Thursday, March 7, 2013

Canceled: Blame it on the Republicans

These White House people are probably as low as they get in the White House...They've decided to cancel all White House tours because of the sequester.  Of  course, they could get docents to do the job, couldn't they.  Docents work for free.   But, I guess it's easier to tick off all those in Washington who have to call constituents and cancel the promised White House tours they'd arranged for their happy, expectant constituents who'd planned on this for months.   And, of course, the message to those denied access after having been so thrilled to see it is that "if the Republicans had only..."   
HERE's the story.  Think it was necessary or just more despicable hatred and hand-smacking by the horrible man in charge?

What a place to start cutting costs :-)




JonBerg said...


Thanks for adding to my vocabulary. Maybe I'm archaic but I can remember when [we] would have been proud to do this, for free; just for the privilege! What a bunch of $#!t! I can't think of anymore to add.

Always On Watch said...

Field trips to the White House are arranged months in advance. The process is quite Herculean as security vetting is required. Canceling these tours is a part of the Obama push to make sequestration as painful as possible.

I feel sorry for those students who are coming from places such as Nebraska and Idaho -- now that their one chance to tour the White House is disallowed.

Now, where will Michelle go next on vacation? Is that kind of thing denied because of sequestration?

And one more thing....The White House actually belongs to WE THE PEOPLE. Obama is only a temporary tenant.

Always On Watch said...
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Always On Watch said...

How much will be saved by canceling these White House tours. See THIS.

Ed Bonderenka said...

None of Michelle Obamas aides, hairdressers, etc. are being sequestered.
Nor the three WH calligraphers at 95k each.

Joe said...

It will save $936,000! Over the entire year! WOW!

BTW, AOW, as you know, sequestration will have no effect on the vacation plans of President Obama, Michelle or any member of the cabinet or White House staff.

As Judge Judy would say, "...this is all a bunch of 'Who shot John.'"

Opinionated Me said...

Why isn´t anyone holding this Socialist accountable?
Why can't these people in Washington see that he is out to destroy half the populace. It seems to me that he is getting away with flaunting the law because he can. I always thought that in this country no one was above the law!

Anonymous said...

There was no cuts. Most line items went up 5% instead of 7%. It is all a show to make the Republicans look bad. This is Obama's strrategy for the Democrats to win the House in 2014 so he can have his last two years to do whatever he wants.

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FreeThinke said...

Petty! Spiteful! Childish! Stupid!

Just like too many of the people who support this administration.

AND most members of congress.

Please don't forget: WE GET the GOVERNMENT we DESERVE.


EzzZee said...

FreeThinke are YOU saying that ANYONE who support the Obama administration.
Is Petty, Spiteful, Childish and Stupid?
Well that's a VERY Petty, Spiteful, Childish and Stupid thing for YOU to say!

FreeThinke said...

I very purposefully and deliberately said:

"too many of the people who support the Obama administration."

Precise use of language and thorough reading comprehension are prerequisites for meaningful communication.

EzzZee said...
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EzzZee said...

You may be a "FreeThinke" But you're also a FOOL, I have much stronger words to describe you, but I thought I'd give you a break today. But however, my generosity will not be offered beyond today.

Z said...

Question Man..your comments are boiler plate and I don't take those here.
When you'd like to address the posts with civility and add something to them, correct them, inform, fine.
I'm sure you're a grown up, so let's all act like one.

EZZZ...before you go calling my readers FOOLS, you might want to better read their comments.
And, no, you won't be back with "much stronger words", trust me.
You'll be deleted.


Ducky's here said...

It would be more useful to try and uncover just what each side is up to. Myself, I think they both want serious entitlement reductions along with no changes to the useless military budget but the Dems want some token tax hikes to sell at home.

Nothing serious mind you, most folks will have their meager CD returns taxed higher than the 8-12% mortgage REITs are paying right now but that's for another day.

What you are seeing is "The Fireman syndrome". Threaten a reduction in those programs that actually do good and leave the rancid fat alone. Eventually the suckers cave and I do mean suckers.

As long as you look at this as D vs. R you lose and you have been losing for so long I would have expected you to wise up by now.

Divine Theatre said...

As an aside, Rand Paul rocks!

That is all!


Z said...

Ducky, right now the only avenue available to us in criticism is D vs R. That you think that is unwise is your problem, not ours.

We're fighting the best we can; none of us thinks the Rs are perfect but we've finally come to the point that we think the Ds are evil. Which is fine, since they have been teaching that the Rs are, via schools and media, for many years and it has worked.

Look what it has reaped.
We're all suffering for it now.

Keep voting for the BIG HAND OUT GUY ... vote for him because he's Black, like Question Man and EZZ do. Then call US racists :-)

It's a complicated world, a complicated country we're living in, and it's not going to get better until we get back to the Constitution and stop letting the leftwing media poison us with "what single mother's got the biggest baby bump" .

Heck, we have a president who slams the Republicans then expects them to cave. That's SMART? :-)

Andie, wonderful, wasn't he. Even Van Jones said he was this AM on CNN. Yes, self avowed Communist Van Jones, who used to be an Obama adviser until people said "Oops, the public knows now, better get rid of him."
By the way, that is one HANDSOME man :-)

FreeThinke said...

Oh, Z, I know it offends you -- and I'm not crazy about it either,believe me, -- but in a way isn't it FUN to see partisan bigots from the "other side" prove CONCLUSIVELYhow correct we are in our estimations of their general attitude and conduct?

I have no need to return hate for hate. It's ungodly and counterproductive, but when those who oppose behave foolishly and intemperately, I can't help feeling a high degree of Schadenfreude.

Z said...

FT, you're see it portrayed even while they're accusing us of it is rich, isn't it.
Opposing points of view don't offend me, as you know; the way it's said can be offensive.

And usually is, from the left.

Obviously, some of us get angry enough to get pretty nasty too, and I don't leave myself out of THAT condemnation!

I often leave the computer feeling defeated not what nasty things I've been called but how I've handled them. I don't like what these people bring out in me but I love our country too much to not take badly their blind love of a man who's seemingly killing this country either on purpose or through sheer lack of education or understanding.

We have a guy as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who had racial confusion growing up, a missing father, a loose mother, a muslim/Indonesian upbringing for a few years, communist grandparents and mentors, used drugs and some say sold them, has no grades we can see, and is in this position with almost zero experience...

How I WISH we had a president, black/yellow/white or purple, who wasn't the above, or at least was able to put love of country before all of those really difficult situations.

Anonymous said...

"We have a guy as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES......"

No doubt we as a country have hit rock bottom...too many complete failures to list here. But racial issues are one of them and have been set back 100 years by this mutt.

Divine Theatre said...

Barack and his administration is dangerous. They are resentful, entitled and that feel they have been on the outside their entire lives. They do not support America. They are opposed to American sovereignty.
They feel they have been mistreated and now they get special privileges. It is a mental illness. They feel "it's our turn now". Dangerous. Very dangerous.


Z said...

Imp, you know..I think you're right.
I don't KNOW a racist. Suddenly, RACE is back. I'd have hoped a black president would have encouraged quite the opposite.
I think it ticked folks off that he so quickly had those hip hop parties in the WH, remember? (they stopped, or at least the media stopped telling us about them. I think they were Wednesday nights or something?) 90% black artists dining/drinkin' with the pres and his friends.
Then the Harvard professor and Obama spoke WAY too quickly about race being involved. It came out it was NOT.
He has NEVER spoken to kids about black on black crime EVER...and he has their respect and love..why NOT somehow reach them.
We don't WANT our young black kids killing each other!!!
He could help!

He's done little to improve whatever race problems still existed...he's magnified them.

Then we have black commenters who come here and call us racist when they know full and well that something like 97% of Black America voted for the Black guy! Wait, are they THAT monolithic or was it COLOR?

AND those same hate-filled Blacks come here and call we, who'd have voted for a conservative Black president any time, RACIST!??


Z said...

ANDIE, exactly.

BUT, they ALSO feel "America's been the power for too long...".that's a leftwing mantra in our colleges.
And this president's trying to take away our outstanding record and what SHOULD have been an outstanding future.
Wait till another tsunami comes and America can't help.
The world will then realize "uhohoooh"

Anonymous said...


Listen to C.L. Bryant and Runaway Slave:

Another sensible, articulate Black man pleading for common sense.

Z said...

Thanks,Imp...will try to listen to those tonight. Sounds good.
They DO exist.

JonBerg said...

The Question Man:

HEEEEEEEEZ loose again, hide your kids!

JB, AKA: The Answer Man

Ducky's here said...

Ducky, right now the only avenue available to us in criticism is D vs R.
How's that working out?

Z said...

Ducky, it's NOT.
my point is that D and R are used to generalize the different attitudes. In that way, that's all we've got; for conversation, etc. I'm not saying we don't need something better than that.

Liberalmann said...

Too bad wingnuts aren't as outraged at the cuts to early childhood education, the elderly and others. Nice deflection!

Ian said...

Lunatics, liberals, progressives, communists, democrats, fascists, so on and so forth a;; have one thing in common they all are people who want to be controlled. Unlike us conservatives who aren't out to destroy our society, we are out to save it.

Less than two months into his second term, President Barack Obama's approval rating has dropped and Americans blame him and his fellow Democrats almost as much as his Republican opponents for a fiscal mess.
A Reuters poll released just this past Wednesday showed 43 percent of people approve of Obama's handling of his job, DOWN 7 percentage points from Feb. 19.

The mindless left can and will attack this source, but maybe people are finally waking up, or found the antidote for the kool-aid.
Obama Approval Rating: President's Numbers Drop 7 Points, Poll Shows
The people that voted for obama are the most gullible people in America.
Because the Worthless Lying Obama is the WORST PRESIDENT in the history of our fine Nation...

Ian said...

Poll numbers also drop when you threaten the public
with harsh measures over cuts that were your idea and you threatened to veto any changes made to them two months ago.
Stunts like closing White House tours while the White House keeps 3 Calligraphers on staff earning close to 300K a year.
Or how about the White House tour director receiving $30,000 in raises in the last 4 years.
Strange how today the only cuts they lay claim to are medicaid when during the entire campaign there would never be any cuts to medicaid. I judge a man based on reality. Today's reality sucks. Therefore, the president sucks. This isn't rocket surgery.

Always On Watch said...

Related information:

White House Cancels Tours, White House Visitors Director Gets Raise

FreeThinke said...

AOW's good information is making a SUPERB point indicating the CHILDISH SPITE and egregious HYPOCRISY that motivates this administration.

Z said...

Liberalmann.."cuts to early childhood education"...have you seen how much money is wasted on early childhood education? The stats don't work in the favor of our children and only bleed us dry, sadly.

If money was used properly, who would EVER want to cut money to children? Stop wishful-thinking badly about conservatives; you don't even have the good character to understand us.

Ian! Welcome to GeeeZ and thanks for those terrific comments. I think you're 1000% correct.

AOW...ah, the irony :-)

Liberalmann said...

No Z, I haven't and you haven't either.

And sorry Ian, Obama's approval ratings are double of those in the GOP do nothing Congress.

Divine Theatre said...


You missed the point. Barack's approval ratings are bottoming out. His magic is gone...the spell has lifted. People are wising up.


Anonymous said...


"have you seen how much money is wasted on early childhood education? The stats don't work in the favor of our children and only bleed us dry, sadly."

Spot on...with way less than 50% grad rates and as low as 25% in some's just a PC addled useless waste of time and money. We all know what their talking about too. Mostly wasted unteachable, incorrigibles. Why don't we just admit it.

beamish said...

Who'd want to visit the White House anyway? I mean with all the flies and rats running around in there? Bleeeeh.

Ian said...

This Just In!
Sixty-thousand federal workers responsible for securing borders have been told they will face furloughs beginning in mid-April because of forced spending cuts

Instead of cancelling federal workers responsible for securing borders, medical treatment for our seniors, and our children's trips to the White House, why don't the Obama's cancel a few of Big Mama's many vacations and The Kings trips to play Golf and Basketball with his Hero's Reactivate the White House visits for the children of our country? They can start by cancelling their trip to the Vineyard because the President can play golf closer to the White House for a lot less money.
Obama´s childish and vindictive behavior is disgusting and a terrible example to our youth and citizenry. Has anyone informed him that it´s not his house. The White House belongs to the people.

I'm afraid that the left have created a monster that will bring down this great country.

Washington: US President Barack Obama and his family are most likely going to Martha’s Vineyard for a summer vacation this year, a source has revealed

Ian said...

I guess the next thing that Obama Is going to do is open up our Prisons. And let the terrorists out of Guantanamo. That ought to save a few bucks.

JonBerg said...


RE: B.O.

"His magic is gone...the spell has lifted. People are wising up."

It's too bad that this didn't happen sooner now that we are stuck with this fraud for, nearly, four more years!

Lisa said...

the only reason Obama had a high approval rating in the first place is ........Hmmm I'll get back to you on that.

Liberalmann said...

Obama 49%

Republicans 29%


beamish said...

I can't bring myself to criticize a policy of spending cuts. I know the pittance is "catastrophic" to Obama, but show me Sequestermageddon. Shut government down until further notice. A 30 day shutdown would save $300 Billion.

beamish said...

I can't bring myself to criticize a policy of spending cuts. I know the pittance is "catastrophic" to Obama, but show me Sequestermageddon. Shut government down until further notice. A 30 day shutdown would save $300 Billion.

beamish said...

still cant figure out why my posts are doubling. Sorry.