Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ghandi had it right, don't you think?


Bob said...

I resemble that remark!

Anonymous said...

Five Important Rules:

1.Money cannot buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Corvette than on a bicycle.

2.Forgive your enemy, but remember the morons name.

3.If you help someone when they're in trouble, they will remember you when
they're in trouble again.

4.Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.

5.Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then neither does milk.

Z said...

Imp, I doubt if Ghandi would have approved (and who really cares?) but these are GOOD ONES :-)
very funny!

Bob...:-) Good thing you don't resemble GHANDI!

Ducky's here said...

Reads like the Tea Party platform.

Z said...

Why, Ducky, a compliment to the Tea Party? amazing.

Liberalmann said...
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-FJ said...
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-FJ said...


Chuck said...

Good list Z.

Z, please leave Libidiots post up. The man is a walking billboard for the tolerance of the left.

Z said...

Chuck, was just about to delete the poor thing again.

But, you're right....the problem is it isn't intolerance as much as it's misinformation; you can't reason with people who don't listen and learn.

Z said...

Chuck, I changed my mind. I remember the name he called me a few days ago and he's gone.
sorry! :-) You did have a point.

Bob said...

IMP: Good stuff

Kid said...

I would say there is NO
wealth without work,
pleasure without conscience,
knowledge without character,
business without ethics,
science without humanity,
religion without sacrifice Or
politics without principle.

Liberalmann said...

The GOP's virtues:

Hate before compassion
Lies trump understanding
Judgment without reason
Fear before investigation
Blame over introspection
arrogance over tolerance

The fact that the GOP is guilty of all of Ghandi's virtues-and you don't even see it!

Z said...

Oh, Libman...he's copying his posts and reposting when I delete...
Boy, some people want to comment at geeeZ a LOT :-) Thanks!

Well, I'll leave it...Chuck's right..good to see the unthinkingness..that's for sure.

Hey...I just read his list...it's got OBAMA written all OVER it...! Good job!

Chuck said...

He's a genius in his own mind Z.

Z said...

Chuck, everybody's in search of appreciation! At least he's got himself

Silverfiddle said...

It's easy to stump libman, just ask him for examples from real life.

Great post, Z, and I live Impertinent's rules...

Anonymous said...


"and I live Impertinent's rules..."

Is there any other way that works on a daily basis...?

Liberalmann said...

Z said: "...good to see the unthinkingness" Unthinkingness? Now that's what I call....unthinkingness. Lol!

Here ya go (for starters):

Santorum calls Obama a Nig...

Fox News Contributor Says Letting Women Vote "One of America's Greatest Mistakes"

The 31 Republican Senators Who Voted 'NO' On The Violence Against Women Act:

Racism and the Right

Romney and Ryan budgets: Tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class

Fox's O'Reilly, Carlson Warn That Glee Makes Kids Experiment With Homosexuality, Identify As Transgender:

Hannity's "Heroism Vs. Politics" Obama Special Filled With Right-Wing Bunk

Wanna talk; Birthers?

Z said...

My gosh, Liberal...you really are in earnest, aren't you!

How's this: WE GIVE UP! YOU WIN!
Happy? :-)

And your links come from moveon.org, keeping gop honest...and MEDIA MATTERS? Well, thanks for the unbiased links!!

I particularly like your Rev Peterson video....um, he didn't say that on FOX, but that's okay :-)

Also, He said women are crazy, but your heroes call them C***s and bitches and stupid ...and worse. (want links?) Think that's okay? Oh, and then they give a million to your hero. (go ahead, though Maher SAYS he gave a "million to Obama", tell us again how he didn't)

thanks, I enjoyed the unbiased links...

But, seriously, you really think you're right, don't you!! Tell us again...I'm a middle class woman who'd vote for Alan West for ANYTHING and that makes me a racist woman who hates women and wants to destroy my middle class, right? GOOD JOB, Libdude, great powers of deduction! :-)

Z said...

by the way, liberal....you said you had a blog the other day here at geeeZ. Where is it? are you afraid to let us get on it?
I know a LOT of liberal blogs don't take conservatives...is that your case?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

Imp, I absolutely hate to comment with the same nastiness and snideness as someone like 'him'...it's unpleasant and I don't like being on blogs with fighting, I have to admit. And yet I find myself not able to let the lies stay here unanswered.

Joe's nearly lost his blog to such nasty libs that I don't like to comment there anymore...
I think a lot of the liberals like this guy are paid to disrupt blogs... it isn't going to happen.

But, now he's taken to saving his comments and recommenting when Elbro and I've deleted him. I'll just go on Comment Moderation again if I have to. No problem.
But, I also can't let him quote from the leftwing hacks like those and then call FOX biased :-)

Funny, but Prager, this morning, said CNN had two people on the N. Carolina anti-same sex marriage bill (which passed today)...they were both of the same exact opinion! He cracked up, reminding Americans that FOX nearly ALWAYS has two sides of every single issue.
SOme bias, huh?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Nicely said.

Always On Watch said...

About Liberalmann....My father used to say, "Some people don't have anything to THINK with." Applies!

cube said...

I'm not a big Ghandi fan, but I will acknowledge that he did get some stuff right.

Z, you get the most determined trolls.

Impertinent: lol! Thanks for the laugh.

Z said...

Cube, I only have liberljerk...
thank GOD I don't have Joe's leftwingers; I feel so sorry for him and rarely go there anymore, and his was one of my favorite blogs. :-(

Libjerk, I believe, gets paid, by the way, to disrupt...he will never do it here, of course.
And he cries that I censor him when I delete and then he says he has a blog (when I asked him) but..he's such a big strong liberal that he can't have a link to his 'blog'!
such a sad little man :-(

Rita said...

I like Joe's blog too, but I gave up commenting there months ago because the liberals there cannot control their juvenile insults. From what I've read, I think he just wants the libs to spout their idiocy to prove their idiocy.

I'd rather deal with some intelligent life. IF there is some out there.

Z said...

Rita, not if you take MY couple of libs as an example...no intelligent life. And so uncivil.

Libjerk just showed his cards (I'll be on moderation for a long time now so I can stop the lies from the libs and the insult) by accidently posting as 'bd'....what's funny is that, just yesterday, I started realizing this libjerk was sounding more and more familiar...and before I released decent, contributive commenters, I saw the same exact comment from libjerk and bd :-) Oops.

so, that's that...gone!


I don't even read their comments there, I just see and delete.

They accuse me of censorship, then libman admits he has a blog, but we can't get to it! You can't make this stuff up, you know?