Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Damn evil capitalists


Right Wing Theocrat said...

Probably an obama voter. In which case, she should just withdraw the complaint, it's not really an act of thievery, rather just an unexpected act of wealth redistribution. Something she's obviously in favor of.

viburnum said...

IDK. Looking at the area, that could be inflated for insurance purposes. ;-)

Silverfiddle said...

Definitely an Obama voter...

-FJ said...

"Song for St. Tamminy s Day." The Old Song.

Of Andrew, of Patrick, of David, & George,
What mighty achievements we hear!
While no one relates great Tammany's feats,
Although more heroic by far, my brave boys,
Although more heroic by far.

These heroes fought only as fancy inspired,
As by their own stories we find;
Whilst Tammany, he fought only to free,
From cruel oppression mankind, my brave boys,
From cruel oppression mankind.

"When our country was young and our numbers were few
To our fathers his friendship was shown,
(For he e'er would oppose whom he took for his foes),
And made our misfortunes his own, my brave boys,
And he made our misfortunes his own.
"At length growing old and quite worn out with years,
As history doth truly proclaim,
His wigwam was fired, he nobly expired,
And flew to the skies in a flame, my brave boys,
And flew to the skies in a flame.

Kewanio che Keeteru!

Always On Watch said...

What kind of car did she have? A Mercedes? A Volvo? A Lexus?

Brooke said...

Ow! My brain! Did she just return from the grocery store to buy steak?

FairWitness said...

‎$400 Purse, $200 Wallet, $800 in CASH and food stamps stolen from the back seat of a car. How do you afford all those items & a car while being eligible for food stamps? WTH?

FairWitness said...

Gratitude is nonexistent in these leeches. Their sense of entitlement is abundant, as is their contempt for taxpayers. I actually feel sorry for them. They have no clue how good life is when you provide for yourself and others

Ducky's here said...

AOW, a Cadillac. You see them parked outside the welfare office all the time.

Remember, Saint Ronnie Raygun told you the facts.

Sam Huntington said...

Hornet Drive runs adjacent to Country Club Estates Golf Course in Brunswick. It is a very upscale neighborhood.

Oh, hypocrite! Thou name is Democrat. It makes me wonder if the woman is Liberalmann’s mother.

Mustang said...

Speaking of Native Americans, the communist Elizabeth Warren has been claiming kinship to Delaware and Cherokee tribes. Family lore is one thing, but putting down that information on school documents ala Ward Churchill is something else. But, yes, it is easy to see the similarities. Meanwhile, some Native American groups are on the warpath.

Ticker said...

Yep an Obamabot for sure.

RWT, love the redistribution of wealth part but then you know that Obamabots believe in redistribution only when it comes from someone's pocketbook other than theirs.

Lisa said...

Ducky they know better than to arrive for a handout in their fancy cars. They park them near the bus stop.
I know of someone who has a union job of all things and makes excellent money. Beautiful home 2 cars brand new, a boat and a girlfriend with kids collecting welfare and Medicaid.
A friend of mine's husband works with him.

Lisa said...

Oh and my neighbor's son is in the elctricians union and they don't suggest they vote for Obama, they tell them to vote for him.
Almost like a threat. His mom told him don't you dare vote or him. They can't tell you what to do.

Lisa said...

Z can I just comment on Clintons for Obama?

I am sure they were warned they had better get on board for Obama being they all have the same boss.

Bunkerville said...

Welcome to America. Growing up we never took the keys out of the cars.

viburnum said...

Sam: "It is a very upscale neighborhood."

IDK. I looked at on street view on Google Maps and if I had to bet the farm on finding $800 in a Coach bag I'd be looking somewhere else. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Evidence that wealth redistribution works! Well, except for the middle class. What was worh¡th more; the money or the food stamps?

Sam Huntington said...

Viburnum... perhaps. I counted 5 swimming pools and I don't have that many in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Proof that the one trillion a year for welfare and handouts work...for some.

( Over 17 trillion squandered since 1964 and there's still the "poor"? )

Z said...

RWT....."probably" an Obama voter!?
I had something in the mail to lower my mortgage with stimulus funds...not sure if I qualified, but it would have cut it almost by half, which i could sorely use. I shined it on. I wouldn't touch that money if they begged ME.
Ya, she's probably an Obama fan :-)

Viburnum.....good point! :-)
and very interesting about the swimming pools!

FJ..Tiri Ketanawa :-)

FW..which, of course, is the whole point!
AOW and BROOKE and TICKER...this this is an anomaly? Ya, sure. :-) We are being SO SCREWED by AMericans who believe the OBAMA DREAM of having someone else hand you your living..

SAM....she probably IS!

IDK? RWT? I LOOKED UP "i don"t know"...WHAT'S RWT?

LISA..I wish your neighbor's son and all his friends would SPEAK UP AGAINST THIS! TELL PEOPLE WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE UNIONS!
Instead, they're quiet and we get NOWHERE!
And yes, I'm pretty sure whoever is Obama's puppet master has some strings on the CLintons, too..

Z said...

MUSTANG, does she think she'll get voted for because she's supposedly part Native American?

Anonymous said...

"she'll get voted for because she's supposedly part Native American?"

Of course..she's in the center of one of the looniest states in the country.
She can play the "race" card and the gender card.

Z said...

Imp, Mustang sent me more info: Apparently (I SWEAR) her people are saying she can't come up with any proof right now that she actually DOES have any Indian in her but they are "“working on digging up some sort of evidence!” (their quote, not mine!)

Maybe they'll be going to the same people who helped Obama with his birth certificate in order to dig up evidence? :-)

KP said...

Imp, I dig the new avatar. I was hoping that was you! Well done.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe they'll be going to the same people who helped Obama with his birth certificate in order to dig up evidence? :-)"

Nah...I'd think they'd be hiring an "expert" on Indian ancestry and ethnic studies...like Ward Churchill to dig up something?

Ed Bonderenka said...

This is not far removed (except geographically) from the local "celebrity" in Detroit who after winning the lottery for $1M continued collecting welfare. Facing jailtime now.
I always said lottery winnings are a curse.

Chuck said...

To all my Republicans and Conservative friends. Think of this! Republicans and Conservatives CANNOT afford to "stay away" from the polls come November, or
The Dog-Eater WILL be President AGAIN

Chuck said...

Prisons and state hospitals were the place for the retarded and mentally ill ... In the past 4-6 years we've seen that the progressives have taken up that place.

Anonymous said...


Rita said...

I'm with ya Ed on the winning the lottery thing. I have no doubt having instant millions would cause more headaches than it would cure.

Imagine all the deadbeat friends and relatives with their hands out thinking you were greedy because you didn't give every dime away to those more in need.

Bob said...

She's lying about the cash, the value of the purse, and the value of the wallet. The food stamps are probably real.

All she has to do to catch the culprit is visit her neighbors, and look for fake brand purses and wallets, plus a supply of recently bought bottles of liquor.

I don't think she will have to go far, except to get her food stamps replaced. Oh, maybe she can do that on line!

Z said...

Did you all notice Liberals didn't dare comment on this one? ;_)

Ducky did, but he missed the point again ..