Thursday, March 28, 2013

Obama Lies

So, I know many of us don't like spending the time to watch a video, but this one's particularly worth it because it's something you will not see in the mainstream news.  Of course, facts are there, articulately submitted and discussed, but Obama's, let's say "mischaracterization" has not been corrected by the mainstream media.   Again.
What do you think of this?  Don't you believe Americans should know both sides of everything, particularly if they're not being told the truth?

I hope so.



Constitutional Insurgent said...

Anyway you could give a brief synopsis? I'm rather restricted on watching videos here at work. Something about 'use of taxpayer dollars'.....

JonBerg said...

King Pinocchio, the Fraud-in-Chief, lies and his pathetic minions swoon. Cheap, lying, phony SOBs like him are a "dime a dozen" but it takes some INCREDIBLE fools to make a mistake like electing this mountebank TWICE!!!!!

Darth Bacon said...

Jon is right, don't blame Obama, he is just doing what he does. Blame the IDIOT'S who voted for him.....

Ed Bonderenka said...

I avoid watching him as much as possible.
I am trying to get over the visceral hatred I feel when I see or hear him speak, and that gesture of his with his hands like that is a trait of his that indicates he's lying really really hard and wants you to really really believe him.

Anonymous said...

Shame on America, for voting for an unrepentant Communist, who rode the Affirmatve Action train all the way to the Oval Office, and who thinks that an unarmed People and an armed State equates to freedom and liberty.

Anonymous said...

Even Big Sis...the bull is lying...taught well by the lair in chief:

Mexican Immigrant Scales 18-Foot Fence and Jumps Across US Border–Just a Few Yards Away From Four US Senators Who Were on a Fact-Finding Tour, Daily Mail (London)

The border is clearly secure.

Are they impressed, convinced or embarrassed?

Anonymous said...

And BTW you scumbag...

Hey POTUS, want to know what *I* haven't forgotten? I haven't forgotten that if there were properly trained, licensed CCW carriers at Sandy Hook that day, you wouldn't have any props to help sell your flawed ideology.

I haven't forgotten Brian Terry, or HIS grieving mother, or your (still employed) guy, Eric Holder, who sold the guns that killed him.

I haven't forgotten Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, or Ambassador Chris Stevens, or how they were left to die because you were too busy with campaign prep to send the help they needed.

And I haven't forgotten the 4.8 MILLION babies aborted on your watch, 67 thousand of them late term, viable lives.

And I haven't forgotten the vacations you've taken on the backs of taxpayers who can no longer even take a staycation thanks to your tax and spend foolishness.

Z said...

Jon, I'm so sorry; that was sloppy of me; I should have said what the subject was. The video is
Columnist Kim Strassel on a Congressional Research Service report that shows drilling has declined on federal lands during the Obama Administration. During a debate, Obama said Romney wasn't truthful when he said oil and gas production had gone down since Obama was in. Obama was adamant.
But, it's fallen 33% in actually.

The truth is that Obama's impeded production and hasn't been responsible for one drop of oil since he came into office.
let's not forget, drilling for oil doesn't add to his dream of the destruction of our country.

Imp, that idiot McCain fell right into Obama's trap today acting SO UPSET the borders aren't secure (he's the AZ senator and didn't know that? WE know that) and blaming it on sequestration...which Obama blames on Republicans.
McCain is a fricking STOOGE

Anonymous said...


"drilling for oil doesn't add to his dream of the destruction of our country."

Well said..this low life kenyan piece of sheet will have us paying $10 a gallon before he vacates the WH and has destroyed the country. But fear not...all his sycophant low life, POS followers will get Gas coupons for their Benz's and Caddies. Can't impede the drive by's can we now?

It's not a load of "bull"'s a load of barrack...same crap...

I do...despise this arrogant useless commie turd more than I doo on my shoes. That I can scrape off...him....I need a bath when I hear or see ...IT.

Anonymous said...


"AZ senator and didn't know that.."

How the hell could he Z...the demented asshole is in DC and jetting around the country eating lavish dinners and "fact finding" missions. He's just one of the 100 turds that are in the bubble and need to get purged.

And he never talks to Jan Brewer either? W T F?

Anonymous said...

Notice the complete absence of the usual dembagger snots?

Anonymous said...

Where Oh where are the self righteous, condescending, arrogant loons?

Passing Over? I doubt it... religion is poison to them.

Z said...

Imp, I wasn't QUITE putting it in your terminology (smile) but I was just realizing that the libs don't EVER comment when there are videos showing their hero WRONG again. you're right.

As for McCain; he doesn't talk to Jan Brewer????
what a PUTZ

Anonymous said...


"putting it in your terminology (smile)"'re too gracious, well mannered and a polite ever phrase it the way I do!!

I am what I am...and the name say's it all.

JonBerg said...


Wow, you're really on a roll!


Anonymous said...


I don't have that many good days here...LOL

But I suppose it's cause the loon trolls aren't coming out from under their rocks tonite? And have nothing to say in defense of the greatest POS liar that the WH has ever had as a resident and witnessed.

Ducky's here said...

Where Oh where are the self righteous, condescending, arrogant loons?

Right here, Butch.

It's difficult to spot the premise here.

Is it:

1. The Black Messiah said something during a campaign debate that shaded the truth (he's be the first to do that).

2. The right is under the impression that oil and gas production is down under Obama (utter nonsense).

3. The right wing wants to complaining about the price of gas while we keep the sanctions pressure on Iran to please our Israeli "allies".

4. You;re looking for a new job because you can't afford to tank up your '94 Subaru.

Which is it, Butch.

JonBerg said...


Yeah, just like you said:"the loon trolls have [nothing] to say"

Anonymous said...

With the re-election of Barack Obama, the United States has officially become a banana republic. From a nation that produced patriots like Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, we have knowingly selected the lowest common denominator as our commander in chief.
Never in history has a nation so great fallen so far, so fast, as ours did on Nov. 6, 2012.

As for the tittle of your post today, "Obama Lies"
Yes indeed, Obama tells each voting group what they want to hear, regardless of the truth, he offers hope, makes false promises and always smiles. He is charismatic just like a cult leader.
So, those on the recieving end will not ask the important questions. Since about 70% of Americans receive some form of government payout, be it an Obamaphone, Obamcare, food stamps. or just plain old welfare.America and her citizens have lost their soul. We are sadly no longer "One Nation Under God". We have become a nation of blatant sexuality, moral relativism and addicts of popular culture. The next generation will be far worse because of the degenerative education they are receiving. The media and our schools are the root to the evil we are stricken with.

Always On Watch said...

You know what? Obama supporters don't want to know the material presented on this video! They'd rather be lemmings and believe in "The One."

Always On Watch said...

Possibly of interest (related): Will Democrats Be Held Accountable for ObamaCare's Broken Promises?

JonBerg said...


"Obamacare's Broken Promises"

Good information, I just shared it with many. I wonder how the "loon trolls" will deal with this, if at all?

Anonymous said...

"oil and gas production is down under Obama"

Down 33% on Federal lands...with more being taken out of circulation...Dick

Z said...

Imp, he'd still tell audiences his lies; he knows very well that most people don't hear all the truth...and he keeps pitchin'

Z said...

Libjerk, the GUY LIED. There is no reason for a professional like Kim Strassel to come out and risk her reputation correcting him if she's not done the homework.


I do like to think of you reading my blog posts and quickly googling the subjects on leftwing sites, though, for your information.

Sadly, you're just plain WRONG.
He said FEDERAL land and Strassel corrected the remark about FEDERAL LAND, so please go away.

Nobody needs more misinformation than our news already gives us.

Thanks so much.
Deleting every comment; glad you're learning, tho.

Anonymous said...


Another for you...:

"As keen as President Obama and the White House are to take credit for the fact that oil imports are down and domestic production is going strong, this isn’t due to any especial efforts on behalf of his administration as much as it is due to state and private endeavors — unfortunately, it’s all too clear that the administration has largely dithered and stalled on oil-and-gas permitting, at the opportunity costs of more robust job creation, economic growth, and possibly lower gas prices.

But green energy projects, as we’re all painfully aware by now, have been getting all kinds of devoted attention from the Obama administration, and while the Department of Interior just can’t seem to find the time expedite the oil and gas permits for which the private sector is clamoring, wind and solar ventures are the apple of their collective eye.

Under outgoing Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, the administration has on average sold 1,000 fewer leases annually for drilling on public lands than Bush, according to data compiled by the Institute for Energy Research, a Washington-based organization.

Anonymous said...


Where does Obummer think the fuel for AF1 comes from?

It's burn rate is 25000 pounds per hour. Or near 3700 Gallons per hour. The current cost of Jet A is about $7 per gallon ='s $25,735.00 blowing out of the exhaust turbine...every hour.

Maybe he should go "Green" on AF1 and attach solar panels to the fuselage and a big wind turbine on the tail.

You can rent yourself out to blow your vapid hot air through it and do some service for your king in chief, eh?

JonBerg said...

OK once again:


Yeah, just like you said:"the loon trolls have [nothing] to say"!

Average American said...

"who rode the Affirmative Action train all the way to the Oval Office"

Glad to see someone else picked up the phrase "Affirmative Action President" Imp. I wish many more would, because that is EXACTLY what he is!!

He was certainly NOT held to the same standards that every other President in American history was. Not by the press, not by his party, and MOST CERTAINLY not by the nitwits that voted for him, ESPECIALLY the second time around!

The SOB is in WAY over his head and the country is drowning because of it. Affirmative action didn't work years ago and it isn't working now. I just hope that people have learned their lesson but I sincerely doubt it.