Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dearborn, Michigan; coming to a theater near YOU?

Please view this short video:

Does it seem strange to you that passing out Christian material outside any event must be stopped? Do you think those cops were happy to have to do that? Who do you think's behind it? HOW could this happen?


Faith said...

Dearborn is simply the fruit of the Islamic POLICY decided upon decades ago of infiltrating America and gradually taking us over from within. Seems to be working.

beakerkin said...

This is an abomination. Those officers are violating the first amendment rights of US citizens.

LASunsett said...

The Constitutions is under assault from our own government, why is this so surprising? We have one chance in November to set it back towards the right path. It will not be a panacea, as it will take several more elections to weed out the undesirables.

The cleansing must begin in 2010.

Remember in November.

Opus #6 said...

There really IS a slippery slope with Islam. Dearborn is the canary in the coal mine. Our rights are being usurped by people who want them. We either acquiesce or fight.

Chuck said...

I'm with LA. November is very possibly the most important election of our lifetimes. If we fail to retake at least one chamber of Congress, you may not recognize this country in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

As Kruschev said, from the inside----


Chuck said...

We have had police making racist statements to people protesting Obama. It is sad what is happening to our country Z.

Brooke said...

Amazing. I'm willing to bet that if some Islamists were to hand out material during a Christian festival they wouldn't be escorted out... Until they got violent, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick & tired of hearing how this is a religion of peace. Those who say that don't know their history. We are being led down the primrose path like sheep to the slaughterhouse, thanks to our craven leaders.


Leslie said...

Dearborn is the Islamic hub in Michigan, and it stands as the perfect example of the quiet and patient infiltration into neighborhoods and local public offices. It also represents the sleeping Americans who allow it to happen.

Anonymous said...

One of the most pathetic things about the 'modern' Muslim nations is the appalling ignorance & poverty. During the Middle Ages they were lights lof learning & knowledge in a dark world. They led in the fields of science, medicine, & mathematics. No longer. While most of the world is very advanced in knowledge in all the important fields, they are mired in the darkest of times, very comparable to where most of civilization was when they were so far ahead. No more. What a sad & disastrous reversal of history for them, so much due to despots & fanatics.


Brooke said...

Actually, no. The Muslims were very good assimilators of learning, ect.

Now that they have been, for a while, unable to conquer Western culture you can see that they have reverted back to the savages they were.

Anonymous said...

I think if the situation was reversed, Christians would be told the Islamists have a 1st Amendment right to free speech and expression.

Since when is peacefully handing out leaflets on a public sidwalk, "disorderly conduct"?

It seems more and more, our laws and rights are creatively interpreted to satisfy bias on the part of government, and law enforcement is obliged to obey such interpretations, thus making our laws and rights meaningless.

I see this as anarchy from the top down, which is no different than dictatorship. Very dangerous, and doesn't bode well for our country.


Karen Howes said...

It's not strange it this were Saudi Arabia; it is that it's in the United States.

We don't call that place Dearbornistan for nothing, Z.

Faith said...

Does anybody know what the position of the police is on this? Z suggests they might not have been all that happy to do it. But how could they allow themselves to act against the Constitution? Who do they consider themselves to be representing?

Are they maybe acting to avoid violence FROM The Muslims? In that case wouldn't it be appeasement or cowardice as well as a violation of the Constitution?

And, why were so MANY cops there to deal with a few people handing out tracts?

If they were acting against the law, there should be legal redress available for the Christians. Yes?

Ducky's here said...

8 cops? They should have used their batons.

They should have had a second person with a recorder to catch the sound when the camera was confiscated. Real tyros.

It all seems a little put up.

Z said...

Ducky, of course it's put up...that's the whole point. Why use batons?
You'd be the first one screeching if they had, especially if Muslims had been pushing their islamic materials and the cops stepped in.

By the way, I don't know what pulled me into it, but I stumbled across a French film last night on TV with subtitles; I don't know the name of the film and it was nothing but one of those quiet "nothing really happened" films (which I normally like)....a guy's folks own a small "alimentation generale" shop in a town in a part of France that's more rural than I'd ever seen even with all the driving we did in that country...very close to mountains, very green and pastoral and beautiful. So, in this tiny village where everybody knows everybody AND their few neighbors for miles around, this couple own a small grocery shop...'dry goods', etc. They have a son who's a hairdresser who's having marital problems and a son who has a girlfriend and is helping his folks because the dad has had heart problems. I came in approx 1/4 of the way thru the film, I think, so I don't know more than that of the setup..

Why I'm telling you this is that there was a kind of magic about this film....I kept wondering WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS? it's subtitles and it's boring and you don't really like the people very much....when, suddenly, I found myself liking them and, finally, in literally the last five minutes, you cared terribly for them and everybody showed their best traits and all was well with the world and the film ended..with NO SPLASH, that's for SURE. The son who helped his folks drove their truck (like a construction site truck where they cook, you know?) that was full of general foods and dry goods..driving from home to home, or tiny village to tiny village, everybody in those very tiny places was dependent on this truck for their food....old French people, charming ones who said they couldn't hear and paid half the amount of Euros as if they didn't hear him correct them, very charming stuff.

They said so much in those last ten minutes with almost no dialogue that it stunned me.....they got me to feel very happy I'd seen the film, something I'd have had a hard time believing only 15 minutes previous...very effective stuff.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I too blogged on this today.

I suggest that the officers responded in the fashion that they did because they fear. They must fear the response, to them, from their administration who, in turn, fears the response from the Muslims in the city. I also might suggest the Chief has a great deal to do with this as well.

People have a right to hand out religious tracts in public. With one temporary caveat:

To understand this story, one MUST know if there were are temporary orders, issued by a local court, prohibiting this SPECIFIC activity with a certain delineated period of time and distance.

Unfortunately, for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) -- IF in existence -- to be found unlawful, there must be either an arrest or a contestation or predicating event necessitating its examination.

First duty: determine if an edict similar to a TRO existed at the time of this incident.

Even so, activity such as this has historically been upheld in America and protected under the Constitution.

I would suggest keeping a legal eye on this case to see what determinations may be made in local courts, and any subsequent appeals processes.

Absent any orders court-issued, these officers acted UNLAWFULLY.


Ducky's here said...

"The Grocer's Son". I love that film. Especially the scene where they paint the van.

If you run into it try "Summer Hours". Another one of those nothing happens but everything happens.

Z said...

thanks, BZ, I appreciate that information...will go to your place now.
I guess you're right about whether there was some kind of injunction, but if there was one, WHY? An injunction against Christians on a public street passing out tracts? HUH?

I think the cops were scared of their superiors and scared of muslims getting out of hand. It's all about PC now, and we expect these men to do their job while risking their lives and reputations if they do something the PC POlice don't like.

Z said...

Ducky, THAT'S IT! and yes, the painting the truck scene was brilliant.
I will check out your recommendation, thanks.
It's almost magical where the only people you really cared about were the elderly sweet French people getting their provisions every day, ...but then, so suddenly at the end, you cared about the father, mother, brothers, etc etc.......nice stuff.
I SO wanted to be there in that film, in that lovely quiet and peaceful.

Z said...

Ducky, believe it or not, I just saw that film from Netflix... I rented it not knowing what it was but it sounded good, and it really was.
I didn't remember the title..saw it about 2 months ago.
I wasn't as nuts about the story as I was about the acting.
I felt so sorry for the mother, you think she HAD had an affair with her uncle?
I did. (not had an affair with my uncle, but thought she had!)
The whole film bothered me because I felt so badly for the brother who wanted to keep the country home...all the reasons it couldn't be kept were so logical yet so sad and revealing about them and society, I thought.

Anonymous said...

A film where nothing happens and everything Napolean Dynamite?


Faith said...

I saw Summer Hours from Netflix a few weeks ago too! More or less felt as you did, Z. Now I'd like to see The Grocer's Son.

Ducky's here said...

I thought "Summer Hours" made a good book end to "The Grocer's Son".

In one the tradition is reclaimed and continues in the other everything is sold off and the kids have one last party.

Agree on the acting. It took a real effort to keep the story from getting sentimental. There was a real danger of that. The scene of the desk in the museum got to me.

Did she have an affair? Oh yeah.

Ducky's here said...

I'm curious about the "Islamic policy" in the clip. The only Muslims I see take the gospel without incident.

Then we have 8 cops doing ... well whatever procedure they're following is anyone's guess.

Z said...

Ducky, I agree about the Islamic Policy..why would those cops go so off like that? This has happened at that fair at least once before because some of us will remember a video that went viral last year of muslims pushing the Christians out, but that's because I believe the Christians had gone INSIDE on the fair grounds. Of course, who ever heard of a MUSLIM FAIR that prohibits anybody else, anyway, but.........

Faith and Ducky, HOW VERY ODD that Faith would see that film just at the time I did...(FAith, isn't that weird, of all films?)...

Yes, the desk scene was excellent.
And yes...the bookends is very true..tradition carried on and traditions over.

Faith, I do recommend THE GROCER'S SON. Matter of fact, I came in late and might rent it and see it again. It was on TV here on some obscure cable channel last night...I hadn't rented it.

in SuMMER HOURS, my heart broke for the mother...I'm SUCH a traditionalist and it hurt even ME that she knew very well all her memories would be sold.
One of the most difficult things I ever did was empty my grandmother's home with my mother and my aunt (neither was Grandma's daughter...but daughters in law)...I felt they were rather cavalier as we put her things in piles of KEEP, TOSS, and GOOD WILL.

Faith said...

Yes that is an odd coincidence my also having recently seen Summer Hours (I just looked through my Activity List and see I watched it on May 14 on my computer).

I also felt the pain of the giving up of tradition, and yes, her knowing it would all be lost was sad. There was also a line in there somewhere about how the grandchildren are now seduced by America, and I saw all the bad things of America in that line, and was sorry the old European and French traditions didn't lure them. At least the one granddaughter at the end seemed to miss it all.

I put the Grocer's Son in my queue but it's available to watch over the computer -- I often do that, do you?

However, I'm taking a break from Netflix for a while so it will sit there until I get back to it.

Z said...

Faith, what can we say when French TV shows JERRY SPRINGER just at the time French kids are home after school? They see that and think that's America and, frankly, it's getting to be, isn't it.

No, I prefer watching the DVDs on my TV...I don't know why, I just don't like sitting at the computer watching a film.
Films have been healing for me since my Mr. Z died...time to sit and 'go somewhere else'......I rent many more films than I ever have.

Faith said...

Aagh, Jerry Springer! I wasn't even thinking of it being that bad! I was thinking more, fashions, gadgets, music.

Films are a great way to "go somewhere else," I agree, and I can see how that can be healing in your situation too.

But in my case it's why I have to stop watching for a while, too much "going elsewhere" when I need to be doing other things.

My computer chair is quite comfy and the monitor screen is a good size and it works fine for me. It's good for watching iffy movies too, movies I think I might want to see but not enough to risk sending a DVD back after a few minutes if I don't like it. I see a lot of iffy movies that way. Three star movies. Also do abort quite a few early on.

But I know most people would rather watch on the TV screen.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

If the ACLU even has a pretense left of defending civil liberties they would be all over this. There is NOTHING illegal about peaceably approaching people in a non-obstructive way on a public sidewalk.

I run into the free movie ticket folks every weekend at the farmer's market. I'm not interested in movie tickets, don't want to talk about movies, or see most movies. They are polite, don't get pushy, and we go our separate paths. No problem. So why don't these rules apply in Dearborn?

You wanna be protected from encounters with Christians? Live somewhere else where it's already repressive, tyrannical and probably impoverished (they seem to go together)! Glad to see this crew shining a light on Dearborn's despicable choice to give the finger to the first amendment.

Z said...

Deborah, excellent points...yes, that's where they can go to not be bothered by the faith of THIS country.

Faith, I absolutely get your point about 'too many movies' and needing to work. Maybe that's why I still do the Netflix thru the mail...I usually have two at a time and only two :-)
My chair here isn't THAT comfy and the screen's relatively small...maybe I should keep them that way, tho Mr. Z has a really big monitor we'd bought him just before he died. it would take over my desk so I'm inclined to continue with this small monitor...
Yes, films do help in the makes me look forward to quiet time. I can't take it some weeks when I have something every single night..this wk was like that and I keep telling myself DON'T DO THAT and yet things get busy.
I suppose I should be grateful for that, too, because too many nights on my own, in a row, since he died doesn't feel good, either.

MathewK said...

It's the pc culture infecting the world today Z. No matter what islam does, their leftist whores will always carry water for them.