Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mountain Lion in Santa Monica?!

I arrived at an appointment today only to hear four helicopters hovering overheard when I arrived...........turns out that a mountain lion was loose in downtown Santa Monica!
HERE is the story.   When I saw the helicopters, I figured some burglar was trying to escape the police but then I heard about the lion!   The mountains aren't that close, so this was really surprising!

I had to go back to my car to get something after I'd arrived, the helicopters were still noisy,  and I figured "If it's a burglar, I can cope if he pops up in my way"  (Mr. Z used to often accuse me of being too brave in obvious trouble while sometimes suffering the 'small stuff')...but later I heard it was a MOUNTAIN LION and was glad my journey back to my car and back to the appointment was safe!

Here he is...was, actually.  They shot him with a tranquilizer but it didn't take so they had to kill him to protect people in the area.  So sad.  We don't get mountain lions downtown and so close to the Pacific Coast Highway......this was a weird one!



viburnum said...

What a shame they had to kill it. We had something similar happen here a couple of years ago when a bear took up residence in the area, causing quite a stir. I'm in the exburbs, and we have lots of wildlife but bears are a rarity. This one had climbed a tree and the game wardens darted it. When it went to sleep it fell out of the tree and broke it's neck. What were they thinking???

Kid said...

Z, that is sad. Though one school of thought says that wild animals who come out into human areas during daylight hours are often very sick. He/she may have been done a favor.

It's not a good world we live in. It really is full of suffering. I bring up my news.google page today and here is yet another [illegal?] mexican POS staring back at me, snatched up by the cops for raping, torturing and killing a fine American 15 year old daughter of someone, let alone a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her.

Sorry to being it up.

Per your post of the other day regarding the anger in our society these days, add this element. The government (repubs didn't do anything about it either) fling the borders open and let all this vermin come flying into OUR country under the idiotic premise that they're all nice little Mexican cooks, and lettuce pickers just trying to make a life.

If you're some POS in Mexicao, the American penal system looks like a 4 star hotel, so why not come over, execute your evil and when you get caught, live your life out in comparative luxury.

Something else liberals don't have the slightest clue about.

If you don't like this comment, I know it's dark, please Delete it.

Anonymous said...

If you're some POS in Mexicao..."

No need to apologize Kid. When you "welcome" Mexican POS into America...you get Mexicans. Mexicans with all their baggage, illiteracy, ignorance and 3rd world trappings.

Mexicans ( a generic for all illegals from central and south America ) as a whole produce squat. Compared to what they receive from us broke, stupid, hard working, tax paying citizens who support these parasites with our largess.

Pat Buchannan was fired recently for daring to say..."“The End of White America.”

Next day the NYT, USA Today, Daily News...scream with headlines that "minorities" now produce more illegal litters than our citizens. And rewarded for it. So the guy who admits to "fathering" 30 illegitimate pups with 11 different "mommas" gets a yawn?

Actually gets a yawn? Cause we're too cowed to say what we really feel about this rape of our wealth and transfer to the worst among us? OK...I'm as generous as the next. How do we continue to pay for this? By taxing Californians ( with millions of illegal grifters ) at 10%, 15% or maybe in a year or two...20%?

How do we solve this? Once we agree to allow these thieving bastards to continually raise our taxes to pay for the parasites...the illegals...the aliens....where does it end?

It doesn't. The illegals don't give a shit what we're burdened with...so long as they get food stamps, housing, EBT cards, tax credits and welfare of all sorts....they just keep on coming.

WTF is wrong with us? Are we that stupid? Are we all cowards and refuse to speak the truth to the obvious solutions?

We're sick...we're stuck...we're stupid and way too PC to ever resolve this...amicably.

Ducky's here said...

There was a reported sighting locally but it turned out to be a real good sized bobcat.

Lot of animals venturing close to populated areas. Black bears are almost common place.

Kid said...

Imp "We're sick...we're stuck...we're stupid and way too PC to ever resolve this...amicably."


You got kids trying to figure out how they can be respectful to some 40 year old hairy taliban POS who takes on a 12 year old girl as a bride then tortures the S out of her on the honeymoon. It doesn't get anymore dysfunctional that that.

I wouldn't mind the escalation of other races in this country if the work ethic remained. It hasn't. They're all here like birds who eat the food then crap on the back deck on their way to some other American freebie.

Well, I would:
Shut the borders. Clamp down on businesses hiring illegals. Stop giving illegals thousands of dollars in IRA refunds(not sure about this one?) No more free school, no more free healthcare, lock em up without drivers license and insurance and ship em back. I turn the spigot to OFF and problemo Sol-ved.

If you're illegal and you end up in a prison, it will be a prison that affords you no comforts whatsoever. You'll eat green bologna sandwiches till it comes out your ears, and wear pink undies just like the people at Sheriff Joe's Tent City in Maricopa County, Arizona. Then you'll be dispatched from this planet like the rabid dog you are. I wish I could chain them to a wall and let anyone who wanted come in and make them feel 'at home' in our fine country.

Z said...

viburnum, it was so sad they had to kill it but the tranquilizer shot didn't work, apparently.
Poor bear.....ya, I've never heard of darting a bear with a sleeping potion while it's up in a tree. It was NOT a koala, right? (a koala'd have liked that!)

Kid...odd, because I was going to do a post about the constant bad news we have in our country these days.
Muslim terrorists are threatening the grid BIG time now and the 'great America' has to scurry around like the cockroaches we've become wondering "what do we DO?", your story of a lovely young girl killed is beyond words, the economy stinks, I'm publishing a couple of things tomorrow that'll make our heads SPIN with Obama stories...ugh.
So, no..it's not too dark. I wish it WAS.

We really are like scurrying cockroaches now...our soldiers in Iraq couldn't shoot back into mosques as their buddies were killed from bullets coming out of them, we had to announce ahead of time when we were searching houses for terrorists, we get blamed for EVERYTHING and our own media bought it and capitalized on it, making our soldiers look as bad as possible...
we have an enemy without a country who has no Geneva Convention to follow, an enemy with no Senate holding public hearings on TV showing its cards like ours does...we have an enemy of skinny Somali sailors taking over great American ships but we can't fight back..

Scurrying cockroaches...because the left thinks if we're nice, they'll like us.

And we've got a Middle East of Muslim Brotherhood now...sending BILLIONS to Egypt which is going fundamentalist. Great, JUST GREAT :-(

Imp...while there are plenty of really nice Mexicans (and the legal ones I know are smart enough to understand business and vote Republican), we're swamped with illegals from all over Central and South America who really don't care. They don't want to be Americans anymore, they want their loot. They know how to play out system and they are.
But, political correctness of the left got into full swing and we're stuck .

not to say GWBush was much better on that subject.

Got to get votes...so we pay, pay, pay.
Got to get votes...so we turn a blind eye to stealing into the country
Got to get votes...so we never tell the truth about how bad off this country is now and how we must make huge cuts.

got to get those votes...bye bye, America

Z said...

Ducky, Black bears in a downtown area?
Mountain lions or bears aren't common in S.M., I assure you.

KID FOR PRESIDENT....I like the platform!

Silverfiddle said...

I'm surprised governor moonbeam's government didn't declare the city a natural habitat and demand all humans vacate...

Kid said...

Z, Thanks, I didn't want to turn your post into something else. Even tho I have to some extent. That mex POS is in the news right now. He's not the 1st nor will be the last.

I wish I could run for Pres, but they'd quickly uncover my checkered past.... :) Orphan Kitten Fostering for example. Sure to turn a libs stomach.

Too many people in America, mostly young, have been accepting of WAY too much. It won't progress or possibly even end well.

Ducky's here said...

No, you don't see them downtown but they are showing up frequently in the inner suburbs.

Moose have been wandering in downtown.

Of course the coyotes are everywhere.

Z said...

Kid, I just got an email from Pris who included this "I forgot to tell you that one of my buddies at Ralphs who is a Mexican American told me today, that he will NOT vote for Obama this time. He's a Democrat, but, he's also a Catholic, and he told me this morning, that Obama coming out for gay marriage was the last straw for him. He said since Obama became President, things are going downhill fast and he will not vote for him again.. He has no trust in Obama anymore!
I'm hoping this is indicative of others who, this time, have had it!!!!
I think this is a good sign. He can't be the only one who feels this way!"

made my day

Z said...

Ducky, are there coyotes in Boston proper? Downtown? and MOOSE? Are you kidding? From Vermont? :-)

viburnum said...

Z: "are there coyotes in Boston proper?"

They're in Philadelphia as well. There seems to be two distinct populations. The ones at the western end of the state seem to be direct migrants moving east, while the ones we have here have are thought to have moved through Canada and interbred with wolves along the way making them somewhat larger and apparently bolder. These are likely the ones the Ducky has in Mass as well.


Z said...

V, that's interesting.

The only coyotes we have around downtown HERE are the ones who take money from illegals, drive them over the borders, and drop them off at sweat shops :-)
This is the type I wish WOULD migrate to Canada...and stay there :-)

but, seriously, we have real animal coyotes in the L.A. Suburbs.

Mustang said...

Not sure how they can justify the kill. Are they saying they only had one dart? More government incompetence?

Not long ago, a female cyclist was attacked by a Mountain Lion in the foothills outside LA ... very serious leg injury, but she's lucky to survive the attack.

The very fact he was prowling around in Santa Monica is proof that Mountain Lions don't like Mexican food.

Z said...

Mustang, they are definitely lurking in the foothills, but that's not near Santa MOnica...and SM's the home of 3 of my favorite Mexican restaurants :-)
I don't know how many darts they had but they finally decided the people came first and had to put the poor lion down :(

Honestly, there were about 30 people at the meeting I attended very nearby the lion and, while hearing the constant noise of the helicopters hovering over us, none of us thought it was a LION!

Kid said...

Z, "Kid, I just got an email from Pris "......

Z, I also see encouraging signs. I still find it difficult to get excited though. I'm going to either feel Much better on Nov 5, or pretty much the same. We'll see.

Z said...

Kid "pretty much the same?"

Do you feel THAT BAD NOW? :-)

I may start taking strong Ambien the day before and try to sleep through it :-)...except i'm going in to vote this time (too many stories of absentee voter fraud from a friend who works the precincts and has seen it).....I felt worried 4 years ago, this time I know AMerica won't survive another 4 years of Obama, so this is a TOUGH NIGHT COMING IN NOVEMBER.
Or, I'll sacrifice my vote and not go in because what I have seen myself, fraud-wise, is so horrid.

hint: don't believe PROVISIONAL BALLOTS do ANYTHING....it's a joke.

Kid said...

Z, "Do you feel THAT BAD NOW? :-)"

No, much worse.

Z said...

Viburnum, a neighbor just emailed me about the lion, thinking I hadn't heard, I guess.
She emailed that she's had raccoons and possums in their backyard (across the street from my condominium) and that another neighbor SAW A COYOTE ON THE NEXT STREET OVER NOT LONG AGO!

So, I stand corrected. We DO have coyotes in the city!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Wow, that would definitely wake a person up, knowing a mountain lion is on the loose.