good points.

Chuck, wow.

Elbro :-) need to write screenplays. ..

FW, I'm not worried about Tebow, I'm worried about a society that allows for people this nuts to have offered a deal like this one just because they found a guy who lives his values.

Anonymous said...
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Chuck said...

I'm not sure why my comment touched such a nerve. I was not attacking the guy. I do believe that he needs to be left alone. I do agree that those trying to tear him down for the sheer fun of it are sleaze.

But, I do stand by my comment. I think he is more hype than anything.

Anonymous said...
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Sam Huntington said...

Chuck can speak on his own behalf, but I think he is simply saying that all of us have observed far too many “Christians” who wear their religion as an ornament, and then found … as with Jimmy Swaggart, regularly hiring prostitutes, and ripping off his audience to sustain a godless lifestyle.

No one is saying that about this young man … Only that there is a tendency to suspect the worst of people who are vocal about their beliefs.

The Ashley website is blatantly depraved. I’m sure the money is rolling in, though. Americans wanted a progressive society —and they got it.

Z said...

Wait a minute! That website is the one which encourages extramarital affairs!!? I just thought it was another soulless leftwing blog so I just Googled and there it was....
Man, these people really stoop to new lows, don't they.

Sam and Chuck, there are lots of people who espouse faithful Christianity and mess up BIG TIME. and, of course, the media LOVES it and talks about it longer than they'd talk about others who screwed up.
Well, we'll see about Tebow.
I pray to God he is what he says he is. For his sake and for the sake of so many kids who admire his values. They need heroes but here we are again as a society slamming him instead of encouraging him.

Anonymous said...
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Chuck said...

Sam, well put.


You're either a leftist, an american...or an islamist. Just what are American values anyway?

So, if I don't agree with you and bow at the feet of Tebow I am either a leftist or an Islamist? That's so absurd it is laughable.

I will not debate my Americanism or conservatism with you.

Ducky himself could not parody an intolerant right-winger any better.

Going to bed now, have a good night.

PS, leave my wife and children out of any of your comments.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Elmers Brother said...

Its post modernism Imp....

Z said...


Pris said...

Usually, the reason people look for anything to bring down an upstanding person, is their own flaws and that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Tim Tebow says a prayer in public, and that's somehow disconcerting? Why?

As far as I know, Tebow never said he's perfect, he just shares his beliefs with the public. This ridiculous so-called challenge by Ashley Madison, is silly and immature.

But then today, what isn't. Evidently tabloid America can't abide someone who seems happy and content in his beliefs, so they want to tear him down.

This effort is destructive and childish. Sometimes I wonder when people old enough to know better, will grow up and live their own lives without trying to destroy others who seem to be content in their own skin.

Tebow seems like a nice young man who has attacked no one. The only people who would tear him down are those who are lacking meaning in their own lives, IMO.

The country is falling apart and this is what gets people riled up?

How sad!

Always On Watch said...

For a long time now, I have seen the idea that people absolutely are going to have pre-marital sex as the norm.

In fact, a lot of parents actually EXPECT their children to experiment sexually in college.

Sure, pre-marital sex goes back to ancient times. But it is only relatively recently that I've noticed that it is so accepted by society. In fact, abstinence is ridiculed now, isn't it?

Chuck said...

Impertinent, so basically I am supposed to stay in lockstep with your viewpoint and blindly support any Christian or I am tearing down Christianity and the American way?

I take it back. Your not intolerant, your an idiot.

Trust me, Ducky is laughing to himself right now but it is not at my audacity to share an opinion. You are acting like the very caricature of how the media portrays us conservatives. Live up to those stereotypes.

Bob said...

I have not had sex with that man, Tim Tebow. I do not know anybody who has had sex with that man, Tim Tebow. I don't care who or what has had sex with Tim Tebow.

The story probably sells lots of gossip rags at the supermarket check-out counter.

Mark said...

This is a lose-lose situation for Tebow, in my opinion.

Even if he doesn't have pre-marital relations with anyone, there will be plenty of soul-less women who will step up to claim the money, and I'm sure they will manufacture seemingly convincing evidence to support their claim.

Not only that, but women will be coming out of the woodwork looking to entrap Tebow.

He would be an incredibly intelligent and wise man indeed to get out of the traps that will undoubtedly be set for him.

If he succumbs to the new found pressure put on him and actually sleeps with someone, he loses. If he doesn't, some gold digging woman/women will say he did, and he loses anyway.

Mark said...

I should have said, "avoid the traps set for him" instead of "get out of the traps". Sorry.

Mark said...


Even if some woman says he did and it is proven that he didn't, the Godless Liberals will insist he did anyway, and, his reputation is ruined. Lose/lose.

Rita said...

As I said here a few months back. I don't believe Tebow is targeted because of his Christianity, it's that he dare to be pro-life. The two beliefs combined are a deadly sin to the devout pro-abortionists.

Anonymous said...

My humble apologies Chuck. Was having a bad day & night.

Chuck said...

Impertinent, I was not nice either. My apologies also. I am an ER nurse. I've been punched, kicked, and bitten. I am swore at as a greeting on a regular basis. It is hard to offend me.

Anonymous said...

"I've been punched, kicked, and bitten.."

I assure you that I'll never bite like that again. Passion was my undoing. Ask Z...I've known her for years.

Thanks for helping me put this to rest. I deserved the kick in the ass.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Shameful, not only are they attacking a good fellow just for sport, they're encouraging young women into whoring themselves. The word - scumbgs - comes to mind.

net observer said...

American society hasn't stooped to these levels. Ashley Madison has and always will; that's kinda what they do.

This is actually pretty tame for AM.

Having said that, if Tim Tebow made it to the age of 50 and never married, and was still wealthy, still handsome, still famous, etc., yet STILL a virgin...his virginity would begin to look less laudable and more strange.

Sure, we all know about his religious convictions. More power to him. But frankly, he's a male, and a rich and famous one at that.

Indeed, it's possible for a man to purposely remain a virgin forever. If you're a priest, it's a requirement (it's supposed to be). And frankly, if you're a guy, it's possible to be a virgin for decades despite countless efforts to UN-virgin yourself.

But if you're in Tebow's unusual position, the situation is a bit more complicated than most young men with "convictions".

Last point, we should also remember that young people today define "virgin" quite differently from the way we used to. I'll leave it at that.

Z said...

," if you're a guy, it's possible to be a virgin for decades despite countless efforts to UN-virgin yourself."

Net, that is positively hilarious :-)
So true...

As for what IS and what ISN'T a virgin...??
on the other hand, never mind, you're probably right!

And yes, there are men and women who, from conviction, have lived chaste lives in spite of riches and good looks. I hope Tebow finds a wonderful woman who has shared his values and they'll ride off into a marital sunset together! soon