Thursday, May 31, 2012


I loved seeing two bumper stickers on a white BMW driven by a woman today.   On the right was WOMEN FOR OBAMA 2008.  On the left was IN-N-OUT BURGER.   I wonder if she's voting for OBAMA THIS TIME?



Ducky's here said...

In-n-Out doesn't have much presence in the East.

Folks out west seem to swear by them.

Z said...

They're REALLY good and I didn't know how far their franchises reach, Ducky, thanks for that info.
We don't get White Castle out here but I hear they're good...I know you don't eat meat, but does Mass have White Castle? I think they come frozen now, I never had one.

In-n-Out also, believe it or not, has Christian verse on some of their paper goods, from what I hear. I haven't one near me and haven't had one in years.

I just found that. It's VERY subtle but there..

Ducky's here said...

Any idea if Her Nibs has a favorite chain?

Rita said...

White Castles are a midwestern staple. My aunt and uncle used to drive over two hours up to Indy to get a fix.

If you get out to the midwest and hear someone they were going for belly bombs, you'll know they are talking about White Castle hamburgers.

I can tell you they are the best tasting thing when they are fresh off the grill and the worst tasting thing when they are 15 minutes old.

The trick is to get them before the juices have soaked through the tiny bottom bun.

And no matter if they are fresh hot or nasty lukewarm, four hours later you are still belching up the taste and then it's not so good.

But oooooh, the pleasure of them going down is worth the hours of misery later.

They're best known for those very late nights urges and early morning regrets.

Leticia said...

I have never heard of that food chain?

But since this maybe a Christian franchise, the woman driving that BMW finally opened her eyes and will hopefully see the hypocrisy of Michelle Obama.

Darn those burgers look good!!

Z said...

I don't know, Ducky.

Rita, I've heard that exact thing; got to get 'em while they're hot! Delicious then.
have you tried the frozen/reheat ones?
I love your last sentence; hate to admit I've LIVED that last sentence many times!

Leticia, hi...maybe she'll be peeling off the OBAMA sticker!
There's another one driving around LA that I"ve seen an amazing lot of times and that's a picture of the Obama/Pepsi logo with a line through it and OMG...but under OMG it doesn't say Oh MY's OBAMA MUST GO! I can't risk my car doing that in LA!

Anonymous said...

"Folks out west seem to swear by them"...

Yea...cause they wouldn't tolerate a scummy little Napoleonic "cantor" like the rabbi BloomTurd, telling them what to eat, think or drink.

Don't mess with a peoples free choice over diet or their food.....only a crud like BloomTurd or a demrat who eats a kosher Pastrami and corn beef every day would mess with a persons burger.

Intestinal illness and IBS to all demrats.

I'm waiting for the sophis New Yakkers to hang him by his ankles in front of Nathans...where you can eat a disgustingly foul hot dog...but can't drink a soda to wash the poison down.

Z said...

Imp, it's crazy. But, consider this: ARe they going to limit the amount of 8 oz drinks one person can buy so the extra thirsty sap who can't think for himself can't buy enough to 'hurt him'?
Didn't Bloomberg think of that?

Anonymous said...

"I can tell you they are the best tasting thing when they are fresh off the grill....

You've got a standing date with this Jersey boy at one of the original White Castles in Rahway, NJ lady.

I'll buy them by the bag full...the best damn burgers in the entire world.

How many dozen Rita? I can go problems. And I remember when they were 15 cents a pop. I also remember when Whoppers were 59 cents a pop!! LOL

Anonymous said...

"I know you don't eat meat..."

Ahhhhhh....that's the answer...I hear that too much tofu induces arthritis and IBS...swear. Explains why bark eaters are miserable. They think that veggism adds 2 minutes to their miserable existence.

The rest of us are carnivores.

Anonymous said...

"Didn't Bloomberg think of that?"

Sorry..but I have to use a foul Yiddish term to explain this little Jew putz....( my Jewish wife of 42 years offered this )..he's fucking

The man is an insane asshole. Delete if you want...but this is what happens when you let a POS like this run a city. I just wish he'd get elected in Detroit. They need a monarch like him to rein on the PopEyes that have killed that city. ( Ummm hum ).

Z said...

My fave is the Bob's Big Boy Burger....mmmm

Although there are PLENTY of great burgers in restaurants around town...Kobi beef burgers that are DIVINE....
There's one place at the beach that serves a hamburger with plum sauce...I've always wanted to try it and haven't because the parking stinks on PCH unless you pull in and park at beach parking.

Avocado burgers, mushroom bacon burgers, ...
and LAMB burgers with feta and arugula and sundried tomatoes in them...GORGEOUS!

But, Petrelli's is REALLY good, too...a terrific steak place that I'm pretty sure grinds whatever steak they didn't sell the night before and makes a burger out of it the next day. You don't need a THING on this burger because it's so good.

Ducky's here said...

...I know you don't eat meat, but does Mass have White Castle?

White Castle is still around in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

There's a local chain, "b. Good" that has a veggie burger with swiss, caramelized onion, mushrooms and bbq sauce. Great with a side of sweet potato fries.

Her nibs might approve if you don't salt the fries.

Sorry imp, I'm not vegan. I eat fish, shell fish and poultry now and again. Mainly avoid the beef for quite a few reasons.

Best burgers in the world --- Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square.

Anonymous said...

"Kobi beef burgers that are DIVINE...." disrespect but...Jeeeez...I don't think you're getting it?

Burgers...real burgers... for all of us regular peons....don't need such trimmings...except for more cheese or onions.

White Castle and In and Out don't need tofu or plum sauce or avocados.

LMAO...ignorant and as simple as I am when it comes to a BURGER! ( Only in LA )

White Castle burgers are about 2 bucks or less now? Not $19.95!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I eat fish, shell fish and poultry now and again..."

Who the hell doesn't? I'll eat fish anyway it's served....raw...fried....boiled, baked or poached.

Anonymous said...

And chicken / poultry...Jewish penicillin.

Rita said...

Z: I have never even tried the frozen White Castles. I imagine they, at best would taste like not-fresh ones.

Imp: I think on my best I've downed five, but nowdays three is my max.

Decades ago, my aunt and I went to pick up som White Castles to take back home for the rest of the family. We were laughing hysterically after we order 40 and they asked, "For here?" I couldn't imagine downing 20 of those things and living to tell about it.

Their fish is pretty good also, but it's the unique taste of the little burgers with holes in the squared pressed burger and the steamed onions that brings in all those late night visitors.

Rita said...

Imp: You've way overpriced the White Castle. They run $0.69 each.

Anonymous said...

"Imp: You've way overpriced the White Castle. They run $0.69 each."

OK Ok Rita.....then no PopCorn...OK? We'll go Dutch. But...come on...59 cents? ( Really..Rita....where do you think they're coming from? ) Not that I really give a a damn. LOL

It's all about...TASTE.

Anonymous said...

"holes in the squared pressed burger and the steamed onions that brings in all those late night visitors...." nailed you know the love for White Castle.

In my family decades ago....we never asked for 40...we asked for bags full. LOL 4 bags fed 7 ...5...fed 10....and so it went.

Z...the aroma leaking from the bag alone was enough to devour more bags of these "things""!!!

Joe said...

'Course if Mayor Bumburger has his way, these will be banned in NYC anyway. They're too big.

He's already decided to ban McDonalds, from selling Super Sized burgers, fries and drinks in NYC.

Now, White Castles are just the right size for him.

(He has't the intelligence to realize that if the burgers are too small, we'll just eat two of them.)

Rita said...

Word of caution: Don't EVER leave an empty bag from White Castle's in your car.

You'll need a half dozen skunks locked in it to ever get the smell out.

Ed Bonderenka said...

White Castle "Sliders" don't contain large patties, therefore low price.
Gut Bombs is another favorite name for them.
I get by easily on Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. Always fresh lettuce and tomato on it. Hold the mayo, add ketchup, or is it catsup? Oooh, spell check says ketchup.

Z said...

Ed, I still think it's CATSUP!

Rita, you talked about not leaving a bag of those 'sliders' in your car.
Ed's right about calling them sliders, I DO know they're small...maybe they were the ORIGINAL SLIDERS!?

Anyway, years ago, there was a NYC trash strike. My cousin lives in Manhattan and said she heard there were people putting trash in Bloomingdale bags and Saks bags and boxes, etc., and leaving them in unlocked cars and people were stealing them! Only to find TRASH inside. The owner of the car got rid of their trash easily! :-) I always thought that was a great story.

Joe, you nailed it, of course!
BUY TWO if the jerk won't sell you a large one, right!? What do you bet they'll limit "ONE TO A CUSTOMER" 8 oz drink!? !!!!

Rita said...

Oh no. This has now turned into the Great Catsup/Ketchup debate. I once had a facebook post that threaded 70 comments because of that spelling.

I, like you Z, thought the correct spelling was catsup. But after researching I found that the true spelling is Ketchup.

I was shocked. Shocked, I tell ya. I could have SWORN it was catsup and that Ketchup was the slang. Come to find out "Catsup" was a Heinz (best ketchup in the world in my opinion) creation.

What is this world coming to?

Lisa said...

We have alot of White Castles here on Long Island. I admit I haven't had one in years but I remember loving them. They steam them.
When we were younger they only had them in New York City so whenever we would go to Madison Square Garden to see a concert we would always stop at White Castle afterward. The line was alwasy so long they used to have the crowd control ropes

Lisa said...

Oh and I never heard of In-N-Out until this post.

Z said...

I'm not changing, RIta :-)
It's probably ketchup but I think catsup is more elegant!

Lisa, steaming is so good.. I love to steam buns for hot dogs, too. I put a strainer over a boiling pot of hot dogs and lay the buns on top for a few seconds and they're perfectly steamed from the hot water underneath..easy!
But, also, buns on the grill are great, aren't they!!

Lisa said...

Hot rolls are the best. If you don't like turkey burgers Trader Joes has the most awesome Turkey Burgers. They taste like a Turkey that just came out of the oven. They're so good. Not like ones mad with ground Turkey.
I'm really not big on beef so much anymore,so it's a good alternative. When I do want a regular burger Bobby Flays' Burger Palace is soooo good.
I don't know what kind of chopmeat they use but it is the tastiest and juiciest.

Z said...

Lisa, is Flay's place a burger joint or an upscale restaurant with great burgers?
Have you been to other of his restaurants? i'd LOVE to go to ONE!

And I do like turkey burgers and usually have those in restaurants...I've got to try the Trader Joe's ..thanks.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

they come frozen 4 in a pack. Bobby Flays Burger Palace is not upscale. It's like 7.95 for a burger and fries are extra.It's atually quite a simple place.
They have so many different kinds of burgers with different toppings Bobby style.
I haven't been to any of his other resturaunts

Lisa said...

you can find the menu here

Z said...

Lisa, why didn't I think to Google them? Thanks!
Oh, my GOSH, did you see that BURGER OF THE MONTH? Fresh mozzarella, arugula, basil catsup!? MMMM

I wish we had some here on the West Coast!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

flotus will be very angry with that, but she'll take the vote though. When it comes to retaining power, leftards are very flexible with their principles.

Lisa said...

"flotus will be very angry with that"

lol RWT-I guess she only approves of imported kobe beef

Anonymous said...

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