Monday, May 7, 2012

Republicans: is it over?

From THIS blog, comes an article listing reasons for why America won't have another Republican president again, all things I've thought of in the past,  so I wanted to post it. 

Since I got this post ready, I got an email of rebuttals to the points so I'm including them in blue: Here's the piece:

Is it possible that George W. Bush could be the last Republican president ever, or at least for the foreseeable future?
Am I crazy to even formulate that question?
Maybe not and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Rapidly changing demographic trends that favor the Democrat Party.
Other trends, such as Mormon church growing 50% in 10 years show other signs that things are not so bleak. People who have children tend to believe in a future that will be better than the past. That is fundamentally a conservative value. The future belongs to those who show up and those having babies are those who are going to be showing up.

2. An education system controlled by liberals that churns out young liberals.
As a father of two high school age kids, I can tell you that the kids today have absolutely nothing but contempt for the system that has stolen their future. You have nothing to worry about here. Nothing makes a conservative faster than the experience of living in liberalism and the school system today is churning out thousands of kids who absolutely hate the liberal system. As a person who came into the political world in 1979, I can tell you that nothing made me a conservative more than the example of executive leadership provided by Jimmy Carter and I never thought I would say this, but I finally have seen someone in Executive Power that’s far worse at his job than even Jimmy Cater. Jimmy Carter was a paragon of competency by comparison to the current President.

3. A population with an ever increasing dependence on government in the form of entitlements and subsidies.
All of which are inadequate and require the user of such programs to be degraded and fed into systems that make a day at the DMV seem like fun. Again, if you want to see people who hate the government, go visit the post office or the DMV or the IRS.

4. A mainstream media that is overwhelmingly comprised of journalists who subtly and not so subtly spin the news in support of Democrats and liberal causes.
And they have never looked more ridiculous and without merit as a result. What used to be a respected calling now looks like World Wide Wrestling without the makeup. This would be a problem if the average person wasn’t already self selecting their own news in a way that was impossible even 10 years ago. rating up in liberal media land? or lower? More evidence? The Zimmerman case. The days of “journalism”, he would never have stood a chance. They would have had him convicted and thrown under the jail.

5. The influence of Hollywood, which makes it cool to be a liberal Democrat.
If this was true, Smoking would be increasing every year since every movie uses cigarettes as a character prop. And I would also submit the case that Hollywood tried like crazy to make anti-war movies that make money and yet, fails every time.

6. The growing power concentrated in local, state, and federal government worker unions, whose members actively campaign against Republicans on the taxpayer dime.  (See WI Governor Walker’s upcoming recall election for an active example of this.)
A recall election that his opposition is not even campaigning against his rebuke of Public Sector unions since its so obviously working to improve the State. And watch Scott Walker win that election too. I also reject the idea that Public Sector Unions are growing. Public Sector Unions are fighting for their lives in 40 of 50 states. The battle isnt over, but its going our way if for no other reason than the simple tyranny of budgetary math. Today people do not look at “Government” as their friend and helper as they did in the 1930′s. Now they look at Government as the enemy and the thing that is getting in their way.

7. A culture where non-traditional social and sexual behavior has become mainstream.
uhhhh. I dont know what you mean here. What does sex or sexuality have to do with the republican party and conservatism, except that we dont think that its any of your business one way or another. Move along…

8. A hatred for Republicans in general and a tendency to blame the party for “the mess we’ve inherited.”
I know! In 1984 that’s all I heard! “EVERYONE HATES REAGAN”!!!. I think he won 49 of 50 states that year. Everyone hates the Yankees too but that’s because they win most of the time. Look at it this way, everyone loves a loser. And by the way, keep repeating this meme “The Tea Party is all washed up” because that’s the same sort of message. Senator Lugar and a few others might have something to say in that regard.

9. A Republican Party that is growing increasingly white, old, southern, and male, while alienating majorities of younger voters, Hispanics, African Americans, gays, teachers, young professionals, atheists, unmarried women, and even suburban married women. (Z:  'alienating' through encouraging wholesome values, honesty, self-sufficiency, etc., of course)
Its also increasingly made up of ex military and technical business folk. Why? Because people tend to get more conservative the older they get( the school of experience has new graduates every day). Take a look around, the population is getting older and that means that things are getting better, not worse for the Republicans. Proof? Look at what the Tea Party has been able to do in 2010. You think that was a Democrat group? If your theory were right, that would never have happened and the youth sponsored OWS movement would really mean something. Frankly, I cant think of any other thing in recent memory that has caused more people to come over to the Republican side than the whole OWS movement.

10. The internet and the growing social media phenomenon that strongly tilts in favor of Democrats.
Together, all of the above reasons are reflected in the latest Obama vs. Romney Real Clear Politics Electoral College map.......
The internet is also a force that proven repeatedly to vex the statist desires of the left. We have proved repeatedly we can give as good as we get. Shall we go back over the long history of things that we on the right have dismantled and turned against the left with the internet? AP Photoshopping in Lebanon? Dan Rather and George Bush? Van Jones? And this latest gift from internet Gods, the “Julia” campaign which is so hokey that everyone on both sides is laughing at it. If there was ever a media that allowed a firehose of mockery to be turned on the left, its the internet.

Upon examining this lopsided electoral matchup, one could conclude that Romney is not the strongest candidate the Republicans could nominate to go up against Obama.  Sure, you could say that, but you would be wrong.
The truth is that Romney, at this time, is actually the best candidate the Republicans could have to spearhead the ticket. The reasoning is that since Romney is perceived as “more moderate,” he has a better chance of converting independent voters in those nine toss-up states with 115 electoral votes than any of his former GOP rivals. (Do you seriously think Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, or Perry would be doing any better?)
Romney’s problem with the electoral map is NOT Mitt Romney. But the attitude and composition of the voting electorate is trending away from what the Republicans, as a brand, have traditionally stood for — less government, traditional values, taking charge of your own destiny, strong defense, God, family, and apple pie.
Does anyone seriously have a plan to turn around current social and cultural trends?  Think about the 10 reasons at the beginning of this piece and it becomes clear that the Democrat voting mold is cast.
This pains me to write, but let’s just say the statistical chances of Romney winning 100 out of those 115 electoral votes prove to be too much and President Obama is re-elected.
What happens to Republicans as they try again for the White House in 2016?  Here is a preview.
Base conservatives who were against Romney and wanted a “true conservative” at the top of the ticket in 2012 will blame Romney for the loss and the cycle of finding a “Reagan conservative” leader will begin again just like it did after McCain’s loss to Obama in 2008.
Meanwhile, traditional Republican states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Arizona have become fierce battlegrounds, joining the usual battlegrounds of Ohio and Florida. Thus, the path to 270 for ANY present and future Republican presidential nominee becomes narrower and narrower while the Democrats have an increasing number of options.
Looking back, based on how much the demographic composition of the nation had changed, there are studies (by Democrat think tanks) that conclude John Kerry in 2004 and even Michael Dukakis in 1988 would have won the White House if they faced the same electorate then that President Obama is facing this November.  The Democrats know that today’s demographics are their destiny.
I wish I had better news to report, but based on the 10 reasons cited above I conclude that President George W. Bush and President Millard Fillmore might just have something in common.
Fillmore in 1850 was the last Whig Party president, and Bush re-elected in 2004 might be the last Republican Party president.
For the sake of this nation’s future, I hope I am wrong. However, when I look at all the young Democrat voters in my own family, I shake my head.The thought of any of them voting for a Republican president this time or anytime in the future is as unlikely as any one of them quitting Facebook.
It’s the culture, stupid.

Think this is wrong? I hope so....tell us why.   And, do you think the rebuttal in blue is right?   Please say "Yes", it'll cheer me up!

And I'd love to give credit to whoever wrote the depressing and optimistic parts, but THIS is the best I can do.  (thanks, Imp, for sending me the info)


Anonymous said...

We have just seen TWO countries go down under the fist of Socialism.
Or should I say, the evils of socialism!
The worst part about that is that we aren't far behind them. And this is exactly what Obama wants that for America. Those idiots who worship Obama and his entitlement programs, care more about their Free stuff than they do about the Freedoms of their nation. I always know that the French were idiots, but now we see that American Liberals are as well.

sue hanes said...

Z - Great post. I was beginning to think you wrote it.

But all this is not true. There will be a Republican that will rise up and be the candidate that will suit you.

It's early yet - and time for someone to step up - are maybe in 2016.

And remember until that day:

Bloggers Rule.


Brooke said...

The rebuttal points are preaching to the choir.

As for #4, just this morning I saw a news story telling us how great it was that gas has gone down seven cents. Well, it shot up thirty cents last week! Did we hear a peep from the empty suits on that one?

Subtle spin, and it's going to get more blatant the closer we get to November.

Liberalmann said...
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Silverfiddle said...

Great rebuttals. The one giant fact everyone ignores is that the democrat party will eventually run out of other people's money.

FairWitness said...

Good morning, Z.

Okay, let's agree that Democrats and their BFFs in the MSM have succeeded in demonizing Republicans and our party. Republicans are unpopular, I admit that.

Here are 5 reasons WHY it doesn't matter:

1. Gas prices are so high that hundreds of millions of Americans have had to alter their lifestyles to afford fuel - AND THEY KNOW IT'S THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION/DEMOCRAT PARTY RADICAL AGENDA AT FAULT.

2. Unemployment is an ongoing crisis. Millions of Americans can't find a job. Tens of millions more are scared of losing their jobs. 60% of massively-indebted college graduates do not have a job waiting for them as they graduate this month & are left with no alternative but to move back in with their parents. -AND THEY KNOW IT'S THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION/DEMOCRAT PARTY RADICAL AGENDA AT FAULT.

3. Suffocating government regulation is interfering with everyone and their ability to transact business - from buying a house, to acquiring a drivers license, to registering a car, to obtaining insurance coverage, etc. It's become very difficult to get things done, personally & professionally - AND THEY KNOW IT'S THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION/DEMOCRAT PARTY RADICAL AGENDA AT FAULT.

4. MASSIVE EXPLOSION OF DEBT is terrifying hundreds of millions of Americans who love this country and want it to continue as the leader of the world. Hundreds of millions of parents and grandparents (and their kids and grandkids) are outraged over government spending. They object to & reject generational theft! AND THEY KNOW IT'S THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION/DEMOCRAT PARTY RADICAL AGENDA AT FAULT.

5. ObamaCare and the loss of freedom hundreds of millions of Americans experienced as Congress passed and the President signed into law, a bill that 80% of Americans did not want & told them not to do. Hundreds of millions of Americans resent the hell out of the dictatorship the government has become. They are fed up with government's abuse of power (on loan to them by We, the People of the United States of America) and want to take that power back. AND THEY KNOW IT'S THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION/DEMOCRAT PARTY RADICAL AGENDA AT FAULT.

So, in conclusion, Republicans aren't liked very much - but Democrats and this radical agenda are despised. Even most of those relying on government handouts would rather have a strong economy and a job - freedom and hard work are ingrained in us. Americans who would rather rely on the government are in the minority.

Republicans are going to win in November, not because we've proved our way is better, but because the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party have taken us in the wrong direction. We're going to win because we don't want the life Democrats are trying to impose on us and we have the power to stop them.

Stop them, we will!

Lee's Page said...

After reading what Liberalmann said...
Do we need any more proof that liberals are Imbeciles? I think not.

Excellent post Z..

Ducky's here said...

Everyone hates the Yankees too but that’s because they win most of the time.


Are you kidding?

The Spankees have one championship this century, the Red Sox have two.

Of course they are both in big trouble now because they neglected their starting staffs and spent like republicans in an equity bubble without understanding value.

Ducky's here said...
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Jarhead said...

Schmucky said
"The Spankees have one championship this century, the Red Sox have two."

Hows it feel sitting in LAST place these days and knowing that it's not going to get much better!
The Red Sux Suck, and I Love It!

Jarhead said...

And by the way Schmuckys Here.

The Yankees have won two World Series titles this century, they won in 2000 and 2009 .

Jarhead said...

How's Julie doing these days?

And all this time I thought that Joe Biden was the biggest idiot in Washington.

Obama "sugar daddy" is even creepier than i thought.

What kind of *bleeps* did you idiots on the left elect?

Z said...

SF, I simply don't understand how the Democrats can't grasp that fact.

Z said...

Sue, We have a Republican candidate and 2016 will be FAR too late as Obama will have been able to have done even more damage in his war to divide and conquer.

FairWitness said...

BTW, Ducky, Your ignorance is showing again.

The NY Yankees have won a total of 27 World Series and 40 American League pennants in the entire history of MLB, TWO of those World Series championships were in this century. The NY Yankees are, by far, the "winningest" team.

But you know all that, don't you? You are trying to change the subject with obvious lies, trying to gin up derision about NOTHING.

The radical left agenda is coming to an end, Ducky. You can't stop it!

Ducky's here said...

Just what does the Republican Party represent in contemporary America?

That's the question, isn't it?

Other than dog whistles like fail values small government (except the military) and privatization what is the platform.

Do Republicans represent a comprehensive view or are they just a bunch of wimps whining that they want a nanny state to lower the price of gas?

Ducky's here said...

z, I'm curious why you deleted my film post. No ad hominems, no vulgarity and it pretty much destroyed your contention that antiwar films never make money.

Lisa said...

We can even look at the 2010 sweep for an even bigger glimpse into this year's election.
That was a great post Z.
I can't believe that anyone is happy with the current situation. Obama tries to convince them they have a future with him by dredging up up the past,minus the last 3 years of course.

Pris said...

For as long as I can remember, what did people hate most? Taxes! The liberal agenda of giving "stuff" to people requires higher and higher taxes, and the old song about taxing the wealthy is a ruse.

Talk about trickle down? Yes, taxes do just that, and in the long run, people who aren't required to pay income taxes now, will have to be included if a leftist govt. is in charge.

Obama has as much as said that our money is the government's money, and what we do with it, will be up to the politicians.

So, while people think they're getting free stuff, they're not. Sooner or later, that "stuff" too, will be taken away.

Also, every kind of tax which exists, will go up as it is at this very moment.

Why do you think that people are leaving California in droves? Because they've had it! The latest boondoggle being planned, is a bullet train which will cost billions. Yep, our Governor "Moonbeam" is all for it. Never mind that we're in the tank! so who's going to pay for it?

Well, taxes will be raised, that's for sure. Like I said, the people hate taxes, always have, and always will.

It doesn't matter what color you are, most people want to make something of themselves, to aspire to success, and a higher standard of living. If we aren't free to do that, resentment will set in.

Btw, both parties have lost people to the independents. This election is a toss up right now, and Obama is not a winning certainty by any means.

Hang in there folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Ducky's here said...

Well Lisa, riddle me this.

Europe is running quickly from the right. Germany isn't going to manage too long on it's own.

Not a single European bond market is showing any confidence in austerity so why would you assume it's going to be any different here?

Romney or Obama is irrelevant. Both support an economy that shifts more cost onto the middle class and poor and slows growth just as it has in Europe so why do't you expect the same backlash here?

Lisa said...

So Ducky why is it they come to this capitalist nation for bailout?
The reason they are in their current situations is due to unfunded liabilities. So open up your wallet Mr 3 million dollar man because Uncle Sam wants "You"

And it wasn't a landslide either.

I don't assume anything but it would be nice to see a government who actually is serious about things like doing a budget for starters.

Always On Watch said...

The recent ousting of Sarkozy in France may have more to do with rejecting an incumbent than anything else.

When voters see that the chief executive in power is presiding over economic disaster, voters reject the incumbent.

Now, are American voters able to see past the sycophantic mainstream media, who promote Obama at every turn. Hell, the morning news anchor here -- a woman -- gets a softness in her voice every time that says Obama's name. Never heard that from the same anchor when GWB was in office -- that's for sure.

In my view, we shouldn't discredit the impact of gasoline prices on the voting booth in November. Maybe there are some stats somewhere showing election results when energy costs take such a spike?

A population with an ever increasing dependence on government in the form of entitlements and subsidies.

That is true. However, there is also a substantial portion of the population who, even though receiving Social Security and/or Medicare, are fed up with the food stamps spike. And it's not just older members of our population feeling that way, either.

Anonymous said...

"The recent ousting of Sarkozy in France may have more to do with rejecting an incumbent than anything else..."

I think it was because the French wanted to continue with the cradle to grave perks and social programs that Sarkozy was cutting?

So they voted in a French Obama to make sure the gimmes continue. They followed our last election and moved backwards. Just like us....isn't that grand?

Right Truth said...

With the candidates the RNC has been forcing down our throats (McCain, Romney), I'm not sure I want a Republican president any more (or a Democrat) What I want is a true Conservative. Will we ever have than again? I doubt it. But I hope I'm wrong
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

I would like to think the rebutals will see us to victory in November. Lining outside the country makes it difficult for me to feel the American pulse. However, It was easy for me to see in 2010 that we would have a great election. I am not sensing that now. If we look at the Real Clear Politics electoral map, Obama has 253 in the bag and Romney only has 170 in the bag. Obma can spend a lot of money in just four or five states, which if he wins them, he wins reelection. The Republicans have to win 100 of the 115 swing electoral votes available. If the Republicans lose this battle, it may be a long time before they win again.

viburnum said...


Did you actually read the document you're complaining about?

I hope they're memorizing it, cause it sounds like a plan to me!!! Pay special attention to the polling data which mostly demonstrates it's the lefts ideas that are "outdated, narrow and cynical"

Ed Bonderenka said...

"With the candidates the RNC has been forcing down our throats (McCain, Romney),"
This kind of talk makes me wonder how the Republican Establishment defrauded all those people who voted in the primaries.

Z said...

Ducky, be as curious as you like! By the way, I contended nothing about anti-war movies...please show me where I did.
And I didn't mind the movie talk at all; YOU STILL DON'T GET I WON'T TAKE INSULTS HERE? Tell me, what will it take? Thanks.

Actually, if one watches those great old black/white films from the forties and liked them in the past, one will see that most are difficult to watch today because of the anti-war messages...they were very subtle and very beguiling and seductive, I have to say. So naive, so sugar-coated.
pretty effective, too., Imp is right; I studied it closely; they say they want "changement" and they do...but it's about their GOODIES. Believe me.
Also, the elections that have gone Left have been very close, and there are countries turning to the Right. Of course, when they do, the media suggests they're all neo NAZIs, so that lie's not easy to get past...

PRIS, I heard yesterday that Romney's ahead in Independents by 10 points, I think.
But, we can't put too much weight in polls you say, there's a lot of time left, A LOT of time.

Sam Huntington said...

Judging by the number of conservative-minded persons who comment at this blog, the proposition seems preposterous. This is a concern, however. Two-hundred years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville told us, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” Today, we are far beyond that point.

I think most conservatives are angry about the behavior of elected officials and the federal bureaucracy. Most are fed-up with the communist scum who seek to destroy America. Have we seen our last conservative president? I don’t think so … unless there are mindless people who would rather have a communist in the White House than a less than perfect candidate for the presidency.

Bob said...

It ain't over 'til it's over!

Lots of things can happen between now and election day. Nothing can happen to clean up Obama's record on the economy, foreign relations, defense, or any of the other failures of his administration.

He will always have his racist base, but that's all.

Anonymous said...

Well QUACKY, riddle me this.

How come all Boston Red Sux fans are the most annoying, immature, and disrespectful fans in all of Baseball, only their just to dumb to realize it ...

Z said...



Z said...

Sam! you say "I don’t think so … unless there are mindless people who would rather have a communist in the White House than a less than perfect candidate for the presidency."

We have supposed conservatives who would rather have a communist than a less than perfect candidate, so I'm not sure you're right about the future, but I HOPE SO! doubt about the racist base, but I believe a LOT of good Black AMericans will change their minds against Obama and I think his pollsters know that or they wouldn't be pushing so hard to divide and conquer.

beamish said...


Still no conclusive evidence that Romney is to the right of Obama on any issue.

Law and Order Teacher said...

That's an interesting take on the election. I don't however, agree with most of it. The writer seems to have fallen for the MSM line basically hook, line and sinker. Most of the points are really hard to prove with any type of accuracy.

I would like the writer to answer the question, How do you prove feelings? Mainly these are a litany of unproven statements and feelings that are unprovable. There are polls saying a lot of things, but really I watch pundits spin them in their own direction. I heard a likeability stat today.

So let me get this straight, Do people only vote for people they like? Or do they judge people on competency? Nixon was elected twice for God's sake. Didn't we already try the like thing once?

I think Romney needs to set forth a plan for the economy, Lord knows Obama the Dems haven't. Once it's out there hammer it constantly and don't get in a food fight with Obama. He's doing a good enough job of looking desperate and immature already. Don't help him. I think people are ready for an adult president.

Kid said...

Sorry Z, I wouldn't bet 5 bucks either way. We'll see in November.

Kid said...

Sam Huntington - I thought people might have been force fed enough obama to stand up and vote conservative. Vote for someone who would bring real change. Those persons were and are, Michele Bachman and Ron Paul.

I'm not optimistic.

Z said...

Law and Order "I think Romney needs to set forth a plan for the economy, Lord knows Obama the Dems haven't. Once it's out there hammer it constantly and don't get in a food fight with Obama. He's doing a good enough job of looking desperate and immature already. Don't help him. I think people are ready for an adult president"

I think so, too. ANYTHING will be better. But, you have FAR more confidence in AMericans than I do, I guess. they like Obama and they want their goodies. pure and simple..the left's promised goodies and Americans have changed from self-sufficient, strong, people of integrity and hard work to..GOODIE WANTERS :-)

Kid, this is bigger than November, I think....I honestly don't think there will EVER be another Republican president because we have gone too far in allowing leftist voter fraud, leftist indoctrination in our schools, a media that's TOTALLY dishonest now...movies, name it.
And they've done a splendid job of maligning ANYBODY who suggests we GROW UP and STUDY HARD and WORK HARD.... why do THAT? Success is now punished.

Kid said...

Hard to argue with you Z.

Nothing goes straight down though. My best assessment is that we'll have bumps along the way, which means there will be the occasional repub president but no president or administration that will do anything meaningful. Death by 1000 cuts.

Until the majority feel the pain of what 'equality' really means, that there aren't any 80k per year jobs for bozo losers,etc. Then people will see the light, but like Canadia, it will be too late. All the systems like healthcare will be fouled beyond repair and government control will be out of control. It is now, but it will be a lot worse.

The libtards will be busy batting around the dust bunnies while the houses fall down around them as usual. The results will be blamed on the conservatives and they'll of course buy into it hook, line,sinker, and loser.

You shouldn't motivate me to be honest. It's depressing. ;-]

Z said...

Kid, NEVER AGAIN! I promise I won't do that :-)
But,....I think you're absolutely a prophet, sadly.

Kid said...

Z, ;-]

Well, people partied in England while the buzz bombs dropped, and the Luftwaffe executed their bombing raids.

Worst case, we'll have to learn to do that. And fight back on all fronts. Always fight back.

Muslims, Communists, Libtards and Killer Clowns Oh My.

Anonymous said...

"Nixon was elected twice for God's sake.."

Try...just look back if you can overcome your distaste for a guy who did lots for America...beyond Watergate...which was far less insidious than Clintons BJ and sexual assault of a minor in the Oral Office...or his admitting that he screwed Jennifer Flowers for 12 years in his marriage to the grand dyke. ( BTW..this red neck whore was elected twice too over a man with some integrity )

See...these are the choices we have to make now for the CIC?

A philanderer, whoring red neck dick head...or a fraud?

Louis H. said...

Keep your eye on the prize. Watch as Obama loses the election, and then he and a lame-duck Senate obligate the United States to a global socialist agenda by agreeing to treaties that invalidate the United States Constitution.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Beamish said "Still no conclusive evidence that Romney is to the right of Obama on any issue."
I imagine the only "conclusive" evidence would be possible after he was elected.
Until then we can know that Obama will be Obama. Romney might be better.

Lisa said...

Ducky the Bond markets weren't reacting to austerity ,they were reacting to the fact that it looks like France has no intentions of paying down their crushing debt but adding more to it.

KP said...

Ducky, I think the NY Yankees won the Wolrd Series in 2000 and 2009.

If you leave out the expression "this century" as in since 2000, it is accurate to say that in the last century the Yankees have 27 World Championship teams and 40 American League pennant winners.

That is a lot of winning!

KP said...

I respect the Yankees but I love the Dodgers and would even pull for the hated Giants over the Yankees! Lakers vs Celtics? No brainer, Lakers.

Z said...

Lakers vs Celtics? No brainer, Lakers.

KP, THAT's for SURE!

Mustang said...

There are checks and balances in our system of government, Louis. The Constitution allows the president to negotiate treaties, but it also requires a 2/3 majority of the senate to approve these treaties. Even if we suppose that a lame duck Senate might approve an intolerable treaty, Congress has the power to modify or repeal treaties —true even if doing so “violates” the treaty. Moreover, an international law that violates the U. S. Constitution is automatically void.

Z said...

Mustang, all of that will be a moot point if Obama signs some treaty I heard about this morning where the UN will call the shots and our country could be in legal trouble for being an "aggressor" in war :-)

You can't make this stuff up.
The terms of the agreement I heard about are so heinous I've just blocked the rest out of my mind.

By by, Miss American Pie.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The republican party may no longer exist in the form it currently is in now. But I don't fear for Conservatism, if Americans reject Conservatism, i promise you democrats will embrace it or you'll turn out to be a worthless banana republic full of peasants.

Conservatism is the only way out, there is no other choice if you want to survive.