Friday, June 25, 2010

THIS is the kind of man AMERICA was made of...............Please see Right Wing Extremist's blog for a story of courage that humbles us all and should remind us that we still have some men this courageous who're fighting for us still. Now, read my post below, please. I wonder how our hero, First Lieutenant Cushing, would have felt with his president telling his enemy when he was leaving?


Anonymous said...

They can start the party all over when we leave. What an idiot we have in the White House, along with his Peep. (Ooops! I meant 'Veep'.)

Anonymous said...

Should have signed that. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

I think Z, for First Lt. Cushing, and those times, the thought of a retreat or exit date wouldn't have been a remote possibility.

Today, he would have had to be fired for insubordination, for grousing out loud about an incompetent CIC!


Right Wing Extreme said...

Tut tut Z, still calling me Right Wing Extremist. Seriously though, thanks for the plug.