Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Bite Me"...Kurt Schlichter makes some sense here...

Who the hell is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to presume that he has a say in what I or any other American chooses to drink? Of course, the answer for any self-respecting citizen is that he has no such say, and the proper response to him and his legion of petty fascist fan boys is the suggestion that they pucker up – and I will politely decline to identify what they should kiss.

It’s a sad commentary that the once boisterous, independent, take-no-guff New York
er of the past has been replaced by a gutless, cowardly supplicant eager to obey the commands of whatever pint—sized potentate occupies Gracie Mansion. Back in the day, a real New Yorker would look that tiny troll in the mayor’s office in his beady little eyes and laugh, “Hey Mikey, I got your Big Gulp right here.”

These bossy snobs are getting out of hand, and it’s time to push back – hard. Besides bein
g the American thing to do, resistance to this creeping liberal totalitarianism is a huge opportunity for conservatives.
Obedience to arbitrary authority is counter to everything that America stands for. We didn’t reluctantly cede a tiny bit of our personal sovereignty to the government so a bunch of know-it-all twerps could tell us what to eat, what to smoke, what to do and how to live. We did it to allow them the ability to keep order, which they have manifestly failed to do, and to perform a few basic governmental functions, which they have likewise failed to do.

So, a government that has failed to adequately perform the few discrete tasks which it should be performing now wishes to do a bunch of other things which it has no business doing in the first place, and which it will inevitably do badly and thereby cause even more problems than existed in the first place.

It’s time to say “No,” and our rejection of this obnoxious governmental overreach has the potential to create a new coalition that could up-end the status quo.

Real conservatives detest the idea of a government so big and intrusive that it feels free to interfere with such basic liberties as choosing what to eat. And they also hate the idea of a government so big and intrusive that it feels that it is within its rights to, say, blow up American citizens within the United States because it, well, thinks blowing them up is a good idea.

It’s all part of the same unearned hubris. The notion that some government functionary can tell you what you can drink or not drink based on his notion of what’s good for society is not so far from the notion that he can decide who lives or who dies based on his notion of what’s good for society.

Sadly, the enablers of these uppity functionaries aren’t just the usual liberal nanny-staters. You have putative Republicans conceding that “Well, I guess sugar is really bad…”, as if it matters whether high fructose corn syrup is the devil’s brew or an elixir from the Fountain of Youth. They should never reach the question of whether sugar is good, bad or indifferent; the mere posing of the question is antithetical to everything a real conservative believes. It’s none of their damn business.

Moreover, the appalling argument that “Well, we all have to pay for obesity” itself accepts the flawed premise that “we all” have any business paying for anyone’s health care. I’ve researched the Constitution pretty thoroughly and have been unable to find anything about me shelling out my dough to subsidize some couch-dwelling slacker’s doctor visits.

Maybe the enumerated power to do so is dwelling behind some penumbra or emanation, but it seems like making that argument accepts the idea that government ought to be in the health care business in the first place. And if the fact that the Constitution says nothing about doing so isn’t enough to show why it shouldn’t be, the idea that because the government does so gives it the right to micromanage our lives is itself ample reason to reject that hateful notion.

The specter of pseudo-cons like Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham fussing about Senator Rand Paul making a stink about the fact that the President’s progressive Mini-Me Eric Holder refused to give a straight answer about whether The One could ice folks in the U.S.A. on a whim demonstrates the problem. Too many sort of-cons sort of like the idea of unlimited governmental power.

And you know who else besides real conservatives has some real questions about governmental overreach? Well, a lot of them are folks we conservatives have been simply unable to reach. In fact, we hardly even tried, mostly because we are just as suspicious of them as they are of us.
There is a whole group of potential allies out there – the Millennials who grew up familiar with technology but chafing at their helicopter parents and the politically correct hypocrisy of the education establishment. Many of them think of themselves as “liberal,” but they have little use for bums who want to lay about sponging off producers. Their liberalism is more about affectation and cultural posturing than about political positions – they reject the idea of the anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-sex conservative boogeyman they’ve been taught in the media, not conservatism itself.

These young folks have bought into the notion that conservatives are somehow obsessed with other people’s sex lives, which is false – conservatives are obsessed with their own sex lives, as the CPAC meat market demonstrates. But the wacky notion that some conservative is going to climb in their bedroom window to interrupt their trysting by making them pray has convinced this huge demographic to support an ideology that leaves them burdened with student debt and living in their parents’ homes – and thus unlikely to ever have sex to begin with.
 The key to defeating this residual cultural affinity is twofold. First, conservatives need to avoid feeding old stereotypes with boneheaded maneuvers like making idiotic pronouncements about rape and writing jerktastic articles about how being a gay conservative is the result of a Marxist conspiracy. Remember, these young people grew up being taught to be tolerant. They’ll be tolerant of anyone – including hardcore Christians – who are themselves tolerant. We don’t have to accept anything we consider immoral – we just have to not be jerks about it.
Second, conservatives need to emphasize the pro-freedom agenda that both demographics share. Millenials have no desire to be dictated to about their snack options or hellfired by some drone either. Nor do they want to get arrested for jailbreaking their iPhone or sued for a $100,000 for downloading the latest terrible Mumford & Sons song. And for the few who have found jobs in the Obama economy, the tax bite on their pay stubs is just as unwelcome.
Call it the Coalition of the Unwilling to Be Bossed Around.

We need to understand that the freedom sometimes means people make choices we don’t like and, where appropriate, compromise. I’m certainly ready to accept a few stoners bogarting doobs and some gay dudes exchanging vows if it means a smaller government so constrained and neutered that it wouldn’t dare try to tell me how to live out my faith or how many bullets I can keep in my M4, much less how many ounces of Mountain Dew I can pour into my Styrofoam cup.
It’s time to put aside a few policy disagreements to build a new alliance of citizens who believe that government has gotten too big for its britches and needs to be reined in. We may not agree on all the specifics, but we can build a majority of Americans who can stand together for liberty and, as one, offer the proper response to these tin pot dictators of liberalism: “Bite me.”

"Bite me" is an expression which has, for some reason, always made me laugh.   I printed this article not because I agree with all of it but because it makes us think.  And we need to think and we need to incorporate a lot of what this guy says about even young people who think they're liberal not really being quite so liberal when shown what this government's doing to them.

What do you think?


Average American said...

He makes a little sense. I mean, it's a no-brainer that the Republicans better do something different if they EVER want to resume power. The younger generation should be their main target if for no other reason than they are the group that will be here the longest.

beakerkin said...

On the whole Bloomberg has been very good. He goes a tad too far on the public health bit.

Now remember that profanity is usually
a lack of control and erudition. It is only cool if your name is Mr Beamish.

Always On Watch said...

For "our own good," the nanny state will soon be telling us just how much square feet we can inhabit in the dwellings that we've labored to pay for. After all, do any of us "need" much square footage?

Dystopian America is upon us!

cube said...

Bloomberg needs to act more like a mayor and less like a nanny.

Anonymous said...

I fear it is too late.

JonBerg said...

What ever else Bloomberg may be to some, I regard him as no more than a High Profile Busybody! Those of his ilk lurk among us and if we don't begin to stand up for our rights, our rights will be incrementally usurped by their insatiable compulsion for CONTROL!

Z said...

AA, I think it's important we all remember that the message isn't going to change much; what we stand for is excellent, it's the way they deliver it, the liberal teachers in our schools' influence, and the mischaracterizations of liberal media that sour it.

Being against illegal immigration DOES NOT MEAN WE HATE IMMIGRANTS (as the message is)...otherwise, why would people like Rubio and Cruz be Republicans?

Being strongly pro life does not mean we hate women. I'm a woman! Millions of women are Republicans.

Being against the Affordable Care Act does not mean we have the sick! We and our loved ones need help, too.

I could go on and all could.

If I were a Democrat, I'd be red faced with their lies which have promoted the above misrepresentations. But they won't be.

Ducky's here said...

Bit of an impasse here.

The "bite me" crowd which can't imagine there is any reason they can't do what the damn well please whenever they please are out of control.

Little tantrums like Schlichter's don't advance the argument.

Anonymous said...

I keep saying this but I think the Western world is being taken over neo-feudalists. Bloomberg is one of them. Under the pretense of the common good, they establish power, levy taxes, create healthcare systems that don't necessarily apply to themselves.

Did you see what happened in Cyprus and the fact that well connected people knew in advance and removed 4.5 billion euros out of their bank accounts.

Western democracy, because you can buy votes is morphing into a modern feudal system where the elected knights and kings offer us protection in exchange for the right of being corrupt and living the good life with their court aka lobbies, Washington beltway elitists, etc...

When I see something like in Cyprus, I firmly believe this can happen anywhere, including in the US.

Dave Miller said...

Frog, are suggesting that money corrupts politics and that it may be a good thing to limit the access that money buys?

Z said...

Ducky, PLEASE tell Obama that he cannot do whatever he pleases whenever he pleases...that's definitely not working.

Adults get to READ BILLS before enactment, they get to have the benefit of daytime when appointmenst are made instead at midnight.

I wonder how huge the check to Israel was today; Why else would Perez wax eloquent on Obama who's just sold Egypt nightmares to Israel?

FrogBurger, "neo feudalists"...did you come up with that? Perfectly said.
Remember when Obama said no lobbyists would come to the WH? And the Hospitality unions were there within days? :-) It started an onslaught and some might want to ignore that, I can't.

Sam Huntington said...

I’m afraid government makes no sense. If government made any sense, then rather than encouraging citizens to give up sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll (and smoking), rather than penalizing people for not wearing seatbelts, rather than encouraging people to live longer, which drives up the cost of social security and Medicare, they’d encourage the opposite.

As for Bloomberg, I'm afraid he is mentally ill or predisposed to dementia ... but then again, he is a progressive, after all.

Z said...

Sam, clear something up for me; are you saying that if gov't made any sense, it would be encouraging people to have unsafe sex, do drugs, etc etc?

HUH!? :-)

Divine Theatre said...

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."
Thomas Jefferson

I am sickened that Bloomberg was allowed to buy Illinois' 2nd District. What an utterly repugnant group of people, those "progressives".


Sam Huntington said...

Sorry Z .. I intended a tongue in cheek comment.

On the one hand, government is in control of your health care, and they want you to live longer … the same government that complains that the costs of Medicare for the elderly, the costs of social security are prohibitive. Government is taking the position that yes, we want you to live longer, but because everyone is living longer, we may have to cut back on services to seniors. The juxtaposition should be, go forth and sin people … we need to spend less money on the elderly.

Now as it happens, FDR had the greatest scam going: guaranteed social security at age 65 when in fact he knew that the average life expectancy among males was only 61. Among government bureaucrats, there’s just no such thing as too much scam.

Here’s what I think should happen. The next time Barry goes to New York City, Mayor Bloomberg should have him arrested. As a smoker, Barry poses a clear and present danger to public health.

Anonymous said...

Frog, are suggesting that money corrupts politics and that it may be a good thing to limit the access that money buys?

It won't change anything. Look at Europe where most countries limit the amount of money that can be given. Corruption happens using different mechanisms.

Plus what brings corruption is power. Central power. If you increase power of gov over the citizens and let it set winners and losers, you obviously increase the opportunity for corruption. It's no surprise the most corrupt countries have authoritarian regimes. Big gov and corruption go hand in hand.

That's why the European Union is hogwash. And I'm glad it's imploding. Local democracies in countries need to be restored. Even the Euro needs to go. This central banking system there and in the US is also a major problem. It's the financial tool of the elite. The money printing machine is like the flour mill that the knight would provide to its people.

When I see that kind of stuff I'm borderline anarcho-capitalist.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

It is an anathema to the premise of liberty to continually pass legislation directed at 'protecting citizens from themselves'.

What doesn't harm me, steal from me, or restrict my liberties respective of the previous....should not be prohibited/

"But the wacky notion that some conservative is going to climb in their bedroom window...."

The paradigm may currently be shifting, but it has been the right wing who supported sodomy laws and "traditional" marriage. t's going to take some time to see that shift proceed to the point where the meme is fallacious.

Z said...

Const. Insurgent, I don't know one conservative in the last 30 years who gives a damn what ANYBODY does in their bedroom as long as they just keep it in their bedroom.
This is all media misrepresentation you might have bought into (you're not alone).

And what the heck's wrong with supporting traditional marriage? And traditional home situations for our children?

Sam..I should have known better from you! :-)
As for your newest comment; it makes me make sense out of no sense.

So, what's the cure, Mr. Huntington?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - When criminalization of sodomy is instilled in current state GOP platforms, it's not the media misrepresentation you might think.

"And what the heck's wrong with supporting traditional marriage?"

Who said anything about not supporting? It's not incompatible to support your ideal of marriage while not denying the same legal benefits to those who don't.

It is however, logically incompatible to apply notions of nanny-statism to some actions of consenting adults, while deriding it when applied to others.

Leticia said...

It's ridiculous! First Michelle Obama is dictating to schools what our children should, even as far as people checking the kids lunches and now this clown telling people what to drink.

I am so glad I live in the south, granted we have our problems, too, but not this bad.

AND no one had better mess with my coffee and chocolate addiction.

Sam Huntington said...

The cure: less government meddling in human liberty, even if as a consequence of liberty, people live fewer years.

For example: I choose
1. Not to smoke
2. To take an occasional drink
3. To eat a well-balanced diet
4. To exercise regularly
5. To wear my seatbelt
6. To get a full 8 hours of sleep

I do not need the government to make any of these decisions on my behalf. Also, I choose to allow people to make their own decisions in life, even if I happen to disagree with them.

Anonymous said...


"I do not need the government to make any of these decisions on my behalf."

And no matter how hard they try...I will never accept sodomy as normal or a way of life that I'm supposed to tolerate, let alone respect.

Z said...

Const. Insurg....Obviously, you have a good point.

But, frankly, I don't know how many Republicans even still know that sodomy is on their state platforms. Trust me, it's not on California's! (actually, I think in California they encourage it :-)
Not sure how many states have left that on.

Sam, what made me laugh the other day was Dem. Kirsten Powers indignantly saying "people who allow themselves to get fat need more medical care and I don't want to write a check for THEM!" when she's 100% behind the idea of higher taxes for us all to pay for those who won't work. Talk about hypocrisy.

Leticia, when that food thing first became talked about, I blogged on the gov't is suggesting more vegetables in school lunches, etc. I said no kids will eat it.
Recently, I read a few articles about how trash cans of school are full of salad and broccoli (that tax dollars paid for, of course) because the kids won't eat it.
THIS is the problem with the left so often.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"I will never accept sodomy as normal or a way of life that I'm supposed to tolerate, let alone respect."

That's the beauty of civil don't have to. ll you have to do is not impede the rights of others.

Z said...

Imp, if people'd just live their sex lives in their bedrooms, who'd know and who'd CARE that they're sodomizing each other?

Some gays who insist on fishnet stockings and false eyelashes at gay parades have made it miserable and embarassing for all gays.
I suspect there are gay soldiers who would so much rather NOT have homosexuality brought up in the course of their military careers...but the few who need acceptance and fawning-over don't give a darn about them.

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob said...

Nice post, Z. Love that Bogart line.
"bogart [ˈbəʊgɑːt]
(tr) Slang to monopolize or keep (something, esp a marijuana cigarette) to oneself selfishly"

Maybe Ducky can tell us about the social implications of Bogarting according the definition above.

Dave Miller: Hi! With regard to limiting contributions to politicians, this approach has always been abused, defeated, and ignored every time a new law is passed. We have specialists in this country that are paid to pass these laws, and to find loopholes in the same laws. These people are called lawyers.

It makes sense to remove any and all limits on contributions, and restrict donations to people who live in the same district as the political race in which a candidate runs, i.e, only people in that district can donate to a candidate in that district.

In my system neither George Soros or the Koch brothers would be able to fund Congressional races other than those in the districts where they reside.

Z said...

Bob, I loved that bogart line, too. And yes, I very well remember "Don't bogart that joint!" :-)
Uh...not ME, of course, but I have heard it :-)
Actually, when I was 19 thru about 21, I was in a rock band in which nobody did any pot. Why, I'm not sure! Maybe it was because I found out halfway through the band's relationship that our lead guitar/manager was an FBI agent...2 years younger than I.
Very weird...VERY VERY weird situation. I walked into his bedroom for a rehearsal for a twosome we were doing at a club and he'd left a gun on his bed and "oops!"
Then I realized his car was rigged with THE weirdest subtlest changes in the dashboard... Finally, he admitted that his whole family was in something in law enforcement; I'm guessing FBI. I suppose they need young people, too, on stake outs, from time to time? Or whatever the heck they do. pot.

I'd like to see a Soros/Koch 'battle of the bands' in some city like LA or NYC or Chicago! It'd be like a live auction where the auctioneer's saying "I have thirty million, do I hear thirty-five..?" ...and on and on.........

Ducky's here said...

The subject switches to homosexuality and you folks always start to sound like crack addicts talking to the pigeons.

They don't need your approval. It's over. You can elect L'il Ricky Santorum and it's still over. You lost.

Ducky's here said...

You always wear the seat belt, Sam?

Not me, I got T-boned by a drunk and would have been crippled if I'd been wearing one of those things.

Oh well, I've been in three totals and still don't wear one.

It's a bitch driving through New York, though.
Primary enforcement, $125 and you have to listen to a lecture from some snot cop.
Real nanny state.

Anonymous said...


" trash cans of school are full of salad and broccoli (that tax dollars paid for, of course) because the kids won't eat it."

Of course it's a gov't project so we already know it's for sheet and won't work. But the real problem with the bunny / hampster it doesn't have enough calories for growing kids.

Anonymous said...


"Some gays who insist on fishnet stockings and false eyelashes.."

That's not the only place's those militant sicko flamers that get all the attention...that's what they want. If the homo community wanted to get them back into the closet...they could do it easily. They need to clean up their own poop in their panties.

Fellatio and sodomy in the streets of San Fran Sicko should be a felony.

Kid said...

Well Said Z. I can't add anything really, other than to agree wholeheartedly that libtards seem to ENJOY being subservient to fascist A*s.

Kid said...


1.-I don't care what homosexuals do in their own homes.

2. Did you see where 'men are finding that painting the fingernails is fashionable' ?

I conclude there is an agenda at work by homosexuals to draft as many on the fence(to be nice) people so their sexual partner choices are more "robust" and

3. homosexuals are WAY Over-represented in politics and government at all levels. obama puts homo's on his cabinet at a rate of 80% or more. My problem with this is that legislation and activist based 'commandments' coming down on the rest of us way unfairly lean in the direction of the homosexual lifestyle.

4. Censored

Ducky's here said...

Problem is, kid, that in important matters like domestic surveillance the whole discussion is upstaged by the Big Gulp debacle.

Pity. The surveillance issue should be so easy to resolve but we have to wait for the right wing to give everyone permission not to be scared.
And just reading how a couple of drag queens or such can freak out big manly men like Imp I'm afraid you're going to have everyone watching for the crack Syrian spec-ops to night drop and put botulism in the water supply any day.

But first things first. Diabetes for all !!

Ducky's here said...

Obama puts homo's on his cabinet at a rate of 80% or more.

The crazy is strong in you, kid.

Absolutely insane.

Kid said...

Duckfeathers, Have you ever been to RINO's there in Boston?

Ducky's here said...

Couple times, but if I want decent Italian on the cheap I head for Jack's on the parkway.

I live about 4 miles from RINO's.

Ducky's here said...

... better yet is Belle Isle seafood on Saratoga.

If I really have a jones for a lobster it saves me the trip to the Lobster Pot in P-town.

Anonymous said...


"freak out"

I don't "freak out" dipstick...I get revolted when men blow each other in the street during a "gay pride" parade. What's to be gay or proud of? Have you ever seen a man dingoing a woman on a bed rolling down the middle of a street? Nah...just the fags and trannies...they don't keep it in a bedroom pal...that's the problem.

If they did I wouldn't have to be revolted, disgusted and hate their filthy depraved guts. However...I'd love to see sharia law in San Fran Freako...

You little twerp.

Anonymous said...


"I don't care what homosexuals do in their own homes."

As I said to dipstick....they don't keep it in their homes. Period. Like "straights" do. It's the new "lifestyle"..the newest coolest a fag's OK to let your teachers indoctrinate you. Now run along with Bobby and Bruce.

Bob said...

Z; That's a wild story about your band. What was the name of the group? Somoething like, "Z and The Coppers"?

By the way, is Ducky into the medical weed supply today?

Z said...

Bob, I hated our name "SUMMER RAIN"...believe me, you never heard of us!
I don't like 'easy listening' music and I don't like "easy listening' names like that!

But, we did a LOT of business!

Do you remember those cars that they made trucks out of the back from? They were popular and quite nice..NOT pick up trucks...I can't remember what they called them.
Anyway, you had to see me, age about 19, on the freeway once, sitting in the back of that thing with my legs against an upright piano so it wouldn't move too much and get out of tune...on the way to a gig!! :-)

beamish said...

El Camino?

I had a really beat up and rusty '74 GMC Sprint in high school (1986-ish). Totalled it before I could restore it. Too much motor for a 16 year old. ;)

Anonymous said...


Thanks. You know why.

Anonymous said...


"I can't remember what they called them."

El Caminos were one. For Chevy. Ford had another.