Thursday, June 10, 2010

HOW impressive folks from Louisiana are...

I'm watching Hannity and can't believe how amazingly AMERICA FIRST the folks on Frank Luntz's panel are..............They have businesses in trouble because of the leak and they STILL are saying "Drill, baby, drill....America needs it........we'll be okay!.......we must drill, we can't be reliant on foreign oil"
I got teary watching them put America first....THESE are amazing Americans, folks....did you see it? God bless Louisiana.........and thank you for people like these Americans.


Jan said...

Z..I'm watching Hannity now, too, and you're right.

It is so heartbreaking to think of what this disaster has caused, and the effects of it, which will continue for years to come.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome Z. Yes, God bless these patriots! God bless them indeed.

Layla xo

RightKlik said...

People of the real world can't afford to indulge the fantasies of left wing ideology. They have to make a living. People of the real world can't afford to sit back and let disasters happen. They have to get their hands dirty and clean up messes.

The O-heads will never understand.

Ducky's here said...

It is believed that leak is puking out 100K barrels per day, which is 4 million gallons.

There is no way short of heavy in the arm drug use that any notion of "success" can be derived from the situation of capping or whatever other hare-brained scheme is planned to mitigate this horror.

But we just clean it up and everything is all better. Then just keep drilling without any assurance that the operating rigs have adequate safety equipment or contingency plans 'cause we don't want Californians to have to do stuff like build rail and public transportation. This keeps America great. Drive, baby, drive.

Z said...

Ducky, that's right! The people there who know much better than any of us certainly did make sure to add that there's no need for safety contingencies. (are you kidding?)

Jan, it is heartbreaking......
Layla, it's humbling to think they can lose so much and yet put the country first.

RK.....I think the obama people just didn't get the severity of it...or how bad it COULD get and let things slip so badly....after all the bashing Bush got with katrina, it's an even more shocking sample of media bias. Also, remember when Katrina happened and it was so pathetic and then the horrid deluge of Midwest flooding happened and those people put their sleeves up and didn't go to the gov't...
I know Louisiana will survive but it's going to be a very tough one and I admire those people so much.

Ducky's here said...

The people there? A few shills on Fox TV?

Buy a vowel, z, come on.

They upped the volume of the spill to 100K gallons and BP is only trapping a small percentage of that.

This is a disaster of major proportion and, no, just blithely continuing to drill without a safety review and deep water drilling without an effective contingency plan is insane.

Yeah, just trash the joint, show your love for America. Utter insanity.

Z said...

They're not blithely, happily thrilled the oil spill is so bad..they're resilient and don't want to end all drilling because of the accident..why can't you see strength and honor in people?
It's Obama who waived BP's need for contingency plans heard that. Seventy thou in campaign donations goes a long way.

"trash the joint"...the people who live there?

beamish said...


You fail to mention that:

- in 1991, the leftist leader of Iraq's Arab Socialist Baath Party Saddam Hussein ordered his military illegally occupying Kuwait to dump 520 million gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf.

- in 1980, an accident at a Mexican oil well caused an explosion which then caused the well to collapse. The well remained open, spilling 30,000 gallons a day into the ocean for a full year, dumping a total of 100 million gallons of oil into the ocean as the left-wing socialist administration of Mexican President José López Portillo dawdled in non-response.

- In 1979, off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago, a the Greek oil tanker Atlantic Empress collided with another ship in a tropical storm, spilling 90 million gallons of oil into the ocean. The response of the center-left democratic socialist Greek government of Konstantinos Tsatsos in cleaning up this accident was to do nothing.

- In 1994, a government-owned pipeline "maintained" by the left-wing "post-Soviet" vanguard of "former" communists running Russia leaked 84 million gallons of oil on the ground before anyone noticed.

- In 1983, a tanker collided with the Nowruz Field Platform in the Persian Gulf owned and operated in leftist fashion by the Islamic government of Iran. Over a series of spills throughout 1983, the platform eventually collapsed into the sea. The well continued to spill oil into the ocean for seven months before it was repaired, for a total of 80 million gallons dumped into the ocean.

Now, far be it from me to be even willing to entertain the seriously absurd idea that a leftist might be capable of rational thought, but those spills above represent the 5 largest oil spill disasters in world history.

The history of all hitherto existing oil spills is the history of leftist incompetence, as it were.

Considering the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico is the result of oil exploration being forced further off shore by whack job left-wing environmentalists so that the technical hurdles of stopping the leak are compounded by the depth of the wellhead and the "industry model of safety" BP-praising simpering of our incompetent leftist moron President's difficulties with anything more complex than loading a staple gun, I think we're universally had enough out of the left on how to manage anything to do with oil disasters.

Go scribble in your coloring books, the adults are talking.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky you're just a little trou du cul. This oil spill is horrible. It pains me each time I see footage of it.

So shut the hell up. You don't have the monopoly of emotions and compassion because you're on the left. Especially not you with your psychotic points of view on muslim genital mutilation, Polanski and your friends like Staline.

You make me want to throw up.

FrogBurger said...

Actually Ducky I really don't know what happened to your psyche.Do you see a shrink? Because I don't spend my DAY while at WORK being on a bunch of lefty blogs while I'm conservative. I have no motivation and do not take pleasure in purposefully go there to bash people on whatever they say.

Because I have a minimum of decency unless one doesn't show any, like you.

How is it to get off on spending hours going on those sites just to do some people bashing? Don't you feel miserable at the end of the day to spew your hatred instead of being constructive? How is it to treat Z so poorly sometimes when it's her blog. I know it's supposed to exchange but don't you feel crappy?

Again you need to create your own blog so we can come spew our venom on a regular basis. People like you make me hate the left. Because you're the prototype of the parasite of society. All destruction, no creation.

Elmers Brother said...

This is a disaster of major proportion and, no, just blithely continuing to drill without a safety review and deep water drilling without an effective contingency plan is insane.

and it was the government who signed on to all the safety precautins put into place prior to the spill

Brooke said...

Drive, baby, drive?

Oh, brother. Another typical display of leftist idiocy.

Think also about how many things we use on a day to day basis are made with petroleum.