Saturday, May 12, 2012

Obama's suckin' up, too, huh?

Clooney brought in FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS....$40,000 a plate.   The most any presidential event's ever brought in.   
I think Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said it best:
"With a first term this disastrous, we can't afford to see the second -- because if we've learned anything from Hollywood, it's that the sequel is always worse."
My goodness, with the lies that the Democrats use about Republicans having all the money (they don't...Wall St is mostly Democrats, Republicans give more in charity though they don't have as much dough, etc.), I'm surprised they could find 150 people who could pay that much for dinner :-)

By the way, it does give me pause to publish a picture like this, I hate it because this is a president (God help us)......but I hate what Obama's doing to America even more. So, it stays.

geeeeeeeZ  (thanks for the image, Mustang)


sue hanes said...

Good one Z.

Anonymous said...

Man....this is pretty gay.

Should make disciples of Barney Frank comfortable though. I won't mention any names.

Z said...

I didn't even think of the gay angle...
the angle I wrote about is the money angle. And, if the left can dismay millions with an indecent cover like theirs, I think a joke one like this flies, huh? :-)
particularly when it says so much about the HOllywood/Obama connection?

You remember, that Hollywood bunch who supported Hillary against Obama so vehemently 4 years ago?

Anonymous said...

"that Hollywood bunch who supported Hillary against Obama so vehemently 4 years ago?"'

Yep...that was the prepared script they were told to memorize for their acting then..and now they've been handed a new one by their Directors.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's one of the most offensive images!
Eye bleach!
I'm FB'ing it.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

At $40,000 per person I hope that they served something better than Dog.

Bob said...

I have been trying to avoid all the description of the Clooney/Obama love match. That picture is hilarious, though. Maybe I will actually read about the love affair, now.

Brooke said...

I love that pic from BFH... iOTW is one of my favorite sites!

Yep, Obummer is going to be suckling that money teet HARD until November. Hopefully it's not going to pay off!

Z said...

Brooke! I didn't know what IOTW was or BFH! I just looked at the cover again and saw what you're talking about. Mustang sent me the pic and I just quickly read it over and didn't pick up on that stuff. duh...

Ed..."so offensive...I'm FBing it".. you have a wonderful sense of humor!

Dude..good one! They sure must have put ON the dog for $40K a person!

Bob, YOU write about the love affair! :-)

Anonymous said...

"They sure must have put ON the dog for $40K a person!.."

Maybe the menu featured....mutt-on?

Ok....shoot me.

Z said...

Oh, VERY good one, Imp!

Ducky's here said...

Damn, you folks are really digging this.

Remember that lenny Bruce routing on one of his busts (no pun intended) -

"And then it occurred to me. They kind of liked saying blah-blah-blah"

Kid said...

"because if we've learned anything from Hollywood, it's that the sequel is always worse."

That's beautiful. Says it all.

Z said...

Ducky .."diggin' this?"
Who wouldn't...? it's all there, pure and simple, the sycophancy, the dependency! Yup, we do dig it.

Lenny Bruce was a great, I don't remember that.

But we DO like talking about this...
I guess you could say this is a weak showing, really; kind of low for my blog. And nothing like when Tony Snow died and Huff Post crashed under the weight of the revelers....nothing like when Cheney gets ill and the leftwingers' blogs are wishing him to die..

Ya, we get our kicks from little things like this.... we aren't unkind enough to rejoice for peoples' sorrows, but we sure will laugh at something this clever and packed with meaning, no doubt about it!

Kid, that was a good one, wasn't it.

Z said...

just looked at the picture again.
It truly is repulsive.. truly.

Anonymous said...

"Remember that lenny Bruce..."

Yea...Redd Foxx beat him to it....he was just trying to be a hipper Jewish dirt. Problem was Red's stuff was underground. Most average people didn't like Bruces' was offensive. Letting Red Foxx go was "benign" racism.

FairWitness said...

Oh dear, that's just not right.

Leticia said...

Eww...nasty picture.

As soon as Obama finally admitted, as we already didn't know, he has always supported the LGBT movement, so of course, it would open wallets from the Hollywood elite.

I'll say this, he might have lost a lot of votes Mormons, Catholics, Christians or any person who does not agree with this lifestyle.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Isn't it distressing that this is what it's come to? Obama has resorted to class warfare and envy and the discourse is now about breastfeeding.

My wife was right when she said if this kid runs for office, living off the government teat will take on a whole new meaning.

BTW, I would love to write an article for your blog. I have cleared a lot of family obligations and I have some time. My students have taken the Advanced Placement U.S. history test and I was thrilled that the questions were over what we had reviewed.

Now it's onto Louisville to read/grade essays written by the students who took the test. Last year I read over 1,500 essays in a week so I look forward to breaking that record. I love educating the youth of America.

I found your question over FDR to be instructive. He was with Wilson, two of the worst presidents in the 20th century.

Z said...

Law and Order, I am DELIGHTED that you'd honor my blog by writing for us...just let me know........
And I remember when you've done that job of reading all those things...good luck!
I don't know if you know that I'm sub'ing at a private high school now and LOVING IT. I feel like I found my calling at my ripe ol' age :-)
The kids always say "mrs. Z, you are our FAVORITE sub" and whoop and holler when they come in to the room "are YOU here today for Mrs....?" Of course, I tell them they only love me cuz I let them go to the bathroom during class:) but they always assure me "No, it's because you're the GREATEST!"

I have learned so much about human nature in the 9 months I've been sub'ing........and doing other work at the school. I swear these teens just want LOVE and AFFECTION and AN EAR....they react unbelievably well to the slightest attention. Then they trust and never miss a chance to say HELLO as I pass in the halls...
I admire your teaching and now I get a glimpse into why you do it.
wonderful stuff.

Z said...


Fair Witness is right...this is "just not right."

If she means that I shouldn't have published this picture, I believe she's right. It's unseemly to publish such an insulting, degrading picture with an American president in it. I absolutely believe that. But, I also believe that this president is insulting and degrading and hurting us badly and I fear the respect we'd show any other president isn't warranted here..sadly.

However, I hope you all read the comments and the class with which most of you have handled it.
NONE of you really joined the bandwagon of mockery as some would have.... had this been a picture with Bush at, for example, some rich Republican's breast...imagine the left's reaction!? :-)

I think our corner of the blogosphere is the BEST. thanks for making it so.

Silverfiddle said...

That is freaking hilarious!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm sure these kids are fortunate that you are their teacher. I have found that there are a lot of kids starved for affection. When I run at the school I am amazed that there are a lot of kids still at school at 4:30 and 5:00. For those kids it's the fact that this is the best 6 hours of their day.

This a part of their day that there are people who care about them and want them to succeed. What a shame. You fulfill a need for them.

Z said...

L&O, I guess all kids are taking the APs now...ours are, too.
I see kids hanging outside later than I'd have thought, too...waiting for rides, etc.
Maybe that six hours IS the best of their day. I hope not. What I do know is that we've got VERY rich kids and VERY poor kids and the level of family money has no correlation with the confidence of the doesn't take money to make a kid feel loved.

Always On Watch said...

Clooney clearly has a man crush on Obama -- at the least.

And I'm not referring to this graphic, either.

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z,

Happy Mother's Day! My stepson, Andrew, brought me scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and whole grain wheat toast with coffee on a tray for breakfast! :-D

My "just not right" comment was not directed at you for posting the photo, I feel the same way you do about Obama dishonoring the Presidency and Americans. Also, he is unworthy of presidential deference.

I meant how wrong it is for any President of the United States to go begging to Hollywood elites for campaign donations. I've come to realize that that is what Barack Obama has done his entire life - he sucks up to the wealthy for "his daily bread" and livelihood.

President Obama has NEVER generated one damn dime actually doing work that produced a profit with which to pay himself or make a contribution to the economy. All the net worth and income he has was earned by someone else, confiscated by the government via taxation, and then redistributed to his sorry butt. No wonder he believes so firmly in wealth redistribution - it's how he makes his living.

Hence the photo-shopped picture of Obama suckling at George Clooney's breast. That's just not right!

Z said...

AOW, I think you're right.

FW...I wasn't sure but, as I wrote, I couldn't blame you if you did.
I think you're right about Obama...
Michelle made $250K a yr at a big hospital in Chicago (working with Axelrod)and, when she left, they didn't need to hire anybody. that position was nothing. I hope I'm wrong but I've read that several times.
These people have PULL somehow...BIG PULL.

Glad you started your mother's day so well!

FairWitness said...

Michelle Obama's position of vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center paid her $317k per year. She reduced her job to part-time in 2007 when Barack Obama decided to run for President; her part-time salary was $103k per year.

Question: who the heck pays anyone $103,000 for part-time work?

Question: what kind of work did Michelle Obama perform for almost 400 grand a year?

It is perfectly clear to anyone that Michelle Obama's position at UCMC was nothing more than a mafia-style "no show" job. A way of funneling cash to the Obamas, money-laundering their income. CORRUPTION abounds for their entire lives. It's disgusting!

Z said...

FW...I'd heard $250K, but at least I got the 'average' salary :-) HA!!

And did you also read that her position was never filled when she left, part time or full time? Interesting.

and I believe Axelrod was either her boss or worked with her... what a tangled web.

Anonymous said...

"Michelle Obama's position of vice president for community and external affairs..."

If you're married to an up and coming race had to get Messy Jesse's approval in Chicago. No doubt her racial grievance thesis in black studies at Princeton qualified her as a sound investment in BLT too, as well as "civil affairs".

Between the "Rev" Chicken Roost and Messy...I'd say they hooked her up good.

Remember...Moochele was never proud of America...even if someone paid her more than the gross annual revenues of some African countries.

I think her last trip to Africa was a scouting one too....looking for a country to buy after they retire...or before he gets impeached.

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, that's why I said it was a no show job, because she wasn't replaced by anyone else after she became First Lady. If it had been a needed position, the vacancy would have been filled.

Is there any Democrat more offensive than David Axelrod? Except for the Obamas, that is. I cringe every time I see him on TV.

Imp, you're right about the "Chicago Race-Hustlers Club" and whose ring you have to kiss to partake. There's another thoroughly offensive person, Jesse Jackson. He nauseates me, too.

Mark said...

15 million! Let's hope it's for a losing cause.

It would serve both of them right. Throwing money away for the chance to have it stolen from you.

What a Putz!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I saw the time cover, wish I hadn't seen this one, it's gross.

I understand the sentiment behind posting it though.