Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Faith Blog.......HOLY COW

The music gets better and better.
"Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love." Ephesians 6:24

Amen. z


Anonymous said...

Please help make thid video on those who died in Benghazi go viral.

Silverfiddle said...

Happy Sunday, Z!

Sue said...

I NEVER tire of hearing Carrie sing this...I posted it on FB with the heading, "People know. They have just forgotten." Also, did you know she has been chosen to play Maria in a Sound of Music re-make?

Z said...

Cons on Fire...I'll look at the link later, thanks.

SF..same to you! I LOVE Vince Gill!

Sue...they have forgotten, haven't they. Good point. If we don't start remembering, and soon, this country's in for it.

Wait. They're making a remake of Sound of Music? OY. if they have to, she's a good choice, but...............!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That was absolutely gorgeous.


Brooke said...

Lovely! Thanks, Z!

Joe said...

Astonishing! And humbling.

Pris said...

How beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you Z.

Our country could use more of this.

Yes Joe, it is humbling, and fills our hearts.

Z said...

Cons on Fire...thanks. Some of the comment below the video sickened me.
Imagine equating Benghazi with any other embassy deaths under Bush?

Glad you all liked Vince and Carrie...the reaction of the audience really touched me, too.

sue hanes said...

Z - Not surprisingly this is one of my very favorites - ranking right up there with The Old Rugged

Carrie Underwood actually gave me chills at one point.

Thanks for this one Z - and I hope your Sunday was good. Can you believe that it is already the first Sunday in Advent? :]

Z said...

HI, Sue, no I can't...Advent wasn't made much of when I was growing up but it's very important to German Lutherans so Mr Z had to have an advent wreath.
It means a lot to me now; wish it wasn't raining or I'd go across the pool/patio here and try to find my CHristmas stuff (including a small advent wreath) from garage storage.

I hope you have a great day.
It can't be DECEMBER alreaDY!

Right Truth said...

Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful Sunday evening.

Right Truth

Marine4ever said...

It's my most wonderful song in the whole world. "Amazing Grace" was first, then I heard my grandmother sing "How Great Thou Art" while playing it on the piano, back in the 50's. It still puts a lump in my throat. Thanks, Z.

Jan said...

So beautiful, Z.

I don't see how anyone could not be touched by that song, and that performance.

I have a feeling that all the applause was not simply for the performers, but for the Person that the song was all about, too, don't you?

It's encouraging to see that.

Z said...

I'm SO glad this song moved so many of you....amazingly beautiful, isn't it.
I had it sung at Mr. Z's funeral, along with A MIGHTY FORTRESS and another wonderful hymn...GOD OF GRACE AND GOD OF GLORY.

Jan, I definitely think a lot of the applause was for God; the audience's reaction was so reassuring, wasn't it!?

Had a great Indian dinner at friends' tonight and a terrific discussion of Psalm 25 with them and a Rabbi; what a terrific time!

I hope you all had as nice a Sunday evening in your own ways.


Rita said...

I'm late I know. Carrie Underwood is such an amazing talent and today's post made me finally play this video.

I had never heard her sing this and it builds to such an amazing finish I am not surprised by the star s thudded crowd's reaction. The sing is moving and Underwood's rendition would make Jesus weep.