Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Marine's Vigil

This is so touching and I hope you take the time to watch: EVERY day should be MEMORIAL DAY........God Bless ROLLING THUNDER and God Bless that soldier and his fallen comrade.
thanks, Silvrlady


David Wyatt said...

Thank you Z, for posting this. Very touching indeed. may we never forget them nor disparage them. God Bless them.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for these men. They're still giving their time to their country, and paying honor to those whom we have lost.

We had them here where Mr. Pris and I live and from what I understand there were at least 500 of them. We could hear they're bikes rumbling, from our home, for a very long time. It was a glorious sound.

It was an honor to have them here.
God bless them all.


Anonymous said...

God Bless the Corp and all it's good and great Marines.

We will prevail...we will win.

And the evil will crawl back into their holes and wither away.


MathewK said...

You Americans really know how to honor those who protect you, well at least most of you do. It's truly unique and special.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Wasn't this amazing!! I had tears in my eyes watching this young man. For some reason, I am not able to post You Tube to my blog, so I am glad you got it on.
We need to recognize these young people more than we do. I especially liked where the one biker completely stopped his bike and saluted the Marine.

Z said...

Gramma, that was my VERY favorite moment in it...I needed a box of Kleenex!
MK is right..we do patriotism well...I wonder if the next generation will.

Tim C said...
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Tim C said...

Thank you for your kind words towards my salute. Your compassion is the element that makes our Country great. You are the strength behind my simple act of kindness to honor others and inspire people.
Tim Chambers

Tim C said...

Your kind words and as strength towards my resolve to continue to honor and inspire others. Thank you, for also demonstrating the element that makes America great.... Compassion for others.

Tim Chambers,
Saluting Marine