Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bush Lied? Check this'll want to watch all of it.

THIS TRAGIC VET'S LETTER TO BUSH should be addressed to Clinton, Edwards, Reid, etc etc...all the Democrats who supported going into Iraq before and after 9/11.   The real tragedy is that the media would think it's such a good idea to publish this letter and give it headline status to get still more jabs into Bush after all these years.   It's almost as if they're using this poor dying man's letter to forward their agenda.   
God bless that poor man and give him peace. 


JonBerg said...

OK, now we hear about the threat of chemical weapons of mass destruction in Syria. Where do you think they came from? Oh yes, "Bush lied"-yeah! Check this one out:

Now when Liberalmann , Ducky, Enema, or whomever chimes in with their B.S., I have some more stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that the young man feels betrayed. None of us can honestly claim we know the truth. Maybe we will never know. Did the Iraqi WMD go to Sudan or Syria as some rumors claim? At this point in time, we just don't know.

Z said...

Conservativesonfire, my point is less that he has reason to feel betrayed and more that the news STILL, this morning, is touting this letter in headlines. We all know it's because he blames Bush. MANY soldiers have felt betrayed and probably written about it.

Sada spoke of this for a while, then stopped; I have to go so I don't have time to look at the date on Jon's link...
He tried to get people to listen, but there was too much backlash by that time...nobody believed anything.

In the early days going into Iraq ALL those in the video were for it...backing Bush, but that's all been forgotten. Also, foreign countries, too, felt we did what we had to do.

Blame Bush?

Ducky's here said...

There's no reason not to write it to Bush/Cheney. After all, they gave it the final green light.

What we should be asking is why we ate everything on the plate when our entire political establishment lied through its teeth.

And we are still sitting on our hands like a bunch of dummies waiting for someone to tell is we can stop being scared of this non threat.

We are a sorry people.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, conservatives on fire, Hussein trucked a fantastic military capability into Syria, a ally of Iran.

Now I do remember a rather nasty war between those two when WE were arming Hussein with chem capabilities. But to say he shipped them to an enemy is a bit absurd, no?

Does Sudan have storage capabilities for any quantity of chem? I think you can answer that.

No, we don't have to wait for some media jackie to tell us the truth. Reason is your friend.

Buck said...

There were always WMD's in syria, since they were taken out of Iraq
One of the MANY problems that the Obama Cartel has is a serious lack of guts, that flows out of the White House, into the Pentagroin, and throughout the offices of the government. We know it, the enemy knows it, and deep down, Obama, Panetta, Hillary,Rice,Biden, and the rest of the traitors know it.
The Progressive Movement will never admit that they were wrong, and the MSM will never report truthfully on the origin of those weapons.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people keep saying that the fact Iraq had chemical weapons was a lie. It's well documented. France was actively providing equipment for the production of these. An acquaintance of mine told me he worked on a factory that may have been used for the production of chemical weapons when he was residing in Iraq in the 80s.
Even the wikipedia has en entry for it.

Z said...

Ducky, you're a sorry thinker/ look at the video, why don't you?
Ya, blame Bush; much easier and it fits your agenda. As I just wrote to Buck, imagine if Bush hadn't gone in with ALL THE DEMOCRATS encouraging him to go to war? :-)

Your questions about Syria are ridiculous and Sada answers all of them in his warnings. Ya, Syria can't store weapons but it can gas its people.

Buck...well said. Hillary, Bill, Harry, John Edwards, EVERYBODY was with Bush.
BUT, the left BLAMeS BUSH for making the final decision! Imagine if he had decided AGAINST all their heroes? :-) HELL TO PAY "Bush isn't going into Iraq~! !We're all going to DIE if Saddam gets weapons! OH MY GOD"

I can hear it now.

Z said... you know; you can tell liberals facts/figures/first hand accounts...NO MATTER if it doesn't fit THEIR thinking.

and they vote :-(

Anonymous said...

You know what's always puzzled me in this debate is the fact that even the French, not really pro American at the time, also believed there was WMD.

I guess we'll never know the absolute truth.

Ducky's here said...

@z --- Ducky, you're a sorry thinker/ look at the video, why don't you?
Ya, blame Bush; much easier and it fits your agenda.
From my post:
"What we should be asking is why we ate everything on the plate when our entire political establishment lied through its teeth."

Now do I need to explain, "entire"?

Are you going to say that Bush/Cheney/Rice and all were not part of that sad fiasco?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to say that Bush/Cheney/Rice and all were not part of that sad fiasco?

Our politicians are part of many fiascos. That's why we need less of them with less power. Because when they screw up, it's not small needless to say. But nobody gets it and people want more big gov. I am tired of repeating myself.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Syria has had a chemical weapons capability for nearly as long as Iraq did......implicating their stocks as existing only because of the theory that they could have come from Iraq is as disengenuous as anything coming from the left.

There is zero quantifiable intelligence that Iraq spirited anything close to the scope of a program maintained by the Bush Administration.....into Syria. The only verified stocks found by coalition forces was the yellowcake we already knew about (and still under IAEA seal) and some indirect munition of varying shelf life. The meme by the legacy restoration committee remains a theory.

Buck said...

Yes Z, everyone was on board with Bush!
John Kerry, both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Richard Gephardt, Joe Biden, oe Lieberman, John Edwards, "Chuck" Schumer, Tom Daschle, John Murtha, Chris Dodd, Chuck Hagel,
So, how can liberals possibly blame Bush for Iraq, when they are the ones who demanded war in the first place?
But the Progressive Movement will never admit that they were wrong, yes, all these douche bags above voted for the Iraq war. So if Bush has blood on his hands, all of the above do as well . But at least Bush asked for congress' approval. But today everyone forgets that, and the blame for Iraq gets pined on Cheney,and Bush period.

But these DemoRat Brownshirts will never admit that they were wrong, We’d have better luck seeing the bloods apologize to the cryps.

Anonymous said...

All phonies anyways. Politics is for douche bags most of the time. Running the debt was unpatriotic under Bush but now it's ok.
Just jaded and tired of all those liars and thieves.

JonBerg said...


"you can tell liberals facts/figures/first hand accounts...NO MATTER if it doesn't fit THEIR thinking."

Well if: facts, figures and first hand accounts meant anything to them, they wouldn't be liberals in the first place! liberals want to live in some sort of fantasy land. The reality found in: facts, figures and first hand information is antithetcial to their delusional expectations!

Z said...

Ducky, again, CAN YOU READ?

If there were 100000000 Dems for going into Iraq, they'd STILL be blaming Bush. THAT is my point, not that Bush or Cheney are innocent.
Though, of course, most of us still think he was worth offing. Killing 300,000 kurds with chemical weapons connotes WMD to ME.
I guess it doesn't to "progressives". How Progressive.

Spidey said...

What a putz we have for a leader!
Obama´s disgracefully overdue trip to Israel. Wooing Islamist s while giving our loyal ally in Jerusalem the cold shoulder is a disastrous foreign policy.
A blind man with a cane could see this coming. You can only burn the candle at both ends for so long.Nobody knowing what Obama really stands for doesn´t give anybody a sense of security. This trip to Israel was a bad idea because it created a lose/lose for Obama,which i couldn´t care less about.
Alienating everyone? Hey, it´s what he does.
The affirmative action moron who now leads NASA clams the sequester would stop us from deflecting a Russian sized asteroid from hitting a US city.

So tell all of your Jewish friends and relatives in America to stop voting for liberal putzes.

Z said...

Spidey, I swear...the way things are going, who cares about an asteroid, right?

I listened to five minutes of Obama speech to students this morning...I noticed that only half clapped but he WOW'd that half. Oh, my gosh, how easy to PROMISE THEM EVERYTHING and get big applause.

Loved that part about "Bebe and I are good friends, anything said otherwise is just an excuse for Haretz to write an article.." As if Haretz is FOX; the same withering insults to Israel's big newspaper. Imagine?

When he was telling the Jewish kids their history, I wanted to be sick. And then when he talked about how Jews Christians and Muslims all regard Jerusalem as a special city; is he DEAF to what islam would like to DO to Jerusalem? IS HE NUTS?

It's a humiliation.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"And then when he talked about how Jews Christians and Muslims all regard Jerusalem as a special city; is he DEAF to what islam would like to DO to Jerusalem?"

In this instance, Obama is absolutely correct. Islam calls Jerusalem Baitul-Maqdis ("The Noble, Sacred Place").

If Iran obtained a nuclear device, Jerusalem is the safest place in Israel to live.

Z said...

Const. DO understand that islam WANTS Jerusalem, right, as I suggested in my comment? That was my point. And they've threatened it for years.
Of course the 3 great faiths are Abrahamic.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Of course; they want control of what they consider a holy place. I keyed off your inclusion of what they "wanted to DO TO Jerusalem".

Anonymous said...

H J RES 114 - YEA & NAY - 10 Oct 2002 - 3:05 PM
To Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq

House of Representatives
YEA = 296 Democrats

Z said... only point for bringing that up again is that I wouldn't give Obama credit for saying that when he knows darned well that Jerusalem is a huge source of contention...see what I mean?
To bring that up when the history is dark is silly.

Anonymous said...

"Indeed, the October 2002 resolution authorizing the invasion had the support of the majority of Democratic senators, as well as the support of the Democratic Party leadership in both the House and the Senate.."

beamish said...

Relitigating the justifications of the Iraq War is sooooo 2004.

Spidey said...

Having different opinions on the Israel/Palestine conflict: okay. Has any president ever shown such a complete change of position on a central matter of American foreign policy as Barack Obama has this week in relation to Israel and the Palestinians? NOT OKAY. Today's reason why liberals suck: Obama pretends to make a friendly visit to Israel,gets stabbed in the back from the Palestinians,then tells Israel all the problems are their fault.

I would love to say that obama is a communist jackass, but it's not as simple as that!
Bottom line: Obama stabbed Israel in the back again

JonBerg said...


Who's an idiot?

Z said...

No new posts until I can get my computer at home working again.

Enjoy my 'vacation' ! :-)

Lisa said...

Z didn't you know that Bush was so dumb yet he was smart enough to trick all those democrats into believing that Iraq had WMD's?

Z said...

Lisa, GOOD ONE :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I replied to Liberalschmuck

Z said...

Darth, Liberalmann is being deleted every time I see him so I just did that now.
Thanks for the 'head's up'.

Anonymous said...

Splendid idea!

Z said...


I forgot to mention this:

I saw Dennis Rodman in an interview where the guy asked why he thought the little Korean dictator talked to him.

Rodman, in his amazing intellectual prowess, said "well, I was surprised, too! Why didn't he ask to meet Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan.............?"

Big leer into the camera and a conspiratorial smile to the interviewer as if the answer's obvious..

"because I'm BLACK!!!!"

I swear he did.
Maybe he never noticed WOod and Jordan are black, too?
Maybe he's as color blind as Republicans are :-)

Z said...

"Bush was a puppet?" now it's NOT his fault?

It's almost a shame you won't be here anymore for more than a few minutes because you are HILARIOUS.

JonBerg said...

I think Liberalmann is/was about as "HILARIOUS" as DIARRHEA! But I guess that's/was his objective since he seems incapable of anything greater than that! GOOD RIDDANCE!

Liberalmann said...

Bush was the President so the buck stops there, but even someone with limited percipience like you must realize Cheney was running the show, right? Everyone else does.

The fact remains, they lied us all into this god forsaking war. They are all war criminals.

Let's not forget, if you spoke against the war as a Democrat, you were branded a traitor and you got an envelope of Anthrax in your mail