Saturday, May 12, 2012

Breasts. Time to GROW UP, folks.

I've been thinking a little about the image on the left and how our culture's come to the point that this is acceptable as a cover for any supposedly mainstream magazine.   Imagine in the early 1900's when women were revered and cherished for their beauty and their modesty.   I think that was better, I don't care WHAT anybody says.  
As  for the image on the right, which our friend/commenter "Impertinent" sent me, that's absolutely a perfect image for what Obama's bringing to us all.   I keep asking lefties what happens when the money runs out...what happens when the milk runs out?
My mother used to say "Breast feeding is probably good for a year of a child's life...and, maybe some prefer more time, but  when a child's old enough to unbutton a mother's blouse, he's too old to nurse. Period"  Amen to that.  
Time for our lefties to stop unbuttoning the blouse.........there's NOTHING LEFT.


Always On Watch said...

As a teacher, I often kept copies of Time in the classroom for perusal during reading time. No way could I have put a magazine with this cover in the stack! Sheesh.

sue hanes said...

Z - Good one.

I've always felt that breastfeeding was good up to 9 months or so - give or take a little - but when child is old enough to run around and then come over get a drink from Mom by unbuttoning the blose and partake -I draw the line there.

The same for Uncle Sam.

And when can a man breastfeed anyway?

A jumpstart to success isn't all that bad - but 'milking' too much from Our Country is not a good thing.

Brooke said...

Yep, the taxpayer teet has run dry!

The pic on the left is beyond disturbing. Once the kid can eat real food, it's time to ween! I think this woman is abusing that child!

Ed Bonderenka said...

You've talked about your initial reactions to first appearances before.
I saw your post title and thought you wanted us to get over seeing breasts in public!
Good post.

California Girl said...

Yes, it's time for American's to grow up!!!

And on another note.. In a time when so many people are out of work, with gas prices sky high, with unemployment running out for so many people, with the housing market in the toilet, with the crappy financial future that is being left to our kids and grandchildren because of the deficit, etc, etc, why is gay marriage, or Romney's giving a haircut to a gay when he was in High School the most important topic of the day?
Isn’t Joe Biden's gaffes or Obama’s money grubbing form the Hollywood Billionaires more or just as important? And is that the only thing that the left leaning media, has to talk about right now?

Right Truth said...

I think that image is obscene, almost pornographic. I'm all for breast feeding for infants, no more than one year. It is the healthy thing to do but it is not absolutely necessary. When you have a 5 year old, almost as tall as the mother, standing and sucking on her breast, there is clearly something else going on. The child may be warped for life.

And on a medical note, just how long does a women produce breast milk after delivery? Is it even possible that she is still producing milk for this kindergartener?

Once a child can eat some form of solid food, they should be off the breast.

Right Truth

Ducky's here said...

Man, did that cover sell magazines.

Right wingers sure know how to make the free market (LMAO) work for them.

FairWitness said...

I went to Time Magazine website and read the free portion of the article attached to the controversial cover. It seems this "model/mother" follows the theories of "attachment parenting" which were discussed in a publication by a Dr. Bill Sears & his wife, Martha, in 1992.

"Attachment parenting has been on the rise over the past two decades, since the publication of The Baby Book by Dr. Bill Sears and his wife Martha in 1992. Its three main tenets are extended breast-feeding, co-sleeping and “baby wearing,” in which infants are physically attached to their parents by slings."

I really don't know what to think of all this, but I don't think it belongs on the cover of Time. Some things are too intimate and should remain private, imho.

Pris said...

This is sick, and whenever I hear of a Mom nursing a child this age, I believe she's doing it because SHE likes it, not because the child needs it.

I mean, let's call a spade a spade, and not beat around the bush.

Now, we have to wonder why TIME magazine thought this was appropriate for it's cover.

Could it be, that this is yet another way to tear morality down further by publicizing it?

You bet it is!

Z said...

aow, that's what I thought...and leftwingers would probably say it's very healthy for children to see it.
And, man, considering where our teens are today, we know better, don't we.

Sue...I just hope people wake up and realize we can't be borrowing the milk anymore; that our kids are SCREWED.

Brooke...I think she's abusing the child, too.

Fair Witness...I think that cover's a really good example of leftwing/ righwing values. I know some Democrats wouldn't approve of the picture, either, but most will...leftwingers will.

I heard that young woman say she really loves her husband and the babies sleep with them (she has an adopted son who she breast fed, too...)...I am hoping they don't have sex with the children in the bed. I presume they don't. gad. haven't been reading my blog long enough if you think I wanted anybody to get over naked breasts on covers of 'mainstream' magazines...or women breast feeding in public. :-) Though I think a blanket covering the works is fine.

California is when the economy's a mess and they want to lead Romney away from talking about it by actually bringing him to APOLOGIZING for something he did 45 years ago...
I suppose they'll be saying he stole a Ticonderoga pencil in the fourth grade next.
I hope he doesn't apologize!
That was THE stupidest thing to do, particularly because the 'victim's' family (he's dead now) said they didn't remember hearing about the incident and that he'd have hated being used as a political football like the Obama thugs did.

Right Truth...I agree. It's absolutely creepy.

Ducky, I left your comment so people can see there are actually people who think TIME is rightwing (talk about LMAO)
p.s. I'm thinkin' most rightwingers didn't buy the magazine :-)

Z said...

PRIS: you said "Could it be, that this is yet another way to tear morality down further by publicizing it?" And you're so right.

TIME's editors, etc., are lefties and they LOVE it, and they knew it would sell. Who doubts the high fives going around their circulation department?
The leftwingers seem to just love outing gays (don't forget, it's cool if you're gay and leftwing, but if you're gay and rightwing and thing it's only your business, it stops being cool), exposing children to homosexuality at far too inappropriate ages, exposing kids to sex far too early..etc etc.

I'm no expert and some might say "How do you know what's too early?" but I can only say the proof is there...We're seeing the ramifications of it are so jaded. I'm around kids raised largely in homes of excellent, healthy values and I see them struggling with the society around them.

We never had to worry, when we were kids, about things like homosexuality, inappropriate public nudity, easy sex with seemingly no decency barriers.
Today, we have college dorms with HOOKING UP ROOMS....

I have a relative in college who gets calls from roommates telling him not to come home because they're having sex with a girl in their room...the other night, the roommate didn't realize my relative was up in his bunk and started having sex. The relative woke up and asked them to leave. The little girl just looked at him like "what's the BIG DEAL?"

I pity her so much. WHat a future...she'll miss the excitement of love and sex with someone she really loves...IF she recognizes it.

And you can't turn this clock back.

Z said...

Sue....also, a lot of people fear that 'jump start' has thrown us into such deep debt we'll never recover...
I did a post recently about the stimulus and how even I'd hoped we might get some infrastructure built and put some to work for a long time, and materials might be bought from US for a change, etc..
but it never happened.
Where's the money?
Why isn't anybody really complaining?

sarah tera tit off said...

The economy is tanking and this is waht every one is up in arms about?

Shame on us, we should be talking about Romney's high school days. LMAO..

Z said...

Ed! I just reread my subject title and realized how you'd take it that way!
I meant ECONOMICALLY, of course! I need to be more careful in my subject titles...thanks!

Sarah....I think our moral culture is either in as bad shape or even worse than our economy, so I do blog these things from time to time.
But, you're right....let's just ignore it all and talk about how Romney was mean to a kid 45 years ago!

I swear they'll be finding out he stole a pencil in the second grade and tell us he can't be trusted.

Meanwhile, we only just heard that Obama had another girl before Michelle (just as gay rumors were floating, of course), and we find he was WONDERFUL :-)
And we've not seen records people have been asking for...even his draft records are screwed up now; suddenly destroyed!? Did you hear? ya.

and oh, yes...we'll be hearing all sorts of wonderful things about him while the press does what it did to Palin only worse....if Ann Romney threw a bandage out from her cancer stitches and didn't throw it in the recyclable bin, they are IN TROUBLE.

Ducky's here said...

Well z, it certainly isn't The New York Review of Books (which will probably run an intelligent column on the subject, my guess).

You yearn to go back to the 50's. Well, there were some real advantages then (as well as a significant lack of freedoms) but with all the media we have now? You can't go home again.

Meanwhile, remind me how we define the big shots in media today such as Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch as liberal.

In fact, that a magazine cover has caused more discussion than the Murdoch hearings is really an excellent discussion topic.

Anonymous said...

A reposting of a sampling of some of the recipients on the Teet of the country as depicted....

Alexandra Pelosi Interviews Welfare Recipients in NYC...

Z said...

Ducky, of course... the really leftwing magazines give the right slant, correct? :)

Tell me how Ailes and Murdock have anything to do with Time Magazine?
Yup, Ailes and Murdock, involved in the same efforts aren't liberal...EVERYONE ELSE IS.

As for the Murdock hearings...conservatives don't protect their own; if he did wrong, he did wrong.

Let's talk about how the media's kept Piers Morgan out of the facts that he was spying, too, okay?

Z said...

Thanks, Imp...
If anybody missed that video I'd blogged when it came out, make sure you see it.

Z said...

Freedom for what, Ducky? For young kids to know what GAY means? For teens to be totally screwed up today because they are told everything's okay? For children to be born to unwed mothers and never have the joy of a father's input, which has been downplayed by feminists, anyway?
For couples to at least try to stay together, leading often to marriages which finally made it in the end?
Freedom for people to be proud of sacrifices instead of mocked when they choose sacrifice for others over personal daily happiness?
Freedom for our children to feel the safety we did because they had a mom and dad at home?
Freedom not to have see indecency on every day television and then be told "then don't watch television" if we mention it?
Freedom to stand up for this country?
Freedom to work hard and be a success and get to do what you want to do with your winnings?
Freedom to have dignity with one's homosexuality and not have to feel represented by gay advocates who don't represent you?
Freedom to worship as one wishes and not be called names for it?
Freedom.... well, the list is endless.

Ya, if that's yearning for the Fifties, that's true. I do.

Anonymous said...

Wow....dynamite Z...

"Ya, if that's yearning for the Fifties, that's true. I do..."

I'm reminded of that scene in Pulp Fiction where the Mom places the kid ( Bruce Willis as a kid ) in front of the TV all day. Babysitter, Mom and Dad all in one.

I feel so bad for ducky and libtard when I saw that...and today it's still the standard for them...only it's CNN and MSNBC all day.

Terrible...when "minds" are so easily wasted. Now...they're OWSers, art "professors" and diversity instructors.

Bob said...

I thought I had grown up. I don't have anything against breasts. Indeed, I encourage a little cleavage, except not with my family femmes.

Somehow, it seems to be extraordinarily immature to be sucking on your mama's tit at age two, three, or four. I think that the big thing is that mom likes it. Any mother with any sense would wean her pup whenever they can take solid food.

I was at dinner last night with my daughter and her children. The grand daughter is two years old, and handles a fork as well as her four year old brother. Plus, she really chows down on the child's enchilada plate. Gotta raise 'em right.

Nothing wrong with a good breast, now and then, but that should be reserved for Dad.

Z said...

Bob, I agree...there is nothing prettier than a young woman in a low cut dress but this, I agree, is over the top. And on a national magazine?

Your two year old granddaughter is amazing if she can hold a fork well and she's eating enchiladas (love that!)
Gad, if you could see my high schoolers and how some of them hold pens...didn't anybody EVER teach them HOW? and they all PRINT! No weird. I keep telling them it's a HECK of a lot faster to take notes in cursive than printing ...
One actually asked me "Can you write in cursive?" WHAT??

By the way, I believe it's even WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY sexier for a woman to have a dress on that's completely high necklined...even long sleeved, fitted...and then absolutely NO BACK, even a bit below the lower back, you know? THAT is gorgeous, don't you think? WAY more beautiful than lowcut, especially if the woman's over 45.
A friend called cleavage in older women "mashed potatoes" years ago...I laughed then, I don't anymore :-) I get it now!

Imp, we were so much SAFER in years gone by, too. Sure, there were perverts, but they hadn't become a cottage industry encouraged by all the television coverage they get today.
We were safer in believing we would marry and have children... who thought of being gay but kids who felt gay? And, yes, those kids suffered, I'm SURE of it...and I hate to think of that, but the gay men I knew back in the day just lived their lives with a partner, "sharing a house"...everyone knew, but nobody said. And they gave great parties, and had wonderful humor, wonderful taste, and who CARED if they were gay, right?
so many things we could talk about on all these subjects.

Kid said...

It's a fact that breast fed babies have larger more developed brains.

Shocker that "teh scientists" can't re-create a substitute that can do the same. Though, of course in some cases artificial is needed so I'm not knocking it completely.

What bothers me most I guess is that I cannot remember breast feeding and women weren't and aren't receptive to the idea of giving me another shot at it.

Clooney is one major idiot.

Did you see Team America: World Police?

It's probably the rudest movie you'll ever see, but it's also the funniest. It's very true to life, and all the hollywood celebs who are activist morons get whacked in it. I love it. It's my favorite movie of ALL Time.

I just think of it and start laughing. hahahaaa

Kid said...

"sexier for a woman to have a dress on that's completely high necklined...even long sleeved, fitted...and then absolutely NO BACK, even a bit below the lower back, you know? THAT is gorgeous,"

Z, I agree. I like that look.

Z said...

Kid...someone loaned me the DVD (said he wouldn't watch it with me and warned me ahead of time a little) of some Team America movie that was SO GROSS I can't even say WHY it was so gross....but, there are Arabs in it, and stuff?
I wish I could describe it without having to say "the one with the sex scenes that are filthy?" but, I guess I have to :-) THAT ONE???

Z said...

I remember in CROCODILE DUNDEE, the girl lead in it had a short dress on, beige or white, and sleeveless, with a high neckline and REALLY plunging back...she wore a fabulous red dress, too.
such a great look

Z said...

I believe they married after that film, in real life.

I think it was the dresses :-)

Kid said...

Z, Team America - Yeah, that's the one ! I absolutely Love it! It's sooooo true to life. Life on Earth, all critters considered IS rude.

Just watch and don't tell anyone you did eh? Or not...

And yes, the two leading characters of Crocodile Dundee did get married.