Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Faith stepson and Mother's Day

My stepson leaves for Munich tonight...after a stay of three months.  I have enjoyed him every bit as much as I did last year, the year before, etc.......He's busy and I'm busy so we aren't living in each others' pockets and that makes it easy, but he's also helped me SO much with my cars, my home, etc.  He's been amazing and kind in so many ways and I must say that God gave me a wonderful stepson...a tribute to his parents...and, I think, a fitting thing to note here on Mother's Day...........thanks, A. 
Now here's my Sunday Faith Post:
"When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, 'Dear woman, here is your son,'  and to the disciple, 'Here is your mother.' From that time on, this disciple took her into his home." (John 19:26-27)

This is one of my favorite scenes in Christian history...........First, imagine being considered by Jesus to be "the disciple whom he loved"?  It's almost mind boggling to wonder what that would feel like.  I think, today, many pastors and other Christians would say "but you are that person Jesus loves, too!"    Well, that's nice, and I do believe He loves us, but when the scripture clearly says "the disciple whom he loved,"  that's singling John out as someone VERY special.  I think any Christian would long for the special, singular distinction as written in the Bible!

Jesus wanted to make sure his mother was taken care of after he was gone....and he seems to have wanted his mother, that "dear woman" Mary, to take John on as a son.   Some who have studied this history believe she might have lived with John in Ephesus, some think in Jerusalem.  Wherever it was, Jesus had made sure she was cared for until she was with him in heaven...and history tells us she was, wherever it was.

He honored His mother, and we honor ours.   Not all of us have good relationships with mothers, I know that, but I hope most of you do and that maybe hearts can be mended if times have been rough with your mothers for some of you.

God bless you, mothers who visit geeeeZ;  may you have a really wonderful day being honored by those you gave birth to and care for........and to grandmothers, too!

Blessings to you on this special Sunday.  If my mother read my blog on a regular basis, I'd be saying HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM!  But, she doesn't, and I'll be seeing her today, anyway :-)   The pink rose is for all the Moms visiting here today, the yellow's particularly for my mother, who loves yellow roses.



Always On Watch said...

You are so blessed that you still have your mother. My mother has been gone since 1987.

Brooke said...

Happy Mother's Day, Z! What a great verse!

Ed Bonderenka said...

My boys' mom is not all she could be.
Their step-mom however is.
And they know and appreciate it.
It speaks well of you that your step-son honors you so.
Happy Mother's Day to you and all the moms here.
Exodus 20:12 "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you."
The first commandment with promise.

Elmers Brother said...

Good one Z!

Thersites said...

Have a pleasant day!

sue hanes said...

What a beautiful Mother's Day Sunday Faith Blog - Z.

I am fortunate enough to have been to Ephesus - the place where Mary is puported to have lived.

And also the place where you can just feel the presence of Paul.
It is such a beautiful place to visit.

I'm sure Mr. Z's kids are happy to have a wonderful mother like you.

Have a great day with YOUR mother -Z.

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent article, Z.

Happy Mothers Day!

nicrap said...

Stabat Mater Dolorosa. Consider the mirror image as well. :)

Z said...

Thanks, everybody...have a GREAT DAY!

nicrap, that's gorgeous...they both are.

Sue, you have a happy day, too.

Ed, I'm glad your wife's so good for your sons.

Bob said...

Z, you are blessed.

Happy mother's day!

Pris said...

What a beautiful Post.
Happy Mother's Day to you as well, Z. You do qualify, as you've been a wonderful Mom to your stepchildren.

It's what's in your heart that matters, and yours is full with caring and love.

So, celebrate along with the rest of us Moms who are lucky enough, to have wonderful children and in my case also a wonderful grandson.

Happy Mothers Day too, to all the Moms here on GEEEZ!

Z said...

Got a beautiful, very meaningful Mom's day card from the stepson this morning ... meant a lot.

Anyway, thanks, Pris, I do wish you a really happy day and I know you'll have it :-)

Bob, thanks..xx

Kid said...

Z, I hope you had a Joyous Mother's Day.

Rita said...

Happy Mother's Day Z. So wonderful that your stepson made sure to make it special. I was a little surprised to get a nice text from Bob's youngest. She was 9 when we got married and we had custody. It's hard when as adults they have seemed to have forgotten those good years we had before they became adults. Hard to believe I was her age when I took on a new marriage and two young girls.

Not many people realize how hard step-parenting is. It's nice to get recognition of that even if it's just a text.

Z said...

Thanks, was a nice one.
But hard to come back tonight and have my stepson in the air on the way to Munich. He was so sad, too...but all will be fine!

Silly that visas are only for 3 months.

Hi, Rita...I'm SO glad you got that text. Yes, stepkids don't understand how tricky it is for us, especially us women, in a situation after divorce. They are so often so full of their own grief over divorce and selfishness and who could expect them to like the new wife, right?
Mr. Z's two were 19 and 20 when we married....the boy was fine, the girl...wasn't :-)
But that girl did come from Munich to the wedding and put a good face on; she's one tough cookie. And I admired her for that so come to be with her dad. Couldn't be easy to see her daddy marrying the American. But, my family REALLY 'made over her' and she and her brother fit in well. My family took Mr. Z in as if they'd known him all their lives and he adored all of them.

Anyway, she and I do very, very well now (she's the sailor and is sailing from Fuerta Ventura to Brazil in a month or so and I'm a bit worried!!).....and he and I have always been fast it's hard to see him go today.
But, the card he got me meant SO MUCH because it wasn't just a Happy Mother's Day card, the front said "Because you're so much like a mother"....xxxxxxxx sweet, huh?

Rita, I never wanted children and I married late anyway...but it's like God had different plans for me and I surely do have two adult children now. A real blessing.


christian soldier said...

What a joy to have read this post-it brought a smile-
Happy Mother's Day-my friend!

Rita said...

It's nice that they are there for you now Z. Our whole situation was a little backward, great relationship as children, as they went off the college a lot of things changed and sadly only got worse over the years.

I would have given anything to have kids of my own, but at least I have two precious grandkids that are the highlight of our lives.

Z said...

Carol, I'm so glad.

Rita...the stepdaughter and I certainly have had our moments.
What I neglected to say here is that both kids have always lived in Munich, so we don't have even close to daily contact. They came and still come quite often and stay for weeks and even 3 months at a time.

I'm sorry that happened when the girls went to college...did they turn into libs, too? :-) That might explain it!!
I never wanted kids...I can't imagine the pain of wanting and not having them. I'm glad your grandchildren are such a blessing to you!

Rita said...

Oddly the oldest one is a conservative and very driven, the youngest is a perfect example of an Obama kid. You would think they were raised in completely different households.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Lovely post Z and Jesus does love us all, every one of us. Perhaps the only other who might love us more is his father, seeing as how he gave us his only son to do what we do best to him.