Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chris Matthews, hypocrisy and JEOPARDY!

I would never blog this embarrassing situation for MSNBC's Chris Matthews because we could all fall apart on Jeopardy, knowing millions are watching....But I do post it because of these comments from Matthews about Sarah Palin over the last couple of years:

-Do you think she’d do better on the questions on Jeopardy! or the interview they do during a half-time?
-Don’t put her on Jeopardy!
-If she were on Jeopardy! right now and the topic was national government, American government generally defined, would she look like an imbecile, or would she look okay? Does she know anything?"
-“I’d like to see her on just a couple of episodes of Celebrity Jeopardy!

HERE is the link..........the video's short and VERY amusing as poor Chris blunders through, not knowing the answers, even if the loathsome Robert Gibbs (past White House press guy) wins :-)    I suppose they'll have 3 Republicans on tonight?  They sure had none on last night.  Maybe it's just an oversight.  Because Alex Trebek's a pretty smart guy.  A lot smarter than Chris Matthews, I guess.



Ducky's here said...

Remember, this is the woman who stated that said the VP "runs the Senate" and "can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes."

Now really, wouldn't you get a kick out of seeing her on Jeopardy?

Ducky's here said...

Broken link,

Z said...

Actually, Yes, I would get a kick out of seeing her on Jeopardy. My point, again, is the irony of Matthews doing so badly when he slammed her so hard. That's all.

thanks, the link's back.

Rita said...

Dana Perino will be on at some point. Sounds like she didn't win.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I was amazed to see Gibbs bet that much money at the end when he HAD NO ANSWER!
Oh yeah, he's a democrat and it wasn't his money, it was charity.

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews is a hack, Nothing more.

Elmers Brother said...

Yeah she was close

Elmers Brother said...

It's not like she believes in some crazy notion how about calvinists taking over the government

Ducky's here said...

Well z, I have a suspicion that a lot of us (including Sarah) might have missed Gary Powers' full name.

I'd bet Sarah wouldn't get that far.

Bunkerville said...

He sure didn't have to keep clicking in!

Anonymous said...

Well...each of those "contestants" rely exclusively on TelePrompTers too, no?

And without one...matthews wouldn't know what leg was tingling or what shoe he peed into this time.

Always On Watch said...

Did this really happen, or is the video a spoof?

Whatever the case, it's funny.

Leticia said...

That was almost painful to watch and I was so glad that I knew some of those answers, yay me!

Z said...

Rita, I think Dana might have been on last night...I forgot to watch.

Ed...good point!

Elbro, excellent :-)

Ducky, I think most people know it's Francis Gary Powers..! And, of course, I knew you'd pick one question and absolve Matthews of the ridiculous display of hypocrisy and mean spiritedness. of course.

Bunk..>I don't think so!!
Imp...well said!

AOW...definitely NOT a spoof...tho it almost looks like one.
The poor guy did nothing but use Jeopardy as ways to slam Palin and he does SO poorly you've just to go laugh at him (again and again!)

Leticia, way to go, girl! Did YOu know Francis Gary Powers?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

He came dead last, oh well, he deserves to get a few kicks his way. That's how the likes of him roll.

Mustang said...

Chris Matthews a hypocrite? Say it isn't so!

Z said...

RWT and Mustang... no big deal that he lost but that he slammed Palin (no favorite of MINE, be assured) THAT hard about Jeopardy every chance he got....I wonder if he's even had that realization.

I doubt it

Z said...

I have a correction on my comment to DUcky....saying that I'd get a kick out of seeing Palin on Jeopardy.
I would not.
I would mostly get a kick out of her going back to Alaska and locking the door behind her, if you want to know the truth.
And brother, was I a fan in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

November is just around the corner and our long national nightmare is about to end. And the Progressive's is just beginning. Payback is sweet!
People are waking up.

Kid said...

Typical....Just typical. :)

Glass houses, stones, etc.

Anonymous said...

"People are waking up..."

PLEASE...don't kid yourself with false hope and dreams of Our real Fathers....the founding Fathers that is. The parasites will never ever give up the perks, the set asides the AA, the perennial aggrieved status, the special treatment, the "snivel rights' crowd are of our making and they're here to stay.

Four generations of special status and treatment and you expect now that they'd willing give all this be independent, assets and contributors rather than the EZ road of takers? Half of this country pays NO taxes...makes NO contributions to the foundations of this country.

And too many more are here illegally with the ability to get tax credits and IRS refunds for other NON citizens? Now we want to give the country away to be..."FAIR". So as not to appear "raciss"? We've lost whatever ability we ever had to convince 1/2 of Americans to be productive, contributing assets...rather than mooches and self pitying POS.

They will never give up the DRUG Addiction of welfare, EBT's food stamps, child support and government handouts.

de Tocqueville...was 100% correct. Now France too has descended into the slow spiral downward. As has California ( sadly ) and Illinois...happily.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Well, the point was not that Matthews doesn't know Gary Powers' first name. The point is he gave the exact same response after Alex had indicated that the original response was incomplete.

Similarly, the point wasn't that he didn't know St. Basil's cathedral was in Moscow. The point was that he guessed Istanbul for "six letter capitals."

Obviously the thing is edited to show only non-flattering portions, but the story it tells is not "Matthews doesn't know things" (I would guess he knows a lot). The story is "This guy's kind of dense."

The game is about reacting quickly, not having thought out responses, so I can excuse his brain farts. Matthews had put excessive emphasis on quiz show ability as a qualification for public office. I hope he can excuse my schadenfreude.


Rita said...

Z: I think Palin is great. BUT. She is great at rallying the base. She is not great at being a leader.

I do appreciate that she was smart enough to come into the political arena the way she did. She cannot be stupid and take on the opponents both R's and D's in her state.

I am not saying she should be President at all. But you cannot discount her ability to rally people who have given up on this nasty political mess we are in.

I could never do what she has done.

Could I beat her in an IQ test?


But I appreciate her ability to motivate Americans who normally hate to be involved with politics.

They listen to her. The left can claim otherwise, but I know she can excite people that are not politcal junkies.

She has her place. And it's not insignificant.

Z said...

But, Mike....all that's fine, but my point is more that he would insult Palin so badly, using Jeopardy to insult, then fall apart himself.
I know Istanbul has more than 6 letters, we all know the answers he screwed up...and he's always slamming her. I think "knows a lot" and "dense" are pretty much the same with him. Oh, and unspeakably cruel and smug.

RITA, don't get me on Palin....I have seen her more turn people OFF than turn them ON.
And who CARES what she thinks about anything? She ran for VP because McCain picked her and she's done nothing since but say "oh, the GOP guys are scared of me...all I am is a SOCCER MOM!" (really, Sarah?) and "Gee! I can't let the press know where our buses are going on this trip, I may have to change direction cuz we just can't AFFORD the GAS!" (really, Sarah?)
I honestly can't LOOK at that face or hear that voice anymore....
And I was so excited the morning he nominated her you wouldn't believe it.
Man, when Romney was speaking at one end of some city (I can't remember) and she bused in another part and sucked the air out of the city, that was it for me. Yes, she's got big fans, but I don't believe those are people who are new to politics.

Anyway...let's just say we disagree on her! Today, I believe she's an embarrassment. She's got good traits, she can multitask and she's unafraid but to give her the air time (and she was treated HORRIBLY by the leftwingers, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT) to hear her give her take on this country and what politicians need to do seems ME, anyway.

Kid said...

Rita, Z, I guess I agree with both of your comments about Palin.

She's a great American, would be a fantastic neighbor, but I don't want her in the White House.

The main thing about her I like other than the above is her ability to literally make liberals try to climb out of their skin anytime her name is mentioned.

Z said...

Kid, the biggest problem is most Americans didn't look past what the media said about her, and didn't even seem to care about their going through her trash, calling her children names, suggesting her children weren't hers, saying she was a moron (as if one can become governor being a moron?), etc etc... They just bought the media lies and so, since we have to deal with reality, this reality didn't work well for Republicans....she became a clown to many Americans and, today, what she says is mostly fine and she sings well to the choir, but to the rest of the country, they just right away thinking "Clown"...completely unfair, probably, but I'll NEVER forget her remarks about the GOP and the other stuff I mentioned in my last comment. It showed she'd lost the beautiful humility and honesty she'd first exhibited.
Again, that's MY viewpoint...I know plenty of people still adore her.
I don't get it, but..I don't have to, as long as she doesn't hurt the election.
And she might.

Joe said...

Matthews is not as smart as Palin and that's the end of that story.

Fredd said...

I ran into Chris Matthews in an airport a few months ago, recognized him and he came over and talked to me. He seemed like a decent guy, but I am guessing that is not the overwhelming sentiment here...

Z said...

Fredd, I used to really like to watch Matthews; he was fair and not witheringly insulting to the right in days gone by.
I understand his wife either is or was a Washington news reader of VERY leftist bent and I guess she and her buddies got to him. He was far left way before Obama, but we sure liked him when he saw both sides.
He worked for Tip O'Neil, who was one of the last Democrats who put America before hating Republicans...that spoke well for Matthews but he doesn't seem to have O'Neil's class.
I'd probably like him at a dinner party if no politics were spoken but maybe not as I resent his lowering the bar in the media so far.

Fredd said...


I understand your point. To bolster it, I also ran into Chris Matthews in 1997 when I lived in the DC area. His wife, Kathleen Matthews, was a talking head for the local ABC affiliate in the Washington DC area. My wife and I were out to eat in an upscale DC eatery, and I bellied up to the bar to get a drink for me and the missus.

The barkeep was knee deep in the dinner crowd, and so I was about three layers removed from the bar, waiting to elbow my way in. Right next to me was a guy staring at me: Chris Matthews. And he was staring daggers, looking into my eyes to see if I recognized him. I looked at him back, and then when a look of recognition came across my face, he seemed satisfied that he was recognized, looked away, and never once glanced at me again, despite the fact that my wife and I sat at the very next table to him and Kathleen.

Back then, it seemed that all he wanted was recognition.