Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where's it go from here when "here" isn't too hot?!

Can bikinis get smaller? (remember when bathing suits were lovely and decent but still sexy?)
Can language get fouler?  (remember when men wouldn't swear in front of women?)
Can people dress sloppier? (remember when people wore hats and gloves and women mostly wore skirts?)
Can children have sex any younger? (have you heard about kids having oral sex at 10 in school buses?)
Can TV situations become more lewd? (ever watched Hot in Cincinnati, for example?)
Absolutely nothing's made anymore of young girls choosing to have kids without dads...
Some kids just tried to poison their teacher and we all know what happened, by kids, at Columbine, for example.   What is GOING ON?

Where DO we go from here?   Seriously.   Last night, I walked by a young father out for a walk with his little son.  The guy might as well have just got out of bed and walked outside;  he looked positively disgusting.   You see young couples and the girl's wearing the same crappy jeans and TShirt her boyfriend's wearing.  You can't tell a difference between them.  Sad, isn't it?  What are people thinking anymore these days?

Maybe some of what I mentioned above is okay by you, and that's FINE, but I'm wondering how much "live and let live" and  "do your own thing" can go before there's no place worse to get, you know?   Then what?

It's one thing to be "open minded" and accept all that's going on in American "culture" these can agree or disagree with it, but my point is how bad can things get when there isn't much wiggle room?  Will Miss America's swimsuit competition soon be naked?  Will F*** join the rest of the amazing language we hear on TV today?  Will full-on sex be portrayed on television?   Etc etc.......   There's not a lot of room to get worse, you know?

I liked it better when people cared how they looked, at least tried to watch their mouths (I'll admit I'm no angel with language sometimes, and life was just plain sweeter, you know?

Do you think culture can improve or is it just too late.........?



Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm writing a book.
"A Guide To Living In Gommorah".
When there's less than ten, get out.

Anonymous said...

The Fabians set out a hundred years ago to destroy our culture. Their job is almost done.

Anonymous said...

Guys relax. IT's not like everybody's like this.

Plus what do you want? Do you want burqas like in Paris? I'd rather see too much skin than those scary women dressed as Darth Vader.

sue hanes said...

Z - No - I don't think it's too late. None of these things apply to my grandchildren - the oldest is 13. You just have to know where to look.

There still are decent people.

Remember when Elvis Presley's hip movements were considered lewd.
Nothing came of that.

We just have to keep trying to make things decent. I believe that it will turn around.

You just have to believe.

Anonymous said...

Even Adam and Eve were conscious enough to wear some fig leaves. Seems as if the human race has come full circle and the cup is full.

Z said...

Ed...let me know when it's published :-)

Cons on fire, it's sad to see such laziness and people who don't CARE, and the kinds of things too-young kids are exposed to. They think this is normal.

FrogBurger...I think there's a far stretch between string bikinis and burqas. My question is "where does it go after this?" because things ALWAYS get more and more loose.

Sue....There are certainly decent people! I happen to be associated in a high school with a LOT of them (not all)...and my siblings have raised astonishingly great kids in every way.
I'm talking about in general ...and what our kids are exposed to.
"nothing came of that?" everything came of that...and most of it's not too good.

Rock Elements...the cup is full...and dripping!

Z said...

even our language is under assault:

"me and my sister" or "myself and her went to the store.."

MAN, where do people GET THAT? Have they stopped teaching grammar? SMART people I know say things like "I wondered she she was AT" "AT"?


Bob said...

Ed intones, " When there's less than ten, get out. "

I believe there's wisdom in those words. I gotta change my ways because I am usually the last to leave a party.

Bob said...

Z: The problem is California. They say everything starts there.

I remember going to San Diego and other California cities on business, and being shocked at how people dressed at the airports. The guys were sloppy, and many of the women looked as if they were on their way to the laundromat, hair curlers and all.

What is the attraction for women to wear $1 flip-flops just to show off dirty feet, crooked toes, and hairy ankles? In public!

I suppose we are seeing similar problems here, too. However, the airports in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Birmingham, Chicago, etc. are still places where you can see beautiful people day-in and day-out. This is not so at some California airports.

I don't believe this is because people on one coast are inherently better looking. The standards of dress and appearance on the West Coast are simply lacking.

So goes appearance, then pride, then morals. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

The pendulum always swings, Z. So honestly I'm not going to worry about that kind of stuff. I'm more worried when the pendulum swings towards less freedom.

JonBerg said...

"Do you think culture can improve ...?"

Well, it sure could around Denver because it couldn't get any worse and, believe me, I wouldn't want to see even 1 out of 50 here in a Bikini!

FreeThinke said...

If you really want to affix blame for our current plight CoF, look more to Lincoln, Marx, Engels Freud and the Frankfurt School than to the Fabian Society. They have been wrong, but at least they were -- and remain -- civilized.

Do you have any statistics that might tell us how many hundreds of millions of innocent souls have been murdered by Fabians?

Ducky's here said...

But isn't this just people exercising that freedom that you value so much, Free(?)Thinker(?)?

I don't think Fabian murdered anyone. He was just a poor Elvis clone.

I'm telling you Free(?)Thinker(?) while you enjoy the beauty of Bach, its predictability has put you in a coma.

Z said...

Bob, yes, you're wrong. I'm not talking casual dress, I'm talking slovenly dress; I don't think that's a California thing; quite the opposite.

Frog...that's not true anymore, sadly. I'd be stunned if this pendulum went back to goodness and decency again. I think leftist entitlement
'don't be discerning, just do your own thing' has spoiled too many people. more pendulum.

Think Miss America swimsuit time's suddenly going to be a lovely, well fitted two piece or even one piece? :-) Metaphorically perfect for my point.

Anonymous said...


"f this pendulum went back to goodness and decency again. I think leftist entitlement.."

Have no fear...with the press' allegiance and love affair ( say no wrong about muslims lest a fatwah be laid upon you ) with MB, CAIR and every nutjob jihadist terrorist ( insurgents )...sharia law is slowly creeping in. And it wil rectify the morality problems swiftly and mercilessly.

Pris said...

When the teachers formed their union in Los Angeles, the first thing they demanded was to rid the schools of a dress code.

They won their demand, so kids went to school in jeans with holes in them, and female teachers wore stretch pants and leggings with tee shirts, etc.

I can tell you I didn't allow my daughter to wear holey jeans to school, and I expected she and my son, to care about how they dressed. Since I was the one who bought their clothes, I had plenty to say about it.

Now, years later, at the HS my grandson attended, girls were wearing low cut tops, and even bustieres in full view. There were no rules at all, but many parents didn't seem to mind one bit!

My grandson never wore his pants hanging around his hips like so many boys these days. He thought it was stupid to have to hold up his pants all day and have underwear showing.! My daughter would not have allowed it anyway.

My point is, that parents have given way to their children's choices as if the children are in charge, and not Mom and Dad. Now, I see girls at the HS near me wearing short shorts, and I mean really SHORT.

Is there no limit? Apparently not.

Yes Z, casual dress is fine as long as it's decent, but unfortunately decency is out the window. I agree with you. I think exhibitionism is the order of the day, and it seems to me, many parents couldn't care less.

Pris said...

BTW, it's quite a stretch to cite burqas as the be all and end all. There's a happy medium, isn't there?

Kid said...

What comes to mind Z, is when the defected KGB agent Brezmanov? explains in the youtube video, that the first step in taking over the country of your enemy is to demoralize the population. And that applies more to demoralization of spirit than of morals, but the whole gambit is on the table but of course Mademoiselle.
That's my answer.
No, it's not going to get better. It's going to get much worse as people toss more and more of their self-respect in the trash can.

Z said...

Pris, I said that to Bob when he blamed California for a lot of this. Yes, we're casually dressed, maybe more than other states (much of which is due to our weather...easier to wear shorts and sandals here than in NYC right now, for example)..but we are not more slovenly.

Except I will disagree with you insofar as people looking so much nicer and more respectful of the occasion in the past. less casual.

Kid, that video is hair raising...think the leftwing media EVER broadcast that? they'd NEVER let that information out.
He was telling us what they've done to us and our media can't take it. how repulsive of leftwingers.

Bob said...

"Bob, yes, you're wrong."

Oh! The agony and shame of it all.

Bob said...

Ducky said to FT, " while you enjoy the beauty of Bach, its predictability has put you in a coma. "

I am no expert on music. But, it is strange that the most complex music was the so-called classical stuff. Most modern music is a come-down from Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, etc.

I think I would rather be in a Bach coma than stoned on heavy metal stuff. But, what do I know. I don't even smoke pot.

Pris said...

Yes Bob, you're so right.