Saturday, May 5, 2012

Republican: Are you not a member of the Middle Class? :-)

I have leftwinger commenters who remind us that we're approving of killing the Middle Class.....I don't know about you, but I'M middle class.  This is almost as silly as calling Conservatives racist when we'd vote for Alan West tomorrow, or we hate women when half of us ARE women;  so I thought I'd post this excellent information..........enjoy!

The Republicans promoted tax reform on Saturday, while assailing President Obama over the growing federal debt that is heading toward $16 trillion.
"The president punts on almost every tough decision," said Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., in the weekly Republican radio address.
"In fact," Corker said of Obama, "as he appeals to college students, his administration is robbing those same young people of their American inheritance, spending their money on my generation and engaging in nothing short of generational theft."
Corker advocated the Republican tax plan that party leaders say will lower rates for all while eliminating unfair loopholes.
Obama and the Democrats say the Republican will increase the federal debt, cutting taxes mostly for the rich and leading to the erosion of middle-class programs.
The Republican radio address:
"I'm Bob Corker, and I'm proud to represent Tennessee in the United States Senate.
When I was 25 years old, I saved $8,000 and started my own construction company. I worked hard, and my business expanded. Our country's free enterprise system gave me the opportunity to earn success and to live the American Dream.
I became involved in public service to help provide my neighbors with the opportunity to experience the American Dream themselves, and I came to Washington with the same goal.
But I fear our country is moving to a place where politicians have lost sight of the value of earned success.
Politicians are bankrupting our country by passing legislation without paying for it and abandoning the free market principles that give people the opportunity to succeed.
It's disappointing and, I can assure you, highly frustrating to see what happens here in Washington: More spending and debt and kicking tough decisions down the road, robbing -- literally robbing -- the next generation of the opportunity to pursue success and live their own American Dream.
Last Sunday marked three years since the Senate has passed a budget. Three years. Think about that. The federal government, which spends more than $3.5 trillion a year, much of it borrowed from outside the United States, has no guideline for how that money is spent.
The Democratic leader of the Senate said it would be 'foolish for us to do a budget at this stage,' and he's even refused to hold a vote.
When the Democratic chairman of the Senate Budget Committee attempted to hold a markup on a budget, he was stopped at the last minute and pulled a vote from consideration.
And what about our presidential leadership? President Obama's budget failed to receive a single 'yes' vote in either house of Congress last year. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, this year's presidential budget would actually decrease economic growth over the next decade.
This kind of Washington mismanagement has put us in a place where over the last three years our debt has increased by more than $4 trillion.
Failing to accomplish even the most basic responsibility of government is a total failure of leadership and represents everything the American people hate about Washington.
Just last month, the trustees for Medicare and Social Security reiterated that the programs are on a path towards insolvency and in urgent need of reform.
Despite every warning sign imaginable, we have no solutions from this administration or Democratic leadership in the Senate.
The president punts on almost every tough decision. In fact, as he appeals to college students, his administration is robbing those same young people of their American inheritance, spending their money on my generation and engaging in nothing short of generational theft.
Families and state governments are making tough decisions every day in order to make ends meet. And businesses are crying out for clarity on tax rates and regulation. This uncertainty is what's weighing down the recovery and preventing the investment needed to create jobs in Tennessee and throughout the country. Washington's lack of courage to deal with out-of-control spending is only adding to the sense of uncertainty among investors and potential small businesses owners.
At present, our inability to deal with these issues is our greatest enemy. In other words, we are our greatest enemy. But I also believe it can be our greatest opportunity.
We need pro-growth tax reform. This means simplifying the tax code and doing away with most, if not all, of the $1.2 trillion in loopholes and tax expenditures that Congress has created to try to drive your behavior. This would allow us to broaden the tax base and lower rates for everyone.
This kind of tax reform combined with a long-term plan to reduce our debt and strengthen Social Security and Medicare so that they are solvent for the long haul would really cause our economy to just take off.
Growing the private sector, not government, will ensure that we remain the strongest country in the world. Preserving the principles that have made this country great is the struggle of this generation—free enterprise, personal liberty and a society where everyone has the tools and the opportunity to earn success.
Nothing makes people happier than earning success. Our Founding Fathers understood this and considered the 'pursuit of happiness' to be a God-given right. Let's put in place policies that will enable future generations to earn success. It's the American Dream."


Mustang said...

Taxes enable us to have a sophisticated society; we all know that. Our problem is that progressive tax is an affront to “equality.” Why do some people pay 35%, while others pay nothing? Depending on where you live, give the total tax burden of federal, state, county, city, property, sales taxes … some Americans are paying 65%.

The other day, a liberal responded to this question: “How much of a dollar earned should the federal government allow you to keep?” The answer: forty-five cents. Who was that idiot? Bob Beckle.

We have to acknowledge that taxes is but half of our problem. Spending is the other half. As a Christian, I believe that God wants us to reach out to our fellow man … but government is interfering with my quest for salvation by taxing me so much, I can no longer afford to “give” to the charities of my choice. God demands 10% … and the government would like to have it all.

I do not believe God ever intended for people to sit home and wait for their government check, issued to them courtesy of other people who do work, who pay their bills, who send their kids to college. And we have to remember that for every $1.00 we pay in taxes, we have $1.00 less of disposable income to spend on other things. People lose their jobs whenever other people aren’t spending their disposable income. This is not hard to understand —unless you are an idiot, or a progressive … but I repeat myself.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That's what I find so terribly perplexing about the so-called Youth Vote. They're voting FOR the brunt of the debt crisis to be placed squarely upon THEIR shoulders now and in the future, killing their abilities to get ahead.

I don't get it. Is this what you would call IRONY?


Law and Order Teacher said...

This is the message that Romney needs to hammer home. He needs to avoid the name-calling that Obama wants to involve him in. Obama looks petty and the antidote is to be adult with a specific plan and refuse to get off message. Let Obama play college drinking games with his base. Keep on message.

Kid said...

The Dems don't say anything that agrees with reality or that makes any sense towards something that would actually move this country forward. They are stealing us blind, beyond blind, and are trying to tear the country down so it can be rebuilt in some puke city socialist nightmare of less than mediocrity for everyone other than the thugs in control.

Rita said...

BZ: Those kids that are voting for "their" debt don't believe it will ever be anything THEY have to pay. They think everything is free or should be. And no one should have to work for anything.

Most have never figured out that goods and services do not just drop out of the sky and land in their IPhone and Ipad laden hands.

They think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg became billionaires without ever having to have worked a day in their lives, so they are/were not evil capitalist.

They just figure they are getting their stuff for free with their parent's credit cards.

They see no connection to racking up tens of thousands (and sometimes hundreds of thousands) dollars worth of debt in student loans to actually ever having to pay those loans back.

And why should they? They have a President telling them it's not fair for them to pay for their own debts.

In the meantime, they have been told by their educators that people who have done nothing but worked hard all their lives and were not wasteful are greedy and are no longer entitled to the money they earned.

The definition of middle class has been so warped out of it's true meaning, that it doesn't include those of us that have worked hard and saved wisely. We are the enemy they have been told to fight against.

SCdottr2012 said...

Well, I suppose then what you have is governments that want to be God to us.
And that is a big problem.

FairWitness said...

"as he appeals to college students, his administration is robbing those same young people of their American inheritance, spending their money on my generation and engaging in nothing short of generational theft."

College students who vote to reelect President Obama have NEVER had to pay for anything themselves, NEVER worked for the money they have available to spend. They either have student loans or their parents' money. They have yet to actually experience what it takes to go to work every day, pay ones bills and their taxes, plus have anything left over for living.

They don't get it. But they're going to, very soon. Society is going to expect them to get off their butts and start working and paying not just their own way, but everyone else's too. And then they'll be furious that they work for nothing. It won't be long and reality will set in.

I'd say 2012 graduates who have to move home with their parents, instead of taking new jobs, finding an apartment, etc. - starting their lives, are in for a very rude awakening. Just in time to change course in November at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

America is on a colision course with reality. Those that know better will pay the same price as those that took us there.

beamish said...

Define "conservative."

If it means join the far left Tea Party "movement" and rally behind Mitt Romney, I'm not a "conservative."

Z said...

I know, Beamish! Let's just vote for NOBODY or OBAMA and watch the country go downhill with NO EFFORT from us! Great idea!!

beamish said...

On the contrary, Z, we almost have it as gospel truth that Obama's 2nd term will destroy this America that thinks Romney is a conservative.

I find it hard to curb my enthusiasm for Obama under that condition.

beamish said...

..see, my work went into conservative efforts, which didn't leave time for Tea Party activism.

beamish said...

Down hill or over a cliff I will not be supporting the far left Tea Party "movement" candidate Mitt Romney.

Do Tea Party talking points come with a coloring book?

beamish said...

I hope Comrade Michelle Bachmann's efforts to "lead the fight to unite the Republican Party behind Romney" are as successful as her efforts to "lead the fight" against Obomneycare.

Z said...

beamish, please don't support them. that's fine, and please take your crusade to your blog. thanks!

CnC said...

haha Rita, I see what you were talking about on the phone a few minutes ago, i read the multi-personality meth fueled comments on this post and the WPA post. thats what happens when you mix meth and Prozac together. Great posts Z I love your blog. Your patience is amazing!

Liberalmann said...
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Z said...

CnC,'s wearing thin; but getting kind of fun deleting the bigger 'nuts' :-)

Rita said...

Z has a lot more patience than I could have. Which may be why I don't often blog about politics. I love a good debate with intelligent people but when they turn it into personal attacks I'm done debating idiots. I still read JoJoe's blog but I don't know how he can stand the liberal nutcases there. Z and Joe have the patience of saints.

Z said...

I very rarely comment anymore at Joe's (a blog I LOVED) because I don't want them 'following me home' way. I feel so sorry for Joe.

Liberalmann said...
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