Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Koch Brothers.....a lesson

If you think George Soros is tied, privately, quietly and effectively, to Sunstein, Obama, Geithner, etc, etc,  raise your hand.   Oh, my GOSH, the wind almost blew me away from the computer screen!  Whew...okay, now settle down :-)    But, we don't hear too much about him, do we.   Mention the Koch Brothers to anybody on the Left and see what happens!   So, I thought this video Elmer's Brother just emailed to me was pretty important.  Sadly, only conservatives will be enlightened (if they didn't know all of this already), but at least the truth gets out.   Here it goes:

That Stephanie Cutter who opened the video says she's Deputy Campaign Director for Obama for America, and I swear, I cringed in embarrassment for her for a second.  Weird reaction, but true.

Please pass this video around........people need to know.  It's not enough that conservatives learn this stuff.



FairWitness said...

It's very troubling to have a President of the United States demeaning private citizens and business owners who oppose his policies and agenda. It's even more disturbing that his campaign is lying in order to demonize accomplished, respectable men such as the Koch brothers. Obama has got to go, along with his Democrat Party pals in Congress. They're unworthy to hold the positions of power they have.

Silverfiddle said...

The lefties need their Emmanuel Goldsteins to extend their Two Minutes Hate.

The Koch Brother, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, etc are Viagra for leftist rage.

Ducky's here said...

We don't hear much about Soros? Are you on drugs? He's been the fringe right bogey man for a couple decades.

But all of a sudden the Koch Bros, A.L.E.C. and other wholesome organizations show up in the news and here comes the backlash.

Sadly only conservatives will be enlightened. Well ... let's get real. What's one of the offshoots of all this big money pouring into the PACS?
A large number of state Republcan Parties are virtually bankrupt as the contributions become focused at the national PACS. Local issues become lost to the interests of a few very wealthy players.
But I'm sure Republicans will become enlightened.

Imagine, someone used a stern voice to the Koch Bros.

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

This just proves hat Obama should be tried for treason.

Ducky's here said...

Lisa, do you know the definition of treason?


Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama’s PATHETIC ENDORSEMENTS Wow. how UN-Impressive.
Al Franken
Chuck Schumer
Barbara Boxer
Maxine Waters
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Al Sharpton
Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Rahm Emanuel
Former Mayor of NY David Dinkins
Sean Penn
Morgan Freeman
Danny DeVito
Whoopi Goldberg
Samuel L. Jackson
Spike Lee
Louis Farrakhan
Star Jones
Bill Maher
Oprah Winfrey, remember it was Oprah who gave us this moron.
With a list like this, how can he go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Deflection! Anything to take attention away from Obama's record.

Z said...

FW......they sure are

SLF: ..and they deserve rage only for disagreeing with the left's utopia, unworkable socialist dreams., as you well know, Soros keeps a very, very tight ship ..and the media doesn't discuss him, either.
Glad it got your juices flowing...:-)
Imagine, someone told the truth about the Kochs...

Darth...just the list that any decent american candidate can be proud of, right? don't know the definition of treason :-) Just ask Ducky.


Lisa said...

'Lisa, do you know the definition of treason'

I guess you missed at the Romney Rally someone yelled that out.
Anyway if someone is destroying the sovereignty of our country it is treasonous. I believe Obama is doing just that.

cube said...

Cutter is well paid to keep a straight face when she speaks those lies.

Bob said...

As I have said on this blog before, I have done business with Koch and found their employees to be honest, well paid, and really gung ho for their company. This tells us that the Koch's know how to run enterprises, and how to generate wealth for themselves and their employees.

George Soros is more of a financial parasite, running a hedge fund that makes speculative bets, and does not generate one gainful job in the economy. Sure, he has to hire people to manage his empire, but it is all financial.

The Koch brothers are easily more valuable to the USA, as opposed to Barack Obama who does not and cannot generate jobs, and has never had a job, anyway.

The upside of the propaganda is that the only people who believe it are those who would suck down anything Obama produces.

Brooke said...

My iPad won't play the video; I'll have to check it out later. However, even without seeing it I'm pretty sure Ducky is showing his tail feathers. Again.

Anonymous said...

"I have done business with Koch and found their employees to be honest..."

Me too. And I liked them both.

Leticia said...

Very informative video. Obama and his administration will go after anyone who opposes his agenda and seems to despise successful Americans and wants to dismantle their businesses.

I am grateful for the Koch brothers and any American organization that gives jobs to Americans.

Anonymous said...

"John Birch Society..."

And? Real "radical" group eh?

"supports anti-communism, limited government, a constitutional republic and personal freedom"

Sounds like they're everything the left isn't.

Liberalmann said...
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Liberalmann said...
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Z said...

Ducky, no, of course we don't hear much about SOros....if we had, people would be waking up.
Absolutely not.

And GOD FORBID we mention him here in ANY critical way and you leftwingers are here with THE KOCH BROTHERS ARE RICH AND RACIST AND HATEFUL ;-) so funny.

ANd, OF COURSE the National PACS are more important...we have to GET OBAMA OUT...
I don't even understand "someone used a stern voice to the Koch Bros"??

WHAT? they LIED about them. What's wrong with you?

Sorry I deleted Ducky's comment about the Koch father starting the Birch Society.
I know such fine people who joined in the early days and then left when the ridiculous racist stuff started...
Funny...Robt Byrd was a Klan RECRUITER but that's okay with the left. Why?

Kid said...

Z, Based on seeing your spam comments post above, I checked mine, and there were 811 marked as spam.

1.) 99% of them were not spam and I believe the comments were also in the real comment sections.
2.) blogger is obviously having problems.

Z said...

Kid, out of my only twelve in SPAM (remember, I'm not demanding word verification from commenters anymore , so 12 isn't bad), only one was true spam.

Rita said...

Do you guys get email notifications when someone comments? I get them even when blogger never posts them. Maybe I better check spam just to be sure. I left a comment on Kid's site (I think) the other day which never appeared. I just figured he didn't like what I said. ;D.

Z said...

Rita, I don't ask for emails of comments...mine at other blogs, or here..i just get them here at geeeZ..
but I just saw that I do have about 90,000 in the last four years since I opened! 'published'.. why I need them there is beyond me and I wish I knew how to delete them ALL.

re Kid, your comment may have just happened here to an email friend the other day. Sometimes it gets bad but it's been better lately.

Z said...
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KP said...

What would you do if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me.
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,
And I'll try not to sing out of key.

Z said...

KP..thanks, it worked!
I guess nobody loves geeez tonight :-)
but, thankfully...with you around.."I get by with a little help from my friends..." :-)

viburnum said...

Z: "I guess nobody loves geeez tonight"

Not so! Had to turn in early and get up at 3. :-(

The Koch brothers support for their ideals is forthright and vocal. Soros is much more a behind the scenes operator.

It is noteworthy though that when the left decries the influence of money on politics they never seem to mention George. He even seems to escape their disdain for hedge fund managers.

Z said...

Hi, Viburnum! I'd gone to comment moderation and had zero comments for hours, which NEVER Happens, so I figured I'd done something wrong in my settings and nobody COULD post,
So KP helped me out with a 'test comment' and it worked...but I had to tease!

You bring up such a good point...Soros has hurt SO MANY with his hedge funds, etc...and the left never mentions are so right.

Mark said...

I just moved back to my hometown, Wichita, Kansas, which is also the hometown of the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers are very well respected by Wichitans for all their altruistic efforts and contributions to a myriad of charitable organizations. Even the Democrats here respect them.

I wish I worked for one of their companies instead of this politically correct pandering company I work for now.