Monday, March 11, 2013


If you had your choice today, who would you vote for for President of these United States?

Commenter/friend JonBerg suggested this question and I think it's a fascinating go for it:

Who and WHY?

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Rita said...

I'm sick of politicians. I'll write in Dr. Ben Carson.

Always On Watch said...

Good question.

Not sure that I can come up with someone right away, however. I am so disenchanted with most of the field of politicians (even the present governor of Virginia, a man whom I previously supported) and even with those whom I might support but cannot because lack of experience and/or foresight.

Always On Watch said...

I like Dr. Ben Carson, but his position on 2nd Amendment rights may be iffy.

Ducky's here said...

I would continue to vote for the Green Party candidate knowing there is no hope of victory.

Now, those supporting Ben Carson for spouting the same boiler plate that you heard right through the hilarious 2012 Repub primaries seem to want a repeat of that clown car.
Throw in the ridiculous "culture war" and you have an inertia that is self defeating.

As a result you will stay in the right/center and you will watch your wealth drain as it is transferred upward and we will continue to float an economy that is based primarily on perpetual war and simply moving money around in the Wall St. casino.

Anonymous said...

None of the above.

Wehrwolfen said...
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Wehrwolfen said...

Frankly, I'm waiting for the Liberal Numbnuts to try and change the Constitution and try to elect this guy president for life. Ugh, what a horrible thought.
But to answer the question, Possibly Chris Christie, but it's to early to say.

Z said...

Dr Ben Carson is exactly what we need...philanthropic, a man of faith, he's thought a lot of this out for years, a really good man.
And he certainly resonated when he gave that Prayer Breakfast talk.
He's probably too good to fight the ugly political wars, though he did say recently the other side would have a hard time finding any dirt on him since he's always led a life he could be proud of.
he's a true MAN in the old sense of the word, I think.

Wehrwolfen, Christie sank his boat with his gushing endorsement of Obama during the hurricanes. And for NEVER ONCE taking it BACK when Obama did NOTHING for MONTHS. I blame the media for not telling that truth, too.
I thought enough of Christie at the time to think, as the months went by and those people were still suffering, "today, he'll say he's sorry he stood by a president who was happy to take the credit he knew he'd never live up to".

Conson who?

Anonymous said...

Z, I don't agree with you about Christy. I think that by the time the election comes around, that will be old news and people won't care about it any longer.

Z said...

Darth, but that's the point, isn't it.
Reps and Dems both said this was because he has an election next year and it was good for him to suck up to Obama in that way, and probably why he did it...attracting Obama voters.

Whether it's old news or not doesn't matter; character doesn't change from one year to another. This was bad. But, that's my opinion.

I'd have to vote for him against an Obama-like Liberal.

Wehrwolfen said...

Z Said
"I'd have to vote for him against an Obama-like Liberal."

Oh well here we go again. That's exactly how we keep on losing.
Come on Z, let it go. We can't keep harping on ONE event.
Look how Obama won, he had the whole deck stacked against him but the Dems didn't care, they pulled that lever anyway.
If we are going to harp on things like that, say hello to president Ms. Fat-Thighs.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I’m sorry Z, but that’s total nonsense, I agree with Wehrwolfen. Give credit to Christie. He showed his appreciation and party affiliations didn't matter. AMERICANS mattered at that time, His his constituents Mattered! His State New Jersey had been so devastated, that’s what Mattered. I’m sorry, but I can’t hold this one thing against him. If those people change their vote because he shook Obama’s hand, and patted him on the shoulder because he was trying to help them, Then they are the idiots! This guy spent the last 4 years speaking out against Obama, don’t that count? If we are going to hold that against him then get ready to lose another one.
What candidate is Squeaky Clean? We have to stop bashing our own.

From The Archives of The Political Chic said...

I also like Chris Christie, and I have nothing but praise for the way he has handled that situation. I think if anything, he may have even strengthened his candidacy. And he clearly showed that he’s a good leader and knows how to handle emergencies. People are seeing him now as someone who doesn't care about partisanship or who he has to work with, and rather as someone who cares about doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Joe said...

In June 2002, Carson was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I don't know his present status, but I'd certainly check it before I voted for him for president.

Most conservative politicians have had to shake the president's hand. That, in and of itself, does not disqualify them.

I would vote for Rubio, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal as my top 3, Christie would not be in my top 5 choices.

FreeThinke said...

Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin.

The reason should be obvious.

He's the ONLY conservative who has been able to win decisive victories over some of the evil machinations of the left.

Everyone else who looks promising so far is all MOUTH.

That said, if Governor Walker is not available, my second choice would be Ted Cruz more or less tied with Rand Paul, but I frankly prefer Senator Cruz.

Marco Rubio is being "groomed" by The Establishment to ensure another resounding defeat for Republicans in 2016. Rubio may be "kinda cute," but he's really a weak sister.

Mark my words. ...

Thersites said...

Alan Keyes. He's been the "Anti-Obama" since 2006.

Pris said...

I agree with Joe. I would add Walker and Rand Paul who had the guts to stand up to "the old guard" in the Republican party.

It's about time the Republicans had the spine to stand up to the Dems and the President, who are trampling on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Yes, the "new guard" is rising, and Senators McCain, and Graham, are a perfect example of why the Republican Party is almost inconsequential!

I would remind those in the Rep. Party who want to play it "safe", the last time the "old guard" played this game was when Ronald Reagan ran.

He was not another Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain, etc. He was so above those whose "turn" it was to run, the "old guard", had to back off.

I'm sick of the prevent defense the Republican Party plays, as it allows our country to continue it's downfall by compromising with our liar in chief!

Btw, Christie didn't exactly praise Mitt Romney as he gave the keynote address at the Republican convention. He is about himself, and I for one haven't seen him overly concerned about America.

sue hanes said...

Z - If the candidates were the same then I would vote the same as I did last November.

But I'm tempted to hang it all up.
I believe in voting too much to do that.

Anonymous said...


"We have to stop bashing our own."

Christie is not one of our own...he's as anti 2A as Bloomturd ur Cuomo.

A typical bag of NE wind.

From The Archives of The Political Chic said...

"Christie is not one of our own...he's as anti 2A as Bloomturd ur Cuomo.
A typical bag of NE wind."

With this kind of attitude, you can score another one for the Democrat's.

Anonymous said...

@From The Archives of The Political Chic ...

Not at all. I just refuse to vote for anyone who doesn't recognize the Bill of Rights.

EzzZee said...

Have a good time here boys and girls. Theres no way any of your people are going to see the Victory Flag in the next 3-4 decades. You folks have a good time fighting with each other it don't make any difference who you put up against a Democratic candidate.
The democratic candidates didn't tear each other apart like the republicans did and are still doing, and as y'all are doing right now. . They were very civil to one another and used Bush as their competitor instead of each other. As it turns out, they respected one another and the top 3 Obama, Clinton and Biden turned out to be all a part of the administration. That's how it can work if you are respectful to each other - something the Newt Gingrich's and Mitt Romney's, and the rest of the republican party didn't learn to do during that primary clown debate.
What Mr. Obama has done for this Country is going to carry any Democrat to Victory for a very long time. You folks ave destroyed you party with that bunch of losers you called candidates, and as I read this blog, y'all are doing it again.
Now read this an weep.
Obama has bailed this country out . ended Iraq . Leaving afghan, unemployment going down . Record hiring . In new york hiring was at a level not seen in 23 year's. Killed Bin L, Helped Libia and was done there in 6 month's, He make's our military look genius compared to chimp and Cheney and there 100 year old ground war's. health care for all, stopped 800 thousand job losses per month left by the Chimp and Cheney, How is that a failed presidency. unless you are an American hater. You Republicans are are nothing but a case of wish full thinking. Good luck with your list of candidates they all suck.

From The Archives of The Political Chic said...

Impertinent said...
“Not at all. I just refuse to vote for anyone who doesn't recognize the Bill of Rights.”

Did you read that comment above from Mr. Ezz? Well that’s what we will be getting more of if we do what we did in the past two elections. We got Obama twice, because we refused one thing or another. So we got a Marxist running America into the ground. Tell your Children and Grandchildren about what you refused to do. I know that I’ll be telling mine. And I’ll be showing them pictures of how America used to be, but they will never see that for themselves.

JonBerg said...


I like Scott Walker for reasons that you have sited. Paul lost it for me over the Hagel fiasco. Cruz? A lot is likley to happen between now and 2016; most of it probably not good. Like it or not 'electability' is a fact of life and like it or not (I don't) the DemoncRAT's heir apparent candidate is formidable albeit that she is reprehensible. Now, the lead-in interrogative [today]: is: "If you had your choice today, who would you vote for President of these United States?". My choice TODAY would be Marco Rubio. Although it can be reasonably argued that he lacks "Executive" expierence, the last two elections seem to indicate that it isn't all that important. I personnaly disagree but, nevertheless, it remains a fact when it comes to 'electability. On the plus side he has: a great deal of potential,demographic appeal and (I almost hate to say it) "charisma". I will, therefore, go with Rubio TODAY! As I said, a lot can happen in days ahead but, for now,I fear that my favorite gubernatorial candidates don't stand a chance!


While I don't buy into the "green" hysteria, I'm delighted to hear of your probabal choice. I only hope that you will be joined by many others but, of course, not too many others!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I personally will wholeheartedly support anyone who wins the Republican nomination. Anyone would be better than the far left wacko Marxists currently in charge of this country now.

Z said...

Wehrwolfen, I said I WOULD HAVE TO vote for him. Period.
Believe me, this blog was dedicated to getting Conservatives to hold their nose and vote ANYBODY but Obama.

(why the German name, Herr Wehrwolfen? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?)

Debonair Dude..SURE! If Obama HAD come through for New Jersey I'd give him credit, too!~!
HE DID NOT!! What's a stupid swing-by to say hello and make promises? People were waiting FAR too long, MONTHS< for help...of course, you had to watch FOX to see that...nobody else covered the long, long waits.

Pol. Chic...if ONLY Obama had done what Christie PRAISED him for.
Obviously, any governor SHOULD be grateful and that was no time for politics.
But this one? HE DID AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, then dragged his feet for MONTHS. I would have said, were I Christie, "You know...we're still waiting, Mr. Obama, I praised you but for WHAT?

As to your comment to Imp: I'm surprised to see him say he'd not vote for anybody BUT a leftwinger...and sorry to read that. I said quite the opposite. Republicans always have to hold their nose and vote, it seems.
We want our candidates to be better than the Dems do, I guess.

And yes, people like EzzZee and the young we're screwing out of a future will LITERALLY not know the successful Proud America we were before recent years. Obama's only doing all he can to bring us down more, too. So sad. A high school student recently agreed with me when I said just that "You'll never know the America I knew...we had freedoms where people didn't tell us what to eat and drink, we honored the Constitution, we ..." He looked so very sad.

Ezz won't be long before you realize how wrong you are. Sadly, the Dems are taking us down with you. Keep feeling good about it all. There are people hurting BIG TIME.
I'd NEVER admire a president who encouraged food stamps or entitlements. How awful. Congratulations on your low character.
Keep watching MSNBC. Must be wonderful for you.

Joe..Jindal lost me BIG TIME recently, but I can't remember now why! Glad you agree about Christie.
I was a big fan in the past.
Carson's clean since 2002? Prostate cancer is imminently curable if caught early, but I do see your point. At least Biden wouldn't be his VP should he die! :-)

Z said...

So, listen it ANYBODY BUT THE AMERICA-RUINING LIBERAL? That's the impression I'm getting.

My hope was that one of you would have somebody who you thought could make it but is NOT on the same ol' RUBIO JINDAL CHRISTIE list.

Would you support Paul Ryan should he run for president? I remember it was the Romney people who supposedly muzzled him during the election (until the rumor was printed and suddenly he was talking, about 2 weeks before the election day) :-(

JonBerg said...


New cognomen, same blustering dolt!

JB, AKA: The Answer Man

Leticia said...

I know this is a serious question, but as of right now, I can't think of one person I would want for president.

So, I would vote for William Shatner as president and Ted Nugent as VP. :)


Wehrwolfen said...

Hi "Z"
1st Wehrwolfe is not a German Name, it's the name of a Band.
2nd, I would support Paul Ryan, but I'm afraid that he wouldn't stand a chance.

I think that we need some new blood, we need to get rid of those old retreads once and for all, not those sane old guys the party has been they have been waving in front of us year after year.Marco Rubio may be the guy or maybe he'd be better off in the VP slot.
Or maybe a female like Susana Martinez, or Condoleezza Rice.
But I think we have plenty of time for a new rising star to come out of the woodwork and catch fire. Like Tom Cotton from Arkansas who served in Afghanistan.
He may be a good choice.

Z said...

Trust me, IS a German name, but I get that it's a band, thanks!

I'm with you....I think we have time and I think Martinez is FABULOUS...thanks for that reminder.

Leticia, if I had to listen to Shatner or look at him, I'd be living in Munich next week!!! :-)

Dave Miller said...

Z, the issue with both women presented is that they are pro-choice. How can someone with these views get out of the primary system and gain the support of the evangelical wing of the GOP...

I do think the left would really fear Martinez should she choose to run, but 2020 is a more realistic year for her.

Ducky's here said...

So, I would vote for William Shatner as president and Ted Nugent as VP. :)

Shatner, besides being a scenery chewer, is a Canadian.

Sorry Leticia.

Ducky's here said...

Dave, until the Tea Baggers are purged, the left is laughing.

Get rid of Rove and Rand and we'll be frightened that you're starting to get it.

Wehrwolfen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wehrwolfen said...

With people like Ezzee and that other nincompoop, Question Man running around everyone should be scared.

Kid said...

Allen West. The last visible American on the political scene that I'm aware of.

None of the 535 that's for sure.

Kid said...

DDW, IMP, Christie is the last one I'd try to prop up. He's not even good enough to be a RINO.
My opinion.

Liberalmann said...

Keep dreaming wingnts, the loons in the GOP have assured the Dems will be in the White House until at least 2024; Biden, Hillary, Warren...

Milepost 154 said...

Tom McClintock for president, my Congresscritter. Roughly the only actual Conservative in Fornicalia. And a budgetary genius.


Kid said...

Why would any sane person do this? Are you kidding me

A small business wouldn't set something like this up if they were on the up and up. If you don't know why, then sit around with a confused look as far as I'm concerned.

And libtard is right. The Voting majority now consists of losers, morons, and people like libtard (but I repeat myself)

Hey libtard, watch how that works out for you. I hope you're young and get to take in every evil little detail as you stumble through life. Mark this post! lol.

Ducky's here said...

Allen West, you go kid.

Hillary is begging you to do it.

Come on man, the stiff couldn't even win a gerrymandered Florida district after he moved to avoid a tougher race. But keep talking him up, we love it.

Kid said...

Duckbones, you think I"m arguing the point?

I answered Z's question. Unlike you, I didn't go off into a multiple double digit number of comments, drool running off your chin, as you super-dream about having the most rude evil communist POS on the planet in the white house.

Get it?

Yea, you mentally retarded (literally) morons are running the show and will be for maybe a couple more elections.

My life doesn't run on fantasy beans like all of yours do. Enjoy what you make for yourself.

Anonymous said...


I'm convinced that your level of "literacy" doesn't even reach an 8th grade level of education.

I suggest that you look into getting some remedial study courses...or get a private tutor. You're obviously a typical illiterate product / example of those great public schools.

beamish said...


beamish said...


Liberalmann said...

Kid said; 'Yea, you mentally retarded (literally) morons are running the show and will be for maybe a couple more elections.

My life doesn't run on fantasy beans like all of yours do. Enjoy what you make for yourself.'
Yeah, I'm sure we've saved your sorry ass a few times already. But you're too stupid it realize it.

Z said...

Liberalmann, shut up with the insults or GET OUT. You've never added the slightest kindness or worthwhile (or even true) information here and I am literally SICK of you...

I don't usually speak to GeeeZ guests here like this, but you have long gone past polite or even civil and you're no longer welcome and I don't owe you a shred of cordiality here.

Get LOST or come back without insults. You're despicable.
I pity you and I wish you'd have grown up in the America most of us know because you'd be weeping right now if you had been, just for the mess you liberals have created.

I have ZERO problem deleting every single one of your comments, so be careful; unless you have absolutely nothing better to do, get used to spending time for nothing.

man, that felt so good.

Anonymous said...


"Get LOST or come back without insults. You're despicable..."

Just your typical run of the mill, kind, considerate, feeling, generous progressive right Z?

They care so much for us and everyone else you know. Or the majority of us for that matter. Now...while I still think ducky is intelligent...I'd like to know why he insists on wallowing in the shit that the dembaggers are. Associating with socialists, fascists, bums, illiterates, gang bangers, union thugs, code stink, Fat al and jesse JO?

Unless the idea is the attraction of being "in charge" once the overthrow is complete.

Want to feel better? Delete all it's garbage...none of it's civil or constructive. And it's just sour enough to burn the skin off an onion by looking at it.

It's no wonder why Breitbart hated their guts.

Z said...

Imp, actually, Breitbart only really hated how the media was so far in their favor because he knew it wasn't good for America to have an uncurious, sycophantic media.
of course, he knew "progressives" were bad for America, but I don't think Andrew really hated anybody, he was just that kind of man.
Please pray for his wife and kids, they can really use it...

JonBerg said...


It's, I guess, none of my business but why does someone like "Liberalmann" get so much more attention, as an individual, than many others who, actually, have intellegent things to impart? I really don't get it! I've seen threats to "86" his BS on this blog, as well as elsewhere, but he continues to materalize with impunity. Again, "I don't get it"!

Always On Watch said...

I just read that link you left. More proof -- to me, at least -- that Christie should not be President.

Z said...

JonBerg.. ignoring doesn't work. I've tried it several times and then a commenter responds and that's that...drives me nuts :-)

Believe me...I'll be deleting everything in the future.

I suppose I should add that I wouldn't want that "attention" if I were that jerk.

Kid said...

Z, There ya go. I'm a big vocal proponent of not feeding the moneys, but once every couple months maybe I like to reveal the reality of the situation. It bothers them so to have to put so much work into maintaining their fantasies, it is satisfying. Again, not very often.

The libtards really are like evil little children, no handle on reality and couldn't handle it anyway. Also victims of arrested mental development. There is no question far left liberalism is a mental disease. Too much hypocrisy for there not to be.

Imagine having to think obama and the dems are great, been in power since 2006 when they took over the Senate, then Gee, food is 2X more expensive at least, Gas is twice as much, health care insurance took about a 35% hike, taxes on everything are going up, payroll tax hike took a chunk of the little but of money these losers are generally playing with and yet, they simply CAN'T let go of the obama fantasy. It's all they have. They'll triple down on stupid until their life is in the tank and they'll screaming BUSH!!!!.

I think it's hilarious. It is exactly what they deserve. Unfortunately there are good people affected but conservatives generally are prepared and have themsleves in a comparatively 'good place'.

Wait til they see what 2014 obammycare implementations do to them !

Kid said...

PS - I've also been shunning them in my personal life. Folks we used to meet with and provide some companionship and kind words. Not anymore. Like Brietbart, I see them as the enemy tearing apart the America that works, leaving the nightmare of socialism, so I shun them as enemies now. Let them live in their leper colonies huddled in front of their obama altars.

Leticia said...

Z, oh no!! I love Shatner! LOL

JonBerg said...


I quit calling my best friend who lives in another state. The reason is his Liberal wife, who may pick-up and I don't want to talk to her even long enough to ask fro him. SHE disallows me from sending E-mail to them and disallows him from watching FOX NEWS! It's enough to make A Komodo Dragon throw-up!!!!!

Kid said...

JonBerg, You're doing the right thing. Tough Love! ;-)