Sunday, June 13, 2010

"CongressMAN Debbie Wasserman?",...and World Cup music!

Yes, it's Sunday, so I don't do too much angry politics today after my weekly Sunday Faith Blog, but thought I'd post this for fun:

David Gregory, on MEET THE PRESS this morning, called Debbie Wasserman Schultz "CongressMAN Wasserman". I was looking around to see which panel member he was addressing, but it was her. I was wondering, we have ACTORS now instead of actors and actresses, so I guess this is a byproduct of taking the WOMAN out of occupational names (for some reason...why's being a woman demeaning?), but do you think he'll refer to Hillary Clinton next time she's on as MISTER Secretary instead of Madame Secretary?

Also, on a lighter note, before the World Cup game between Britain and America yesterday, they played both the country's national anthems. I had to laugh when they started with the melody of "My Country Tis of Thee" (Also known in England as "God Save the Queen"!) and then went into "The Star Spangled Banner".... Pretty nifty of them to honor US with two of our songs, huh? :-)
(the game ended with a score of 1:1)



Anonymous said...

They can call wasserman schmutz...anything they want to as far as I'm concerned...except a "congressman".

She's a racist, bigoted, partisan frump of the worst kind of pol...a touchy feely moron who has no sense of reality. Part of the long established Jewish mafia in South Florida politics. Where no one that isn't...will ever get a chance at the job. Including Rubio or their favorite pet...Meeks. Since Crist abandoned the "R" after his name....he's now OK in their book. Hypocrites and corrupt. The woman is very dangerous and a pelousy wannabe in waiting. Take out pelousy...and you'll have replace her.

cube said...

I don't really care how the press refers to our congress people. Really, it doesn't matter to me. Right now you can call them Crap-On-A-Stick and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. Their behavior is outlandish and so is my reaction.

RE: the *yawn* fest that is the World Cup... is it any wonder that soccer doesn't catch hold in the dynamic USA? A 95 minute game with a tied score?

Sorry, but I'm yearning for
football season.

Brooke said...

Meh. It was probably a slip of the tongue. I do that ALL the time with pronouns. The brain gets ahead of the mouth...

What's soccer? ;)

JINGOIST said...

As much as I despise Debbie Wasserman's politics, there's NO mistaking her for a man. She's a good looking woman. So I really don't like that gender neutral crap. That's also a sore spot for me. Personally I really enjoy the difference. :-)

Now on the other hand if Janet El Reno or Janet Napolitano was being described by a male pronoun or job title, or Bonnie Fwank was labeled "she", the mistake is understandable.

Anonymous said...

"there's NO mistaking her for a man."

Except I think for Dwebbie....she gets better looking and sounds better when it gets closer to closing time...if you know what I mean? And her time a close. I've heard and seen her close up. In my younger days....way too long buds would say they'd wake up and want to chew their arm off rather than wake IT up! Back to sleep Debbie schmutz!

And to the ladies need to get indignant. (She's not one of you.) But that's the way it is for hunters everywhere.

beamish said...

I insist that Nancy Pelosi be known as the Speakerette of the House.

At least until November. :)

Anonymous said...

"Janet Napolitano"

Now...everytime I hear that basso broad...I want to call up Dominos and watch the Sopranos. She reminds me of Tony Jr. I just wish she'd tie a cinder block around her neck and jump into the cesspool of BP induced muck in Louisiana!

Tom said...

On the noted ligher note, many Americans don't know that Francis Scott Keyes wrote his stanzas to an old English bar tune -and thus the Star Spangled Banner. Cheers.

Z said...

Jingo, that's why I posted this...nothing to do with Wasserman, pretty or not (PRETTY??...I always think "pretty is as pretty does "!), it's the GENDER NEUTRAL thing.

That was no slip of the tongue, neither is it when they call Sophia Loren an ACTOR! That always cracks me up. Why not call all the actors actresses??

You have to have lived in Europe to like soccer, TRUST ME, I sure didn't before that..and it can be SO boring but, as in any game, the more boring it gets, the More EXCITING the goals get !! Just in contrast!: heh!
Go USA..Go Germany.

Beamish, SPEAKER's not gender anything! I'm eager for them to call her MISTER SPEAKER and see how she likes it.
of course, she's the one who threw gender into her job as speaker in her acceptance speech, then holding her arms up like Popeye. "See, a woman can't effective until she seems like a man" according to Pelosi!!? (I'm not a feminist ..except about equal pay...and that gave ME the creeps..where WERE the feminists?..oh, I forgot, she's a liberal..SILENCE)

Z said...

Tom, I'd like to see the old bar song stanzas! Cool information!

Anonymous said...

Oh Z they gaffes they make and it is all okay! But God forbid that had been Sean Hannity that had made such a gaffe of Bill O'Reilly we would not hear the end of it for months!!!

xo Layla

Ducky's here said...

I thought the English goal keeper was very gracious to imitate Julio Lugo handling a slow hit ground ball.

Mark said...

Z, Your question about women in this politically correct topsy-turvy world is similar to an observance I made on my recent blogpost, "The Wussification of America":

"Men must be sensitive, while, paradoxically, women must be strong and self sufficient. Stating the obvious fact that men are physically stronger than women and as such, can actually perform some tasks better than women is offensive to women."

Mark said...

You folks who think Soccer is boring don't understand how soccer's off sides call makes the game so much more difficult than it looks. It aint like American football.

Ducky's here said...

The defenseman is just a moving blue line, not that tough.

FrogBurger said...

Z is right. Sometimes soccer can be boring. If I was president of SoccerWorld, I'd change all the rules to speed up the game and increase the number of goals. But I've been Americanized. Can't be as boring as baseball though, one of the rare sports where you can be fat and play. Try running back and forth, sprint and jump at soccer for 90 minutes.

beamish said...

I find soccer's origins as a "sport" to kick the skull of one of my Scandinavian ancestors around to be culturally offensive in its egregious barbarity. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Imp, this bit of info has gone mainly unnoticed. But, Crist's campaign manager is Anita Dunne. I saw this in the news ticker on Fox.

She recently resigned her position in Obama's administration.

Her husband is a WH attorney.

One of her heroes is Mao Tse Tung. I saw her say this on a video of a speech she was giving.

To everyone in Florida, I would say, Governor Crist is firmly implanted in the left's pocket. They bought him, they own him.

If the citizen's of Florida vote for Crist over Rubio, they should know if they do, they're getting a shill for the far left.


Z said...

Layla, not a's gender equality...everybody's a man.
Julia Roberts is an ACTOR, dontchaknow:-)

Mark ,it's a real wussification and I don't believe it's an accident, either. And, yes, OFF, is THAT hard to understand and is it difficult to play with that rule...

Beamish, running around a soccer field makes basketball look like taking a nap.

Pris, I got confused with Chris Christy in NJ and Fla's Charlie, I hope whatever commenter I wrote to understands my mistake and doesn't think I was rooting for CHARLIE!!

And yes, Anita Dunne...kind of like Carly Fiorina with Van Jones on her team.

Z said...

man, it's really bugging me having her pic on my blog.........oh, well. :0-)

sue said...

z - I remember noticing when women began to be called actors rather than actresses. At first it seemed strange, but then I thought of it as putting them all in the same professional category, and now I rather like it. Same as artists, pianists, poets, composers, writers, etc.

What I'm really looking forward to is a 'presidentess' - depending who it is, of course.

Ducky's here said...

Suck it down, Gasol. And Kobe makes two.

Ducky's here said...

Froggy, try standing in on a 95mph fastball withot going jelly leg.

Anonymous said...

"And yes, Anita Dunne...kind of like Carly Fiorina with Van Jones on her team."

Exactly Z. All this shows is that Crist can be bought. He's been reduced to nothing more than another useful idiot.

Amazing how easily a person will do anthing to run with the powerful and kid himself into thinking he has any power himself.


Anonymous said...

"Can't be as boring as baseball though, one of the rare sports where you can be fat and play."

Oh no FB. You're breaking my heart. On this I agree with Ducky.

Why is it, that men knocking each other all over a field, and running back and forth, is more of a sport than athletic finesse and precision in competition?

What other sport requires playing 162 games in a regular season, day in and day out?

Soccer isn't an American sport it's been transplanted. Baseball is an American sport, as is basketball.


Z said...

Pris, the truth is that soccer can't be played as often as baseball because the players can't take human being can. They're running and stopping and kicking and not using their's unbelievable. The tension's palpable, too...I don't know how they do it, especially the goalies. TALK about pressure.

I'm not comparing baseball or basketball to soccer, what's the point? it's just that it's a great game if you're into it...
You know I'm not into baseball too much, but I think it's great people are!

Pris, didn't Crist suddenly announce he was engaged around the time he was running, too? I don't know what happened with that...people were saying that was a ruse, too

EDGE said...


Glad we tied the English, but the noise of those damn vuvuzelas!!!

Hope they ban them soon!

Z said...

Hi, Edge, good to see you!
Darn, I read a headline last night about the awful noise at the World Cup and something must have distracted me and I didn't open the article....but, I thought it said something about banning it in the title?

beamish said...

Why is it, that men knocking each other all over a field, and running back and forth, is more of a sport than athletic finesse and precision in competition?

It's probably because the ::cough:: men who play baseball won't play in any sort of inclemental weather, fleeing for shelter at the first sign of water dropping from the sky, and that in a conceptually "exciting" game of baseball, the batters never hit the ball in a way that actually forces the nine steroid-infused ::cough:: men on the field to move in ways that burn more calories than sleeping.

Well, you asked.

FrogBurger said...

Not saying baseball isn't a sport. I'm saying it's dull. I like playing it but watching it is unbearable. I appreciate the concentration effort it requires and the talent of pitchers. However, seeing people spitting and sitting on benches, overweight for hours is not appealing.

Some people don't like soccer and I understand their point of view.

I'm glad I'm rallying people around Ducky, though :)

Mark said...

Baseball is a great game, which requires amazing athletic ability. The hardest thing in sports to do is hit a round ball approaching at speeds of over 80 mph with a round bat. The pitcher is easily the hardest working man in the sport, with the catcher runn9ing a close second.

That said, the sheer difficulty of actually scoring a goal in soccer makes me appreciate the intricacies and strategies of the game of Soccer. No offensive player is allowed to get behind a defensive player at anytime, and thus it is extremely hard to score, which makes it a great sport in my book.

One has to appreciate the strategy and ability it takes to be great in any sport, whether it be Baseball, Soccer, Football, or even Boxing.

Don't denigrate any sport unless you can beat the best at all of them.

Anonymous said...

Ah Beamish, I knew you'd chime in. I'll spare you my baseball screed, you've heard it before.

And thank you for letting George Carlin rest in peace.

Ummmm, you really should do something about that cough though! Ha, Ha!

FB, well as we know, the word "fan" is derived from fanatic, and I just love baseball, that's all.

As for Ducky, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Mark, I agree with everything you said.


Anonymous said...

I don't like soccer but I'm thrilled that the UK team didn't win.

Can't wait for real football season to start.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me while I play "gotcha": The US did not play Britain, and there is not a team representing the UK. The US played England. Scottland, Northern Ireland, and Wales all have their own teams, though I don't think any qualified for the World Cup finals.

To be even pickier, I don't think soccer has games that end in ties. They have matches that end in draws. (At least, I think that's what I heard. Can we get a fact-checker on that?)

Of course, the rest of the world doesn't know what soccer is. To them it is football. So why do we call it soccer? In the US, the sport was known as Association Football. The "association" got shortened and the "a" fell off, and "soccer" was the result.

I'm wondering how obvious it is that I've been reading William Saffire.

I'll take baseball over soccer any day. No arguments here about which sport is harder--I just think baseball is a part of American culture in a way that soccer isn't.


Z said...

tio, of course Americans prefer baseball, I can't imagine anybody felt I was trying to convince them away from it?

You could call 1:1 a draw...I call it a tie .......whatever!!

Anonymous said...

Z, I'm fine with "ties". It reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where there was a sudden interest in soccer. The TV announcer, in an exaggeratedly excited voice, yells:

The Continental Soccer Association is coming to Springfield!
It's all here--fast-kicking, low scoring, and ties? You bet!


Yaimara said...

Hi, Edge, good to see you! Darn, I read a headline last night about the awful noise at the World Cup and something must have distracted me and I didn't open the article....but, I thought it said something about banning it in the title? it's HORRIBLE!