Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goodies, goodies, goodies....the name of the game in politics

So, GREECE's people are enraged at 'economic hardships'....WE WANT OUR GOODIES EVEN IF THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY LEFT!   And they say that German Chancellor Angela Merkel should understand that austerity policies had been defeated.   I say "Good for THEM......they have no more money and they don't want austerity, they want their goodies, damn it!"    I wonder where FROM?

The FRENCH are the same way.   France's economy stinks right now and the people are mad because they looked at losing some of their free goodies, too, if Sarkozy had stayed in power!  SO, they lost the only lifeline they had into sanity and voted for the Leftie!  "Good job, France!  We know YOU have no more money, either, but that shouldn't mean  you lose your goodies!"    And, like Greece, where do you think YOU'LL be getting your goodies FROM?? $$  

Don't tighten your belts.  Don't turn to family and friends for help.  Don't help anybody else.  Don't expect to have to work and pay for your education.  Don't like corporations, just expect your huge salaries and benefits from them.  Don't believe that there's any end to the money, there'll always be rich guys to steal from!  Don't.............ya, my readers could keep going with that one, I know.

Don't kid yourselves, America...we've got the same mentality here.  NO MONEY?  Just SPEND MORE!  VOTE OBAMA!$$$$  :-)    WE WANT OUR GOODIES!  Vote Democrat!   Ptui



viburnum said...

Yep. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody's willing to die.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Z, I think you had a post about day light saving time and how foolish it is to cut the end off a blanket and attach it to the other end and think that the blanket is longer. I think day-light saving time is benign enough because no one actually believes the length of the day has changed. Finances are much more dangerous because people actually think we'll have more wealth if the government gives everyone a $600 rebate check or puts a price ceiling on a product.

By the way, Thomas Sowell is being featured on the Uncommon Knowledge segments on nationalreview.com this week.


Sam Huntington said...

We are like-minded, Z ... I published a similar post with AOW this morning.

-FJ said...

The government's treacle mines will never give out. They can mine them, FOREVER! And the wealth that can be had from them, is nearly inestimable.

Always On Watch said...

there'll always be rich guys to steal from

Yes, a lot of people really do believe that.

Of course, the definition of "rich" can be relative. In the eyes of many countries, the United States is rich in comparison.

I note that Obama recently signed another executive order:

On May 1st, President Barack Obama signed a new Executive Order which opens the door for the United States to give up economic and environmental sovereignty through the promotion of a single international regulatory system.

This regulatory system would seek to globally streamline cooperation between nations for trade, environmental, and legislative processes on the international stage.

Section 1. Policy. Executive Order 13563 of January 18, 2011 (Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review), states that our regulatory system must protect public health, welfare, safety, and our environment while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation. In an increasingly global economy, international regulatory cooperation, consistent with domestic law and prerogatives and U.S. trade policy, can be an important means of promoting the goals of Executive Order 13563.

In a global economy such as outlined above, Third World counties will looking for "goodies" from the United States. That means, of course, funds from our Treasury. Spreading the wealth globally!

Silverfiddle said...

You are so right, Z. We Americans need to look hard at this and realize we are no better.

Having a dynamic economy and the ability to print money is all that has saved us so far.

There will come a reckoning...

Fredd said...

Alexis de Toqueville saw this coming about 180 years ago: when the morally bankrupt among the population see that they can vote themselves a big piece of the public pie, with none of their skin in the game, it's over.

(I of course paraphrase here). We've been able to do live on wealth we don't have longer than most because of the sheer size of our economy, and the good faith and credit of the greenback.

That good faith and credit is starting to crack, however. And once the dam breaks, no amount of Dutch boys and no amount of Dutch boy fingers can plug the deluge.

Bob said...

It would be nice to see the French, Greeks, Spanish, and Portuguese get their economic comeuppance. In fact all this crap will cascade onto our economy. We are all so interconnected that we have vast interests in seeing that the Europeans don't go under.

I am against the broke US trying to bail out the Euro-Slobs, and I am against another Depression. Will we have a choice?

Anonymous said...

You are right, Z. We are no different from the Greeks or the French or the Spanish. We will see in November if the goody grabbers are a majority or not.

Z said...

Brilliant input, thanks, everyone.

My point is more to the fact that leftwingers actually think it's a GOOD THING that Europe's going lefter and lefter (so to speak).

Of course, they're NOT because some previously very left countries are voting to the right again....


Austerity begins at home, folks!

Borrowing has an end and the whole world seems to be there, no?

I heard a bumper sticker phrase Prager sells:

Big government means Small People



there's an amazingly good article....by Prager. How I wish Libs could be open minded enough to read the opinions of non libs. And LEARN SOMETHING>

Bob said...

"But the whole point is WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM "... ?

Their mantra consists of the same drivel we have heard for more than a century of failed social engineers.

The left believes that everything wrong is the fault of capitalism, corporations, churches, banks, Seven-Eleven stores, Jews, etc. Our left leaning population is nothing but warmed over Nazi's and Communists. They are simplistic, greedy little pigs.

Z said...

But, BOB, my question is not rhetorical...I really MEAN "Where's the money coming from?"

Where DO the Greeks and the French, etc., (and our leftwingers) THINK the money's COMING FROM to pay for their goodies?

Germany's sick to death of paying, paying, paying...they've beeen paying French farming subsidies for YEARS but most people don't even know that...and it's too complicated for me to explain that situation and Mr. Z would have done a better job of it, but.....

Ya, Germany is facing HORRIBLE illegal problems and paying through the nose through because of their own idiot PC leftwing cheerleaders...


After they've taxed the rich to oblivion (and, remember, I think the stat is that if every rich person in America gave everything they had, we'd have money for ONE YEAR)...then where's the money coming from?

Kid said...

I think it's gonna get fun to watch over there.

SO, did they vote the socialists ON, or did they more vote the current people OUT ?

I think whatever the more powerful force was, it will find its way to our shores in Nov.

They Say/We Say said...

The Illuminati and Fabians have been at this for 100 years, Orwell's book 1984 was a Fabian Celebration of the Fabians innovation in the Technological Field for the Last 100 years.
The Fabians have been in the building up and tearing down of economies (Builderbergs) of the world just for this current break down-just like in the 1920's and 1930's. The Federal Reserve and The United Nations all in one fell swoop. (The Federal Reserve was set up in 1913 or there about, and the League of Nations was the spring board for the U.N.).
There are 6 Treaties the Senate will vote on in Nov. and Dec. 2012, that will give the U.N POWER on Steroids, Making the IMF the Head Honcho with a ONE WORLD CURRENCY-this is all a precursor- crumbling economies, coming to the rescue to avoid world war....ropeadope.
Surrender Your Countries' Sovereignty for world economies well being..........

Pris said...

This is why I never supported NAFTA, and the global economy agenda. It blurred our sovereignty and all other countries involved.

Now we see the results. it couldn't work and will never work. For us in America, there was and is no other consequence but to lessen our position in the world, and to become just another third world country.

Time is not on our side. We have to fight for our individuality, or we too, will be just another pathetic has been. And for what? So we can say we're citizens of the world? No thanks!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The greeks and the french will learn the hard way, they must learn, otherwise it'll be us feeling the pain. No more money for them, they can make their own money and then enjoy it.

I have a feeling the Germans will teach them real austerity.