Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama is giving jobs to BRAZIL?

This is a video about how Obama's outsourced defense jobs to Brazil....The details are troubling, the outcome unsure as it's been taken to court.  Have YOU heard about this much?  No, I didn't think so.  I'd have thought it was pretty important, but I only noticed it as a footnote to another even more troubling story I'll be publishing very soon.

Here's the deal:  Brazil's plane beat the American Beechcraft's Hawker, according to the Pentagon.  The Hawker is apparently unacceptable and risky.  The interesting thing is that there are 750 Hawkers already in operation in our Armed Services!   The Brazilian plane is 30% more expensive than the Hawker.  The Hawker contract would create 1,200 high quality jobs for America.   But, Obama says in this video that "it's important to create jobs in both our nations."

I don't think so.  I think we need to create jobs HERE.  If Hawker is so unacceptable and risky, why are our airmen flying 750 of them?  And, if it's not so hot, why not let Beechcraft improve it before we go to Brazil to support their industry?
What is going ON?



Average American said...

@#$%^& &^%$#@ )(*&^ ^&*() +_)( ()_+ #&_ *&^%$$#@!!!!!!

That's what I have to say about that!!

P.S. You don't want to know how I really feel about that asshole!

Brooke said...

It's unreal. I'm living in the Mirror Universe!

Lawrd, I wish Romney would grow a set and just start HAMMERING Obama on this stuff!

cube said...

I don't think BO is looking out for our best interests; that's been clear for a long time. Our problem now is getting the other half to see it.

Liberalmann said...

Yeah, another Fox News 'fair and balanced' report. I'm sure it's truthful and report all of the fact surrounding this sorry, lol!

Funny thing about Fox, they put lies out there and the next day the are debunked. But the damage has been done already, people believe it as the truth. Fox is a wing of the GOP and that's their job.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Lib. This has been out for months. Not a fox news job.
Embraer is the Brazilian mfr. Talk about problems. It's a gov't subsidized industry. Hawker is a better plane.
I have a friend who's an FAA inspector who believes Embraer is only allowed to fly their junk here because of political concerns (pre-dating Obama).
This is similar to the Obama support for the Brazilian petroleum industry at our expense.

Silverfiddle said...

There's probably more to it than that. The DoD contracting process is complex and it is also transparent. People have gone to jail for less than what is alleged here.

The alternative is crony crapitalism, where we automatically hand contracts to domestic companies, and with no competition, they become arrogant and screw the taxpayer.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

And he (Obama) blasts Romney for outsourcing jobs to India when he was the Massachusetts Governor, this inept embarrassment just says whatever the current audience wants to hear. Every thing that this lying president says is a lie. He is so accustomed to lying that it comes automatic to him.
I still say that Romney has to respond directly to the negative ads,and not just take the High Road, and there is plenty of negative things that are true for Romney to use, and he MUST use them.
It has been proven that Negativity works.
We have to use everything we have to get us out of this miss we are in. So Romney better grow a pair and get in there and fight.

Ducky's here said...

The Brazilian aircraft industry has been expanding for some time.

How can you say the Brazilian aircraft is more expensive when the American version is inferior? Bunch of fat cat lazy American contractors got a lesson.

Mark said...

If Hawker Beechcraft had won that contract, is it possible they wouldn't have had to declare Bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago?

Z said...

Mostly excellent comments, thanks. I was pretty amazed to hear this.

Ed, I'm not sure it's "been out for months"...have you seen it on TV or any msm venues?

Part of the problem for AMerica is Liberalmann's take on it...'if it's FOX, it's not true'...that's part of the huge problem for us. This information is true, Fast and Furious is awful, Solyndra, the lies Obama tells; but they're only lies or dysfunctions of Obama if they're not on FOX. THat's scary. experience thru Mr. Z is that not too much is without bid, not anymore, anyway.
I remember the lib flap against Haliburton and how Mr Z and I knew how much of that contract went to Halliburton because they were THERE, ready to go. Most Americans don't realize now long complicated bids take, but I sure did. We lived through several (most of which Mr. Z won!) I wish I could tell you his biggest.
Obama's busy ripping it apart as I type.

Ducky....please read my entire posts if you can before commenting.
If the American one is inferior, why are 750 of them being flown by our servicemen? And what would it take to improve it? Why not have another American company bid instead of going to Brazil?

Lisa said...

I guess if they were the UAW Obama would have kept them here.

Anonymous said...

Well, Obama has to help his socialist friends. He also "invested" billions in their off shore oil development. What a great American. pffft!

Andreas Says said...

Ask yourself that old question we always do at election time. “Are you better off today then you were 4 years ago”
So you want to know how the USA has been und the helm of Barack Hussein Obama?
Consumer price inflation is growing at a 6.1% annual rate over the last three months, while producer prices are rising an even-faster 13%. According to John Williams of the Shadow Government Statistics website, if we measure consumer prices the way we did before 1992, inflation is now running at 10% a year.
The U.S. has added $6 trillion to its debt under Obama, a sure sign of being on the road to Third World status. Three years ago, the U.S. had $7.9 trillion in debt. Today, we have $14 trillion. Bankrupt, hyperinflated Zimbabwe couldn't do any better.
The U.S. dollar has fallen so much and foreign nations have so little confidence in our ability to run our fiscal affairs that the "BRIC" nations — the mostly fast-growing former Third World nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China — are talking about replacing the U.S. dollar in foreign trade with the Chinese yuan.
Just 45.4% of Americans had jobs last year, the lowest since 1983, according to census data crunched by USA Today. Among men, just 66.8% had work last year, the lowest ever.
Obama touts the "recovery" that supposedly began in June of 2009, but a look at the data show that last year's real private sector GDP was in fact still down 1.1% from its peak in 2007 — so all of the "expansion" has been in government, not the private sector. This has been the worst recovery from a recession in America’s history.While we're at it, under Obama, spending has risen farther and faster than under any president in history. At current rates, government at all levels will take up more than half of all economic activity by 2050.
As Joe Biden might say, "That's real Third World, man."

Anonymous said...

Embraer makes a good airplane. And they've been in use for many years here in the US and have a success / safety record on par with their competitors.

Hawker / Beechcraft has been in trouble for some time. With the Beech "Starship" being an utter flop and failed to make a dent in the corporate market.

There's about 5 Starships in active service today out of 11 they built. The others have been bought up for spare parts for a pittance to a private buyer...when the flying ones break!

There are far more Embraer's flying today an in active service than any Beech's.

Embraer is the third-largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world and very successful.

Anonymous said...

Slight correction:

As of January 2010, nine Starships hold an active registration with the FAA. But it doesn't necessarily mean they're flying!

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!

Breaking news...NY and NJ cleared of charges that they "illegally" surveilled, monitored spied on Muslims in their houses of destruction, mosques. A judge declared that it was indeed LEGAL as many terrorist plots had been stopped and foiled by the cops surveillance!

Muslims are whining as usual ( the "religion" of perpetual whining ) that it's illegal, unfair and Islamophobic...and causers them such distress to be singled out....for the terrorists these cops actually arrested. For's enough reason to close down every one of their terrorism / terrorist planning centers.

Anonymous said... come no one complains about our major carriers flying Air Busses from the French?

Elmers Brother said...

And who gave record contracts to Haliburton? Bill Clinton and the Dems. Haliburton was a fake demon made up while Bush was in office.

Anonymous said...

We do build some great planes at Boeing:

Z said...

Imp, are you saying you see no problem with the Brazil deal? I'm curious.

Elbro, did you happen to see my comment re Halliburton or did our minds jive again? :=)

Andreas, welcome to geeeeZ and, if you read the posts and comments, you will see we're totally in agreement with you.
Your name Andreas is usually shared by either Germans or S. Americans...are you an AMerican from another country, and was it a country less free than ours?
I am so glad you're here and hope to see you again. Great input.

Lisa, excellent point about the UAW.

Imp, that is AMAZING news....but, the media will squelch it or the WH will change it....wait for it.
I'm really pleased and am so sorry muslims aren't :-)



Have you seen the 9/11 mosque sheik and his new book? I want to much to believe him but he's apologizing far too much....and lying is a wonderful thing in islam if you're covering for islam.
I so want to believe his change of heart, but am having a hard time.

Anonymous said...


Because they wouldn't be Muslims then. There's no such thing as "moderate" Islam. You're either all in...or your out and an apostate.

Anonymous said...


I'm all for that. Reverse the Tide of Constitution, Christian and Jew hating ingrates.

Anonymous said...

"Imp, are you saying you see no problem with the Brazil deal?"

Yup...they make a superior aircraft to Beech.

Z said...

Imp, did you watch the video and what Obama said about our job to help Brazil's job situation, too!?

The FACT that we have 750 of these Beechcraft things in action NOW, with our kids flying them, and they're supposedly not up to par, is enough to make me think the Brazil deal is suspect. Or we're unconscienably stupid and uncaring about our servicemen.

OH, ya....that's true, these days, isn't it. :-(

Z said...

Also, if ours are 30% cheaper, let's pay more for them, but less than what we get from Brazil, and make them better that way.

Anonymous said...

"did you watch the video"

Yea I did Ms. Z. And I think safety, reliability and a better aircraft for our troops trumps if the deal was cool or not.

There's already thousands of parts makers and suppliers all over the world that are contractors to the military.

I'd rather see Brazil get a contract than I would China....if its going to outsourced anyway.

I think the Beech deal might have been cronyism on the part of some senator where they built Beech's at one time. Just like John Murtha used to do....he diverted more federal money to his state than anyone else.

We're already finding out that the F-22 hasn't seen combat even though they cost $140,000,000 apiece! And they're made here. Maybe it's all about the union strangle hood too.

Z said...

Well, all good information, but the motivation struck me as bad.
I don't mind buying elsewhere, but when we've got American Beechcrafts with our kids in them and Obama says they're not good so we've got to go elsewhere, there's a problem.
NOBODY in America can build one just less costly enough to warrant OUR people getting 1,200 jobs?

Anonymous said...
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Leticia said...

Yes, I actually heard about it and was so disgusted.

I agree with Brook, whom I am assuming might be a Trekkie?

It does feel like we are in a mirror universe.

I can't believe this crap.

Anonymous said...

"NOBODY in America can build one just less costly enough to warrant OUR people getting 1,200 jobs?"

I think that many American manufacturers ought to start thinking about building a better product and not thinking they're owed it cause they're a union shop or for American jobs.

It's time to learn we have competition and have to rid ourselves of complacency and apathy.

If I could afford it...I'd buy a Mercedes over a Chevy, wouldn't you? They both do the same thing but one has a reputation fore being consistently reliable and a far superior product.

Z said...

Imp, yes, America used to do most things better. We don't anymore.
What's happened? WHY?

Anonymous said...

"What's happened? WHY?..."

Cause the pride of the 50's are gone?

Cause pensions matter more than production or pride?

Cause we pay a guy on an assembly line $75 per hour to tighten a nut on a fender?

Cause we assumed we'd always be winners?

Cause we never figured that the countries we brought out of WW2 would compete with us and build better cars, radios, steel, chemicals and transistors?

Cause we assumed we'd never see a Toyota or a Honda ( now Hyundai ) ever surpass GM? Or Pontiac or Chrysler?

Prius has been out now for how long? And just this past year GM built a Volt to compete? But it costs twice as much as the Prius? Or damn near.

Cause we assumed Boeing, McDonnell Douglas would never have competition from the lowly French?

And so it go's.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and cameras. look at what's happened to Kodak!!

There isn't one American made camera that can compete with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Pentax or a Leica...German made.

Bob said...

Silverfiddle is right, again. The procurement process for the Pentagon is complex, and for a vendor to win, there have to be good reasons.

There are thousands of Brazilian aircraft in civilian useage, now, and they tend to be used on smaller and shorter routes. The US air industry is not as competitive, there.

Obama as usual, probably didn't have a clue about what was going down, and we are probably getting a pretty good airplane. I don't know zip about the business, but they had a lot of American military support to get the contract.

As far as the Fox News Fable libman likes, well, that is just silly. I heard about the deal months ago.

Anonymous said...

"The US air industry is not as competitive, there."

And the Embraer EMB-145EU was smart enough to fill that void...besides being one hell of a great airplane. I have some old pilot friends that fly one in and out of the US and they love it.

They say it handles like a bigger cousin of a Gulfstream....which is still an American made aircraft and superior in it's corporate class. If you can afford the 40 million!

Anonymous said...

".which is still an American made aircraft..."

Just like the famous and vaunted Lear Jet...sold to Bombardier...a Canadian Company!

Just like Volvo....sold to the Chinese.

Kid said...

Z! Imp !

BEECHCRAFT's are Unsafe!

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Ed, I'm not sure it's "been out for months"...have you seen it on TV or any msm venues? "
I do not rely on them for my information.
And the deal was revealed at least two months ago.
I'm sorry if that sounds strong, but the thought of being informed by the media is sickening. Even Fox, who's always a couple days late.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kid, I love that movie!

Ed Bonderenka said...

But don't forget

Kid said...

Ed, I rate that movie Numba 2 of All Time!. Team America: World Police is Number 1 !

Z said...

Kid, I have to admit I only watched the first few seconds but it struck me funny because, since somebody mentioned Gulfstreams and I was talking about Beechcraft, I'd been meaning to tell y'all about how I used to 'play stewardess' on my company King Air!

I had a corporate position and would oftentimes be the only woman with five or six men on the business flights...
So I'd sit across from the bar on a kind of bench (behind the pilots, I think it was) and make cocktails on our way back to LA from Chico, Redding, Modesto, etc....we had interests all around California...
There I"d be making Bloody Marys and martinis for my buddies...sometimes the President and Chairman of the Board of a HUGE company (I knew him really well)!

Kid said...

Z, Those are the Good times !

I love a good bloody Mary

Z said...

Kid, they REALLY were excellent times...lots of laughs, lots of satisfaction from the work, too.

A good Bloody Mary ROCKS :-)
How do you make yours? SOme put celery in it, some put green pimento olives, etc....
I had a boyfriend once who put a little horseradish in it and I liked that a lot, too.

Mark said...

Lisa says, "I guess if they were the UAW Obama would have kept them here."

I am living back in my hometown of Wichita, KS (now) and I used to work for Beechcraft before Hawker merged with them.

They don't have the UAW, but they do have the United Sheet Metal Workers union. I was a member when I worked there. It did me no good at all.

Fortunately, Kansas is a right-to-work state, so Obama doesn't like them.

I don't know if Wichita is still the home office or not, but as long as any part of Hawker Beechcraft is in Wichita, the union has little power.

Z said...

Mark, thanks for that firsthand information! I hope you're happy to be back in Kansas, too, Dorothy :-)

But, seriously, I hope so.

I keep hearing people say they had to join a union and it didn't do them any good... odd. Who DOES benefit other than Democrats and union bosses?

My actress friend said you sign a contract, like for a Soap, and you get a minimum amount if they don't use you....but you're tied to that show. BUT, if they tire of you or decide to kill your character, your contract's broken right then and there, you're money! She said it's NUTS and the unions don't give a darn.
so weird.

Mark said...

Z, as I said, Kansas is a right to work state, meaning you could join the union if you wanted but you didn't have to, and really, you received the same wages and benefits as the union guys did if you chose not to be a member. When I was hired there, I got the pitch by a Union guy, and had the opportunity to join or not join. I was young and stupid, and thought the idea of being in a union was cool at the time.

Turned out it was pointless to be in the union. They did nothing for me but took my money every month.

Sam Huntington said...

The Chinese are making defective parts for our most sophisticated military hardware, and Obama promised his buddy Putin the "go codes" to our nuclear arsenal as an iPhone App. Remember, Obama did promise fundamental change to the USA, so I don't see the problem with expanding our relationship with Brazil; did you think their getting our off-shore oil drilling platforms was going to be the end of it? Also, we aren't seeing enough of Debbie Wassermann-Schultz.

Always On Watch said...


Elmers Brother said...

I saw your comment

Kid said...

Z, I don't like the hot sauce much in my Bloody Mary, the kind that stays at the back of your throat because there is too much in there.

I like a little hot sauce, some black pepper, horseradish, celery stick, lime or lemon juice, and a couple of large cocktail shrimp :)

Z said...

Kid, I'm ALL OVER LIME lately over lemon...delicious...
and I can't eat much hot food so I only put a tiny bit, if at all. And the old boyfriend put too much horseradish, I only put a little.
But I LOVE your idea of cocktail shrimp in there :-)

Kid said...

Z, I'm actually easy on all the hot myself. I don't want the hot to overcome the flavors. Delicate balance.
I think you'll like the shrimp :)