Friday, May 4, 2012

Your grandfather........

HAVE YOU?  What do you think your World War II grandfather'd say about what's going on with redistribution and the war on capitalism?  What would be his thoughts on telling an enemy when you're leaving, or prohibiting soldiers to pass gas because their enemies are offended? See link HERE....I only post that horrible little information because it says so much more than just the story, doesn't it.  Capitulating, appeasing, apologizing..........what would the soldier in your family have said? 



Always On Watch said...

prohibiting soldiers to pass gas because their enemies are offended?

If this nonsense were included in the plot of a novel, the author would be condemned for writing something so implausible.

Yet, this nonsense really IS happening!

Lee's Page said...

Thank you, you are preaching to the choir.

Sam Huntington said...

Just when you think this government cannot possibly be more asinine, we learn about something like this. Still, the Obama/Panetta plan may be working … who in their right mind would want to serve their country with these buffoons in charge?

Silverfiddle said...

BS like this has contributed to my anti-war stance.

We are not serious about winning. We should have shot all looters on sight when we invaded Baghdad. We should be publicly hanging those Afghanis who prey on others.

Our combatants have taken their tactical skills to levels never before seen, but our strategy and politics is killing us.

As a nation, we don't know how to fight anymore, so why waste the time, money and most of all, American lives?

Lee's Page said...

"I never met a Veteran who fought for Socialism"

And you never will, at least not an American Veteran!

FairWitness said...

Ridiculous. Why do we care about what offends Afghanis? Their precious culture is offensive and barbaric, especially to Americans. If that's all Afghanis can come up with, I'd say they're manufacturing things to bitch about. Who's in charge of the military, who writes these regulations, anyway? This is no way to fight and win a war.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, my father. He was in the water twice in the South Pacific.

You are an ignorant soul, z. Just ignorant.

There were no leftists on Omaha Beach? Bore me later.

Ducky's here said...

Silverfiddle, shame on you.

You know as well as I do that this insanity of claiming we are building democratic institutions in a nation that has never known them in recorded history is the pure stinky cheese.

Now we are going to be there only for training. Training in what? They have a tactical capability we can't match and you know it.

Falling in with the crew that thinks we are fighting for our freedom or fighting for democracy doesn't make sense. You seem to know the truth.

FairWitness said...

Ducky, you're a LIAR. There's NO WAY your father fought in the South Pacific and went in the water twice. You can say anything, it doesn't make it so.

However, it does royally piss off those of us whose husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles actually did serve and die in combat. How dare you use their ultimate sacrifices so cynically. You are a disgusting viper.

And to answer your asinine question, there were leftists on Omaha Beach -- they were shooting at US, you jackass! They were and remain the ENEMY!

Talk about IGNORANT - you don't have an effing clue!

FairWitness said...

@ Ducky, you say "They have a tactical capability we can't match and you know it."

Right there, you show how ignorant you are of our military's strength and capabilities. They could impose order and take control of that god-forsaken place in short order - the politicians won't allow them to do it. What a dunce!

Z said...

AOW...yes, it IS happening, and more and more is happening like this every DAY until it's getting way too hard to take.
Our grandfathers didn't fight for ANY of this, did they.

Lee, that preaching to the choir is the only downside to blogging, isn't it. And the Left can't think things through or even TRY to understand other points of view, so this is getting frustrating, too.

Sam...Soldiers are giving larger donations now than they did to Ron Paul. Obviously, that's less about Obama and more about his FINALLY getting them OUT OF THERE.

Silverfiddle: we don't know how to fight anymore is right; and our world enemies are seeing that.

FW, good point. They can't take flatulance (ever eaten their bean-centered meals in that region?!) but they can cut heads off, mutilate girls ..etc.

Ducky: An "ignorant soul" knows that not all leftists are socialists. Especially not then.
And, please, stop the insults...they're silly and impolite.

"technical capability we can't match!?" Now THAT is REAL "Stinky cheese" :-)
They're in a terrain we should have known we can't fight in. And their 'technical capability' stems from our inability to do exactly what Silverfiddle suggested in his comment. Grow up, Ducky.

Anonymous said...

"They're in a terrain we should have known we can't fight in..."

As a matter of record...neither could the Soviets. And they had no such asinine ROE's to restrain them either. They were barbaric fighters. was our SAMS that we covertly supplied that did them in after...10 years...just like us. We should have taken notice.

Scottcarp Dreamer said...

Only my sister the "Barking Moonbat" (ex-Air Force) who works at the DHS supports Socialist Obama. My uncle...three tours in Nam...Medal recipient and my dad (Korea) and step-dad (Korea and WW II) would be outraged at the "Corporate Generals" we have in charge today; and the total submission by this "paper tiger in charge.

Brooke said...

Crafting ROE to suit your enemy is admitting defeat from the get-go. Our grandfathers would've had some very choice words for such policy!

Pris said...

Z, this is an interesting post, even though all I can think is, how unreal it is.

My conclusion is, the inmates are running the asylum!

No soldier in his right mind, would have bought into this. Fortunately, men from the greatest generation were real, and no nonsense people.

Even my uncle who fought in WWII, and whose father was a socialist, would have laughed himself silly if given an order not to "break wind"! None of them would have taken it seriously.

But of course nowadays no doubt the idiots who are running things, think in terms of political correctness, and we can't forget the carbon footprint left in Afghanistan from American gas!

Yep, our leaders today are definitely inmates who have escaped their rubber rooms!!!

Leticia said...

My grandfather was a WWII vet and he would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what was happening. He received two purple hearts. My dad saw many of his friends die.

So this crap could be happening. It's disgusting.

Maggie's Place said...

The ONLY SEAL'S that are going to support Obama, will be found in the aquarium!

Right Truth said...

Our current military is serving UNDER a Socialist, whether they want to or not. But they are not fighting for him, they are fighting for the country. At least they are trying to.

If they could simply do what the military is supposed to do instead of spending every minute being afraid of "offending" the enemy, we would be much better off.

Obama must go. All of his like-minded administration must go.

Right Truth

Z said...

Scottcarp....I went to your blog and see you link to terrific articles but the comments go to the site from which you linked (like Breitbart, etc.)
Am I missing where I can comment to YOU on them?
Anyway, I have to also say I HAD THAT ADORABLE CAT you have on your masthead! My Musetta looked SO much like that it hurt to look at that little face! Is that your kitty?

The news about WV's Dem governor not supporting Obama for those reasons is SO AMERICAN! My gosh, some Dem politicians DO understand American values! HURRAH for him!! And for WV!!

PRIS: Imagine? Very coincidentally, I heard a bunch of the high schoolers today laughing themselves sick about 'flatulence' know how kids are; they were all sitting in the lobby during their Advisory I went over and told them about what our government's told our soldiers and one had to leave the area because she was laughing SO hard (probably she let a little flatulence herself and had to go :-)??
It's UNBELIEVABLE how we're so afraid of everyone now...what happened to the GREAT AMERICA??


Right Truth, it hurts your heart to think how we're losing in stature and respect because of this president. Terrorists are the ones calling the shots now; anyone who doesn't see that is sleeping.

Did you hear that he signed that agreement in Afghanistan 2 days ago and it includes how we are now not allowed to ever launch any campaigns at Pakistan from Afgh.?? Yup, they're telling US now............unbelievable. Our boys and girls have DIED THERE for them and this is the reaction.

We MUST stop having presidents who think they'll like us more if we show we're weak. It's the first rule when facing ARABS...never let them see defeat. But NOT US!, we have to bend over backwards and they hate us even more.

Kid said...

"I never met a veteran who fought for socialism"


Right Wing Theocrat said...

The soldiers of past and the those like them would turn in their graves seeing what they fought and died for essentially being pissed all over.

Z said...

Kid, isn't it?

Beamish..had to delete you; you have a blog, please carry on calling Republicans Communists there, okay? thanks.

RWT...isn't that the truth.

Kid said...

Z, Bravo, (see my last post)
Let these mentally deranged / developmentally stunted people wallow in their own fever swamps.

I'm done with polite. I've had it with the mental diseased and children running this country. It's time for some parental control.

Shun them. It's the best medicine. They only grow stronger with attention just like any bratish child.

Don't feed the monkeys folks is my respectful request to you. I've been doing this a long time.

Rita said...

Until Dicky has had to pick up a weapon and stand at post, his entitled, privileged, sad, pathetic, ungrateful little life and insults should be ignored.

Go stand in front of my husband and say your ignorant views Ducky. He defended your right to say them but defending your rights doesn't mean that he wouldn't kick your cowardly ass.

Sorry for tte language Z but pr***s like Ducky and Libdilp have taken for granted the freedoms paid for them by the blood of guys like Imp and my husband.

Z said...

Kid, I'm not closing my blog for them, believe me. "feed them?" How?

Rita, no problem about the double post, I understand and deleted.

As for your husband, Imp and other vets; they should hide in shame but they have to attack instead.

Z said...

Kid, by the way, I'm deleting a lot now...I'm just DONE with the stupidity and the ugliness of their remarks to me and all of my readers.

I have NO reason to have to accept it...time for all conservative blogs to not respond to the lefties and let them get tired, no matter how much they're getting paid to disrupt.

Kid said...

"...I'm just DONE with the stupidity and the ugliness of their remarks "

Exactly Z, They get nothing from the back and forth discourse, they learn not a Nano-particle from the pearls cast upon our shores. No redeeming value whatsoever.

They, as I've said, howl from their cages and toss their feces out. It's literally all they've got.

Kid said...

"Feed them" Z, it's a fairly common term used on internet blog comment sections and message boards and refers to the situation where they say something stupid, you correct them, and they just say something even more stupid adding insult as they go. The feeding them is giving them the opportunity to do so by responding to them. No responses = no food.

Z said...

Kid, I am TRYING to stop my readers from responding to them, but it just isn't happening.
It's always such a temptation to set them straight...


FairWitness said...

@ Rita; "Go stand in front of my husband and say your ignorant views Ducky. He defended your right to say them but defending your rights doesn't mean that he wouldn't kick your cowardly ass."

My sentiments, exactly, Rita. My husband and father-in-law, veterans both! I'd love to see the likes of Ducky and his ilk, spew their claptrap face-to-face. My husband would kick his ass and I think I'd help him.

@ Z, you are under absolutely NO obligation to provide a forum for liars and traitors. Let them go elsewhere! Good for you!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"He defended your right to say them but defending your rights doesn't mean that he wouldn't kick your cowardly ass."

Bravo FW, Z and doubt in my mind you ladies could crunch his little man boobs.

Rita said...

Yep Imp. I may be a scrawny old broad now, but I've never backed down from a fight.

Of course, I've never ACTUALLY fought either. I can level an opponent with my smart mouth and their lack of any type of brains.

There are too many people in this country today that are so disrespectful of their freedoms given to them by guys like you. If they hate America so much they have every right to take the next raft to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

"I can level an opponent with my smart mouth and their lack of any type of brains...."

You have lot's of both does FW and Z....I love a woman with guts. Something that duck and his foggy followers don't have in Gas-a-chusetts.

Those dopes think that OWS scumbag on Hannity is the future...retards all.

I've never seen such disdain, hate and anger at America in my life.

FairWitness said...

Well geeeez Imp, I don't normally react like this - but that crap about his father going in the water - TWICE - really made my blood boil. The men that went into the water? That line is straight out of the mouth of Captain Quint (the late actor, Robert Shaw) in the original movie, "Jaws" - is it not?

Real men who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East don't take kindly to false claims of combat service. Ducky is such an ass, all the time.

And then he has the gall to call Z, ignorant at her own blog, which is also asinine. What a jerk!

Z said...

FW: "@ Z, you are under absolutely NO obligation to provide a forum for liars and traitors. Let them go elsewhere! Good for you!"
ya, well, I'm tryin'!

The one person who I don't mind calling me ignorant is Ducky......I just look at the pot calling whatever kettle's he's either mad at or jealous of black and that's that.

I got called an asswipe a few days's why you won't be seeing liberaljerk around here anymore, least not until Elbro or I see his comment and delete. The longer and more work he's put into it, the better.
Then he has the nerve to say I'm censoring him:=)

Rita said...

Your house, your rules. Let them both start their own forum.

Z said...

exactly, Rita

Scottcarp Dreamer said...

I have a cat that looks remarkably similar to that one...I will attempt to make the comment bar easier to find and post on...It is in grey next to the link bar right now...Thx for visiting.