Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obama's first November Elections speech was today...get a LOAD of this one:

I think you'll want to read THIS ARTICLE from which I clipped the following choicer words by Obama which I heard on the radio while driving today and which nearly caused an accident because it made me so mad to hear a sitting president talk this belittlingly, so dishonestly, so rabidly partisan and thinking people are this stupid to believe it all. If they are, don't they see the conceit and exaggerations and nastiness in spite of their lack of information? I mean, if they're really thinking straight? Here are the words you're going to want to read........make sure you're not driving:

"But with midterm elections just five months away, he also took the opportunity to lash out at his Republican adversaries, saying they have "sat on the sidelines and shouted from the bleachers" as the Democrats have successfully pushed through major parts of his administration's agenda. (Z: I guess he's just right and that's THAT, huh? If you're not 'successfully pushing through major parts of his agenda', you're an adversary ..there's an attitude to encourage the bipartisanship he spoke of during the campaign, huh?)

"They said no to tax cuts for small businesses; no to tax credits for college tuition; no to investments in clean energy," he told the crowd of about 300 faculty and community business executives. "They said no to protecting patients from insurance companies and consumers from big banks." (Z: protecting patients, let's just ignore all the good ideas Republicans had and misrepresent as uncaring and heartless, huh? And, you all KNOW how Republicans just hate small businesses and would deny them tax cuts, right? :-)

Obama said the Republican opposition to his agenda is rooted in a belief about the limits of government that leads them to two answers to every problem: "more tax breaks for the wealthy and fewer rules for corporations." And he predicted that the GOP will campaign in the fall on that agenda. (Z: Ya, Obama....our candidates will be out there saying 'let's give the rich a break and screw you poor and let the corporations run wild' What is he SMOKING?..but you see how effective that is on people who don't follow politics and know the truth? He's kind of sounding like a college sophomore after his first exciting year of indoctrination, isn't he?!)

"We already know where their ideas led us," he said, using tougher language than he has in the past. "And now we have a choice as a nation. We can return to the failed economic policies of the past, or we can keep building a stronger future." (Z: a Republican, let me just say it seems to me that Republicans are the ones fighting for a weaker future, right?..yes, sarcasm here........ )

So, what'd you think of his speech? And yes, folks..this is the first speech toward the NOVEMBER ELECTIONS, don't kid yourself.........they'll be lying, misrepresenting, obfuscating, sounding SO superior and SO righteous that it's going to get a little tough going........What do you think of what he's said?



FrogBurger said...

This guy is so incompetent, has no principles, no solid intellectual foundations that the only thing he can do is behave like a small dictator. Because he has no strong defense and has to yap yap like a little Chihuahua who thinks he's a pitbull.

Anonymous said...

There's only one solution to this....modern Stalin...only one.

His hate and disrespect for the American citizen is breathtaking. His hate and barely concealed distaste for the military is open and apparent. His disrespect for the difference of opinions and the 1st Amendment should be obvious to all. His love of all things Marxist and Sorosist must be addressed. This clown...this poseur...this egomaniacal, fascist, marxist, seditious, traitorous union twerp....must be stopped.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Wait a minute.

Weren't they going to use his head as a big plug to stop the oil spill?

Chuck said...

I think he may be talking to himself Z.

Check this out

Dan said...

He is a campaign man, this is what he does, he is in his zone.

Mustang said...

Dan's right. And it isn't Auto Zone either.

Ducky's here said...


Shut up you Trotskyite !

Remember that scene from Godard's Masculin/Feminin?

So what looks good on the rethug side, DeMint/Palin or Palin/Bachmann?

We are so far down the rabbit hole.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky please stop being a highschool sophist.

Candidates haven't been clearly established and there's enough time. I'm sure the good ones on both sides are hiding. Because Obama is taking so much crap and is so incompetent, it's better to hide and surface right before everything.

But that's too complicated for your clogged neurons to comprehend. It's not black and white enough.

FrogBurger said...

Just listened to some of his speech.

"We can't go back to an economy dependent on bubbles and debt" he said.

What a freaking __________. Fill in the blank as there's no words left to describe his intellectual dishonesty.

Z said...

FB, isn't it horrid? I can't tell you angry I was hearing it on the radio in the car today.........SO BELITTLING.

Don't people understand that what he's basically saying is "If you don't agree with ME, you don't deserve to be in government, you're holding America back, etcetc..." I mean what else is he saying?

FrogBurger said...

I just can't believe he needs a teleprompter to lie so blatantly and think we're all idiots.

Worst president ever across 2 countries.

Worse than Mitterrand in France because at least Mitterrand was super smart. But the results are the same: terrible economy and corruption all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Stalin? Maybe. More like a Manchurian Candidate if you ask me.

A thinskinned one at that. This is what he does. He's consistent.

When you can't tell the truth, you pound the table, and he's been pounding every industry he wishes to take over. Or should I say his puppetmasters want to take over.

Btw, what did cause that "accident" in the gulf. Do we know? Who will take the blame? Whomever the powers that be choose to, that's who.

Was it an accident? If it was, why seek out someone to blame? The leak is still spewing oil, is now the time to place blame or is it the right time to accomplish a left wing goal. Remember, "no crisis should go to waste":Rahm Emanuel.

Because it serves the purpose of the administration to have a target to hit, that's why. Then they think they can sell anything to the American people.

The media won't question it either. Why should they start now?

Now, the President says he's going to raise taxes on the oil companies. How much do you all want to pay for gas, because it's going to go up, the question is how high?

IMO, everything this administration touches is damaged, and weakened, held hostage by a tyrannical, dictatorial, cabal. And with them, so are we as a country.


Anonymous said...

Btw, isn't it interesting that the President went to Chicago to "vacation", just before the Blagoevich trial this week?

Resko is to be a witness in the trial. Blagoevich want's tapes released to be played at the trial as well.

Just a thought.


Opus #6 said...

Obama is a small man. In every way.

Always On Watch said...

words by Obama which I heard on the radio while driving

I admit it: when BHO comes on the air, I change the channel.

Always On Watch said...

I don't have time to read the entire linked article right now -- today is the last day of Spanish class, so I have to get out the door.

But I saw the title!

Obama hopes oil spill boosts support for climate bill

What the hell is THAT? He's open about using this terrible oil spill for political purposes?

I'm so disgusted that I cannot say anything more in this comment without resorting to Profanitese.

Z said...

Pris, maybe it's a kind of trip O took to Hawaii that same weekend that his birth certificate was ordered slammed shut to know, when he visited his grandmother? :-)
He dissed Arlington and went to Chicago, risking the criticism he's now receiving for not having gone back to Louisiana......and, what a COINCIDENCE Blaggo's trial's going on NOW and O's mortgage-reducing buddy Resko (and other WH staffers) is being called to testify...

Always, you should have seen the five mins I saw on Maddow last night..Barbara Boxer trying to look like she's a statesman and has the answers and "Oh, aren't the W. Coast senators WONDERFUL for having prevent any drilling?"

It seems that BP represents now ALL oil drillers, even those who have had to come up with environmental studies even tho Obama dropped that for BP when they gave $70K to his campaign...or maybe that's just a coincidence, too, 'after all, they give to Republicans, too, so there just CAN"T be ANY impropriety with Obama", right? (oh, my gosh, people actually think this)

On the other hand? I'm tired of having to expose Obama and his thugs; I don't WANT our country in this much trouble from the outside AND the inside and I want America to get on with fixing our country, not continually having to do the heavy lifting our media just won't do. Or, wouldn't it be nice if our president didn't cause us to constantly have to keep showing two sides to everything he's doing and trying to hide? It's disheartening, and I"m not being sarcastic here.

Anonymous said...

Z, yes. These "vacations" can come in handy for visiting "old friends" too!


Z said...

good point, Pris..

that time he went to see Grandma before she died and BAMMO, the birth certificate was hidden forever by the governor... that worked pretty well, too.!