Monday, April 30, 2012

Clintons for Obama......

Obama and the Clintons are banding must have heard Clinton's new ad for Obama recently.  Suddenly, the hard feelings are gone and they're UNITED BIG TIME Here's a bit from the linked article:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Once a tense rivalry, the relationship between President Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton has evolved into a genuine political and policy partnership. Both sides have a strong incentive in making the alliance work, especially in an election year.
For Obama, Bill Clinton is a fundraising juggernaut, a powerful reminder to voters that a Democrat ran the White House the last time the economy was thriving. For the spotlight-loving former president, stronger ties with the White House and campaign headquarters mean he gets a hand in shaping the future of the party he led for nearly a decade.
Obama's re-election campaign has put Bill Clinton on notice that he will be used as a top surrogate, further evidence of how far the two camps have come since the bitter days of the 2008 Democratic primary between Obama and Hillary Clinton, now his secretary of state.

Here's the most important bit:

"It makes absolutely clear that, to the extent that there were different wings of the Democratic party, there is now one wing of the Democratic party," said Chris Lehane, a Clinton backer. "And it's the president's party."

Yup.........meanwhile, Conservatives are suggesting Gary Johnson or some guy from The Constitution Party named Virgil Goode should run and really good Conservatives will write their names in or something?

Republicans think, Republicans examine, Republicans weigh....and then they eat their young.  Even in a year when they KNOW their vote will put Obama back in the White House and further solidify America's slide.  Even when they know that the Supreme Court's in peril.....They even think America deserves that!  
Democrats will not criticize each other in public, they come together.......winning is everything to them.

It needs to be that for us, too.  Particularly this year.  I don't really want another "I'm voting my conscience and you aren't" conversation here, please..I think there's not much more that can be said here about that, we GET IT...please..........What I am curious about is this:

Is this unholy alliance between the Clintons who seemed to despise the Obamas in 2008 (and the feeling was mutual) all about Hillary in 2016?   Or just Democrat ideology and that it MUST come out ahead no matter who's in charge?  And how effective do you think Bill Clinton's campaigning for his new best friend will be?



viburnum said...

Love the cartoon. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. Bill Clinton was just here in PA 3 weeks ago supporting the virtually unknown opponent of the party backed candidate for Attorney General, former Congressman Pat Murphy. Murphy lost. ;-)

Personal vendetta perhaps, but that's Clinton.

It's probably a move to keep Biden the boob on the shelf. I'm wondering if he's not going to get dumped at the convention ( gracefully of course ) That would be the best indicator of how Obama thinks he's doing, but it's already telling that they're bringing Slick Willie into the game.

Anonymous said...

Clinton is the Original Anthony Wiener.

Always On Watch said...

Gotta give the Dems credit for uniting behind the Dem candidate.

I highly doubt that Hillary will run in 2016. By that time, she would be almost 70 years old.

Joe Conservative said...

Most cynical post of the year. Congratulations.

Political cynicism like this is what's destroying this country, NOT people who vote their conscience.

People SHOULD vote FOR whomever they think will do the best job for the country and NOT whatever fourth rate HACK that one of the major party's puts up (and I won't mention Mitt Romney's name.... Ooooops!)

Joe Conservative said...

More on the topic of the cycnical "lesser of two weevils" political system that Z, et al, contend is the ONLY way to run a country.

Joe Conservative said...

The answer is to REFUTE the cynicism of the Democrats, NOT to embrace it.

Yes, that may cause us to lose some elections. Yes that might cause them to nominate even MORE left wing extremists like Obama.

But do you really think that Democrats seeing their country run into the ground will continue to cynically support whatever third rate HACK that THEIR party puts up? I doubt it. Unless they learn (correctly) that the Republicans are JUST as cynical...

Joe Conservative said...

Republicans think, Republicans examine, Republicans weigh....and then they eat their young. Even in a year when they KNOW their vote will put Obama back in the White House and further solidify America's slide. Even when they know that the Supreme Court's in peril.....They even think America deserves that!

Something to take PRIDE in, NOT lament. Republicans should stand FOR what they believe in, NOT practice the rank cynicism of the Democrats. Else, what is our country LEFt with? Ever more cynically poor choices in November?

Joe Conservative said...

Sign hung over the 2012 Republican Primary... "Abandon Hope a Ye Who Enter Here...."

Brooke said...

Party loyalty, and all.

And I'm sure that loyalty came at quite the price for the Obamas.

As for the ad, it was made by Dems for Dems... Probably to assuage the nervousness of 'moderate' Dems who are now very uncertain about Obama getting a second term.

Thersites said...

You say "we GET IT", but I'm not so sure that you do (see above).

Bill Clinton represents the "moderate" pro-business capital-liberalism wing of the party, Barrack Obama, the extreme Left social progressive wing. 80% of Democrats are in the "Clinton" camp. Driving wedges (social & economic) between the two camps is something that Republicans should concentrate upon doing. In many ways, they are the inverted mirror image of the Republicans.

Now Barack saved the Clinton camp's economic bacon in 2008, but in 2012, Obama is likely to move MUCH farther LEFT. To the extent that Obama promises to use the government to enrich THAT camp over the next four years, Clintonites will support him. But THAT is becoming an increasing smaller and smaller circle of elites. Their prospects are MUCH better served in supporting Romney.

But 80% of the Clinton 80% are NOT wealthy businessmen. THEY are not political "cynics". These are the salt-of-the-earth "Reagan Democrats". And THEY will vote their interests and consciences.

Knuckledraggin said...

There they go,the newest national disgraced president is teaming up with the absolute worst president this Country has ever had to deal with and we are somehow suppose to be threatened? Dumb,dumber!
The dog-eater is about as cool as my eighty-year old maiden aunt. Come to think of it, she's even a lot cooler.

Knuckledraggin said...

This is typical of the Bidenator to try to play it both ways. So if the mission fails - it is the Admiral's fault but if it succeeds - The Dog eater can take the credit.

Silverfiddle said...

This is ominous... The two biggest criminal gangs in the US putting aside their differences...

The only upside is that if they win, an immediate fight will break out over the spoils.

California Girl said...

Very good post Z, well done. I always love to read your posts, I even find out a some things that I didn't know before. Good job.

And Silverfiddle is right, they are "two biggest criminals in the USA"

The Debonair Dudes World said...

This team of Idiots only goes to prove just how politically dumb the American people really are.

Sam Huntington said...

My first thought was that the "one party" aspect of an Obama/Clinton alliance is likely to drive thinking Democrats into the Republican camp for the up-coming election. But then I realized, “There are no thinking Democrats.” Add to this Thersites’ careful analysis, I’m back to square one: zero confidence in the devotion of the average voter to American values.

Thersites said...

Then perhaps, Sam, you should place your "faith" in the Christian virtues... ie - 1 Corinthians 13

....there is no cynicism is Christian "charity"... at least not in the kind practiced by actual "Christians" (and not Madison Avenue advertising hacks).

Ducky's here said...

I'm trying to figure out what any of them stand for other than getting on their knees to Kapital and killing Muslims.

Mittens or The Black Bush and you think there's a difference?

Ducky's here said...

I'm trying to figure out what any of them stand for other than getting on their knees to Kapital and killing Muslims.

Mittens or The Black Bush and you think there's a difference?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Republicans and Conservatives CANNOT afford to "stay away" from the polls come November, or


Think: SCOTUS!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

To Joe Conservative:

Nice try. SCOTUS appointments, I should submit, are for LIFE. That means those jurists appointed by Obaka in his second term -- and there will up to THREE -- will be making decisions for the next THIRTY YEARS.

I'd let my DOG make SCOTUS appointments before I'd trust those submitted by Obama.

You're right; sometimes you DO have to use common sense. Which is why I am NOT staying home and I AM voting for whomever is placed on the GOP ticket.


-FJ said...

Who will you vote FOR, duck man? Will you pull the cycnical lever, one for your conscience, or will you stay home?

Thersites said...

That means those jurists appointed by Obaka in his second term -- and there will up to THREE.

ZERO to three. And those appointee's will have to get through the Senate.

Thersites said...

Sometimes ya just gotta TRUST in G_d, like it says on the quarter.

Thersites said...

....else ya end up with a ticket full of Arlen Spectre's and Olympia Snowe's.

Pris said...

Z is right, and so is BZ! I think there's more to lose besides the SCOTUS, if we have four more years of the far left.

It's called a takeover of international law. The Clintons IMO, want to be a big part of a global governance, so they have to get in line with those who support that too.

Yes, I have no doubt there are Rinos who support this too, but they have to contend with real conservatives in the GOP.

We have to take them on individually, when they're running for re-election, as we did in 2010.

Mitt Romney is not another Obama, and he has to answer to us, his base, not Obama's base!

If Obama wins a second term do you pouters really think what is done then, when he has free reign, the results of eight years of a far left takeover can be overturned in one election of a conservative to your liking?

Think again! There will be more Americans on the government dole, who will like getting a free lunch.

Our industries will have to answer to more strict, crazy regulations which are business killers, and we will be put in the global stew pot because our struggling prosperity will be redistributed even more worldwide.

Obama told Medvedev he'll be able to be more flexible, didn't he? Pay attention. He wasn't kidding.

We are being taken down bit by bit, and if you think it'll be by bits if Obama remains, you're kidding yourselves.

You can talk about cynicism all you want, but I'm not looking forward to looking more like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, or North Korea, are you?

Z said...


I hope everyone wakes up to that.
But, they'll be electing Obama and then complaining for the next four years; if the conservative blogosphere still is in operation, that is.

Z said...

viburnum, VERY nice to hear that Clinton's guy lost...that is a good sign.

AOW, we must give them credit for that..they know how to win elections and kill countries. I still think Hillary will run. 70 seems younger every day to me :-) Okay, I'm not close, BUT...


Brooke...I wondered the same thing. What's Obama giving UP?

Knuckledraggin'...good points.

SF...tough to see, isn't it...Clinton's actually putting down whatever integrity he ever had. Must be a BIG spoil. I actually DO still think Clinton at least likes this country..

California Girl...thanks SO much.
I appreciate your coming by!
I keep wondering if you're an L.A. California Girl.

BZ...SCOTUS is almost THE most important thing, but the purists will be giving that to Obama, too, sadly.

Thersites said...

Get your panties out of a wad, Pris. Venezuela, Zimbabwe and North Korea don't have a Republican Congress and/or Conservative Court. Barrack Obama isn't going to go "Stalin" on Mr. Ducky and the American people overnight.

We survived four years of Obama. We can survive eight. All this, a credit to the Founders design.

I find it hillarious that you concern yourself with a "takeover of international law" but ignore the fact that the finiancial system has long ago surrendered to the international banking oligarchs (King Romney's clan).... who would be completely powerless albeit for the existence of international law.

The founders favoured a petit bourgeois society, not a corporate oligarchical internationalist plutocracy. THAT is the real gift of cynical voring and voters.... Marx was right on that account. Don't believe me? Then explain the TARP bailouts. Then explain why the FED is STILL bailing out Europe.

Us "pouters" have zero faith in the Romney Republicrats. And the sooner we flush the LOT of them out of DC, the better.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Yes, 0 to 3. But every likelihood there will be at least 1. Or more.

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 79 and not in good health, having served for 18 years;
- Antonin Scalia is 76, having served for 25 years;
- Anthony Kennedy is 75, having served for 24 years

And yes, they'll have to get through the Senate. Who controls the Senate? What's the history of the GOP standing up for itself?

Obaka knows he's a lame duck if he acquires a second term and he's beholden to no limiting interest. He'll add CapNTax, he'll sell out sovereignty any way possible, he'll push for amnesty for illegals, he'll curtail the First and Second Amendments any way he can.

Nope. Not going to stay home, and I will vote for the GOP candidate.

The Lord, as they say, helps those who help themselves. And God gives us free will. To EVERYone.


Pris said...

I see thersites. You think having a Republican Congress will stop Obama? It hasn't so far! Funny, you herald a Republican Congress, but not a Republican President.

Obama skirts around them with executive orders and his czars with regulations. He's trampled on the Constitution, but you think the courts will stop him?

He's putting his Obamacare into action as we speak. The only thing which has slowed him down is the upcoming election!

BTW, I don't appreciate your crude manner in addressing me. Save it for the women in your life, and leave me and other gals on here out of your distasteful manner of speech. I'm done.

Bob said...

I hate it when I get to the party late. Silverfiddle always says the most common sense thing, and vib got the "love the cartoon" in before I even saw it.

Is anyone surprised that the Clintons would prostitute themselves to Obama? Power is power, and Obama has it. He is the only hope for the Democrat Party, even with his miserable record. The Dems are used to this situation in that no Democrat President in the last fifty years has had a good record.

They Dems handle this crisis like anyother. The craft lies for all occasions, and the press propagates them.

Bob said...


"We survived four years of Obama. We can survive eight."

Don't bet your butt on this.

Thersites said...

Sorry, Pris, but us "pouters" don't appreciate demeaning labels, either. If you don't like getting them, then perhaps you'll reconsider giving them, in the future.

Obama ran amock for two years before the Republicans in Congress were able to throw up a road block... at least as far as THEIR economic interests were concerned.

If one thing can depended upon, its' that even thieves don't appreciate being robbed... its' the only "moral" concern we can depend upon Republicans to defend.

You'll have to admit, the past two years of Obama haven't been nearly as bad as the first two. But you'll ALSO have to admit that they've gotten no BETTER.

I admit, that things under Romney will likely be slightly better in the short term. But in the LONG term, it'll get WORSE under BOTH. But then the LONG term is too far away to worry about, eh, Pris?

Romney's about to grant the corporate world the biggest tax break in history. The Forbes 500 will hit heights never before contemplated. And another million small and independent businesses across America will fold up shop and hold "Going Out of Business" sales.

Now Let's All join hands and hail the Romney Recovery...

Thersites said...

...and Bob, not only will I bet MY butt on it, I'll bet YOURS too... :)

SCdottr2012 said...

Taking pride in voting their conscience when they know they are putting the country second is not something to be proud of.

It reeks of ego .
Of course Bill Clinton is at the party, he slithers where ever there is a good time and few dollars.

Ducky's here said...

Josh Marshall (always look to the left for concise insight) gets it. Look forward to a real crap fest.

"Contemporary American campaigns are much more meta-battles over power, masculinity and dominance, what I once called “bitch-slap politics.” Not pretty perhaps but you’ll never understand campaigns without understanding things through this prism. And that’s very much what’s happening with the Obama campaign’s latest fusillade against Mitt Romney. This isn’t simply - maybe not even mainly — about the actual decision to risk so much to kill bin Laden. It’s a dance to - let’s not run away from what it really is - unman Romney in his contest with the president.

People don’t expect Democrats to make such brash moves on national security politics. It’s been a very long time since a Democratic president has been in a position to do it. It’s aforementioned obviousness aside, it’s garnered a collective gasp from the pundit class. It was a smack right across the face of Mitt Romney right as he’s making a reasonably successful reintroduction of himself to the American people.

The key is less the attack itself than how Romney responds. In this sort of schoolyard power play, if you attack someone and they’re unwilling or unable to defend themselves they become weak, dominated, pathetic. And the perception among voters is much more important than most of the policy minutiae political types focus on. This is what the Swift Boat attacks were really about. I’ve always doubted that many people actually believed the attacks on John Kerry. That wasn’t the point. It was his inability to defend himself that was devastating politically. It made him an object of ridicule and contempt, demoralizing supporters and inspiring opponents. Bush owned Kerry as a result. This is the position that the Obama team is trying to put Romney in."

Thersites said...

Voting my conscience DOES put my country, first, SC. YOU are the onewho's selling out the country. Thanks for the banana republic, btw.

Thersites said...

Not voting your conscience reeks of party interests... :P

Thersites said...

...not to mention CYNICISM.

Anonymous said...

I don't worry about what Slick Willy is doing or not doing. Romney will win if he convinces enough people that he has a better plan than Obama. He can do that if he stays on the offensive. Obama(Clinton will try to put him on the defensive. It's a trap that has worked before.

Z said...

"We survived four years of Obama. We can survive eight."

REALLY? IS that true?

WOW, now I understand youThersites, FJ, etc...NOW I see.
You honestly don't think things have become worse and you haven't grasped the future SCOTUS problem or the Healthcare bill's threats, etc..
oh. we know what we're dealing with here, at least! THanks

BOB: Is anyone surprised that the Clintons would prostitute themselves to Obama?"

No surprise, just trying to arm us all with what's coming.

Always On Watch said...

I do not despise purists. In a perfect world, purism would win the day.

That said, I recall when I twice voted my conscience by not voting for the GOP candidates and twice watched Bill Clinton get elected.

Thersites said...

...and YOU have not yet grasped the DANGERS that Romney represents, the millions of independent small businesses that will now get subsumed into a larger corporate-government conglomerate.

WOW. Tell people to NOT vote their conscience. How do you KNOW that you're doing the WRONG thing, then?

To encourage people to NOT do the RIGHT thing about what they feel would be BEST for the country. How do you square THAT? oh, the alternative might be worse... but for HOW LONG?

Obama elected means four years until redemption. Romney elected just adds gold pavers on the road to Hell. You'll eventually get there, only The coarse corrections needed to avoid it won't be as obvious.

Quick death, death of a thousand cuts, or a round of Libertarian chemo... I choose chemo.

You say that Romney will be held accountable by his "base" BUSH was... NOT!

Thersites said...

Funny AoW. I voted for HW Bush and Dole. I held my nose again and AGAIN. And the nomineees keep getting WORSE. Hows THAT working out for you?

Thersites said...

You wanna know why you're wrong, Z.

i state my concerns about the candidate...and NO. ONE EVEN TRIES to REFUTE THEM.

that says it all.

Z said...

Thersites, "i state my concerns about the candidate...and NO. ONE EVEN TRIES to REFUTE THEM."

You are MUCH smarter than this statement.We don't refute everything you say! DO YOU GET IT????????????? It's just a waste of TIME...

WE ARE REALISTS....We must deal with WHAT WE'RE DEALT WITH, like it or not.
I think I can speak for 99% of us here in saying that WE DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE.
YOu seem to blame US for that...fine!
We have a better understanding, apparently, of how politics works.

Maybe, when we have our country out of such far-left clutches, we can invent the PERFECT CONSERVATIVE WORLD OF GARY JOHNSONS AND VIRGIL GOODES AND YOU WIL BE HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

Until then, we MUST GET OBAMA OUT...we must get America BACK. And we have to stop anybody like Elena Kagan, with her record, from getting into the SCOTUS again.

SO, you see, you can blame us for not refuting or you can understand that refuting doesn't help. WE KNOW THE CANDIDATE'S NOT THE BEST CONSERVATIVE AVAILABLE. Do you understand that we do? We've only said it 100 times.

Yes, we know that, and we know Gary Johnson hasn't a ghost of a chance, and we, most of us, understand that America's so bad right now, and will only be so much worse, that we MUST NOT WASTE A VOTE AND JEOPARDIZE AMERICA AGAIN WITH OBAMA.

As it is, fraud's going to be even more rampant than what the Obama people did in 2008...we have to fight hard and waste NOT ONE VOTE.

'refute'? BIG FREAKIN' DEAL.

Thersites said...


Vote Republican in 2012.... because the other guy is WORSE.

...and once conservatives are OUT of Obama's clutches, then they'll address any of the issues raised? Like Republicans did from 2000-2008????

Doesn't sound like many REALISTS are in the house today.

Thersites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thersites said...

A gun to their heads is the ONLY thing Republicans understand. and THAT gun is Gary Johnson.

Thersites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thersites said...

I know at least 5 Republicans who will tell you that a "he's not Mitt Romney." makes a TERRIBLE. campaign slogan... yet you seem to think that, "he's NOT Obama," makes for a winning campaign.

Feeling any realism yet?

Z said...

he's NOT Obama," makes for a winning campaign."

NOW you're getting it! GOOD!

Anonymous said...


Man I just wish you'd go out and straight up vote for least your vote will have counted for something...rather than trash an opportunity to clean house.

You sit back with a silly grin thinking that you've accomplished terrorists do when they act.

You're all ready to blow yourselves up with your silly fantasies of being more "pure" than your fellow conservatives.

Z is 100% on the money. I'd say more too....but I'd get bounced.

There's something else too....I think you're a troll and a tool and you're not remotely serious.

KP said...


Hey mate, tell me about the new avatar.

Anonymous said...

Mayne it's because he's pushing Hillary into the office, who wants a Pigwoman in for VP?

Thersites said...


I know you are one. Like a Republica n voter, "thinking" is certainly NOT required. :)

Anonymous said...


K....I just decided I needed a change. It's an old profile shot did. I was looking around and saw that there were very little military / service related decided to follow your lead. I wish everyone showed a head shot of some you a better handle on who your "talking" to. But like radio "faces"...some things are better left alone..yea?

Anonymous said...

@Thersites ....

Wow....deep...really deep.

"Sometimes ya just gotta TRUST in G_d, like it says on the quarter"...

Clearly you've already spent your moneys worth...

Thersites said...

I've still got plenty of CHANGE to spare, Impy. Try me.

Or haven't you gotten your talkin' points from Rush yet?

those darn voters with actual principles... screwing up the 2013 TARP III bank bailouts ALREADY! Just get on board the Romney Express already! Somebody has to pay off on the outstanding $25 trillion in non-government backed Credit Default Swaps and if not the American taxpayer, then WHO?

All we want is a little CHANGE in exchange for our votes is THAT too much to ask for?

Z said...

I'd like the insults to stop, please.

Since when did adults not be able to have their own opinions and voice them without being insulted?

Thersites, we GET your point. Thanks. To me, it's naive, to others it might be just the ticket, okay?

NONE Of us is stupid because you don't agree with us..and likewise.

Thersites said...

Of course, $25 trillion in CDS liabilities is what you get from people who LACK a fundamental trust in G_d, but then, isn't THAT really the point? Who needs G_d when there are taxpayers to fleece?

Thersites said...

Fine Z, naivete for one is the other's cynicism. Wisdom and Justice are opposing "virtues". But the wise should refrain from attempts at shaming the just.

Thersites said...

It's "bad form".

Thersites said...

Deserving of a kynical response.

Anonymous said...


Please....since you're in Boston....go look up ducky to discuss your conspiracy theories.

You'll get along. Two pistachios sharing one shell.

Bob said...

Z; Don't worry about answering Therites. He is out in the intellectual weeds, and burbbles on about some sort of conspiracy stuff all the time. He is better left ignored.

He didn't get my suggestion, and he didn't get your intelligent replies.

You are doing well, and even letting him comment convinces others that he has fallen off the oommon sense wagon.

Blocking him or allowing him to comment is OK by me. Nobody pays attention to his ramblings, anyway.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Well I know:

"Thersites was the son of Agrius. he is the only rank and file soldier that Homer gives a graphic depiction of. Thersites was bow legged, lame, and his shoulders caved inward.

His head was shaped like a sugar loaf, coming to a point. Atop his head tufts of hair sprouted up. Homer mentions that he was a vulgar man whose "head was full of obscenities, teeming with rant." Thersites incurred Odysseus wrath when he called Agamemnon greedy and Achilles a coward.

Odysseus struck Thersites upside the head with the royal scepter of Agamemnon.

Later, Achilles struck Thersites upside the head for mocking his sorrow at the death of Penthesilea. No one grieved for Thersites when he spat out teeth and fell to the earth dead.

Elmers Brother said...

I'm listening Thersites

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ed Bonderenka said...

It seems that people think that Thersites is salvageable and can be argued with.
That's a lot of bandwidth wasted on him.
Unless there are lurkers that the argument may have shifted from such a sorry position.

Anonymous said...

" think that Thersites is salvageable"...

Really? A mythical character?

Anonymous said...

"I'd like the insults to stop, please. "

Fine with long as you insist that the death threats from ducky stop too?

It's just back and forth ribbing but "putting someone down" can only be taken one way.

And it's not the first time that our "friendly, tolerant and progressive" house pet...has threatened my life.

I'm serious.

Z said...

Imp, I just deleted the Ducky comment.
He knows better..but he's got to push.

I'm closing comments.