Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Then and Now......

The Greatest Generation, and the... never mind.


Silverfiddle said...


They're not all like that. I met some pretty good ones from that generation serving overseas...

Z said...

SF, 'they' who?
You mean this generation TODAY by "THEY'RE" ? I agree.
But comparing WWII guys and the OWS set makes sense to me..sadly :-)

Mustang said...

Generations of military personnel have given up their lives so that these modern day hippies can make fools of themselves.

Kid said...

The right picture could also be 1968, but that sums it up very well.

We're quickly becoming a nation of takers and as the scale tips further, people who are naturally productive like moi, get less inclined to do so.

That's exactly where the libtards make their "error". They think that the professional qualified doctors will always be there. The innovators will always be there.

The error won't be obvious to them until they're standing in line for toilet paper bitching about how the repubs and the Tea Party screwed everything up.

Kid said...

Silverfiddle, We have friends and family who are SF and medical, intelligent, doing incredible things in the military, but een if you take All of the active duty military, it's only about 2/3rd of 1 % of the population.

Z said...

Kid, I thought the same thing but the 1968 kids were even scummier with tie-dye and head bands!

You know, you are SO RIGHT about liberals. They honestly think that, when they're through with it, America will still be a land of opportunity, innovation and success...they HONESTLY don't get it. Like there's a money machine that prints money so they can always be cared for "cradle to grave"

After all, where do socialists think the money comes from after the rich are bled dry?
How can innovation happen without funding? How can success happen when we have a president who actually said words such as "there's a limit to how much people should make!"

it's INCREDIBLE and lefties STILL embrace this! and still think we'll be there for them as they stumble along with their hands out and their guilty consciences waiting to be GOD!

Kid said...

You read my mind Z. Well, they live in their fantasy world. Nothing but hard reality will change that.

Anonymous said...

I think you could insert young men like this every 20 years or so from 1944?

Certainly over 500,000 20 year olds and much younger served in the Viet Nam theatre? And made enormous sacrifices too. Yes....I agree that the 40's produced a great generation...but anyone who served fits that bill too.

viburnum said...

If you had to conscript a million man army from today's pickings you'd probably have to put 1 out of every 100 in front of a firing squad to get the rest of them to pay attention and follow orders.

Thank God for our volunteers!

Mustang said...

Imp is exactly right. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks did everything they could to marginalize veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars by calling the veterans of World War II “the greatest generation.” Tell that to the mothers who lost their sons in Korea, the wives who lost their husbands in Vietnam. Tell that to the soldier who lost both legs in Vietnam and came home to leftist ridicule and no chance for artificial limbs.

I personally don’t have much regard for the OWS scum, but at the same time, four generations of good men and women gave up their lives so that those people can show their asses. Forty years from now, they’ll be members of Congress representing San Francisco and celebrating Pelosi Day with a gay feather parade.

Rita said...

Granted, I'm a little biased here, but I don't know of any generation that had veterans that were treated as badly as those who served in Vietnam.

WWII, Korea and the Gulf War Vets were at least given some respect by most Americans.

Ignoring the Vietnam Vets' service would have been better than how they were treated by our own country.

That's a hard thing to forget and forgive.

Calling young men who fought in those heated battles, "Baby Killers" can't be taken back.

Anonymous said...

"Calling young men who fought in those heated battles, "Baby Killers" can't be taken back." can't Rita. Nor can calling troops worse than Genghis Khan either...yet that horse face son of a bitch is still in the Senate and actually had the gall to say..."reporting for duty" after 30 years of hate for American soldiers.

Z said...

Sorry the picture didn't have a Vietnam era picture juxtaposed to the jerks at the OWS picture!

I absolutely agree that the Vietnam soldiers were tops...

Z said...

by the way, I had to delete that awful Libjerk because he used really stupid language again so he didn't have to answer my question in a comment above...

Where DO liberals/socialists think the money comes from when the rich are bled dry? I think we've all seen the statistics showing that if every single really rich American gave ALL they had, it wouldn't cover but a month or so of our 'bills', is that the length of time?

SO, where DO they think it comes from? seriously,. EVen Obama can't think China's going to keep giving us money

We all know redistribution/socialism has NEVER WORKED ANYWHERE in the world, what's it take for socialists to ask themselves "what the heck are we THINKING?"

Rita said...

While I think it's shameful the way OWS kids mock the very society that provides them their entitlements, I guess I don't think today is as bad as it was in the late 60's.

Maybe the Woodstock Generation wasn't as violent, but they were so massive and stoned out of their skulls that I remember being frightened and I was just a kid.

The OWS kids are simply ignorant on the way the real world works. They believe in utopia and are shocked when "their own" are corrupted by the money and those in charge of it no longer want to share basic information to where the money went. They curse the government for not being open and they found out that not everyone is honest and once those people are in charge of nearly a million dollars, that money is gone in a flash and no one has a clue where it went.

After reading so much of their own postings, they are simply so clueless and have no ability or knowledge how to change things they are hardly worth worrying about.

By and large, they are not the anarchists that cause damage, they're just kids who have been handed everything to them by their indulgent parents and now the indulgent government.

But back to your point, back in 40's there were practically NO young men who didn't consider joining the service their duty as Americans.

That type of love of country has been missing a long long time.

Z said...

Rita, back in the Forties while fighting, there were practically NO soldiers doing heavy duty drugs, either.


I might blog on an interesting thing I've noticed on all the news stations and political pundit discussions re the OWS 'protests' yesterday; WHY IS IT THAT WHEN THEIR PEOPLE ARE HAVING SEX IN PUBLIC, RAPING, THREATENING BOMBING BRIDGES, ETC., WE'RE BEING TOLD "THAT'S NOT ALL THE OWS PEOPLE, YOU CAN'T HELP IT IF CERTAIN NUTS GET INTO YOUR GROUP AND LOOK LIKE THEY REPRESENT YOU!"

YET...when the Tea Party people had infiltrators holding a few NAZI signs, etc., the news went WILD "LOOK AT THOSE AWFUL TEA PARTY PEOPLE..."

Remember? Ya, I do, too.


Rita said...

There were VERY few, if any crazy signs like that at the TEA Party gatherings. And most of them were met by a group that told them they were not welcome.

The "best" of the OWS crowd were ignorant kids. The majority of them in their heyday were scum who thought they would overthrow anyone who had more money than they did. The fringe were/are the anarchists.

Obviously most of the money came from the unions thinking they could incite the crowds into protecting their entitled class while claiming everyone else were the entitled class.

I figure at least the unions wasted nearly a million dollars feeding the entitled bums instead of that million getting their liberal puppets re-elected.

Z said...

sure, Rita, but you do see my point...whether the TPs or OWS still actually exist...the point is that it's the TPers that got criticized if ONE SIGN was there, but let the OWS people have sex in public, rape women, do drugs, try to bomb bridges, and "well, that really doesn't represent the CAUSE" :-)

Rita said...

Of course Z. That's been evident from the start with Pelosi saying, "God Bless them" and saying they were "grass roots" but claiming the TEA Party were bused in. And of course the MSM falling the directive of their leftist leaders in Washington.

Rita said...

As I have said Z, I have gotten all of my information on the Occupy idiots from their own website, but today I found this article today on the extreme leftist website that sums up the stupidity and the DEATH of the movement.

Until I started reading their own minutes, I thought the protestors were a dangerous group. It only took about a couple of days of minutes to find out they were only a danger to themselves with the rapes and beatings. So much so they had to create a group called "Safe Places" so that they could designate "rape free" zones in their groups.

Ignorant bunch of loosers and loonies that wasted nearly a million dollars on nothing.
Of course they, like all of the loony leftist still believe all the ignorant hype of the OWS.

Rita said...

And another fine example of the OWSers smacking a female police officer in the back of the head at their peaceful protest on May Day in Los Angeles.

Talk about a War on Women!

Oh those 1% cops. Surely they deserve to be attacked by people not wanting to bother to support themselves.

Z said...

Rita, did you see OWS leader Harrison Schultz on FOX tonight?
Hannity asked him about the rapes and defecation, etc., and he said the NYPD brought rapists in to rape and discredit the OWS people..

You can't make this stuff up...this guy seemed TRULY nuts, poor kid.

Z said...

by the way Schultz said the NY Times reported that the NYPD did that, but I've Googled a LOT and there isn't anything there.

Rita said...

I didn't see that Z. The OWS crowd largely rejected anyone calling themselves leaders of their movement. They held nightly General Assembly meetings where one single person could hold up the entire movement if they rejected some idea.

The over compensated for every "minority" that when Nan, a black female hijacked every meeting, screamed and yelled, threw chairs, etc they still wouldn't toss her out. It took them months and months to finally ban her from the meetings. Yet when a white male even dared questioned an idea the crowd insisted on ignoring him because he wasn't a privileged minority.

Anyone who dared asked for openness of the records of those holding the hundreds of thousands of dollars were mocked and called Provocateurs. It was almost comical how idiotic their ideals were.

So they sat idly by and let a handful of those holding the funds drain it dry.

Finally a couple months ago, they realized their "model" didn't work so the ones with the idealized world views still believe they will change America into some grand utopia where everyone gets food, water, housing, education, IPhones, laptops, designer clothes for free.

The same money corruption was the downfall of the 20 or so OWSers in Indianapolis. Some guy ran off with their precious $300 donations with the promise he would give them what they needed when they needed it.

It was if there was some grand plan to show all these imbeciles the reasons why socialism doesn't work. But none of them learned a damn thing.

The infighting was worse than an episode of The Real Housewives.

Z said...

A marketing analyst, organizer of OWS. YOu're right that they didn't want any hierarchy but this Schultz is definitely one of the organizers.

Can you IMAGINE him saying that the NY Times reported that the NYPD planted rapists at the tent sites so they'd rape and give the OWS people a bad name?
That's REALLY stretching it...:-)

The grand plan might be fizzling but there are still PLENTY OF NUTS who talk like this joker does. There's something rather sweet about him but the words turn you off quickly!


When Hannity asked how he lived now, he said "student loans"... The guy's 29 and supposedly going to grad school. When Hannity asked if it was a school or gov't loan, twice, he said he didn't know "it's complicated" :-)
getting checks from Soros, pal? probably

Rita said...

In the words of Nan Pelosi, "God Bless them."

I don't think I could stand to have her represent my state. But then again, we have Julia Carson's ignorant grandson representing her district by saying the TEA Party reps in Congress want to hang blacks.

I can't figure out if the they really are that stupid or whether they just play a game with the future of our country so they can get themselves elected by their ignorant constituents.

Z said...

Rita, it's a horrible feeling thinking she represents my state, believe me. She's only surpassed in utter stupidity by the loathsome Barbara Boxer, who made a presentation to the Senate about 10 years ago using huge placards to make her point, representing California, and the biggest amount of misspelled words I'd seen on one piece of paper that big. HIDEOUS LITTLE WOMAN.

beamish said...

Forgot to mention the 88 year olds in 2012 having lived 20+ years past the total of whatever insignificant contribution they made to Social Security and Medicare.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

They'll learn the hard way, no one will give them squat for nothing.

Z said...

beamish; sorry about your feelings toward the elderly.

RWT...but someone IS giving them squat for nothing: US!

beamish said...


You know all too well I don't have a problem with "the elderly."

I have a problem with gray-haired children who are getting a lot more than "squat" for nothing at my expense (and yours) and shouting "grandma killer" at anyone who wants to do anything about the successes of their socialist agenda.

beamish said...

We have to recognize that personal responsibility and paying one's own debts are two ideas that are virtually non-existent in people born before 1965.

Anonymous said...

"We have to recognize that personal responsibility and paying one's own debts are two ideas that are virtually non-existent in people born before 1965."


Rita said...

Ok Beamish. Surely you did NOT just say that.

Nearly everyone in my parents generation worked their tails off to make meager homes for their children. They taught their children (those of us born BEFORE 1965) to be responsible for ourselves.

I have never ever assumed that social security would even be around by the time I reach 62, nine years from now. I was taught to save for my own retirement from my hard working parents.

I earned my college degree at night while working full time. No government handed me my education and I never borrowed a cent toward it.

My husband and I have been paying into social security our entire lives and I have little belief that we will ever get our "money back".

You're lack of understanding how hard people now in their 50's and 60's have worked and paid into a program that will likely be bankrupt in a few years is absolutely ridiculous.

We have been told for decades that there would be no social security, while that money continued to be taken from our paychecks. So we made certain we put money aside for retirement.

The amount my husband now receives will never amount to the money that we could have in the bank today if we had instead been allowed to invest our social security payments into the market versus into another hole the government created.

Imp got this one right.