Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Time at the Precinct today.....

I like to vote Absentee Ballot for two reasons: One, it's easier to just pop it in the mailbox and, two, it's an Arid Extra Dry commercial for a Republican to vote in Los Angeles. You spritz because you know you're going to get THE LOOKS as they figure out you're walking to the far fewer REPUBLICAN stands than the DEMOCRAT stands. As you get older, it doesn't bother you that much, but it shouldn't bother anybody, it shouldn't happen that you get precinct workers who grimace or give each other 'the eye' or don't kibbutz with you as they did the hippie before you. I don't anymore, not quite as much, but something about it bothers me, I have to admit. Maybe it's just the idea that people will treat you differently for not agreeing with them? The problem is, we're being warned against voting absentee this year...too many shenanigans, so I didn't.

SO, today, with my very sprained foot (which the Xrays showed today to be free of a break, hurrah!) I was driven by a friend and limped to the Chevrolet Dealership where my area voting was held and walked in........I have to admit they were pretty nice today and they gave me my ballot and told me to go to the booths on the right side.
Well, voting at a REPUBLICAN booth on the left side was a very beautiful young Black girl who I wanted to SAY SOMETHING TO!! HELLLOOOOO? IN L.A.??? Young. Black. Republican??!! So, on my way to her, I looked at the precinct workers, thanked them as they suggested I vote on the right side and veered to the left where she was! (ya, ya, but I can't HELP IT!).....I hear "Ma'am...on the RIGHT side.." I turned around and said "Just a sec, okay?" The 100 yr old worker gets UP and follows me and says again "Ma'am, vote on the RIGHT SIDE!" 'I GET IT, I GET IT...I just wanted to say hello to a FRIEND, OKAY?" :-) "Oh." and the lady walks back.

I approached my 'friend' and touched her arm and said "God Bless you!" and she laughed and said "Thanks, same to you!" THEN I sent to the RIGHT SIDE (OKAY??? HAPPY NOW?!) and voted. I walked with my ballot to the table and said to them "Sorry to come off so grumpy, but I just wanted to say hello .....thanks for all the work you do here!" They apologized to me for not having got what I was doing and I left.

But, not before I approached the Black girl again, who was standing at another table across the way now after having voted, and said "You get what I meant, right?" She laughed again and said "OH, YES I DO!" Lovely moment. Only in L.A.

THEN, I get back here to tell you about this....that I FOUND
THE YOUNG BLACK GIRL WHO VOTED REPUBLICAN IN WEST L.A. !!! And I find this comment from our pal and commenter Frog Burger:

So I went to vote and it's funny how in CA, when you vote Republicans, you're looked at some weird creature. There was a young, model-type woman and she had to say she wanted to vote Republican and felt very embarrassed about it. This is the extent of brainwashing in CA.

See? I'm not alone. Sad, isn't it? Another friend emailed this morning that her precinct was empty and she was told there that many Republicans had shown up to vote in
THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF SANTA MONICA!! I think conservatives have awakened and are taking the bull by the horns, folks. Yes, it's only a primary, but there were propositions and those votes count!

God Bless America, and help us get to where a whole big leftist side stops indoctrinating and stops intimidating..................Amen.



Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Z said...

well, thank you, Steve. I don't 'follow' officially, but I'll be glad to stop by. Thank you for coming here. z

FrogBurger said...

I had a blast reading this post. I could see the sequence of events in front of me.

It's sad and funny at the same time but your encounter gives me hope.

I think the good thing about Obama being elected is that now more African American and female African American who are Conservative are getting out.

I love voting in the US. It's a bit overwhelming with all the positions you have to elect people for but I'm very proud when I do it.

I'm glad your foot isn't broken and I hope it gets better soon.

Chuck said...

My God Z, if people are voting for the GOP in the United Socialist State of California, USSC, it could be tsunami this year ;-)

Ducky's here said...

z, move to South Carolina. They love the far right and you get a front row seat to the latest Republican sex scandals.

How can you lose?

FrogBurger said...

Ducky stick to movies. At least I enjoy it.

Otherwise you're a despicable little rat.

FrogBurger said...

Sex scandals are not the monopoly of the far right also.

So aside from hurting Z, your comment was puerile.

Z said...

FB, thank, I love that you enjoyed the post! Yes, sad and funny but hopeful, no doubt about it....
I'm proud that you are an American!!

Chuck, exactly! My sister told me that in a very upperclass neighborhood (a HUGE rock band's wife rear ended her today, and she's okay, but..just to tell you about the area...very rich, very liberal)...the precinct had LINES for the Republican booths. She and her husband could not believe it. She also mentioned how she and her husband noticed the anti-Republican shtick by the workers there, even before I mentioned my story!
TSUNAMI might be just the thing.

That, I think, is why the Left's trying to play up the wedge between the tea party nominees and GOP nominees...If I had Sarah Palin 'call me' one more time to VOTE FOR CARLY when Chuck DeVore is BY FAR the better CONSERVATIVE, I was going to spit. I;m THROUGH with Palin, by the way, I really like her but there's something too GOP about her now...not for us but for the party.

OH, Ducky...those darned Republicans...think they're the only ones who HAVE SEX?
Well, you could be right :-)

FrogBurger said...

Check out this scary news

Nothing new but the abyss is getting closer at a faster speed.

Faith said...

So by voting absentee I guess I'm missing the real story here which you can get only out there among The People. But thanks for the story, it's a good one.

In response to FB, I guess there's no point in my donning a sandwich board sign and yelling "Repent Repent Repent" on street corners. Nobody listens even if it is the only solution to the abyss yawning at our feet.

In other news, I'm still hoping for Sharron Angle. I have a local news channel website open to catch the news but the polls don't close for another 40 minutes and so far I'm just waiting.

And I know that if she wins she's going to be a bigger target for Reid than the other two candidates would have been because she's truly a radical for-real conservative and it seems it's hard to get the real thing elected these days.

But I'm hoping and praying.

Z said...

Faith, it's less important that you're missing the story than it is that your vote could not be counted. But, hopefully, we can try to stop voting fraud this November.

FB...Obama couldn't BE working harder to SCREW AMERICA FOREVER....I simply can't think about it. It's appalling and SO much worse than everyone thought.........are people paying ATTENTION?

Faith said...

Why couldn't my vote be counted? What have I missed>

Anonymous said...

Z, and FB, you two could move here where Mr. Pris and I live. Republicans don't get weird looks here. Yes, even in so. California.

You may like to know that the gal in front of me was an independent and asked for a Republican ballot.

Btw, the turn out looked good here.

And Z, I'm glad to hear the good news about your foot. You won't be gimpy for much longer. Great.


FrogBurger said...


What's your location in So. Cal?

Z said...

Faith, I think I mentioned it yesterday or earlier today..there are people warning that there could be voter fraud with absentee ballots.
My friend has MS and has difficult getting out, she votes Absentee ballot but is pleased that her vote goes in a Democrat envelope though she hasn't voted Dem for years; why they're marked is beyond me. But, she figures at least hers will be opened and read....and counted, hopefully.

We'll see, maybe we're all wrong, but the last few years have had too many rumors of fraud to not worry.

Pris, there are still pockets in California where it's largely Republican, but not many! I love it here, and am seeing change!!!

Faith said...

I knew there were rumors of possible tampering with absentee ballots but the way you said it made it sound like it had absolutely happened for sure.

Z said...

No, sorry, Faith...that I gave that impression. Anyway, if it does happen, who'll know with our media, right? We just have to hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

FB, I'll ask Z to email it to you I'd rather not put it online.


Deborah on the Bayside said...

I'm so glad you had an experience that made it worth your painful trip out. I don't vote absentee anymore. I go in person and present my legal ID card - we need to start a trend. It may not be required, but why not set an example and offer it? And it helped. They didn't have me on the list (who knows why??), so I had to vote provisional and the license confirmed my address.

Z said...

Gotcha, Pris. Thanks.

Deborah, the odd thing is that this sprained foot's never hurt (until tonight, because I did way too much today)...it just hurts if I stand on it a certain way or two........if I clump around on my heel, I'm fine..sitting, lying down..NO PAIN.
like I said, 'except for tonight'...
Am going to lie down now.
(Why do you think you weren't on the list?)

See you all tomorrow.

Faith said...

I'm happy, it looks like Sharron is well on her way to a win. Now comes the big big fight. It makes me tired to think of it but I know Sharron is equal to it. She's a veteran door to door campaigner, she knows how to talk to people and zero in on their concerns, she's smart and articulate, she'll do very well even against the Reid machine they're designing to try and chew her up. But I'm SO tired just thinking about all this I'm going to bed.

Z said...

Faith, Congrats! I'm so glad for you...they're saying she hasn't much name recognition in Vegas but that she's a real fighter and got tons of votes and people like her and that she should do well. Hurrah!

I hate to think about California's race; MONEY WON. I guess "what else is new?"
And our primary method is going to change and I have to look more into it before I decide I REALLY don't like it :-)

but, the LAKERS WON, so.....off to nurse my foot again (you guys getting tired of hearing about it yet!? I AM!!)


beamish said...

You voted in a segregated Republican ballot box at a car dealership owned by the government?

I'd feel that's slightly more shady and corruption prone than voting in somebody's home garage in Chula Vista.

Faith said...

Z, how about pulling over a chair or a table to prop up that foot WHILE you're online. I do that when my feet swell in the hot weather.

Thanks for the congrats. Sharron's the best, the real deal, honest, can't be bought.

Z said...

Faith thanks...it's a little hard in my situation here but I can at least kind of sit my foot on the shredder under my desk. I can feel it's just needing REST.
see you later. thanks.

Faith said...
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