Tuesday, May 15, 2012

They're demanding Romney's last 12 years of tax returns?


Anonymous said...

How dare we question...the Guiding Light of the Intellectual, King of the Narrative, the Inspiration of the NYT and WaPo, Scourge of the Tea Party, Eminence of the 99%, Savior of Julia, the coolest of cool, the hippest of all hipsters,the everlasting B. Hussein Obama?

The man with...a "composite" history and "compressed" girlfriends.

Kid said...

Exactly Z.

It's what the current population and the media are allowing to happen.

Why wouldn't Romney present this same case? He won't and we know it. It's because he is worried that by doing so, he won't get enough of the "undecided" [idiots] to vote for him.

So, we sink further into communist control through this type of propaganda, subversion, and thug tactics.

As a country, we deserve it. We're wusses as a group. We're afraid to put someone up for the vote who we are afraid the "idiots" won't be on board with.

So, we get what we deserve. The Bankster candidate, who in the end won't do jack for the country. IF he's even elected somehow.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Certainly the watchdog media will do the job everyone expects them to do and demand some answers and transparency from Obama. The Fourth Estate is an important check and balance against tyranny that is nearly as important as the constitution itself.

A free media assures that the government operates honestly and in the interest of the citizens. The first amendment is a gift to a free media. Surely, the media takes its sacred trust seriously and will discharge it honestly and forthrightly.

I'm sorry, I'm laughing too hard to finish this.

Z said...

L&O!! I read your comment and kept thinking "is he SERIOUS?" :-)
I wish you were, right?
Of course you're laughing...it's not even close to reality; but we had it once and the world admired it. It's gone..POOF!, with the administration of one president :-(

Imp......isn't it incredible?
Ya, and the girlfriend even denies having said what he said he did..what that VANITY FAIR article said she said. unbelievable.

Kid...I'd have thought that even the Leftwingers would be SO SO sad inside that our media's doing the left's bidding, but it doesn't seem to give a damn, frankly. As long as it furthers their subversive goals.

And yes, maybe we do deserve it...I hope Romney gets some backbone and starts REALLY GIVING IT TO THEM...waking up this country to the awfulness of Obama and what we MUST do to save our country.
I heard he made a speech and said
that the "Federal debt ‘threatens what it means to be an American’"


Kid said...

Media - When barry changes his mind from day to day, it's an "evolution". When the repubs do it, it is Flip-Flopping.

It is all "propping up barry" all the time. It happens minute after minute, day after day... year after year. There has been so much of it, you can't even talk about it. People either see it or they don't at this point.

Kid said...

Z, The "Media" is simply the continuing education of our young as they migrate from 'teachers' to 'news anchors' and comedy hosts.

Chuck said...

Romney needs to show some stones - this year's tax return and nothing else until Obama releases college records.

Mustang said...

What you are likely to see is a saturation campaign emanating from the Union of Soviet Obama Socialists. If Romney is wise, he will refuse to play their game.

Mark said...

I see two things Romney can do that would impress me and maybe even seal his victory in November:

1. Tell Obama he will reveal his tax records when Obama reveals all his secrets, and

2. really hammer on Newsweeks claim that Obama is a homosexual. Obama is such a narcissist, he won't be able to take it for long and will lash out against Newsweek, showing America what a jerk he really is.

Z said...

Mark...NEWSWEEK'S claims that Obama's a homosexual?? Did I miss something? I did think it was odd that the guy who wrote the book saying he had had an affair with Obama finally got sued by Obama's people and they lost their suit a few weeks ago..Then VANITY FAIR comes out with the article by Obama's first girlfriend tWHAT a coincidence! :) Of course, later the girl he quotes said "That's not ME" :-)
Man, are their lies upon lies in this White House.

EVERYBODY: I do a post like THIS and I still have libs on my Moderation page asking why we don't want to see Romney's tax returns. Do you GET THAT? Look at my post, and they can still ask THAT? wow...talk about obfuscation and not understanding. sad. Think they'd ever ask Obama for all the things he got sealed??!!

MUSTANG...he absolutely has to IGNORE their nonsense...like whatever their latest hit will be NEVER GOT SAID...just KEEP ON TALKING ABOUT THE ECONOMY, KEEP ON TELLING US WHAT HE'LL DO TO MAKE THINGS BETTER (even I'd like to hear THAT!!)

Chuck, Kid...all of you....
I WISH ROmney'd have the cojones to get on public TV (and saying this would get him on EVERY SINGLE STATION AROUND THE WORLD WITHIN ONE MINUTE) "Mr. Obama, when you show me YOURS, I'll show you MINE" (so to speak)...list all the things on my laundry list on my post...and more things we don't know.

"Mr. Obama...I"m not giving anybody ANYTHING until you tell us why you said you didn't know Ayers, why you said you never heard Jeremiah Wright say anything untoward and then said you did, why you had your birth certificate sealed, why your draft registration stuff got destroyed just as Sheriff Arpaio was looking into it, why you ... and........and .........
THEN, Mr. Obama, I will let you know anything you want to know.. Until then, I'm busy planning how to help America and you're not helping, so MOVE OVER.."


Z said...


Believe it or don't believe it....I suppose they'll be saying Romney's gay any day.

Mark said...

Yes, Z. Check out Newsweek's cover photo with the caption, "America's first gay President".

I'm making fun of him over at my place.

Z said...

Well, Mark...Newsweek isn't actually saying he's GAY....
as you know, it's because he embraced the gay marriage thing (again)...

Kid, by the way...I heard that collage of all the network newsreaders saying Obama'd "EVOLVED"...that was absolutely HILARIOUS! Yes, when he changes his mind a few times, he EVOLVES, when Republicans have a change of opinion, they're flip flopping :-)

Kid said...

Mark, Nice. Exactly.

Kid said...

Z, "Mine and Yours". Yea this is exactly the kind of pastel pussification(sorry can't come up with a better word) of republicans that makes conservatives stay at home on voting day.

Even with all the fraud, I believe this is the main reason McLame lost.

Kid said...

Z, Media. It's so thick you can't cut it with a chain saw.

Which means that there is more wrong with the kids soaking it up than the media laying it down. That's the worry.

Z said...

Kid, that our kids believe our media and don't ask questions is THE NUMBER ONE WORRY...that's our future; we KNOW things are bad NOW for us...but they're swallowing crap as a future, and that doesn't work in a democracy.
Who ever thought our media'd work this hard to prevent the truth from being known? I didn't..

Remember when we got THE NEWS and we had OPINION PAGES? today, EVERYTHING is opinion. And because our media's apparently 90% liberal, it's leftwing opinion.

Funny, living in Europe, I read the Int'l Herald Trib quite a bit...it was owned by the Wash. Post and the NY Times and, while I lived in Paris, it became solely part of the Times....SO leftwing, so anti America.
ANd then the left bemoans their hating us over there..? Are they KIDDING? :-)

Z said...

By the way, Mark might be right, but NEWSWEEK's inference is not that OBAMA IS GAY...not at all.

Do we really think that news wouldn't have been a bit bigger had the article actually said THAT? !!??

Kid said...

Z, We are now Radio Free America.

Z, oBAMa is anything any fringe group needs to believe him to be. LGBT, Black, White, Kenyan, Mexican, Alien. I'd almost bet we'll see a story about him being extraterrestrial before this is over.
Animal, vegetable, mineral.

He is one thing more than anything and that is super-concentrated bullshit.

Kid said...

And obama gay?

Simple marketing. Why did Patrick Swayze make a movie in a dress? Why are there rumors Cher is gay. It is all to get more people casting a vote or buying their record.

And it weakens our society with it's lies. As usual, money is the answer to the why question.

Z said...

Kid, it's for shock value so people will buy, you're right.
SOmetimes, I want to put a subject on my posts to entice readers and I stop; I've had some doozies in my head and usually won't do it.
but, I think "This is why we have such smut in society...it attracts, it sells"

And, of course, the lefties will say "I thought you were capitalists and you think that's the best way to go" and I always say "it's definitely the only way for a healthy society, but it's only the best way to go if the capitalist isn't too greedy"

amen to that.

Always On Watch said...

Synchronicity! I had my post for today queued up several days in advance because of my grueling end-of-year work schedule.

I'll add a link to your post, Z.

Silverfiddle said...

Our "news" media stinks. They are nothing more than the democrat party praetorian guard.

Brooke said...

Romney won't touch the 'Obama/gay" angle, mostly because of the sensitivity regarding his faith and the views on homosexuality it includes. It's absolutely verboten, and he won't want entice the MSM to start calling him a bigot in out of context sound bytes.

As far as the graphic; EXCELLENT!!!

I really wish Romney would stop being the 'nice guy' and show some teeth and claws. I really don't want to see a repeat of the McCain campaign; he gives up everything when he doesn't need to while Obama won't give up a scrap because forcing him to would be racist.

Bob said...

" I'd almost bet we'll see a story about him being extraterrestrial before this is over."

BHO does favor ET quite a bit from his angular face to his antenna ears.

BTW, Romney's income for the last decade is not anybody's business, and he should make that argument.

His big problem is that most people don't understand the beneficial value of a firm like Baine Capital. He has to do a better job explaining that.

A Proud American said...

Wake Up You Stupid Sheep!
Obama and other democrats are sitting on their hands going all over the country fund raising, playing Golf and Basketball and going to Hip-Hop concerts and expensive New York restaurants and spending Millions of our Dollars per day on Air Force One going to campaigns for State Campaigns, and Hollywood parties known as "Fund Raisers" rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. While you and I and Millions of other Americans can't even pay our Mortgages.
If Obama wants to Campaign for himself or for someone else, some of the money he raises should go to pay for his trip! It costs us MILLIONS every day for these trips! That's YOUR MONEY, and that's MY MONEY! So Wake up you stupid, stupid sheep!

Obama ONLY says what the crowd he is talking to at the time wants to hear and then goes to another group and says the exact opposite! He is a Liar you know it and I know it.
OK, now you can go ahead and call me a Racist! Who cares, but for the record, I don't like the Man not his race. I don't like Obama's Politics not his Race!

Z said...

Bob, I think so, too..."it's NONE of anybody's business what I made.." is what he should say.

He's running defense STILL and that's got to stop

Lisa said...

I love Imp's first comment. So well said.
all I can ad is we have to keep up the pressure. So glad we have your blog Z and others where we can share these things with each other and pass them on to deaf ears whether they want to hear it or not,just like we are forced to watch and listen to the 'over-exposed' and 'over-rated' Haloed President

Anonymous said...

Let them demand til the cows come home! I demand to see Obama's REAL birth certificate

Ticker said...

Z said...
"Kid, that our kids believe our media and don't ask questions is THE NUMBER ONE WORRY...that's our future;"

Isn't it strange that our kids believe every word the media puts out and yet question the Bible? Now that's a worry... cause that's our future.

Z said...

Ticker, Amen to THAT.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Wow, all sealed, I guess the Romney camp should be saying - sure, but you first.

Rita said...

Bob. Please don't insult ET!