Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Faith Blog

What have you learned this year regarding trusting in God?   What issue has caused you or someone you love (if you're more comfortable sharing a story of a friend or loved on than yourself, please do) to turn more to God this year than at any other time?    I think this might be an encouraging discussion.

"Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust.."  Psalms 40:4

have a blessed Sunday..........



Always On Watch said...

Coincidentally, I will have a post on this very topic on Tuesday evening, when my Christmas break begins.

Divine Theatre said...


I wrote a long response and deleted every last word.
I cannot say that I trust in Him more but I certainly am more grateful for what He has given me.


p.s. I am not painting the piano...maybe just Michaels' bagpipes!

Silverfiddle said...

Nothing in particular this year, but just my whole life. I don't like telling stories on myself, but I will just say that in my younger days I tried my damnedest to screw up my life, and He just wouldn't let me.

I'm not saying God forced me to do anything, but there were always good avenues open when I was trying to go the wrong way, and only by His grace did I take some right roads.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like SF, always.
But there was that time after Scherie's brain surgery, where up until then, I figure it's surgery, I'll pray, no panic.
Then she had the hemorrhage.
Then it was a call for prayers, and trust only in Him.

AOW: We've got to wait?

FreeThinke said...

My faith is childlike and simplistic. I have made good practical use of what-might-be-called a Christian mantra given to me by a great aunt when I was still a child.

"God is my help in every need.
He does my ever hunger feed.
He walks beside me, guides my way
Through every moment of the day."

It still amazes me how helpful that childish-sounding verse has been over decades of turmoil and struggle.

I really do feel loved and protected all the time.

My great aunt lived to the age of ninety-nine in good health till jus a few days before she died. She was an old maid, as poor as the proverbial church mouse, and lived in a decaying neighborhood in New York City. I often felt it might not be safe to visit her -- the area had gotten so run down and filled with the "wrong" kind of people -- but for years it was duty to go see her -- a duty that later transformed itself into a great joy.

SHE never worried, always remained cheerful, was always making friends with anyone who crossed her path. On two occasions her simple faith and bright outlook even managed to disarm would-be muggers who accosted her on the subway. She felt compassion for them. She offered them the little she had in her handbag, but asked pleased to be allowed to keep one subway token so she could get back home.

In each case, the young toughs were humbled by her obvious sincerity and good will, and in each case back off and gave her an apology. Perhaps a minor miracle -- but a miracle nonetheless.

On the surface it appeared as though she had nothing she should be glad about, yet she was always beaming with good cheer and a new story of pleasant encounters she'd had with perfect strangers. To her every stranger in the world was friend she'd not yet had the chance to meet.

The family all clucked their tongues in pitying contempt, and said she was crazy -- accused her of looking at life through rose-colored glasses.

Looking back I realize she was probably the sanest of them all. They had so much. She had so little, yet she achieved a kind of wisdom and contentment none of them ever had.

I know positively it was her unwavering, child-like faith that sustained her. She reached out to God continually, and He never let her down.

~ FT

Sue said...

I posted this yesterday. Here is my answer to your question.

Always On Watch said...

My hiatus from posting new entries at my site officially ends on Tuesday evening. What I wrote for my return was difficult to write because of the emotions involved. You'll understand what I mean if you stop by to read my entry.

Anonymous said...

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Z said...

James, I'm doing as fine as I have time for, but thanks for coming by.
Responding to commenters is THE number one way to keep great people around and I haven't time to respond to much more than I get...which is frequently into the 80s...but, thanks!

Divine, I'm hoping you do a post on decorating your house for Christmas WITH PHOTOS! Glad you're not painting the piano...but what about the stool being gilded? I liked that idea!

SF and ED....I thought it would be more specific and even timely if we focused on this year. Obviously, I think God teaches all of us all the time!!
Your comments touched me.

FT...what an aunt you had; I'd raise a cup in her honor! Great attitude. Some are born with it, some of us need to cultivate it...

Sue, thanks for that beautiful post. looking forward to your blogging again :-)

sue hanes said...

Z - This is a good subject. I have learned to trust the Lord during times of stress. Sometimes I just didn't know he was there until after.

But I can always see that he was.

Have a good Sunday - Z.

Z said...

Sue, I'm glad to hear that; and it's a huge encouragement for us ALL.
Thanks! And you have a good Sunday, too. xxx

Z said...

Not sure I should share this, but what the heck, it happened.
I was reaching for Christmas ornaments in a closet today and my hand hit a very large designer-made Christmas heart in red/white/blue...striped like a flag. The designer's Christopher R....something...I think. Famous for ornaments. It was a gift a few years ago.
I put it right back in the closet; Looked at the patriotic heart and just didn't feel the same.

I think the fact that Americans knew how bad things are going because of this president, and how we've been lied to, how things have gone on under the radar screen, the millions more on food stamps and other entitlements, etc., and STILL voted for him against a really decent businessman with dignity and class, really has affected me.

very surprising for this huge patriot girl.

Right Truth said...

We need Him more than ever, but unfortunately too many have turned away from Got and are looking to man.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...


"Looked at the patriotic heart and just didn't feel the same."

Because we know we're beaten and that traditional values that you hold dear...are meaningless to the parasites and our "youth".

The America of your youth and your parents is dead...and they say it's a "good" thing. Liberals have and will continue to defame, deride, destroy many, if not all the foundations of this country to the point where the original founders will eventually all be tried, in absentia for "crimes against humanity". that when....the real fight will start? Doubtful.

Pris said...

This year has been tough and I've turned to God looking for the strength I need to carry me through.

I'm doing ok, and rely on God and my loved ones, family and friends.

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue hanes said...

Z - I have that same patriotic ornament. I saw yours on a picture of your tree last year.

sue hanes said...

Z - I have that same patriotic ornament. I saw yours on a picture of your tree last year.

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