Monday, December 3, 2012

"Take GOD out, NOW!!!"

Do you think that if a child mentioned Allah in a poem at a public school, he would have to remove it from his poem?  No, I don't think so, either...the school would be too terrified to even ask.

What do you think about THIS?

...Oh, my...I Googled "CHILD RECITING IMAGES" to find an illustration for my post and found THIS...interesting, isn't it? Maybe that IS all that's allowed anymore?



Always On Watch said...

It won't be long before the children and their parents will learn that the mention of any deity except the Islamic one is verboten. How parents will be able to explain this ban to children under the age of 10 escapes me.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Over 20 years ago, our son drew a picture of Jesus rising from the tomb, and the teacher insisted he get counseling because of his fixation on death.
That didn't fly.
Fight we must.
We must disagree without being disagreeable.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I fully disagree with the schools decision, but find analogies to Allah rather empty absent examples.

sue hanes said...

Z - Removing the word God from the poem is going a bit far. Considering the subject of the poem I would say it was appropriate and should not have been removed.

The little girl had the right to put that in her poem.

Z said...

Const. Insurgent; you don't really believe Allah would have been taken out, do you? I admire your optimism.

AOW...good point about explaining this ban to children, particularly as parents of faith are teaching dinner and bedtime prayers.

Ed, a fixation on death!? :-) We mustn't be disagreeable, but it's pushy disagreeableness which seems to be winning.

Sue, I think you're right. It's almost comical how overly sensitive everybody is these days.

And let us all never forget that while our children are being indoctrinated to leftwing causes constantly, removing GOd like this is all part of that; one veers to the State when God is gone; witness Socialism/Communism, etc.

This child had to give in; people of faith are the HUGE majority over non believers; why'd the believer have to be squelched?


And Constitutional Insurgent....I'm VERY sure the Allah example is anything BUT 'empty'.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Absent examples to rely on, it's mere speculation.

Ducky's here said...

This all came at the insistence of a militant atheist parent, not the school.
It should be up to the parents to take the matter to the school board and challenge it.

As Constitutional Insurgent say, the Islamic link has no context. Were any of them American?

JonBerg said...

Yes, to paraphrase Karl Marx: "Religion is the opium of the people".

Linda said...

I don't know why one person can make the decision for the many?

Z said...

Would anybody mind if a young muslim child used ALLAH in a poem?

I sure wouldn't.

Const. Insurg; I didn't say it wasn't speculation; it's food for thought; something to discuss.

Z said...

Ducky, the school told the child to take it out.
not right

sue hanes said...

Z - After all, the Constitution says Freedom of Religion - and to me that means if a child wants to say 'God' in her poem - she has the right to.

It's not like the teacher is saying it and forcing her religious views on the children.

Z said...

Exactly, Sue. And, if it was poetry by a child, wouldn't you find ALLAH totally reasonable, too, if it was a muslim student?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I remember a big deal in some California schools recently where the kids had to dress Muslim for some cultural awareness nonsense and pray to Allah IIRC. That was allowed to continue.

FreeThinke said...

Bowdlerization of ANY text to suit ANY particular agenda is ALWAYS a terrible thing.

It's like the crazies who have insisted on monkeying around with historic sacred texts to make them conform to the dictates of "inclusive" language.

Bowdler by the way in case you've forgotten was the guy who took it upon himself to "clean up" Shakespeare in order to render it decent and proper for the audiences of his time.

Bowdler was in a class with Mason Locke Weems, the Parson who invented myths about George Washington to instill greater reverence for our first president in younger generations, only Bowdler was far worse. He truly was the classic fool who rushed in where angels feared to tread.

The point is that an outright LIE -- even when it's intent is benevolent -- can NEVER properly be used to serve the interests of TRUTH.

I believe that many many people of strong Christian faith are going to have to MARTYR themselves -- quite literally -- by publicly standing up to the bullying assertions of militant atheism.

Atheism, itself, after all is just ANOTHER form of RELIGION as are ALL the "isms."

SO, the argument WE should use is this: If NO form of religion should be permitted to DOMINATE in the public square, then atheists and communists (often one and the same) have no right EITHER to force THEIR views on the public.

Personally, I'm very much in favor of letting the MAJORITY prevail in EACH, INDIVIDUAL community. I other words individual communities ought to be free to set their OWN standards in these matters.

I believe that is their constitutional right.

But I wouldn't worry too much about defending God. He's had a LOT of experience taking care of Himself for a VERY long time.

It is We who need to defend OURSELVES by showing HIM -- whatever we, as individuals, conceive Him to be -- a modicum of RESPECT at the very least.

Letting ourselves get infected with the virulent ANGER that drives atheists, Islamists and ACTIVISTS of most kinds is NOT going to help improve the prospects of our society at ALL.

~ FreeThinke

Divine Theatre said...

Frankly, if they don't like the word "God" I wonder how they would feel about the words "F*CK" and "YOU"! Actually, as coarse and vulgar as leftwit atheists are, they would probably like it.
If it were my child I would have told them to read the words, as written, at the ceremony and Mommy would take care of the rest.
One of the best compliments I ever received was when my boss told me that the man who stood in front of the tank at Tianamen Square reminded him of me!
Sometimes you just have to do what's right, regardless of the consequences!


Ducky's here said...

Ducky, the school told the child to take it out.
not right

I agree, z.

It was a stupid ruling that foremost showed absolutely no concern for the child's emotions.

Too many boards cave to militant atheists.

What surprises me is that it occurred in a conservative state.

Anonymous said...

This is all part of the plan ro destroy the American culture so that we can become compliant citizens of the gran socialist state.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote SUCH a long comment and forgot to click it's gone.


FT...Weems might have been the guy who came up with the Washington/cherry tree/lie story; I always tell my preschoolers about that but always tell them we're not sure it happened...but what a fine example that is. sound like such a great mom! And yes, "progressive minds" would applaud the "precocious self expression" of F**K YOU. NO Doubt about it...and the conservatives with better character than that would be cowed into keeping quiet for fear of looking like old fogies.

Ducky...glad you agree. But conservative states are going sour, too. Very few people stand up for what's right anymore.

Cons on Fire...I agree.

Anonymous said...

What religion was being "promoted" with the word "GOD"?

Silverfiddle said...

As long as a child in not advocating violence or saying something vulgar, let free speech reign!

Unfortunately, academia has become very speech-unfriendly.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm not so sure I would find ALLAH reasonable. If I were the teacher that would surprise me.
But wouldn't a child have the right to put anything in his or her poem that they wanted - with the exception of swear words - of course.

Once more - I think any objection to putting God in a poem is out of line. And that parent should be told so. And the teacher should stand up for that.

We can't afford to start eliminating God from a child's poem - or from anywhere else.

sue hanes said...

Z - Those of us who believe in God need to stand up for Him.

Pris said...

"We must disagree without being disagreeable"

Ed, unfortunately these days it's not enough to disagree without being disagreeable when it comes to fighting atheists, or far leftists.

To have any impact regarding this outrage, it would require many parents to flood the Principal's office angrily. Or possibly a threat of a suit in the name of free speech.

Not being disagreeable has gotten us nowhere! We all have been too complacent for years, hoping against hope, that this assault against Christianity, and uttering the word God, would go away.

Well, it's obvious that those opposed to Christianity even being mentioned, invites angry intolerance and anger from the so-called "tolerant"!

If we don't stand up against this with anger and taking a disagreeable stance, we lose!

Over all these many years, we've experienced this anti God slippery slope, until now it's somewhat accepted. Apathy will get us nowhere!!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I mean to disagree vehemently, but not be nasty-disagreeable.
I don't want to give way to attacks on my behavior instead of my position.

Pris said...

I understand. I too am able to disagree without being nasty, unless I'm personally attacked nastily.

However I don't see activist atheists or the left not being personal, calling us names, and such.

I think sometimes, we have to fight fire with fire. That's all I meant.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z of GeeeZ at work:

Sue...I really do feel that a muslim child should be able to rhyme ALLAH into a poem if it fits....why not?
Obviously, I don't think of Allah as GOD, but heck...they can talk about Allah. Just quit killing us for not loving him :-)

Ed and's a fine line, isn't it; we want to be vehement but not ugly. Let's not forget that UGLY's fine by the Left toward us because the media gives them a pass, but for us, it's HELL TO PAY for saying anything disagreeable, right?

hard times.

Kid said...

What religion was being "promoted" with the word "GOD"?

IMP, Great point. Very illustrative of the atheistic activism present in many venues where ordinary and sometimes less than ordinary people are given the opportunity to censor.

Science without religion is lame.
Religion without science is blind - Einstein.

You may have picked up on my distaste for today's teacher ranks. Sure there are great ones and good ones, but I know a lot of teachers and the stories they tell is classical of a situation where good people leave out of disgust, leaving those only interested in over-paying easy jobs with collective bargaining rights and exclusion from the country's economic conditions at the expense of the rest of us.

ie. Chicago teachers 75k average, which is 8 divided by 75 * 12 = 112k a year since they're only working 8 months. Those "poor" teachers? Puhlease.

Ditto, those "poor" firefighters, again acknowledging there are exceptional people involved but as a group Not worth the constant $$$. Course, now that communities have had to lay most of them off (and call it good btw) they're all at home on indefinite extended vacations....
When it goes to hell...

Kid said...

I know a lot of Former teachers.
Sorry for the extended commentary, but imo, our main enemy right now is unions, especially public unions.

Anonymous said...


Thanks friend. I'm surprised that you're the only one that...GOT IT!

I mean....I thought ...WTF?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


"Sure there are great ones and good ones.."

Really? Not from what I see, hear and read. They're mainly spineless union robots, secular 'agendists' ( except for Ms. Z ) that take young minds and poison them.

Against God, country, family, Christianity, the military, patriotism and inhibit or prohibit free speech, thought and promote chaos, foment hate and disruption at all levels of our society.

Whether they call themselves "tenured" professors or lower school "teachers".

They are greedy, corrupt, insincere, selfish hedonists that have way too much of a negative influence over our young.

Do they teach? No....look at the graduation rates in the past 20 years apart from the fact that trillions of dollars have ben spent...for their retirements and pensions.

They are nothing...and never will be like the teachers I had in my life.

Mostly closed minded morons.

Kid said...

IMP, I'd say you describe the teachers as a group very well. Not much interested in anything outside of their own enjoyment and liberal indoctrination.

Always exceptions tho is why I mention it.

But imagine, these people have mostly spent their entire life in school. School, college, teaching. It's real tough to get a handle on reality that way.
Add in the constant negative reinforcement from the union leaders.

Like the HEAD of the New Jersey teachers union actually sending a TO ALL TEACHERS email that says Pray for Chris Christie's death.
Yea, it's not like when we went to school, or me at least.

Kid said...

CI, "Allah". I can't put my finger on the articles, because I'm too lazy to look for them, but I do notice 'news' items going by that very much illustrate the fact that promotion of islam in the public square is pretty much ignored.

And it's usually the exception that gets reported not the rule also.

Anonymous said...


Let me relate a real life story to you....I have a very selfish ( politically and emotionally retarded ) sister - in - law. Who happens to be a teacher in New Jersey. Already an enemy of CC.

Constantly complaining about her property tax bill ( about 12K on a 250K hut which is about equal to the banks take)...and then demanding a raise as an "over used, unappreciated, hard working teacher / academic.

Now...this silly asinine union toady....gets her raise of 5% or so....then wonders...why her property taxes go up....and immediately negates her "raise"!

She...and there has to be countless others in that field...that don't see the connection / correlation...un-friggin-believable! her income "increases" does her state income tax!! Absolutely, moronic, clueless assholes.

And since NJ went stupidly blue on 11/6...she still doesn't get that NJ ( why ) is one of the most over taxed states in the country...outside of CA and Il....Are these people dense or what?

Oh...since they get a "raise" the filthy unions that extorted that from the taxpayers...get more union dues.

Shit for brains...all of them.

Kid said...

IMP, Yea, exactly. And she'll be voting democrap for the rest of her life because POS's like obama hit the wires every 3 or 4 months claiming to be for the middle class, and these 'shit for brains' morons can't figure it out. Never will.

Watch what happens now, assuming they 'tax the rich' and 'save the middle class tax cuts'.

The rich don't pay taxes for the ost part. It's like the cost of raw materials or distribution costs going up. They simply Pass It Along to the Middle Class who will be paying for the imbeciles tax the rich strategy.

Which will further kill the economy.

And when the middle class (natives) look like they getting upset, the democraps will be out there pointing out how the evil rich are gouging them on products and services, and these useless unthinking morons will suck that up like free soda.

It would be hilarious.

IMP, Man, I just can't believe I'm that smart. I just can't. Although, I remember back to late teens - early twenties and I'll testify I was NEVER that stupid. Man, I knew politicians were worthless POS's (as a group) from the word go.
Well, last time I did an online IQ thing it came out 142. Mensa is 160+ and my boss is easily in that group, so I dunno. Is it THAT hard to figure this out?
Man, Well, I've been saying for at least a few years now we've got to hit rock bottom first, because talking and typing is doing Jack for the moron contingent.

Nothing has changed my mind on that, except now with this kind of evil at the helm and supported by the majority, I also now believe it's too late. This place will be far too gone.

I think N Korea might even start looking good. (Ok, little exaggeration)

And here's how I qualify America becoming a hellhole:
- gun control enacted, along with every other item on the democrap wish list in the next 4. We'll be at the mercy of the criminals who still have guns and now now the rest of us are unarmed. See Australia 1996, Home invasions go up.
- healthcare will be incredibly expensive, be moved into the tax revenue scheme as a result and become impossible to calculate the actual costs, though health care quality will go to hell, especially for the seniors, people who actually need it.
- pretty much everything else will become more expensive while becoming less reliable and aggravating as customer service also goes down the tubes. Moral goes to hell.
- Innovation stops because taxes on the rich demotivate people to innovate. No reward.
- Middle class destroyed trying to prop up the losers and the people at the top, which are the only beneficaries of socialism.
- Express Elevator to Hell. Goin Down

Anonymous said...


"I did an online IQ thing it came out 142. Mensa is 160+.."

Mines only the average IQ of lib-tards. But even I get it..LOL

"We'll be at the mercy of the criminals who still have guns and now now the rest of us are unarmed."

The city of San Bernardino, CA...just told their citizens of their bankrupt city to basically..."Lock and Load". They don't have the $$$$ to pay for or sustain their police force.

What's wrong with this? California in all it's stupidity, PC and friggin madness....has basically OUTLAWED weapons for self defense!! Thanks Jerkoff Brown....

But the police chief there says....we can't protect you.

Is this an invitation for the scum to come a pillaging and killing unarmed San B citizens?

JonBerg said...

Kid, Impertininent:

Great job guys! I couldnt't add more. As much as I hate B.O., I hate the @$$#ole$ that re-elected this piece of $#it worse! Just think >50% of those that you see, every day, are responsible for this travesty! Look for this fraud to try for a 3rd term, after he confiscates all of our guns!

Anonymous said...


"after he confiscates all of our guns!"

Jon...the sheer beauty of the second that's it's not needed...until they, them...try to take it away.

Some say that's attributed to Thomas Jefferson....but what I found that he can be accountable for is this:

"“No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
As a vet..I cannot...CANNOT...fathom US soldiers turning their weapons on American citizens...unlike the filthy Islamists like Syrians, Iran or the Saudis.

Anonymous said...


Seriously...I can see as many as 45 states seceding or not complying with any federal / UN mandate to disarm. The next T-Party will be one hell of a rally.

And to me...if it means a split between the states....let it happen.

JonBerg said...

"And to me...if it means a split between the states....let it happen."

AMEN My friend!

Kid said...

IMP, the police could never protect anyone. They don't stop crime, they investigate it. If you've got 5 seconds to avoid being carjacked, raped, hauled off, or just plain murdered, the cops are only a couple minutes away. At Best.

And how do you like the alarm company commercials. Someone breaks in, the dude from India is speaking through the intercom on the wall. Highly unlikely the woman could even get there and stand and talk, then the guy who looks like superman on the commercial, but really looks like peewee herman, says "Are You Ok Ma'am? and she says, No, I don't think so. (Rapist is waiting nearby I guess), then superpeewee says "I'm sending help right away!"
There's 30 seconds at least wasted that she could have been hiding somewhere and calling 911 herself.
Are women/people that stupid? I guess they are. The marketing people for the worthless alarm companies certainly think so.

Who would ever go to see what's going on with an alarm? 1 out of 10 million people. For car alarms, we simply wonder what bozo set off his car alarm, and hope he turns it off soon.
No one is going to investigate a home alarm. And if the perp sees the alarm sign in the yard and breaks in anyway, he sure as hell doesn't care about bells going off.

Good God. How many things are going on today that make the slightest bit of sense.

To most libs I believe the coming onslaught is something they're actually looking forward to, as in More resources, et al, for me.

Little do they realize it will be a hellhole. Nothing new there.

Well, an IQ of 80 has obama and most of the democrap party beat by 100%

Z said...

Imp "..gets her raise of 5% or so....then wonders...why her property taxes go up."

You read that and know millions think like her and yet it's still unbelievable! DO YOU FILL HER IN???

Love reading Imp/Kid exchanges...thanks, guys!!


JonBerg said...

Kid said......

"They don't stop crime, they investigate it."

Yes, I've been burglarized 3 times. The Lakewood Colorado Police seemed to be quite annoyed at even having to "investigate" such. Needless to say, they never caught the perps. They are quite busy, however, setting up traps to catch people coming home from a couple of drinks after work. I appreciate and respect what Law Enforcment Officers are supposed to do but I have none for the ones where I've lived for the past 35 years!

Average American said...

If an atheist caused one of my grandchildren to go through this bullshit, I may not be able to get him to believe in God, but I sure as Hell would have instilled "the fear of God" in his sorry ass. And you can take that to the bank! And that bunch of frigging wusses that call themselves a school board would have heard PLENTY from me also!

I am not a very religious person actually. I do believe in God, however, I do NOT believe in religion. Humans have added so much to ALL of the world's religions, that I refuse to abide by so-called canon law. I live my life by one Commandment only: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto to you." All the other rules fall under this one.

Anonymous said...


"Love reading Imp/Kid exchanges...thanks, guys!!"

Yup...I'm Abbott and he's Costello!

( Have to go to bed sometime Z!! Otherwise we should IM! )

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