Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RGIII: Free Thinking Superstar

Most of you've heard this story: Let's talk about it. How do we get around Black liberal nonsense like this?

Blackness Gestapo Attack on RGIII Typical

RGIII (Robert Griffin III), superstar quarterback of the Washington Redskins is the latest black under attack by the Blackness Gestapo. The Blackness Gestapo are racists, black and white, who troll the airways keeping blacks in-check, faithful to their blackness. They believe to be authentically black, one must behave and think in certain ways. Blackness Gestapo mandated authorized black behavior includes having a chip on your shoulder against whites, maintaining an eternal victim and entitlement mindset, never achieving success without Democratic Party programs and never ever voting Republican. Blacks must call themselves African-Americans and display an urban edge via their speech, attire and attitude.

Blackness Gestapo enforcer, ESPN analyst Rob Parker accused RGIII of not being black enough. Griffin comes from a great military family. His fiance is white. He is extremely articulate. He wants to be judged by his performance on the football field without regard of his skin color. Wow, what a radical concept in our new “everything-is-about-race” Obama America. Doesn't RGIII sound like he embraces the dream of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr that people be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin?

But worst of all, rumor has it that Griffin might be a Republican.

The idiotic self imposed suppression of black liberation and growth by the Blackness Gestapo goes way back.

In the 70s, I remember watching an episode of the sitcom, “Good Times”. A black politician was criticized by the black community for coming across too white. To prove his blackness and win black voters, the politician had to show he could speak an urban language called The Dozens. Clearly, the absurd restrictive message of the episode was regardless of ones education, racial loyalty requires that blacks maintain remnants of the hood.

Remember, the 90s comedy TV show, “In Living Color”? A standard joke of the program was the black guy who did not sound or behave like he came from the ghetto. The message was blacks who speak English correctly and prefer sushi over fried chicken are traitors trying to be white.

I witnessed the same brain-dead behavior from blacks here in Florida when brilliant articulate black Republican Jennifer Carroll ran for Congress against the Democrat incumbent do-nothing-for-her -constituents Corrine Brown. Brown's district was mostly black and ghetto. Brown had been in office forever without much positive change in her district. Carroll was smart and loaded with fresh new ideas. Brown won reelection hands down. Word on the street was Carroll sounded too white. Give me a break! Racist idiots!

Blackness Gestapo Generals Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton had a “tude” against Obama for running for president without hood “creds” such as theirs. Obama had to prove his blackness by spending 20 years in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist church. The mainstream media partnered with the Democrats in hiding Rev. Wright's racist rants from the public to protect their first black serious socialistic/progressive contender for the Oval Office.

If I sound a bit frank in my language, it is because I am tired of Blackness Gestapo thugs threatening and stifling the growth of blacks. How dare they dictate the behavior of myself and other blacks.

American blacks are blessed to be born in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet. Just as whites are not monolithic, neither are blacks. We are individuals. Our God given birthright of freedom grants us opportunity to explore limitless tastes and behaviors without being chained by Authorized Blackness.

Forty years ago, I met a black fencing master – as in sword fighting. I was elated. I carted the brother to recreation centers across Baltimore. I wanted black kids to see black excellence beyond basketball, football, baseball and entertainment. I wanted them to see that blacks need not be limited in their abilities, hopes and dreams.

So Blackness Gestapo thug Rob Parker, get a life and mind your own business. RGIII is free to be whomever and whatever he wishes without you and your homey's approval. Wimp conservatives/Republicans say we must pander to your ilk to win the urban vote. That “ain't happenin'” as far as I am concerned. I will never sacrifice principles and values that I know are right and best for all people to the false god of votes. Racist thugs like you must and will be defeated.

Heck, this RGIII kid is so good, I just might become a Redskins fan. ...Nah. Go Ravens!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


Constitutional Insurgent said...

I completely agree with you. 'Authentic blackness' seems to come in two flavors, the "street-wise" wannabe thug - and the "emancipated black intellectual" [think Cornell West].

One addendum I've that nearly always accompanies the thug mentality is a distinct bias against education. The latter flavor is annoying, but the former is a self defeating stereotype.

hardassamI said...

They screwed up. They should ger what they deserve like anyone else.
most of these guys that play football these days are dirtbags.

Always On Watch said...

The excoriation of RGIII is yet another manifestation of the ugly divisions that now pervade America.

It seems to me that RGIII is being himself. Is that not allowed because he's supposed to adhere to "the black culture," whatever that term means.

Z mentioned Authorized Blackness. I don't disagree with the term, but I do find the push toward Authorized Blackness to be yet another form of forcing a lockstep upon people. It's a form of self-sabotage.

I highly recommend Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America by John McWhorter. The book was recommended to me by a black family who was having trouble with her older son who insisted that he needed to be a part of "the black culture" and started acting out like a street-wise kid, one of his outlandish behaviors being speaking in Ebonics -- never mind that he lived in a mansion and that his parents were upper class, thanks to their hard work, pursuit of higher education, and numerous other steps required to escape the ghetto upbringing.

Their son, thanks to the constant classroom harping on the persecution of and prejudice toward African Americans, got a nasty chip on his shoulder and starting acting out in various ways, including his constant whining about how the white man was keeping him down. The temper tantrums he would throw as he screamed "The man is keepin' me down!"

His mother cured him of the problem, however, by sending him to live for a few years in Ghana, where, among other things, he found out that his not being dark-skinned left him open to real prejudice; he came home a changed individual and quit acting like a ghetto kid. He is now a successful musician -- and I don't mean one who specializes in rap music, either.

Brooke said...

Excellent article!

Clearly, the MSM continues to subject black people that stray from their plantation to the Uncle Tom treatment.

Just look at Alfonzo Ray, or Bob Parks, or any other number of men and women that don't fit their mold!

Silverfiddle said...

Our society is gripped by a collective psychosis, and no one is immune.

cube said...

It is refreshing to hear blacks such as RGIII not give in to oppression by the foolish followers of the 'authentic' black movement.

The lockstep mentality of the left is monolithic so don't you even dare think for yourself or you will be castigated.

Sadly, individual thought is too rare nowadays and will only dwindle as the government continues to grow.

beamish said...

I think its racist how RG3 never gets called for intentional grounding, when he's one the most egregious violators in the league.

Anonymous said...

I fear that black Americans, with a lot of help from the Democratic party, have become thier own worse enemy. They idolize those who broke free from the hood only to become professional preachers of black victimhood. They elect and reelect the same politicians year after year and nothing changes. Comes the black Messiah selling te same message and they fall for it again. How very sad!

Anonymous said...

It's just like the types who are constantly on the lookout for evidence of antisemitism. When they think they've found it, they pounce like an eagle on a jackrabbit and turn the focus of a post that might be about literature, or movies, or statistics on agriculture to a big loud argument about Jew hatred. People like this wouldn't be anything without their professional victimhood. The problem cuts across all racial and ethnic lines.

Harold Beckburger

Joe said...

Hadn't you heard? According to Jesse Jackson it is impossible for blacks to be racists, even though some blacks are racists.

Prejudice is supposed to be "wrong" whether it is directed at blacks, whites, browns(?), or whoever.

Such is not the case with the Blackness Gestapo. They are racists and don't care if they are.

Z said...

Is there any way to change this direction? Any way to all be AMERICANS and strive for being well spoken, well educated,successful AMERICANS instead of championing less than that? Any way to respect all ways of looking at things?

And is it racist to feel that the goal is to be an upstanding citizen? Or are we defining 'upstanding' by our own terms?

AOW, I'm so glad to hear that story of success in that young man. One also needs only to read Clarence Thomas' autobiography to understand what young Blacks are up against.

Then we have Obama again this morning talking about how the rich aren't paying THEIR FAIR SHARE...why succeed when there are brakes on your success?

And is success only playing a sport? Of course not!!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Sadly, they are their own worst enemy.

Leticia said...

In the military there really isn't racism, at least from what I witnessed growing up in the military life.

We constantly saw mixed marriages, Blacks and Whites, Blacks and Asians, Mexicans, etc. So, to us kids it was normal.

The military truly is a different world, that maybe civilians should adopt. Everyone is accepted.

I don't see color when I look at a person, I just don't. I see the person.

Race has become such an issue since Obama that liberals have nothing else to fight about.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have gotten to be so damn boring in the past four years.

They have the vote...yet the keep electing ignorant a-holes that keep them in the chains of poverty, crime, huge unemployment, uneducated, desperation, ignorance and above all infantilism.

Over and over again they elect crooks, preachers, extortionists, snakes, frauds and illiterates to rule over them.

They're racism is overt, in your is the anger and whom though? Never the cruds that have screwd's always da "man"..da man. Well one told you to start having kids at 14 or 15 did they?

And now....somehow...we're supposed to "share the wealth"? Where's the contributions from 99% of them?

Pris said...

There's an old saying of, "biting the hand that feeds you".

As long as black people are patronized and condescended to, there will be a chasm between the races.

Black people are people, not inferiors or people who need to be patronized. Wouldn't anyone here resent that? Sure we would.

Yet, so called liberals do just that, and bank on what they think is owed them by blacks, when in reality, black people don't owe them anything but disgust, IMO.

To me that is what must change. Others are our peers, regardless of color. They must be treated like anyone else. Some folks we become friends with and others not so much. Not because they're a different race, but because we choose our friends according to a common outlook on life in general, and/or important issues we can agree upon.

It shouldn't have anything to do with race, it has to do mostly with a sharing of common values, or just likability, not treating someone as if he can't think for himself because he happens to have a different skin color. That's racism!

Pris said...
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