Monday, May 21, 2012

See this.

You may have already seen this.   Please see it again because it is so important that we know what's going on.   And SEND IT AROUND.

THIS is what we have to FIGHT......."OBAMA DOLLARS" and all the rest of the ridiculous things we've allowed to happen in America.
(thanks, M)


Liberalmann said...
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Liberalmann said...

Yeah, these people aren't real bright but I'm glad you found yet another reason to hate poor people. Christian much?

Silverfiddle said...

Welcome to Obama's America.

Step 1 should be cutting off all assistance to single, able-bodied men.

Lisa said...

yeah lib and yet another way for you to support Obama's degenerate voting base.

Anonymous said...

"Hate poor people"?

You dunce.....we dislike lazy scam artist, parasitical, fakes, frauds and non contributing scuzz balls is more like it. These bugs are no different than a bank's just that they get away with it.

And if you really want to know the difference between both parties as in the previous post...this is a big part of it.

The party of useless bed bugs, socialists, gimme, gubmint blood suckers.

Go ahed us "raciss" now cause we're tired of being robbed by useless street thugs.

No matter what color or ethnicity they are. They're all thieves in my book.

15 trillion dollars spent on those "poor" people. You'd think it's time they finally gave something back. Nah...they just keep on taking and demanding more. Money down a rat hole of corruption and keeping the "poor" people on that teet and the plantation.

Liberalmann said...

'degenerate?' Thanks, you proved my point.

Anonymous said...

For the lib loon....

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. (Chinese proverb)"

Louis H. said...

This is the real situation in my country too. In Haiti, the junte want to keep the people poor and stupid. In America, this is the democrat’s policy too. I don’t know if Liberalman is poor black, but he is stupid.

Z said...

SF...that IS Obama's America, no doubt about it...
I agree; we need to build self respect and integrity back into Americans; the left's killing that in the name of "hating poor people"....horrible.

Louis H...isn't it sad?
Are you living in Haiti? I wish you the very, very best and God's blessings on your country.

I have a stepdaughter who has done a lot of business in Venezuela; she was there very frequently. She says even the taxi drivers and waitresses DESPISE Chavez, but we hear very differently here. He's supposed to the MAN OF THE PEOPLE.
At first, her upper middle class colleagues were telling her how horrible he was, but I figured that the poor would celebrate him and I asked her to be VERY CAREFUL but to ask the poorer people she ran in to. So that's why she asked taxi drivers and waitresses. She has found NO ONE who likes him.
Americans are naive in that they think protesters on the socialist side aren't being paid, etc. Our media goes along because they want to make it look like the poor love their oppressors who oppress in the name of 'goodies'..what a disaster.

Z said...

Imp...I wish people wouldn't respond to that. I'll be going back on Moderation soon.

Sam Huntington said...

The video doesn’t reflect Obama’s world. The video reflects Johnson’s “Great Society.” And so too does Obama … for it was Johnson’s great society that created an angry, embittered, half-black man who vowed to make fundamental changes to our country. Obama is in the same league with the racists Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright …

Leticia said...

That one guy doing push-ups? Yeah, like he's disabled.

This is really disgusting. Those people look rather healthy and are just plain lazy!!

Food stamps and welfare should be only given to the needy and truly poor people, such as the disabled, not drunks or drug addicts or the obese, but seriously disabled people that are blind, cannot walk, our veterans, etc. And yes, for single parents who work hard and still can't make ends meet. I don't mind my tax dollars helping them out, but to see this crap!! Oh heck no!!

Cut them off and force them to get off their lazy duffs and back to work.

And the moron, I wanted a career not a job. Idiot!

Ducky's here said...

But Reagan told us they drove to the office in welfare Cadillacs.

Lisa said...

Z that is interesting to hear about how the citizens of Venezuela really feel. An then you get people like Sean Penn and Harry Belafonte rubbing elbows with the creep. Almost makes you wonder why Hollywood rubs elbows with Obama.
It shows they don't do it or the sake of the people but more for the sake of their reputatins...with each other. They know the people hate Obama's polices but yet they ignore that and throw millions at him.

Z said...

Imp, I'm on moderation now after all.
I hope it didn't look like I meant YOUR comment I wished people wouldn't respond to!

Ducky, I don't think they were in Cadillacs yet...I think that's now. Maybe Reagan was more a prophet than we thought.

Lisa, remember when Penn ate shish kebab with Saddam and thought he was such a nice guy?
The tyrants are playing our lefties like fine violins, aren't they.

Z said...

Lisa, by the way, who got Christened? (I miss hearing that word now that so many don't have infant baptisms...)

And your video is amazing at your blog...yes, Chomsky did agree with Palin on one thing, but the rest is SUCH typical Chomsky... a LITTLE bit smoothed around the edges, but not much! :-)

Lisa said...

A really close friend's son who is really like our nephew as is his 2 brothers, his little daughter.
They are the sons of my sister in laws sister. My actual nephew will be Christening his daughter in July. My nephew also has a 2 year old son.
Anyway our "adopted" nephews married a Greek girl and she is beautiful girl,looks like a model.
I wasn't familiar how they do it but it was Greek Orthodox and the baby is 9 months old. They do it when they are older because the baptism,communion and confirmation are all done at once and they give her a tsp of wine too.

It was a little strange how they do it. The parents and the god parents stand at the entrance to the church with the baby and the priest does this long sermon to them before they even walk in. Then the god parents hold the baby near the baptism bath and do yet another long sermon. Then the grandmothers bring her in another room,undress her and wrap her in a blanket and bring her back out,take the blanket off and she's naked and they put her in the bath.
She was so happy and waving to everyone until that and then she screamed the rest of the time and frankly I didn't blame her. I can't imagine any kid doesn't' scream after that. So then they cut 2 pieces of her hair and make it into a cross,then they take back in the room and put on her white gown and hat.
If it was faster maybe not so bad but this kid was in this water for so long for another long sermon screaming the whole time.
So pretty much she screamed for a good 45 minutes. I felt really bad for her. I never saw that before. I am used to Catholic Christenings. She was crying and was she was very upset.
I assumed it would be similar to how we do it.
The Church was very nice alot of artwork, Murals and architecture.

Z said...

Lisa, that sounds a little like the Armenian Orthodox baptism except the child's about six months, I think? Maybe even a little younger?
We don't meet outside the church and there are no long sermons, but they do stand at a font and the baby's in a lovely white dress and usually lacy cap (oftentimes one that was worn by a parent, or even grandparent) and then they take the baby into a side room, take off the clothes, and do dunk it quickly in water! But not the head :-) They do cry, very frequently!
"No pain, no gain!" :-)

the service you saw sounds FAR too long for a little baby to have to go through (or anybody else!)

Greek churches are gorgeous, aren't they. Thanks, it was fun to read!

Always On Watch said...

I nabbed that video for posting after Memorial Day.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

That is what is happening all across the western world, whether it's obama dollars or food stamps. There are now generations of these useless parasites, from parents to children sucking away at the taxpayer, giving nothing back, no shame at all, no desire to change, and never even a thanks for those who wake up every day to get to work.

It's a lesson the western world is going to have to learn, once you the host allow the parasites onto your back, the number never lessens. The only way you can shake them off is if you jump into the lake and take them with you.