Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CNN like FOX??

CNN becoming "more like FOX news"??   Wait.  Half of CNN's contributors are conservatives, like FOX has half its contributors liberals?  I DON'T THINK SO!!!

THIS ARTICLE suggests that CNN is becoming more editorialized.  It says "Fox News' evening coverage was also dominated by interviews."  Ummm.  FOX's evening coverage is O'Reilly and Hannity.  Of course it's interviews; that's their style, it's not news, per se.

That horrid Shep Smith is on FOX in "the evening" and he has almost no interviews, just NEWS, so what are these authors doing, lying?

CNN has been every bit on the Left as FOX has been on the Right but the media never mentions that, does it.  Actually, FOX has had FAR FAR more liberals under contract and on every single day than CNN ever had the guts to do for Conservatives............Check out the link under "This Article" above...it's a short piece but interesting.  The bias there is so obvious.   Will they ever stop bashing FOX?

At least the authors admit MSNBC is "left leaning"  :-)   Duh, REALLY?!!



JonBerg said...

"That horrid Shep Smith"

Kind of makes me want to vomit (isn't he so cute).

More tomorrow-bed time!

Ducky's here said...

The headline states the real problem

Viewers are tuning out all of it because of a lack of reportage.

This has been going on for quite some time as news has been forced to become a profit center.
Really has nothing to do with your precious Fox being maligned.

They all suck the gas pipe.

Anonymous said...

This is a first, but I do have to agree with Ducky on this. CNN ratings have been so low, they are going to present more news to see if that helps.

Z said...

Conservatives on Fire, this had less to do with my "precious FOX" (which is precious to me because at least I can hear good two-sided discussions there, unlike CNN) but more about how they took shots which aren't at all true at FOX again.
I think it's important to point that out because we so often hear that the media's not biased...and that CNN isn't. Which is laughable, of course.

Z said...

BY THE WAY, FOLKS: The President said that if chemical weapons were used in Syria, he'd "change his calculus"...they've apparently been used now.
Think he'll do anything about it?

Ducky's here said...

Interesting, Assad is claiming the rebels used a chemical agent.

Nothing has been clearly established.

26 injured in possible gas attack

Anonymous said...

I've been tuning out as well. I think Fox is the channel of the statist GOP now. Karl Rove, Kristol, etc... So I'm done with them as well.

JonBerg said...

I never watch the "Communist News Network". Liberalism is depressing enough, with its negative impact on everyday life, without watching it being nurtured and celebrated, ad nauseam, by the mentally impaired! Yes, there are some of those types on FOX NEWS, as well. Colmes, Greene, Beckel, just to name a few, appear on that network to provide their views from the "loony bin" side. Their presence and inane comentary delivers stark contrast to the rational views of the [normal] majority of those appearing there.

Anonymous said...


""change his calculus"..."

Yea ...he'll send 250 mil for gas masks and unused bio suits from Iraq.

Anonymous said...


God JB...thanks.

Insane is an understatement! They should never be allowed to hold a gun in America...they're the ones most likely to use it against their fellow Americans.

cube said...

CNN will say anything if they think it will improve ratings. It doesn't have to be true.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah cube, unlike Faux.

Please, bore me later.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Even though I despise cable news in general, if I'm forced to choose a US outlet, I'll take CNN over Fox and MSNBC. The latter two are little more than party press agents and pretend to show "both sides", but book the most milquetoast opposition spokespeople they can find.

Anonymous said...

cube, I think Ducky's right on that one. People wanted Romney to win so their pseudo experts sold us on his win.

Ducky's here said...

We cab agree on that, froggy.

As news has become a major profit center (not because they are giving us more and better news) the gruel gets a bit thin.

Now, how can we demand more news?

Z said...

Const. Insurgent..you call Bob Beckel's venomous comments milquetoast?
No, FOX has Beckel and Powers, Judith Miller, Van Jones, Van Jones and many Black Dem operatives....very little milqueoast. Obviously Schoen and Caddell have changed their stripes and still bill themselves as Democrats but they DO see the truth about Obama and are pretty embarrassed about it and don't have any problem saying so.
Caddell's a VERY nice guy, by the way; I had the pleasure of Breitbart introducing me to him...a terrific evening.
Except for having to meet that foul-mouthed drunkard Boehner.

CNN will never ever have the best and brightest conservatives...
it's like Elizabeth Hasselbeck representing ME on that ridiculous "THE VIEW".
no way.

DUCKY, we should be demanding THE NEWS, not someone's opinion.
Years ago, very few writers got bi-lines...now the weather woman is mentioned by name as if anybody cares who's giving the weather.
Almost every single article's got an author and then they start feeling they need to give their opinion.
Who the heck cares what Wolf Blitzer or Shep Smith THINK or a subject? Just tell us the NEWS.

Cronkite and Rather were two of the first to start the opinion on TV news, too....it wasn't billed opinion (FOX is, mostly, CNN is never, which is wrong and dishonorable...MSNBC is just a joke and not worth discussion) but they sure got their points across...subtle, powerful...sad.

That's not journalism. UNLESS they say THIS IS MY OPINION PIECE. Then, OPEN SEASON.

What really gets me is when they have a truly interesting argument on FOX, for example, and suddenly IT'S COMMERCIAL TIME and it's "well, thank you for coming by!" They could have been discussing the death of someone, but the big smile comes on announcing the ad and the guests, who were in the middle of fascinating stuff, are GONE. Disgusting.

Z said...

Everything you write's being deleted the minute I have time to check. If you're here, you're gone. It was your choice.

As other libs who I finally start regularly deleting because they're so mean and insulting, call it censorship; it's always kind of a cherry on the Sundae to know you still continue to mischaracterize.
Thanks :-)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - I respectfully disagree. I've found none of the cable networks ever seem to have a lucid and cogent spokesman for partisan agenda's. Beckel is a punching bag for four Republicans. MSNBC is no better.

As someone who has very little ideological representation in the MSM, there is zero difference between the agenda driven format of either Fox or MSNBC. But then, if one sees truth only as defined by a political party, there's no surprise that people have their favorite news sources....because they tell them what they want to hear.

But possibly because I find little political representation on cable opinion shows, I find myself just wanting the news. I can get cheap opinion anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Now, how can we demand more news?

I have no idea. State news are worse anyway. It's not any better. At least with the marketplace, the likeliness of finding the truth by watching MSBNC, CNN, FOX, reading the web, etc... is much higher.

I think that's our job to be better at filtering, however we want to filter it. And then punish those networks by not watching them. My FOX watching must have gone from 2hrs / day during the election to 15 min a week now. I was already getting tired of the same rants over and over during the election (granted I rant over and over too) and since the election is over it's the same again. So I'm not even entertained anymore.

I think we're all better off dealing with our lives and seek happiness than watching news.

Z said...

Const....I'm no fonder of cheap opinion than you are, believe me.

FrogBurger, I think watching news is extremely important but I sure do agree that we're not finding life happiness there! Except to have happiness, some of the information has to at least be combatted, so we do need to know.

I watch FAR FAR less TV news now, too...I find myself listening for 10 minutes and then changing the channel. I'm sorry that happened.

I will say that I obviously appreciate FOX's agenda better than that of CNN or MSNBC but I would certainly never ever compare FOX to MSNBC. MSNBC has at least one avowed socialist hosting his own show...FOX hasn't anything close to the other side that far right.

Also, I think OFXs Neil Cavuto and CNNs Jake Tapper are excellent.

Ducky's here said...

As other libs who I finally start regularly deleting because they're so mean and insulting, call it censorship; it's always kind of a cherry on the Sundae to know you still continue to mischaracterize.

Fair enough so long as you point out that your regulars are free to call liberals anything but a child of god.

Ducky's here said...

... but they DO see the truth about Obama
They realize he's right of center?
Could have fooled me.

beamish said...

CNN is still around?

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Anybody who thinks Obama's right of center is definitely a fool.

JonBerg said...

"Beckel is a punching bag for four Republicans"

Lucky for this, otherwise, bag of sh..t that he has an identity and a job!

Marine4Ever said...

While Obimbo is changing his calculus (whatever that means) could someone change his diaper... I think he wet himself again.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Lucky for this, otherwise, bag of sh..t that he has an identity and a job!"

I care less about his employment than I do about a cable news outlet pretending to be 'fair and balanced'.

JonBerg said...


"While Obimbo is changing his calculus (whatever that means)"

Yeah, I wondered WTH that means, as well? I seriously doubt that Obimbo has any grasp of calculus. Who does after enduring it and most never using it? Obimbo, the big-time engineer/scientist; what a f..king joke! Well, I guess that it's supposed to make him sound smart. In a society that would elect him [twice]; I submit that the word [smart] no longer exists as a functional componet of our vocabulary.

Average American said...

"I find myself just wanting the news. I can get cheap opinion anywhere."

I have to agree with Const. Insur. on that one. I prefer to get my political opinions at my favorite wateringhole (bar). At least I get to give them MY opinion and they get to hear me calling them idiots when that is called for. Besides, it's cheaper than a new TV screen.

Marine4Ever said...

JonBerg -- "While Obimbo is changing his calculus (whatever that means)"

As we all know -- they* hang on Bath House Barry's every word** as if it were manna from heaven.

*commie skanks
**nonsensical doublespeak

cube said...

Ducky: Yeah, CNN and Fox are just the same... keep telling yourself that and it will become true for you.

Bob said...

Like COF, I agree with Ducky. I am also starting to detest this so-called balancing act in interviewing any and every failed politician producers can find to fill in some air time.

If you remember the book, "Left Turn", by Timothy Groseclose, the most of the media is biased to the left, anyway. His peer reviewed paper has been challenged by another paper only once that I know, and the only thing the competition could figure out was, SINCE FOX NEWS WENT ON THE AIR, THE OTHER NEWS OUTLETS HAVE BEEN FORCED TO DRIFT TO THE RIGHT JUST TO COMPETE!

So, Ducky's partially right. Follow the money.