Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Faith Post

Please stop right now and pray for someone.   Just stop reading this and pray for the first person brought to your mind (and I do mean brought).   If more people come to your mind, please keep at it.............

Pray for America, too.  She sure needs it.
"You will pray to Him and He will hear you." Job22:27

"I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer."  1 Timothy: 2:8

God bless all of you and those you prayed for.

Have a fantastic Sunday. 



Ed Bonderenka said...

It often freaks people out when they ask me to pray for them or something they're concerned about and I DO IT RIGHT THEN.
I always say, I don't want to take the chance of forgetting it later.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"GeeeeeZ!" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

Brooke said...

God bless! Have a wonderful Sunday, and truly this is an intuitive post!

sue hanes said...

Z - I said a prayer for you too.

Have a great Sunday - Z.

FreeThinke said...

I don't care how far down any of us might get, I have found that it ALWAYS helps to think of others, and to remember that our own troubles are probably nowhere near as severe as the fired who s dying of cancer, the neighbor whose husband of 28 ears just walks out on her, the waitress who is raising her baby alone and can barely make enough to pay the rent, or the little girl who is heartbroken because her puppy got run over, etc.

I know I can't possibly heal all these hurts and take care of all these terrible problems, but I know God can, so I pray all the time that those in trouble and sorrow will turn to God and find the insight and courage they need to be able to carry on.

It's probably "unorthodox, " but I talk to God while I'm driving, while I'm cooking or cleaning up, -- even when I'm shopping -- and often take time just to sit quietly and mull things over with His Presence in mind.

Does He talk to me?

Not in a voice anyone could hear, but helpful ideas, courage and inspiration come to me as a result of keeping God in mind as a matter of routine.

May Grace and Peace be with us all.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Thank you for wanting to leave such a wonderful testimony, my dear FreeThinke!!! Oh how I wish more were more willing to truly accept what you have been allowed and enabled to know and understand about our Heavenly Father wanting to truly have a very close and personal relationship with us--even while we are still apart of this world. Be assured that it is not the same for all, with it all depending upon what our Heavenly Father wants to accomplish in and through each individual, but even in cases where one has been given less than another, what has been given to them is certainly more than what has been so widely taught in His name.

Kid said...

Bunni has my prayer today.

Always On Watch said...

I just prayed for my Ethiopia students whose mother died of cancer on November 5.

Ed Bonderenka said...

FT: You and I are alike in that regard, however "unorthodox".

Jan said...

Z..what a great idea for this post!

Ironically, just last night as I said my bedtime prayers, for some reason I thought of bloggers, and commenters, and tried to recall different ones whose names I've seen on here.

Of course, I have no way of knowing the different issues affecting each person, but I prayed that God would bless them, and help them, according to His perfect will for each individual. I'm afraid that's all we can do when we don't know the specifics, but then what better thing can you pray for than His perfect will in our lives?

FT...I was so touched by your comment, and I know, exactly, what you are talking about. I've always said that it's not about religion, but relationship with our Creator, our Savior. His love for us is without measure, so how can we do anything else but to love Him, too, and to talk to Him about everything?

I'm so appreciative of others when they share about their love and appreciation of Him....and thankful for Z, for never hesitating to share her faith, and inviting others to do the same.

We all can use all the prayer we can get, and I certainly covet all of yours!

Z said...

FT..Everyone would be helped by constant prayer. I think it helps US at least as much as those who we pray for.
And I believe that God just wants us close and it's part of why praying was started, anyway :-)

Kid, I worry about Bunni...she doesn't seem to have posted for a month or so. Poor thing. And what a great spirit she has.

Sue, thanks SO SO MUCH. I really appreciate your prayer.

Brooke, I wish more people would pray, don't you?
miss you

AOW, I don't know how one prayer stays one prayer; to me, it's like Lay's Potato Chips; you can't just eat ONE!!

Z said...

Hi, Jan!

Interesting that you were praying for bloggers/commenters and I posted this!

I love that we can pray for each other and don't 'really' even know each other. I pray you're doing well.

Jerry, welcome to GeeeeZ...your input is a blessing.

Bob said...

Thanks for this simple blog, Z. My daughter's father-in-law was recently diagnosed with cancer. It has spread from the liver to the gall bladder. It is metastatic.

His name is Ron, and he is a wonderful man. He is a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. We, of course, share grandchildren and they will miss him a lot after the one year the medical community has given him to live.

I pray for his healing, and for delivery from pain and suffering. I pray for his wife, and his children. My son-in-law will have a tough time, as will we all. Ron is a great man, and we all love him.

I would appreciate your prayers, too.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You asked for my first thought.

It wasn't for an individual.

I prayed for my country.

I prayed for it to be strong.

I prayed for it to be sufficiently strong to resist the current administration in DC.

I prayed for those -- the American Taxpayers -- who exist, according to DC, solely to fund their own extravagances.

I prayed for the nation to be bigger, more robust, more resilient than those in the northeast who haven't a care about reality.

That's what I prayed for.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Lord, please heal and strengthen Ron and restore him to his family.

Z said...

Bob, you've got it. I'm so sorry about that.

BZ; if we'd all only just pray for America...........every time we think of it.
Thanks for that beauty.

beamish said...

While prayers are being offered...

My mom just had a mastectomy and my dad another stent put in his heart. Both parents were in the hospital at the same time. (An experience I'd wish on nobody...)

My mom can't do her full chemo treatments because her blood platelets are too low and we find out next week if she's going to need bone marrow transplants. Some sort of underlying issue there.

One big prayer for my family oughta do it.