Friday, March 15, 2013 this a joke? HE is


Is this an American presidential administration or some stupid shabby two-bit reality show?
Must we be part of this utter stupidity?

How much will THIS cost?  Are they kidding?

What would YOU do for one of the series on BEING BIDEN?  Please limit it to publishable material!
I'm stunned.   Just when I think this White House can't do anything worse..............



Always On Watch said...

Getting ready for a 2016 run for the Oval Office? If he were to win, he could appoint Obama to the SCOTUS.

JonBerg said...

Upon seeing Biden in his phony hunters garb and listening to his droning narrative I can only conclude that [our] "Goose Is Cooked"!!!

JonBerg said...

At last, Biden finds his niche, MESS COOK!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Let Biden be Biden.
Just make sure the constant string of gaffes are publicized.

Anonymous said...

If you saw that video at AOW today, Biden would fit right in with them. If any of them happen to know who Joe is, they probably think he is a genius.

Lisa said...

Good Lord just another distraction by this celebrity administration.
Maybe someone will give him the old Garden Variety slap across the face for spewing nonsense.

This is what the left has become. They don't care how crazy or unqualified their candidates are just as long as they can convince people this is who they want.

Z said... said "They don't care how crazy or unqualified their candidates are just as long as they can convince people this is who they want"...

It really seems that way...and they're gaining on us in this ridiculous celeb culture they've created.

Ashley Judd for Senator :-)
and have you noticed how Michelle Obama is EVERYWHERE lately...? My GOSH, I think she's become the world expert on nutrition, obesity, child rearing, dancing, clothes, name it.

Craig said...

Z, You do realize it's a website with a recorded message about a posted photo, don't you? It won't run on E or Bravo.

How much will THIS cost?

The price of an internet connection, but I suspect he already had one. Is it the hair trigger on your outrage alarm that causes you to go off half cocked?

Upon seeing Biden in his phony hunters garb

So, you hunt with tongs wearing an apron?

Ashley Judd for Senator :-)

Good heavens, an actor running for high public office

Craig said...

Z, I hope you clicked on my link. Harkens back to those simpler times you pine for. When mom and dad slept in separate twin beds and dad shared his with a chimp. FREEDOM!

Z said...

Craig, please don't come here to insult. Don't you have anything better to DO? Cute to picture you outraged and searching for links and drawing strawmen to get us to believe your VP isn't acting like a loon again.

I'm just wondering what the media'd have thought had Cheney done anything this silly. Plenty, you can bet on it.
My GOD, you're in overdrive protecting the gaffer ... it's kind of cute to see!
I know...we can't criticize the left but BOY, it's open season for YOU :-)

Let's just say we like an administration with just a tad more dignity?
Nobody said this was on E or Bravo, by the way.

Z said...

Your link won't open but I'm hoping you're alluding to Reagan? because I'd love to compare ANY Republican to Ashley Judd's experience and background.

Ducky's here said...

The snark is strong in you today, Craig.

The link failed for some reason but I have a good idea what you were linking to.

Class trivia quiz:
Reagan played the villain in only one film (maybe his best performance).
Name the film.

Z said...

Craig..and yes, I do yearn for simpler times but I'm not quite sure what twin beds and chimps has to do with it.

Sorry...I do long for an administration with honor and dignity, for times that were better.
And, pleeease, nobody thinks America's perfect; I don't need a lecture...yes, there was slavery and yes, there was racism (which is pretty much back thanks to our Divider in Chief). In the conservative real world, one can say times were better and we know what we mean. That you don't is rather sad.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

that's right Z they are trying to create an illusion. It's like look at us we are having a good time with their,parties, vacations,TV appearances all over to make us believe that since we are having fun then so are you.
Obama does this so he can avoid serious discussions.
And the only "serious discussions" he seems to want are the pre-staged ones with non-challenging questions or when he is demagoguing with his people props standing behind him
while in preacher mode.

Lisa said...

By the way Z good comment back to Craig

Ducky's here said...

@z ---
Sorry...I do long for an administration with honor and dignity, for times that were better.

Which administration do you have in mind?

You don't strike me as a Truman democrat.

Z said...

Lisa, it's a well-planned, well-executed administration full of what you suggest. VERY interesting thought about how they're partying hearty to make us think we are. Lisa, I LOVE your fresh thinking...

How does a country survive with such inequity in news reportage? Americans need the news not the news' viewpoint.

When we think of how much golf Obama's played, for example, and the nightmarish harasshment of Bush for having played half of what Obama played in his first four years (plus the fact that Bush stopped the minute we went to war), etc etc., you just have to realize the incredible bias. Picture what would have happened to Bush if he'd continued at the pace Obama's playing! Or took the very expensive vacations Obama's taking! Or the fact that the Mrs travels separately, or that they sent the DOG on a separate plane once!

Media bias is all thrown into the CHARM OFFENSIVE, too. And offensive, it is.

Ducky, it's honor and dignity when we have a president who isn't jive, who doesn't saunter to the podium, whose wife doesn't wear shrink-wrap leggings, who doesn't lecture us, who doesn't insult half of America's character ... frankly, if I have to tell you...

Ducky's here said...

Give me a hint, z.

Does it sound like Iran/Contra?

Z said...

Give me a hint, Ducky, does it sound like I'm talking purely politics from all I wrote above?

Z said...

or does it sound like the nightmare of Obama Care, pulling troops out while the new SOD says "we're at war,"
putting us into trillions of debt and saying that's not such a big problem?

Anybody else want to add to the list on Obama to teach Ducky a few lessons?

Anonymous said...

"Does it sound like Iran/Contra?"

Does it smell like Benghazi? Or walk and talk like Fast & Furious? Or is it the Kenyan kings sequestration idea? Or is it about Solandrya? Is it about his bona fides which he puked the country about for 4 years? Lets talk about the damage Obaqma Care is already causing? Releasing 2000 dangeous illegal felons too? Closing down the White House...must have ben mooocheles doing....she doesn't like all the white trash that come in every day.

Add this shit to the golf and the $186,000 p/hr 747 flight time for political gigs and multi million dollar vacations and the rest of the unnecessary bling bling that these frauds love ( like Jesse Jr ).

How about the XL pipeline while we're at it which would lead to energy independence?

JonBerg said...

Teachable isn't in Ducky's DNA! Further, even if he 'gets it' we will NEVER find that out. His sole objective is to provoke adults.

Z said...

Imp..great, there are several excellent examples of no dignity or honor.
Thanks ...

JB..sad, isn't it.

Craig said...

Sorry about the link. I hope this one works. Bedtime. Diana Lynn looks thoroughly disgusted by the whole thing.

I stiil don't get why Biden's website upsets you so. Every politician from pres. to water commissioner has a website. I bet alot include audio.

Like Ed said. You should welcome this. It will be a gold mine of Biden Boneheads.

Z said...

"upsets" me, Craig? Far from it.
Find it stupid and silly?
No, no VP has had a site called "BEING CHENEY" or "BEING MONDALE" who the hell WANTS to BE BIDEN?

it's cheap and silly. That's all. Not much can upset me anymore about this administration, trust me.

Z said...

and, by the way, "acting responsibly" isn't responsible because he finds something responsible.
A LOT of Americans think it's more responsible to adhere to existing gun laws and make sure our kids are not left waiting for another crazed madman..with no protection.
There will always be THE IMPERFECT in this world. The bad guys will always get weapons.
I wish liberals would grow up.

cube said...

It might be remotely funny if he weren't one heartbeat away from president of the USA.

Z said...

Cube; you into horror movies? :-)

Z said...

Everybody: I read all sides of every issue, watch CNN and even some mSNBC from time to time, so I hear everything, but I do not read liberal blogs very any of you?

I wonder if conservatives go to them and comment with the insults and misrepresentations we get here at geeeeZ or your blogs? Name calling...really horrible disdain.

Have you seen that a lot?
Always on Watch posted this which Ducky said "they asked a different question, it's edited! Of course, you can't edit "I voted for him because he's black," can you... or "Portugal deserves protection, it's their constitutional right!" :-)

This is the kind of dumb liberal thing that amuses me...You have to give Ducky credit for just hanging in there trying, I guess?

Z said...

Something just occurred to me that I wanted to share...

Hannity has been on this tirade of OBAMA IS A DEMAGOGUE as if Hannity just learned the definition of demagogue...but I had to laugh because the first time he said it, I thought he said Obama was a DEMI-GOD and thought "That works, too!"

FreeThinke said...

Adds yet another dimension to the the old term
"CHEAP POLITICIAN," doesn't it?

Politics has always been mostly about nonsense gone militant. Today it's about nonsense gone berserk.

The trouble is too many people take their nonsense very very seriously.

Ed Bonderenka said...

duck: I just got home from work.
To answer your quiz, "The Killers".
Should I google it?

Bob said...

What is Biden's brand of Scotch? Everybody knows he has a bottle problem.

Anonymous said...

For all you ignorant commies, progressive pukes who roam here and pollute this place:

"Your words mean nothing.

The Constitution is NOT a living document and do not make the mistake or be fooled into thinking it is.

These politicians are 100% liars without ethics or conscience. They have somehow found a way to legally accept bribes while the very mention of an offer of one by anyone else will land you in jail. How do you think they do that? With words.

They mean something. See, once upon a time, there were things called integrity and honor that the people in those positions of authority were not only expected to have, but to strive to be the most honorable with the most integrity.

Because even though the nation was not able to witness them in their actions personally on a daily basis, there were still reporters who did watch and did report the truth.

Also due to them too having a code of ethics and a duty to their readers to tell the whole story without leaving out parts or inventing their own. All to maintain their trust with the public readership they were seen or heard by.

The majority of the public sector today has no idea what honor or dignity in their chosen line of work is or why it is important.

They don 't understand that we the people have granted them the authority they wield not to hold us up with via fines and fees and taxes and so on, but to police the very ones who have also been granted some measure of authority by the people.

To just say "we're the legislative or executive branch and we can do whatever we want because if we are not legally allowed to, the courts will change our wrongdoing", is an all out assault on the freedoms this country was founded for.

Just the fact that Feinstein and Obama and so many others (almost every single one of them) actually put this notion forward as being true and proper methods of running the gov't and forming legislation and passing it, should be grounds for expulsion from any and all public office for life. Period.

PLEASE open your eyes to see the lies.

JonBerg said...


You have said it all, good on you! I have nothing to add.