Saturday, December 29, 2012


What do you think of the new bill in Russia which bans Americans from adopting Russian orphans?  

To throw insult to injury, had you known before this happened that they have actually demanded parenting classes before they let kids come here?  Parenting lessons?!   Any drunk, any prostitute, derelicts, unmarried women, etc., can conceive these children and then they're thrown into orphanages and the Russians demand our parents who pay thousands to go visit, support them, and then bring them here have parenting lessons!?   Shouldn't they be kissing the ground our American parents walk on for taking them off their hands and giving them loving homes?

I have friends who adopted a Russian little girl who's got learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, and they love her and protect her and do all anybody could ever do for a child.   Think they needed parenting lessons after having raised three amazing sons of their own?

Of course, none of the countries mind giving up their children with special needs, but they're becoming more and more careful about who they're letting be adopted.  Russia's action is suspected to be in retaliation for a law Obama signed criticizing Russian human rights abuses.

In my opinion, keeping orphans in the condition they're kept in Russia is a human rights abuse.  And so Russian children will suffer.  Good job, Putin; typical.

What right do we have criticizing other countries for human rights abuses..?   What's it help?  And what's it do for us?  It's sure done nothing for children who won't be having loving, clean and safe homes anymore.  I'm curious about what you think of that.

Thanks, Z


catfish said...

The answer, obviously is that it's the vast majority of true Progressive;s are rabid, and non-thinking, and irrational.
I’ve said once before and I'll say it again, it's disgusting how progressives will exploit anyone and anything to advance their agenda. It's Russia's harsh response to the U.S. targeting Russians human rights violators.
I think that it's the a typical Commie, Progressive way of thinking.
Bottom line is that we have enough children in America who need homes. Let's take care of them first. Every country should take care of their own. There are lots of American kids need homes!Russia is not the only place in the world with orphans! The Hell with Russia and the Hell with the whole bunch of Progressive, Liberal way of thinking.

Anita Davis said...

Excellent post Geeeezz, I love people who can express themselves so eloquently as you did here. And I do agree with only part pf the response that "Catfish" gave. However, we should never use children as a political tool. It's only the children who will suffer.
But I can understand that there are thousands and thousands of AMERICAN children in need of loving homes and yet these people selfishly adopt kids from foreign countries instead. Why don't we find homes for our own kids first? So it's really a toss up. An orphan child is a orphan child, no matter where they live or come from.
Perhaps now we should do the same with mail order brides who come from Russia!

sue hanes said...

Z - The Russians seem to be shooting themselves in the foot by keeping children there in orphanages instead of letting them be adopted by Americans. I read that life is very bleak for kids in Russian orphanages.

They are not doing the children any favor by not allowing these adoptions. But that's what they have chosen to do and it doesn't surprise me.

Always On Watch said...

I know a few families who have adopted Russian orphans; typically, the adopted orphans were between 8-12 years old when adopted. Every single one of these children had SERIOUS learning disabilities. Good thing that the adoptive parents are rich! They have seen to it that their adopted children get every possible intervention. Not sure that the interventions have led to good results, however.

I have to wonder if Russia keeps the cream-of-the-crop kids and ships out those that are less desirable. A form of eugenics, perhaps?

I also know one family that adopted from China an abandoned girl about age 3. She's one bright child -- obviously. I wish that I could say the same about the adopted boys from Russia -- the adopted boys whom I personally know, that is. With sadness, I suspect that these boys have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or fetal Alcohol Effect. One of them, now about age 20, will clearly suffer mental deficits for the rest of his life and may never be employable.

It seems to me that Americans should be able to speak out about human rights abuses. Should we stay silent? Is it IMMORAL to keep silence in the face of evil?

On the other hand, speaking out, particularly by our government, does nothing for children who won't be having loving, clean and safe homes anymore.

Here's something to think about, and it relates to this blog post...So many kept silent during the Holocaust. Could some of those who kept silent have done so because they didn't want to make the Holocaust even worse? Today, we mostly condemn those who didn't speak out during the Holocaust. Just sayin.

Chuck said...

I have to agree with Anita. Why aren't we adopting American children? Are there regulations that make it harder? Why not fix them?

As to Russia, Catfish is on to something. Remember, liberalism is a mental disorder.

Years ago I saw a good analysis of the old Soviet Union and their actions during the cold war. The thought then was that there was a lot of paranoia at the highest levels of the Soviet government and this drove many of their actions. I wonder if this were true and if it still persists. Think about the way Putin acts sometimes...

Anita Davis said...

Obama tries to convince us that nothing is his fault, Hillary trying to pull the wool over our eyes, they all think that we are such fools that they can do anything and get away with it.

Sorry, but this is not the America that I knew and that I served 4 years in the US Army for. I don't even recognize her any longer. This has been a long nightmare. As they say, It’s all over but the shouting. Our four year nightmare is about to transform into an 8 year nightmare
I used to say that this Country could survive ANY President for eight years. But I’m not so sure about that anymore.
Thanks to the 50% plus of the American people who are Marxist in our schools in the entertainment industry, and of course in the Media, along with the ACLU etc, etc) we have the makings of the third world banana republic. I have always thought that the good American people would always ride up and do the right thing and this could never happen here. . I was wrong, Today everything in this country, its all about abortion, gay marriage, entitlements, and mostly about race. We have a president who is more interested in his Socialist agenda that his country. Socialized health care is here. The president’s socialist agenda is taking over America. And worse of all, Barack Obama, a committed socialist ideologue, is in the Oval Office
I am still so upset and shaken by the absolute stupidity of the American citizenry and all I can say is they got the government they deserve. The big problem with this is my freedom, my rights has be violated, along and I have no say in the matter.

FreeThinke said...

I agree with Anita. I was GOING to say that it high time we stopped trying to mind OTHER peoples' business and did a better job of tending our OWN.

Interfering in OTHER people's lives on the pretext of "correcting their errors" and "improving the quality of their lives" is a distinctly LIBERAL characteristic.

There isn't ONE of us who couldn't stand to do a LOT of improvement in OURSELVES. It's frankly ARROGANT to ASSUME you have what it takes to improve someone ELSE'S life.

Money alone is not much help, unless it's properly directed. Preaching "morals" and "democracy" at the wretched of the earth might help the "preacher" feel good about him or her self, but it AIN'T gonna cut any ice in Siberia or clear away any of the underbrush in sub-Saharan Africa.

PRAYER is worthwhile always, because at the very least it refines and improves the quality of our OWN thoughts and helps to temper our raw emotions.

Aside from that, this TIKUN OLAM (sp?) business [Judaism's cockamamie idea of "repairing the world"] is strictly FOR the BIRDS.

People do not WANT to be "helped," if it means they must submit to being DOMINATED by a "foreign" influence. If only we could get THAT through our thick heads, the world would begin to repair itself very nicely.

Has anyone ever told you, "Here! Let me tell you what you ought to do?"

How did YOU feel about it? Most of us resent the hell out interference in our affairs no matter how well intentioned.

Nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- likes a busybody.


~ FT

Joe said...

I know a couple who went through months of rigor to adopt a Russian orphan.

They couldn't be happier, and the child will grow up in a good home.

The Russians are not unique in using their children for political gain (or loss).

The U.S. is not above doing the same in a different way.

We are chaining our children and grandchildren to a life of excessive debt which they will never be able to repay.

Democrats hide behind children when they want something passed, whether it really affects children or not.

Republicans are only slightly better.

Children are not political tools.

FreeThinke said...

Anita, Mallory Factor has just come out with a new book revealing who our "real" bosses are.

[HINT: They are NOT our elected officials.]

Mallory Factor has compiled a massive amount of data indicating that UNIONS have amassed such a vast hoard of untaxed, untouchable, ever growing treasure through corrupt means they can literally BUY any election, which is why -- despite the many indications that Obama failed in his first term, and public support had dwindled and drifted away from him, and the huge crowds that assembled for Mitt Romney -- Obama won ANYWAY. It was FORE-ORDAINED.

I wish I could remember the name of his new book, but I imagine if you google MALLORY FACTOR, lots of information should pop right up.


~ FT

Always On Watch said...

Forgot to say that I must agree with Anita:

Why don't we find homes for our own kids first?

Anonymous said...

And I agree with Anita.

Silverfiddle said...

This is what chintzy third world countries and their tinpot dictators do to make themselves feel better, children be damned.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Anita, we need more people coming forward and speaking up like her. And may I add that these liberal & progressive bloggers have totally and collectively and individually lost their minds.
Also I cannot believe the lies and cover-up stories coming from the liberal media.
But, folks, we ain't seen nothing yet. This is just the beginning. We have another 4 years to put up with this Cretin-In-Chief.

BetteJo said...

To the comment "people selfishly adopt kids from foreign countries instead" - I think we need to be careful about saying something like that unless we have been through the adoption process ourselves. We do not know the reasons behind that choice. I understand the whole process of adoption to be very complicated and prolonged - wherever you adopt from. And while I would love all American children to be adopted out - a child is a child. Period.
We do not know these adoptive parents hearts. I say - thank God anyone wants to help a child.

JonBerg said...

Perhaps Putin doesn't want to see these children being forced to pay off a debt that they had no hand in creating. OK, that gives Putin too much credit but, nevertheless, the fate of those who are young, in this country, is sealed!

Z said...

Oh, darn! I wrote a large comment addressing most of you and it disappeared!

Let me just say I agree with all of you...(Anita, thanks for the nice compliment; I really appreciate that)...

Children should not be used as pawns and they ARE. And we should be adopting American children first. And maybe this will make people ask why we aren't? is it so difficult? I know they do so many checks on adoptive parents that it makes me if every prostitute can't have a baby and raise it and nobody cares how badly. But let really good parents who can afford a child and would love one enough to go through the process and THEY'RE scrupulously checked? What a laugh, right?

I also strongly believe in orphanages when I see so many horrid foster homes are getting paid to abuse our children. Better to have children cared for by professionals who love and watch over them.

Russians seem to only allow children who have problems out...maybe this is something we're learning from this fiasco.
And then they blame US for criticizing their human rights violations?

AOW, people DID speak up about the holocaust; mr. Z's colleague wrote a 3" thick book on the 'wiederstand'..or resistance. We don't seem to understand or be taught here that MANY Germans HATED Hitler and did try to fight.

Z said...

Anita, by the way, thank you for your service. xxx

Ducky's here said...

Pretty abysmal behavior by Putin.

Reminds me of the Boston archdiocese
(coverup central) stopping all adoptions by gay couples out of spite, regardless that gays had been accepting very difficult to place children.

Z said...

Ducky, I fear for the children who have been adopted by gay couples and the many got married when it first became legal in California, at least, and the divorces are now a nightmare because there's no precedent for it.

Other than that, when loving people want to adopt children, particularly with special needs, they should be allowed to.

I'm not usually for singles adopting because I see the challenges created for children by single-parent homes, but straight and gay couples get divorced and our children pay that way, too.
Very few think of the children. In a way, they're being used as pawns here, too.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

America first. Russia's loss. No big deal.


Ed Bonderenka said...

1)I believe that Caucasian children are in short supply for adoption in the US. That used to be true.
2)the Russians are embarrassed that they cannot find homes for their orphans and must ship them to a non-Russian culture.
Pravda wonders why Obama would repeat their mistakes!

Ed Bonderenka said...

And the Anita Davis comment was off topic and a copy and paste from other blogsites comments.
Just sayin'

Z said...

Ed, I thought Anita's first comment sounded pretty on topic.

Obama is following many of the European projects that have failed. Remember, Leftwingers have said for years that "we'd do it right.." :) so far, no good.

Kid said...

I don't know about Russian orphanages, but I'm here to tell you, the majority of children placed into foster homes in America find themselves with pedophiles.

There was a foster home situation in Cincinnati a few years back and it became a talk radio event for about a week. Bottom line, Many people called testifying that they loved and appreciated their orphanage experience and not a single person called to say a single positive thing about a foster home.

Children around the world are certainly abused far more than adults. Course, I also believe if you're an adult you've had plenty of time to prepare to defend yourself too, so I save all my emotion for the kids.

Russia is going backwards into their old ways, if they ever even did go forwards. Putey Pute is KGB all the way. It's all he/they know. It's still the evil empire.

Russian brides ? Maybe 1 in 200,000 is an honest situation. There are girls simply looking for a way out of a hellhole. Can't say I blame them really.

Anonymous said...

@Free Think


Not to quibble...but isn't it Pre Ordained?

Anonymous said...


"Perhaps now we should do the same with mail order brides who come from Russia!"

Exactly...cut off the flow of Russian women ( who are only looking for a green card anyway! ) to the fat, bald losers that couldn't go home with a paper bag on a Saturday nite. It's the Russian women who wake up in the morning and chew their arms off.

Kid said...

Anita Davis December 29, 2012 7:16 AM,

Geez, exactly my thoughts, beliefs, and writings and very well stated.

With the last election, we clearly have a new voting majority. I'll just call them the loser class. Nothing but the pain of their choices will turn them around now.

Some of the events are just stunning. A young woman in college actually going on national TV demanding people pay for her abundant sex. Thousands of similar events and it's all pop culture now.

With the voting fraud in the swing states, there is no question we're a banana republic, regardless of the brainwashed stupidity willingly voting for governmental evil.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: Yes Anita's first was and I missed it, my apologies.
The second I saw elsewhere, and it annoys me when people just paste a comment at "dozens" of blogs, particularly popular ones as yours.

Z said...

Ed, no problem. I don't like that, either, to tell you the truth.

Talking about Russian brides, everybody...they're not Russian hookers; I have a friend who controls BIG money for an American single guy here who has hot and cold running Russian girls coming to America and going back when their Visas expire...they ALL think he'll marry him. He buys them amazing cars while they're here and I'm not sure if they get the money after my friend sells them or the guy gets it back.
They ALL come like whores to get a rich American.

And brother, are they whores, from what I've heard. sad.

The morality of this world has become so terrible because liberals have decided nobody *(particularly the Bible!) should EVER call what's good or bad..and look what we've got now....A rotten world of sickness and perversity.

we need to change things but I don't see it happening...not by humans, anyway.

aren't I a cheery little bird tonight? :-)

Kid said...

Just my two cents on Anita's cut and paste.

99% of the time I'd agree. But here we have someone who has served this country, knows what America is supposed to be about, what it actually Used To Be about very recently, and now is testifying to what has happened to it. It's a passionate subject. Is she supposed to type in a new version everywhere she goes?

If she was a new source, she'd have typed it once and anyone reading that source would have it but this is the blog world where we are sometimes trying to put a message out.

I give her a pass on this one.

Course it doesn't hurt she echoes my own conclusions, I'll admit.

Z said...

Kid, it's kind of a code of blogging honor not to do that...but I agree, Anita's comment is well worth many people reading it and she is a vet...

There are some who do 'serial commenting' and it's really annoying and I think Ed was coming from that sensitivity; I'm sure he'd agree that what Anita had to say was worthwhile.

Kid said...

Z, Well, I shouldn't have even commented about it. People are free to their own feelings about it.

It is just so rare I see someone posting something who gets it. It's like the country has reversed it's magnetic poles.

Anyway, A thousand pardons...

Z said...

Kid! I only came back here tonight to apologize to you if I sounded like I was chiding or lecturing you!

I agree with you totally...Anita's comment ROCKS...

Kid said...

Z, Totally unnecessary. I overstepped. But thank you for your graciousness.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You guys on the left coast stay up late!
I agree with Anita's post/comment's sentiments.
I understand wanting your opinion or insight to be heard and sometimes that's easiest done in commenting on a popular blog.
I'm guilty of that sometimes.
But it's a discussion here and the host sets the topic.
Anything else is like walking into a conversation, making an announcement and walking out.
That's just my opinion and why I said what I said above.
I have a lot of opinions out of step with others. :)

Bob said...

Yes, the kids are the ones to suffer. The Russian situation is what it is, and it will take a long time to change it.

There are so many orphans in the world it is impossible to imagine blanket restrictions of adoptions. It defies logic.

Marine4ever said...

I'd say it's Putin's way of telling 0bimbo that as far a world leaders go, "Take it and shove it where the sun don't shine... you imbecilic, nappy-headed, Dumbo-eared, Islamic little wuss."

Ed Bonderenka said...

Marine4ever: I suspect you're right.