Monday, May 14, 2012

Lies proven again....but who's listening?

I don't usually watch videos that I'm warned last as "long as a cup of coffee" as Lone Ranger did at HIS BLOG....  But, I watched today and had to post it here for you to see.  I'm also sending it to friends via email and I SO HOPE you do the same.  And send it to your liberal kids, please.
The lies never stop..........and yes, I KNOW my libs will discredit every bit of irrefutable information because it's a GLENN BECK presentation :-) but.......sometimes, we have to just grow up and see things unpleasant to our eyes and mind, and I suggest they watch, too.  Please pay particular attention to his comments about Jeremiah Wright :-)
Let me know what you think....I'll just say WOW, what a 'man' we have as president of these United States.



FairWitness said...

I watched this over the weekend, Z. Barack Obama's entire bio is fiction. We don't have any idea who this man really is.

Is this man really the best the Democratic Party can offer us as a nominee for the Presidency?

I think not. And they cheated their own faithful, hardworking member, Hillary Clinton, out of the nomination she actually earned. That's what's so tragic about this, they not only cheated us with Obama, they cheated their own members to put him in.

You have to ask WHY? Who the hell is this man?

Z said...

DUcky, I wish now I'd kept your comment because you said Beck doesn't understand what Selma means to Black (and Conservative White) America. All you heard was the word SELMA and you reacted and commented, admitting you'd try to watch the rest now.
He NEVER implied Selma wasn't important, of course...Obama used Selma to say his parents met in that protest and "then Barack Obama Junior was born"....Beck rightly points out that the protest happened FOUR YEARS after he was born.
Even if Obama used it as a metaphor, it didn't actually shows that it didn't take Selma for a Black/White couple to get together and procreate...interesting, come to think of it...

FW....Who is this man is a good question? many lies.
My fave is how people have asked why no old girlfriends have popped up over the last five years or so, then rumors started flying when that gay guy said he'd had an affair with Obama, Obama lost his case against the guy a month or so ago, and suddenly a girl comes forward saying they dated.

Except, as you heard in this video, she now says "that wasn't ME" UN FREAKIN' BELIEVEABLE.

Hillary got SCREWED. I published a few videos from disgruntled Hillary supports in TX saying there was out and out voter fraud and intimidation....including Gloria Allred. That all disappeared...not surprisingly.

Anonymous said...

"We have created rootless, dangling people with little link to the supportive networks—family, friends, and school—that sustain some sense of purpose in life,” he wrote. “Postmodern culture is more and more a market culture dominated by gangster mentalities and self-destructive wantonness.”

"So when his view of the commander-in-chief changed from adoration to disappointment, West was moved to proclaim it out loud. He had already been lobbing rhetorical grenades in the direction of the Oval Office, calling the president “spineless” for his failure to make poor and working people a policy priority and “milquetoast” for kowtowing to corporate interests during the economic crisis. But in an interview with Truthdig, ­published last May, West went nuclear. He called Obama “the black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs.” And then he said he wanted to “slap him,” as the article put it, “on the side of his head.”

Cornel West

It would appear that Obama is not to be trusted, as any liar shouldn't be...and that his most slavish supporters...the banner carrying leftists of the black liberation / army have now abandoned him. And Jeremiah Wright is making noise again.

Louis H. said...

With Barry, it is difficult to tell what is an allegory, and what is an outright lie. Fair Witness, not only is Obama the best the Democrats have (if an accomplished liar is what they’re looking for) —he got four years in the White House from the effort.

Z said...'s not much comfort to know far leftists think leftist Obama isn't far left enough...
It's not like they'll now vote Republican, but at least they MIGHT Not vote, which I doubt, but..
Wright's been making noise...

THey'll ALL make noise but Barry's just going to other segments of his base for the dough now. gays, etc. isn't that difficult.." if his lips are moving..." !!

Z said...

I'm wishing this information was written down..

Videos get VERY little blog attention, I think people are too busy and think it'll take too long :-( This one is SO IMPORTANT..but...

Leticia said...

Wow! He really did his research and it all makes perfect sense.

Z, don't be surprised when the libs start refuting and barking over the lies and so forth, it will come.

Z said...

Leticia, not here it won't..I'm on moderation and not one's been civil and constructive or informative yet!
Am really enjoying it, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Z...I'm just pointing out the ever widening schism that's happening to Obama's once staunch supporters like West and Wright. Now they're saying he's the first "gay" president and that has / might cost him up to 23% of his votes.

Add to that the Muslims who are not going to view his gay support as a positive either.

If blacks generally ( and a majority in NC ) oppose gay you think that the Imans in the US mosques or anywhere will support him? It's not just Iranians that openly call for the death of gays....Islam forbids it...all of Islam...there is no moderation on this topic. Imagine a Muslim attempting to support this?

I would also think that old time liberals aren't in sync with the gay marriage issue either. 33 states have laws against it.

Surely, his base is eroding. I'm happy he foolishly embraced it. Many people will either not vote or vote against him...he's gone too far.

I;m thinking Romney is a far better bet and in sync with the majorities views on this hot topic.

Z said...

Imp, right....not that we have that many voting muslims, but this isn't an issue that would please them. Heck, hardliners would try to kill them, so why vote for someone who'd sanction the behavior!?

I had hopes for the Black clergy but it sounds like they're being courted by the Rev Al. And Obama called them a couple hours after his announcement to smooth things over. I heard only 1 didn't give in to him. I am sure TD Jakes gave in...some spiritual advisor that Christian's been. my gosh.

Ah, well........something's not reading well in the polls or the Obama experts wouldn't have done this to court the gays and leftwing kids. They must be seeing trouble for him in Nov.
I sure wish I did.

Law and Order Teacher said...

It's amazing that "Crazy" Glenn doesn't look so crazy after all that's transpired in the Middle East and now that Wright is back in the ballgame. Obama is ripe for the picking and the electorate is restless and looking for an alternative if you look at the polls.

Obama's support is made up mostly of his usual supporters. A good number seem to be waiting to make a decision. Romney needs to be smart and resolute in making his case with his message.

Kid said...

I haven't heard the obama administration say anything that even slightly resembles reality.
They're worse than hitler. Which includes the democrat media arm known as the MSM. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

"they're being courted by the Rev Al...."

Stupidly trying to convince these idiots that it's a "snivel rights" issue.

Sam Huntington said...

I actually think moderation is an appropriate response to filth left in comments by depraved progressives. Whoever thinks that censorship is inappropriate hasn’t read the muck directed toward the lady who runs this blog. So yes, I think we should impose censorship whenever people behave like mindless animals. No one wants to listen to mindless blather.

Kid said...

Sam, they need to be sent to the kiddie table. Which is exactly what any sensible collection of adults would do in the company of bleating children while they are trying to have a mature conversation.

Censorship is perfectly reasonable.

Z said...

So far, Romney isn't stepping up to the plate...he's just deflecting the silliness of Obama's people trying to take the light off the economy, etc.

he needs to IGNORE that stuff and get some personality and TALK and CONVINCE.
I'm just praying the Left hasn't created enough entitlement seekers who think they deserve the point they'll never vote for a sensible Republican who understands we need to tighten our belts to get over this nightmare O put us in.

Sam...yes, I've been getting worse language into moderation so I've decided to look at the names and delete before reading the names I'm called :-) Thanks for the support.
The thing is, I asked the biggest offender why he doesn't have a blog and he said he does but it's clear it's not linked to his name, so that shows some courage, huh?
Well, we have the courage and we're continuing on, right?

Law and Order, the problem is the Left made Glenn Beck something that he isn't and now they're too small minded to actually LISTEN.
Ducky said he was coming back after listening and disappeared....hard to refute something that's irrefutable.

Kid, those are tough're probably right

Anonymous said...

People are having a field day on Moocheles Twitter feed...take a look.!/search/AskMichelle

Maybe it'll make her cry? Nah? Blush? Nah...

Ed Bonderenka said...

Steve Graham over at and his best friend were in Obama's class at Columbia. They can't find a classmate that remembers Obama.

Ed Bonderenka said...

" So far, Romney isn't stepping up to the plate."
Not after Liberty College....
And Reaganesque comes to mind when listening to that.

Silverfiddle said...

Barack Hussein Obama is our nation's first composite president.

Z said...

WOw, Imp...that isn't any conservative thing, is it? They ALL 'get' her...they all are questioning exactly the right things.
Why not fire HOlder? Prada or Gucci? Can you make lunches for my kids, I apparently don't do it right!...I was VERY surprised.

You know, with a candidate other than Romney, I'd be saying "Man, he'd better be careful, BIG attacks are coming" but I honestly don't think there ARE big attacks. If a hazing of 45 years ago that the family doesn't even remember is the worst he's got,

Ed, I went to "tools" with your link and didn't see anything but have to admit I didn't check thoroughly...are they saying they graduated the same year and they don't remember him, either? Or they do but nobody else does? ??

re the LIberty speech, I didn't see it, I have to admit...just read excerpts. And, of course, if it was Reaganesque, no mainstream media picked it up. God forbid. doubt about it. Composite like a fake laminate table top. ptui

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: That wasn't a link. It is he URL of Steve's blog. It was a few years ago that Steve (who graduated Columbia Law with his friend Aaron) mentioned this so I don't have the exact post. Neither they nor anybody they know in their class (same class as Obama) remembers him.

Brooke said...

The truth, unreported by the MSM. Again.

All of this will be once more swept under the rug, but if Romney parted his hair on the worn side when he was 10, you better believe the Media is going to be like a dog with a bone.

Z said...

Three men had filed complaints at Harvard of sexual 'come ons' by Obama when he was the Editor..
The school paid them off, why, I don't know...

I believe this is why VANITY FAIR suddenly popped up with that article about Obama's girlfriend in college.

Of course, she says the conversations he talks about never happened (see video), but....

I don't enjoy things getting this seedy....I focus on this to more point out HYPOCRISY.

If Romney stole a pencil in the 8th grade, you can BET they'd be all over him. But, Obama can have sexual harassment charges by men and....only conservative blogs reveal it. Go figure.

Lisa said...

What is really amazing is how the media was able to manipulate people even the so-called intellects into not even wondering about Obama's past. It's like it doesn't even matter. I wonder why that is?
I can understand his low income un-educated voting base being manipulated,but the supposed educated people who don't seem to know or even care. It's pretty compelling.

Z said...

Lisa, today I learned something about Breitbart that took my breath away. Let's just say it had something to do with G Beck and he REALLY let Andrew down.......and, America, in so doing.

Also, O'Reilly jumped on him about the Sherrod thing HIGHLY inappropriately, too...without getting the facts.
I can't say much, but suffice it to say that if we had an honest media (left and right), this country'd be WAY better're right.

At least Beck and O'Reilly weren't being subversive.......but they didn't understand a lot...
The regular msm? Well, we know they're liars and covering up PLENTY...
Imagine FALLING for it when Bob Gibbs told the media that "it was a different Malik SHABAZZ than the Black Panther head" who'd come to the WHite House SO many times they inquired about it? They heard that and said "okay!" Ya, RIGHT>..I know MANY Malik Shabazz's, don't you, Lisa? :-)

.but I didn't expect it from Beck and O'R.