Friday, April 27, 2012

Sometimes, it's hard to believe your ears.......

My stepson, let's call him Max, told me that, just before he left Munich for his 3 months here with me, a Muslim male came on German television, face completely covered, and said that Germans are stupid.  He told Germans that his people are using them and they'll continue to use them as long as they keep paying for them, excusing their behavior, and remaining politically correct. He said Germany will someday soon not be Germany anymore.  He said they were chumps and how glad he was of this.    My stepson tells me commentary reactions on liberal blogs applauded this guy for his 'honesty' and 'courage' and how that isn't at all threatening or upsetting...........conservative blogs talked about how Germany needs to wake up, particularly when the people taking them over are warning about it.

In Sweden, a preschool wants to get rid of gender names and have tiny tots refer to others as 'friends' and, not 'him' or 'her'.........they say that's 'gender bias' :-)  THIS ARTICLE includes that "They read books featuring gay and lesbian couples, single parents and adopted children, instead of fairy tales such as “Cinderella” or “Snow White,” which are rife with gender stereotypes."  Isn't that precious?  :-)  Think children have a chance anymore?

Think this will all come here some day?  YOU BET.

By the way, on a lighter note, a Black guy approached "Max" on Hollywood Boulevard 3 weeks ago asking him to buy CD's from him.  Max said he wasn't interested so the guy called him racist.  My stepson, with a German accent, came back with "Don't play the RACE CARD with ME!"   I still giggle at this guy hearing such American vernacular coming from a German!  Max said the guy looked stunned and walked to the next 'victim'!  :-)



Right Wing Theocrat said...

Coddling muslims and teaching their children about the gay lifestyle as the priority. And europe wonders why it's slowly sliding down the toilet and into the history books, well hopefully they'll be in the books.

On the plus side, the muslims taking over in a few decades will essentially be taking over an old toilet. Mind you, that's how they like it anyway. So it's all good for them too.

Always On Watch said...

I bet that Sweden is all in favor of people referring to their pets as "him" or "her," though.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Pets are sentient beings and don't deserve "humanist" sexual discrimination!
All pigs are created equal.

Silverfiddle said...

This is a society on liberalism. They do not have children any more, so Europe will eventually be a Muslim continent. It's not alarmism; just demographics.

What kind of Muslim society it turns into is the question.

A people who despise children, as the Europeans do and refuse to have them, a people who despise themselves and their culture and heritage deserve to die as a people.

A people that does not fight for itself will die out, and that is what we are seeing.

Winston Churchill has left the building...

Chuck said...

Sadly your son may be going back to Germanstan.

We are going to wake up one day and not recognize our own country.

Rita said...

Ed: I need to finally read that book. I've heard CnC talk about it for years but I've never gotten around to it.

Z said...

We have muslims mocking us on television from time to time, too. CAIR just won't allow the true militants to speak their 'peace'....
they couch it nicer, with CAIR lawyers.

AOW, it's a terrible trend. Remember that mother here in America who didn't reveal her child's gender until it was 5 years old or so?

This isn't about a 'one off' situation we can smirk over...this is a mindset that's contagious and stupid.

SF...Europeans don't 'despise' children! But, they have been having less (except the unmarried ones, of course, believe me) for economic reasons.
Odd that they don't seem to mind paying HUGE amounts in 'welfare' but won't pay for their own little ones.

Chuck, I think most Germans are finally waking up but if they do anything about it, the left's on them with "the Fourth Reich is coming!" so they're in almost as hopeless a situation as we are with our ridiculous leftwingers.

Brooke said...

Just when you think the world can't get any more insane, you wake up, turn on the TV and see things like Max saw! It's like living in an alternate reality!

Also, I would've paid good money to see Max tell that race hustler off! LOL!

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, all I want to know is this;

When will fed-up, normal, FREE human beings end the far-left, radical violation of our rights?

You know they have power and get away with this crap because we are chumps - just like the muslim in Germany said.


Anonymous said...

Good for Max!

In two or three decades most of Europe will be living under Sharia law. Where is the femenist outrage?

Right Truth said...

It is already happening here, it frustrates me so and I don't see very many standing up against it. Allen West is one who isn't afraid to speak out. I would love for him to be president

Right Truth

cube said...

Same thing will happen to us if we don't make some changes around here.

Bob said...

I can only hope that Silverfiddle is wrong.

Somehow, I am believing that Europe, especially the Germans, will wake up and smell the halal. Maybe all that wonderful beer is taking its toll.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Bob The Germans are the most arrogant [bad word] people I have ever meant and I am one.

Anonymous said...

"I disagree with Bob The Germans are the most arrogant [bad word] people I have ever meant and I am one."

Most productive and successful in Europe too. I'm all for a rise in German long as it defeats mudslide degenerates.

I like Germany's idea that the parasites need to be sent back...or denied access to Germany. I'm not too worried though....Germany will lead Europe out of the hell of muslime corruption of civilized society. And realize that they're ultimately parasites that have only one turn Germany into a mudslime shit hole.

Germans won't allow that. I'm counting and hoping for that.

Pris said...

Z, please tell "Max" for me, I love him. No political correctness from him, huh?

Here's an OT that will curl your hair! I heard on Rush today that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, passed a law saying that a Muslim husband can have sex with his dead wife!

How sick are these people?

I know their men are sexually repressed, but this?

KP said...

<< I heard on Rush today that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, passed a law saying that a Muslim husband can have sex with his dead wife! >>

Hey hey, yeah yeah ... and a wife can do the same with her dead husband for six hours after death. Good luck with that.

C'mon! People in Egypt are also freaked out about this. Hold back. First, it's not a law. It was proposed by a freaking idiot in Egypt.

Shake yourself then hug yourself :-)

Leticia said...

The blame goes to any nation that continues to fall back when Muslims enter the picture. When will the line be drawn?

Their hate and intimidation is spreading like some type of viral disease.

No one wants to tell them, "No!" They must adapt not the other way around.

Z said...

Imp: But where'd you hear this? "I like Germany's idea that the parasites need to be sent back.."


Hi, Pris...I think KP's probably right. was is proposed or was it passed? I'm also thinking it's not to easy to have sex with a dead person...though I know necrophilia is not completely unknown. I particularly would like to know how a WIFE can do it with a dead husband :-) (Of course, I guess some wives think that IS what they're doing..HAAA!!)

Having said that, the very IDEA that people would propose this is kind of an indication of some of the thinking in that region of the world and I think that's probably what Limbaugh's getting at, right?

"MAX," my stepson also told me Germans wanted a law passed allowing incest!! When I did a little research before posting THAT ONE, I read that it was only some young "Green party" NUTS who felt incest shouldn't be REPRESSED! It never had a CHANCE in Germany. We have to be careful to only discuss craziness that's more widespread, I think.

Leticia, one wonders if muslims WANT to fit in because, if they DID, they WOULD, they wouldn't make crazy announcements, picket, threaten, make demands of us, etc....
so what IS it they want?
OBVIOUSLY, all muslims don't do this, but the 'louder' ones CAIR, etc.

Bob said...

Cactus Mark said: "I disagree with Bob..."

That's OK, dude, but I covet your avatar and demand that you surrender it to me. It's cool.

Liberalmann said...
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Brooke said...

News flash: We're ALL taking it under Obama's dictatorship.

And as for mocking Z like that... Way to stay classy, you ass.

Liberalmann said...
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Rita said...

Sadly, it looks like you're going to have to go on moderation again Z until those little pests are called back in from recess.