Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guns vs Evil?

Before you read more, I wanted to add something to the post I wrote earlier because it's the third time I've heard it just this morning.."the Republicans won't vote for gun control WITH THIS PRESIDENT."   Um....what's this president have to do with it?  Have they ever been for controlling guns to the point that the left wants to?  And does it mean necessarily that they want NO gun control as is implied?   I'm so sick of the nauseatingly dishonest implications.  What, "not with this president" because he's black?  They hate him?  he's extreme?  Which?
After the horrid shooting of innocent children we all by know about by now, CNN immediately went into overdrive with "THIS MASSACRE IS THE GUN'S FAULT!" the point where I heard a gun control slug fest on Piers Morgan last night and Morgan's parting comment to the man with facts which did

FOX immediately went into overdrive with the psychological implications...and how now is a time for grieving.

CNN countered this morning with "This might be a time for grieving but this IS the time to talk about gun control! Or we'll NEVER talk about it! Congress has to learn!"

What's your opinion? Do we blame the gun? Do we blame the mental condition? Do we blame both? And, can't differing opinions be respected? And does Congress have to 'learn' only the anti-gun sentiment? I found that odd and close minded from Morgan and CNN. Again.

Please pray for the families.  This is a living nightmare.



Inspector AIPAc said...

Don't act when there's time to think dispassionately, we must talk at the height of passion if we are to arrive at a "reasoned" conclusion.

< / sarcasm>

Z said...

Hi, Inspector! Welcome to GeeeZ. We are big Israel supporters here; I just saw your blog and encourage others to stop by.

I totally agree with your's definitely time to talk after the hysteria's over and how could there be anything but hysteria after this hideous massacre?
God bless. Z

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Fear rules emotion for far more people than does logic. When a travesty such as this occurs, sheep are only too willing to relinquish long term liberty for the perception of [short term] security.

It's not a 'gun culture' that enables the type of action committed by's the Honey-boo-boo/Jersey Shore-instant gratification/cult of invented drama culture that our nation has largely succumbed to.

FreeThinke said...

1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

2 My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.

3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

5 The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.

6 The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.

7 The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.

8 The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore..


FreeThinke said...

BRAVO, ConstIn!

I couldn't agree more with your assessment.

It IS the culture -- nothing more -- nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why our children shouldn't have the benefit of having an armed, trained teacher to protect them. Sasha and Melia get plenty of protection. Why are our kids put in harms way while Obama's enjoy protection from this kind of violence with armed secret service men?

As Jefferson once said, "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." As he is quoting Cesare Beccaria in On Crimes and Punishment.

Not too mention that it is a proven statistic that the violent crime rate has gone down with an increase in private gun ownership...

According to Reuters, 85 percent of those polled said they did not believe police could stop all crime and 77 percent felt regular people had to “step up” to help prevent crime from happening.

The survey included 650 Republicans, 752 Democrats and 520 independents. The poll has a credibility interval of plus or minus 2.6 percentage points for all respondents.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh BS, it's the culture. It's the guns. Older generations were much more inundated with violence and death as we had infant mortality, Farm living and lower life expectancy.

We are Culture of Unrestricted Gun Violence. Gun Play, the Gun as symbol of Power & Prestige and Guns in general are lauded.

Less Guns, restrictions on types and capacity will reduce violence.

Also Lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit on gun manufacturers and distributors will curb them until such time as Gun makers go out of business or do a better job of policing themselves since no one in government has the balls to do it.

Z said...

Const. Insurg....I am STUNNED by your reaction. STUNNED. I don't nkow why.
I could NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE, my friend.

FT...AMRN to you, too :-0)
But, seriously, you are so right; THIS is where we go in these times, isn't it...The LORD is our keeper. Praise God.
And may He show himself in the nightmare of this tragedy. He always does.

Just read your comment now to CI...good one, isn't it!

Grung...please read the stats. Places of fewer guns have more violence. Sad, but true.
And yes, we had FAR more troubles in olden days and a lot of guns and nothing like this ever happened...think about it. It's the mENTALITY these's children not feeling cared about; it's teachers indoctrinating heroes out of their lives, it's video games.
BS that it's guns.
yes, those guns should not have been in that house waiting for him but true gun owners don't have them laying around; they're locked up. Perhaps that's why he shot his mother; for the key?

Imp. very interesting stat...and one that goes directly against CNn's supposed stat this morning that most people want no guns at all. Typical lying CNN.

Only idiots like those who'd actually vote for Obama in times like these would think it's a good idea and even feasible to eliminate all guns.

Always On Watch said...

The state of Connecticut has strict laws about purchasing guns. Of course, this fact will make the it's-the-guns-that-are-at-fault folks scream even louder.


It seems that Adam Lanza was on the autism spectrum. Over 70% of those on the autism spectrum have personality disturbances -- sometimes violent personality disturbances. Furthermore, autism can mask schizophrenia.

In any case, most whom I personally know "on the spectrum" are volatile -- none violently, but I'm certain that there are indeed such individuals.

Of course, we don't know to what extent the above applies to what happened yesterday in Newtown. We also do not know to what extent his playing video games and his recent rejection by the USMC (so I heard anyway) factored in.

The human brain is complex. Exceedingly so.

Always On Watch said...

Grunge_e Gene said:

Oh BS, it's the culture. It's the guns. Older generations were much more inundated with violence and death as we had infant mortality, Farm living and lower life expectancy.

Big, big difference between now and then, however. People saw AND smelled animal slaughter and human deaths up close and personal. That is a world of difference from playing video games wherein slain figures pop back up for more action.

Also, back then, kids plinked at birds and small mammals and saw how those animals didn't drop over all neatly and quietly. Usually, kids were horrified -- so they stopped senseless, for-fun killing.

Always On Watch said...

CI's comment is spot on! Kudos to CI!

And to FT as well -- for injecting that psalm about deliverance.

Z said...

AOW, we have a mildly autistic kid at the high school; he's the happiest, sweetest, humming music all the time guy I've ever met. I adore him. Autism runs a big gamut, doesn't it.

As for guns and the old days, farms, etc...there were FAR more guns readily available and people didn't kill 20 children at elementary schools. It's NOT THE GUNS.

Z said...

Obama has an ego the SIZE of a bus. Even I am stunned.
Behind Piers Morgan last night was one image from Sandy Hook's massacre: OBAMA WITH HIS HAND WIPING A TEAR AWAY.

i could NOT BELIEVE It...THAT's the important image for CNN. Blast them ALL.

Z said...

check out BZ's EXCELLENT article on Sandy Hook...he did a bangup job (so to speak)

Anonymous said...


Apparently you missed what I posted yesterday so I'll do it again for your edification:

Apparently gun manufacturers employ many CT residents!

1. Colt
2. Remington
3. Winchester
4. Stern & Luger
5. Smith & Wesson
6. Mossberg
7. Sturm Ruger
8. Martin Firearms

Ask the thousands of CT workers and their dependent families if they want to lose their livelihoods first, I say. Then ask the state if they want to lose all that corporate tax revenue and the taxes that their workers pay from their gun salaries!

After all it's not Santa's elves that make the guns that CT residents buy.

And CT does have very strict gun possession do all the "red" states that take pride in denying one their constitutional rights and protections to feel all warm and huggy...pfffffft

"Also Lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit on gun manufacturers and distributors will curb them until such time as Gun makers go out of business"

Then lets go after the auto makes too...all of them since they cause the most unnecessary deaths in America today...right?

People kill rather arbitrarily with cars....don't they? Some moron plows into another car and never knew who he was going to kill.

A legally armed person, usually reacts to a threat right before his / her eyes and reacts solely to that.

Ducky's here said...

Before we get anywhere and this a a damn difficult problem, the first step is going to be ignoring the fools who want to double down and imagine that the solution for a country morphing into barbarism is more guns.

And wherever you locate the dysfunction, CI, we are still faced with the question of the sanity of piling more guns into the mix.

Clearly gun ownership is the be all. Just ask the perp's mother.

FreeThinke said...


If it weren't the guns, it would be the KNIVES.

If it weren't the knives, it would be the ROCKS.

If it weren't the rocks, it would be the CLUBS.

If it weren't the clubs, it would be the STICKS.

If it weren't the sticks, it would be the FISTS.

If it weren't the fists, it would the FINGERS used as CLAWS to TEAR the FLESH AWAY bodily, and stiffened to POKE OUT EYES.

It it weren't the fists and fingers, it would be the FEET to KICK and STOMP to JELLY.

And that says nothing of POISON -- or ARSON -- or TNT.

Those possessed of a MALIGNANT SPIRIT will always find a way to wreak havoc.

Spiritual armor is ALWAYS the strongest, most impenetrable defense against aggressive ill will.

~ FT

Ducky's here said...

... and may I add to your list of sheep who rush to judgement, CI, the fools who think the resolution is to hire teachers on the basis of an up to date carry permit.

Have a few of those useless S.W.A.T. teams patrolling the halls. That's how a kindergartner learns best.

Anonymous said...

"Clearly gun ownership is the be all. Just ask the perp's mother."

She owned the guns legally. If she didn't have them and he was determined to kill her....he'd have used another method.

"Before we get anywhere and this a a damn difficult problem"

Agreed. But less than 0.01% of gun crime is done by licensed responsible owners or CCW's.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Also...the week before the mutt tried to buy a long gun gun a store and was denied.

So in that respect ..CT's laws worked.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ducky - for someone who relies so heavily on criticizing my point of view, you seem awfully shy on any reasonable proposals of your own.

Z said...

Imp, that's very true. A tiny minority of killers are carrying legally...which should inform any leftist with their ridiculous "all or nothing" ideology.

I wish both sides would just listen and do something helpful.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - I'm both happy to have common ground with you and saddened that you'd be stunned by my response.

I'm fervently pro-2A [as my personal collection of firearms would attest to], and rabidly anti-disposable intellectualism [as exemplified by our media and general tenor of political and social dialogue.

I do try and focus on policies over politics, so I acknowledge how I am interpreted at times.

Anonymous said...


In a recent USA Today ( of all places ) poll...97% of respondents believe that 2A gives everyone the right to OWN guns. Period.

But that’s OK, Duck, if you do not wish to carry. Many people have no business carrying one, given they're just as likely proclivity for having others take care of their security needs in other ways as well.

We have a military which quietly maintains global security; we have LEO’s who are also rough men who stand ready to do tough things on your behalf so you can rest relatively comfortably at night.

Others far more intellectually mature than you already provide your security for you, knowing too many of you fail to understand, and will likely never understand, that your security, however fragile, is one of your fundamental responsibilities to yourself and your loved ones. A mother nurtures, a father protects and teaches self-defense.

And why wait 10 or 20 minutes for a cop to show up to "protect" you when seconds count...or your neighbor is willing?

Don't want a gun Duck? Simple...the law doesn't require you to buy / have one.

Just leave me alone.

Thersites said...

Lets take away EVERYONE's guns. That way, we can all live happily ever after in a world in which only the criminal class will have the guns.

Ducky's here said...

@CI --- Ducky - for someone who relies so heavily on criticizing my point of view, you seem awfully shy on any reasonable proposals of your own.

Well in this case I've agreed with you. A rush to judgement on a very complicated issue is absolutely counter productive.

But the idea that is reappearing (like clockwork in these situations) of armed school personnel should be resisted. Gasoline isn't a very good fire extinguisher.

All account coming out absolutely praise the actions of the teachers in being quick witted and getting their kids t safety. They had the sense to deal with that priority rather than trying to play quick draw. it's something to consider.

How did he manage to force himself in after the school had implemented a security policy. What went wrong?

Ask the obvious questions first before doubling down.

It's complex issue but the last thing to do is give the gun culture a pass and pretend it's benign. It isn't.

Sue said...

Here is my take...

Anonymous said...

"Gasoline isn't a very good fire extinguisher..."

And declaring places "Gun Free Zones" isn't either.

It's an open invitation to mayhem. The POS know there will be no resistance.

Yes..praise the teacher but hiding under desks didn't save any of those kids lives.

Security? Who let the scumbag in when he was fully dressed in camo? Did someone think that was normal attire for Friday?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"It's complex issue but the last thing to do is give the gun culture a pass and pretend it's benign."

I agree that it's a complex issue, but what you label as the 'gun culture' isn't remotely getting a pass. Part of that stems from the definition of 'gun culture'. For some, the label is quite the pejorative. Those of us who might be lumped into that bucket, see the gun as a tool, but are far more concerned with not ceding the individual right - and ability - to defend ourselves, our families and our property.

That, to me at least, is a culture of sovereignty, self reliance and accountability. The Adam Lanza's of the world most assuredly, are not members of that culture.

Right Truth said...

Don't be surprised if the president doesn't try to get some kind of gun control with executive order, he's done everything else that way it seems.

Right Truth

sue hanes said...

Z - I would say we blame both.
The mental condition has got to be a huge factor in this one. Of course the guns were what did the job - so they are to blame too.

You make a good point when you say that the mother may have been trying to prevent him from getting the guns.

And you are right that we will never know.

Anonymous said...

Just in...all of Adam's Lanza's victims were shot with...a rifle.

Pris said...

If the Principal had a gun in her office, she may very well be alive today, and the children as well. She ran out in the hall and confronted the madman, and he shot her dead. She was defenseless!

They all were defenseless in that school. Is that the ideal you're going for Ducky and Grunge?

If someone wants to take others with him when he plans to take his own life, what's to stop him? Sickos can find a way to get guns, even if they're illegal!

Crime has gone up in the UK, since they banned guns as in other countries.

The bottom line is, that law abiding citizens would turn in their guns if it's a law, but gang members, criminals and mentally deranged people would not if they were violent.

Furthermore, since Obama wants a civilian security force to be as well equipped and funded as the military, it should give all of us pause to think about that. He made this pronouncement in a speech in 2008 when he was running for President.

My last point is, there's a little thing called the Second Amendment in the Constitution, and it has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Ducky, please...the biggest rush to judgment on all news channels but FOX has been GUNS HAVE TO GO. What's the president's terminology?..."meaningful action despite the politics?" Despite WHAT politics? Despite the fact that much of America doesn't agree with him that all guns should be banned?

The Leftists are in FULL SWING "the Republicans won't talk gun control with THIS PRESIDENT" if they did with Clinton?

We should not're right...we conservatives want to grieve; we want to consider what makes people do things like this...but only after we grieve.

here's the rub: Conservatives understand bad things happen. Leftists need to implement laws in case they happen. grow up, folks.
NOTHING will stop evil.
And, of course, Republicans are not unwilling to review gun laws.
And, of course, not all NRA members (as knuckle dragging as you like to think) are Republicans.

CI is right .."gun culture" is a terrible pejorative because the Left is VERY VERY effective in misinforming shunning through language.
Seriously, who wants a GUN CULTURE? Sounds awful. yet, guns have kept people alive in many instances.....

Right Truth; it's already being discussed. Leave us not forget; OBAMA IS A DICTATOR via Exec. Order. Wait for it.
Then wait to see what happens.

Did you all see the 6 yr old deceased EMILIE PARKER'S FATHER SPEAK? He forgives the family of Lanza; he's a strong Christian. He wants to make good of Emilie's help others who have to go through this. THAT is quite a man.

Pris, what the left can count on is that the Principal might have been in jail today had she shot him. Can you imagine the burden to prove Lanza was going to kill anybody? Heck, they are still calling him THE SUSPECT! :-) Finally, on rational FOX, one of the hosts this morning< I think it was Steve Doocey..said "he IS the killer..not the SUSPECT".
Conservatives are so rational and realistic. Easy when you don't let political correctness and lawyer-speak get in the way.

The burden of proof is, frankly,unprovable in this situation, no matter how many guns he was carrying. I could hear it now (from everyone BUT parents of little children in that school) "but he might have been carrying guns and just did it to scare them!"... you know that.

The LEFT WINS! again.

Waylon said...

This is a tragedy. But those that would rush to judgement and try to use this event for partisan political purposes are the real brain dead quacks. Those that immediately point to the "FoxNews/NRA/Republican axis" are there guns blazing as usual.

But after watching enough of this garbage and reading more than enough of this crap on blogs like TDB, I think I can safely say that as they point fingers at others they conveniently forget to consider what they themselves contribute to despicable actions and behavior. Watch somebody like the weepy fraud, Soledad O'Brien on CNN, one of the most despicable racists promoting and profiting from the racist divide. Recall she's the bitch whose claim to fame today is "Being Black in America". Somebody with that much cream in her coffee wouldn't have a clue to contributing any meaningful about "Being Black in America".

Z said...

Please do read Sue's blog's worth reading. Good job, Sue.

Angels are truly weeping today Ducky's's exactly as you say; it's all about the NRA..this is all the NRA's fault, apparently.
As I said above, imagine Piers Morgan SCREEEECHING at a guest who isn't totally anti-gun saying at the end of the argument "COME BACK WHEN YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR OPINION!"

I'd love to see the media if Brett Baier said that!!

It's time to GRIEVE. To think about guns, to think about mental illness and to consider pure EVIL.

Like little Emilie Parker's dad just said on TV "God gives the opportunity to do good or evil..." Lanza chose Evil. May God rest his soul; but God is a wrathful God.

Z said...

And Sue, by the way, re your post: You mentioned how sickening it is to see people interviewed who barely knew this Lanza.
Last night, they'd found a young woman who's in school in LONDON who talked about what kind of person Lanza was, when asked how long it'd been since they'd spoken, she said "since middle school"...WHAT? WHAT?? Great get, CNN.

Waylon said...

I saw Ducky's comments earlier and I guess he had stopped by to pick up his talking points from CNN and the comrades at MSNBC before heading off to "edjumicate" the blogosphere. There are a lot of screechers on CNN and I agree with you Piers Morgan is one of the leaders of that despicable pack of hyenas.

I saw the father and aunt of the young Parker girl who was one of the victims. Something about that just doesn't strike me right. Are they using this tragic event for some sort of personal benefit? They'd have looked better by finding somebody to represent them in addressing this sort of touching situation, I believe.

Bunkerville said...

No doubt an executive order is in the making.

Kid said...

IMP, I'd like to know when police have stopped Any crime.

To those who want to take the guns, explain why after 40 years of the 'war on drugs', kids can get whatever drug they want. Disarm criminals? You have a mental disease.

BTW - I was born with a right to defend my life. I don't need anyone to 'give' it to me, and I refuse to let anyone take it away.

Libtards are such children, it's a wonder they can keep themselves alive. Honestly. And many are going to regret it if and when times really get tough. As it is, the losers are all sitting at home breeding democrats on unlimited unemployment benefits.

Finntann said...

The problem is no one on the left has anything to show that more restrictive gun laws reduce shootings. Washington DC had a ban in place since 1976... did it do anything to decrease gun related homicides?

Sure, restrictive gun laws or outright bans have a tendency reduce crimes of passion and suicides. In all other cases the incidence of gun related violence tends to go up. These are the criminal cases, where someone grabs a gun with the intention to commit a crime and is willing to use it.

Did NYC gun laws prevent that guy from LA getting shot in the back of the head on a sidewalk, in front of a school (gun-free zone)? No!

It is understandable that people will think if you make guns harder to get, gun crime will go down. It seems so logical, but it's not that simple. We make Methamphetimines much harder to get than guns, yet still have a Meth problem.

War on Drugs work? War on Guns won't either.

Liberalmann said...

Yes, we blame the gun. If assault weapons were banned, 20 children would be alive and the GOP is in the pocket of the NRA who should be disbanded.

Liberalmann said...

Bowling for Columbine.

Z said...

Waylon, do you have a blog? I get the same verbage to a few other commenters' links and don't quite understand what it means? My PROFILE???

Anyway, just thought I'd ask...

As for the father talking today; I heard all of his talk and didn't find it self-profiting but did wonder that anybody WOULD or COULD speak so soon after losing a daughter. He displayed a Christian faith very obviously so I think that helps a little, but REALLY? I couldn't SPEAK for I don't know HOW LONG if I lost a child....especially like they did.
He said he spoke because so many have come to him for his thoughts on all of this and I did wonder "in 24 hours, you've had so many requests?"

I think I blame the 'requesters' more than him. LEAVE THEM ALONE..they lost their little girl!

There's a fund for EMILIE PARKER....I suppose it's to help other children?

Liberalmann..thanks for proving all of us right. again.

Liberalmann said...

Five Lies The Gun Lobby Tells You

MYTH #1: More guns don’t lead to more murders. A survey by researchers at the Harvard University School of Public Health found strong statistical support for the idea that, even if you control for poverty levels, more people die from gun homicides in areas with higher rates of gun ownership. And despite what gun advocates say, countries like Israel and Switzerland don’t disprove the point.

MYTH #2: The Second Amendment prohibits strict gun control. While the Supreme Court ruled in D.C. v. Heller that bans on handgun ownership were unconstitutional, the ruling gives the state and federal governments a great deal of latitude to regulate that gun ownership as they choose. As the U.S. Second Court of Appeals put it in a recent ruling upholding a New York regulation, “The state’s ability to regulate firearms and, for that matter, conduct, is qualitatively different in public than in the home. Heller reinforces this view. In striking D.C.’s handgun ban, the Court stressed that banning usable handguns in the home is a ‘policy choice[]‘ that is ‘off the table,’ but that a variety of other regulatory options remain available, including categorical bans on firearm possession in certain public locations.”

MYTH #3: State-level gun controls haven’t worked. Scholars Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander recently studied state-to-state variation in gun homicide levels. They found that “[f]irearm deaths are significantly lower in states with stricter gun control legislation.” This is backed up by research on local gun control efforts and cross-border gun violence.

MYTH #4: We only need better enforcement of the laws we have, not new laws. In fact, Congress has passed several laws that cripple the ability for current gun regulations to be enforced the way that they’re supposed to. According to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, a series of federal laws referred to as the Tiahrt amendments “limit public access to crime gun trace data, prohibit the use of gun trace data in hearings, pertaining to licensure of gun dealers and litigation against gun dealers, and restrict ATF’s authority to require gun dealers to conduct a physical inventory of their firearms.” Other federal laws “limited the ATF compliance inspections” and grant “broad protections from lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and retail sellers.”

MYTH #5: Sensible gun regulation is prohibitively unpopular. Not necessarily. As the New Republic’s Amy Sullivan reported after the series of mass shootings this summer, a majority of Americans would prefer both to enforce existing law more strictly and pass new regulations on guns when given the option to choose both rather than either/or. Specific gun regulations are also often more popular than the abstract idea.

Kid said...

Z, The media LOVES this stuff. Gives their pathetic sociopathic selves something to talk about beside the antics of other pathetic a* like themselves.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Myth #1 - "If assault weapons were banned, 20 children would be alive...."

You would have to not only ban, but confiscate and destroy every citizen owned gun in America for this to even be plausible [reliance on scary buzzwords like "assault weapons notwithstanding]. Then you would merely have to contend with every other implement that can be used as a weapon.

Myth #2 - "...and the GOP is in the pocket of the NRA who should be disbanded."

Given that the Democratic Party has groups and lobbyists in their pocket that are just as detrimental to liberty and sovereignty as you believe the NRA is dangerous......please proffer any rationale for disbanding a lawful organization such as the NRA [of which, for full disclosure, I am not a member].

Waylon said...

Z, I don't have a blog. I don't think I'd be able to handle the stress of updating it daily and keeping up with other obligations.

I think it's better for me to try to visit other blogs and comment if I have something to contribute.

Here's something that should at least make any rational sane reasoning mind question Michael Moore and "Bowling for Columbine", ...

Kid said...

hey libturd, all that copying and pasting from some libturd site is all for nothing.

I was born with the right to defend my life and my families life. I don't need to get it from anyone or anything else.

Spin around in excrement all you want to. After I'm gone and after all people with any common sense or zeal for liberty are gone, then I hope you get your gun control, immediately followed by some vermin walking into your house unopposed to do gross violence upon you. You idiots deserve no less.

Scream out for your politicians, lawyers, and police to come save you as they're off determining what other personal liberties to take from you next, suing all enterprises of value back to the stone-age so there is nothing left of value in your pathetic life, and sitting on the freeway looking for people going 10 miles over the limit.

Z said...

Libmann. WHO CARES? Your 'myths' are opinions and you can't even tell the difference.
That's as utterly stupid as saying Republicans are against women (I am a woman) or hate blacks because they hate Obama when we'd vote for a black conservative we admire in a heartbeat.
Please...I keep recommending to you this simple adage: GROW UP.

Waylon; click on your WAYLON and see what you read...that's why I asked.
I'm barely keeping up with this blog since I went to work full's exhausting but I love doing at least one post a day.. I can barely return emails, but...

Kid,jerks like Libmann don't even understand what you're saying. But, good luck :-)

Kid said...

Hey libturd, be sure to point out to all the filthy vermin illegal mexican drug cartel people, and other assorted vermin varieties that they're not allowed to have a gun when they come to rape you, your daughter and your wife. You know the vermin you shit for brains idiots invite into my country.

And don't forget the vermin muslim who are here to enrich your life with some sharia law.

This would be hilarious if it was funny in the first place. No go live on the border you POS.

Kid said...

Z, well, maybe someone on the fence will get some value out if it. and hey, insulting libtards by pointing out how they insult themselves with each word they spew IS boring but fun on occasion.

FreeThinke said...

The logic that feeds the imbecilic notion aggressively put forth by liberals that banning guns will prevent episodes of horrific violence is the moral equivalent of that hoary old joke that says "Marriage is the single most significant cause of divorce."

The following was written by Yip Harburg (with liberals in mind no doubt):

You could while away the hours
Conversing with the flowers --
Consulting with the rain.
With your head you'd be scratching
While your thoughts were busy hatching


Waylon said...

Z, I do have a gmail account. I think I started to fill out a profile but didn't finish it. That was a long time ago. Do you see that?

Z said...

Waylon...I have no idea. All I know is that says my profile isn't complete.. problem.

Kid, pearls to swine. He'll be older and think "why didn't I learn?" but he won't.

FT...excellent analogy

Gad, I have FOX on and am sick of the ridiculous THEME SONG they have for the murder coverage...I suppose CNN has something, revolting.
And then there's Geraldo who's apparently fallen for Obama's emotional reaction.

Geraldo.....why won't CNN take him off FOX's hands? WHY won't CNn have any conservative regulars? because you have to CHANGE YOUR OPINION TO THEIRS to even appear on CNN :-)

Z said...

ready for this? FOX's (ridiculously named) MEDICAL A TEAM is now saying that
"77% of the kids who went through this will suffer from PTSS".

are they KIDDING?

How the HELL did we get through things in the past without attaching labels to them? And 77%? not more? not less?

it's a freakin' COTTAGE INDUSTRY, this horrible massacre.

Kid said...

Z, we're being waterboarded by insanity and nonsense.

christian soldier said...

when I first heard of this heinous event -
my first thought was-
they - the THEY - are soon going to be touting GUN CONTROL-sure enough- they the THEY did!!
Interesting that the states w/ the least violent crime rates have a must carry policy...

Waylon said...

There's something wrong with the picture that I'm receiving from CNN. They squeeze the last drop of emotion and try to drain the last tear from good people who cannot fathom this sort of atrocity happening in a sane world. Yet as they shrug off any sort of human virtue or value in their so-called journalism in failing to report and analyze the meaning of the cockeyed musings of the likes of their founder, Ted Turner, when it comes to "saving the planet" and "reducing the population".

Some examples:

Ted Turner: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

Mikhail Gorbachev: “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”

Prince Phillip: "If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

Margaret Sanger: "The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

Try to wrap your mind around the level of destruction of human life on a daily basis required to reach the goals of these lunatics. Yet they keep pounding the sickening lie of "gun control" to solve the societal illness when their deepest wishes in the depths of their demonic souls they desire to bring about population reduction globally by killing on a scale never seen on the planet and hardly to be imagined except in the fevered and sick minds of the Fabian billionaires.

Waylon said...
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Kid said...

Waylon. Exactly. Picture yourself some dumbass lawyer politician that barely knows your ass from a hole in the ground.
The only reason you're a politician (the majority) is because you want to enrich yourself and your puppet master(s), and now you find yourself and the other political vermin around you tasked to come up with solutions for social security, medicare, medicaid, education, energy, and a myriad of problems that have been made exponentially more difficult because of a growing population.

And most of the politicians who caused these problems have had fantastic rich lives and are now 6 feet under smiling away.

Think it might be tempting for these assholes to slip a little population reducing strategy into the mix? Plague? WW3? Some other war. What would you want the most. For sure disarm the natives as much as you can.

They've got all the protection they need.

That's the best case. It would be easy to argue the current administration is trying to destroy the economy of the USA. If they're not, they're the most incompetent imbecilic bastards this side of Jupiter.

Reagan inherited a situation MUCH worse than obama did and turned it around in a few years and by the end of his 8, created 19-20 years of strong economy that couldn't be harmed by Bush Sr, or Clinton or Bush Jr. Those days are gone. The majority of voters can barely make change without a computer anymore or if they can are so dependent they have no problem with ghetto imbeciles in the White House and Cabinet

Z said...

Kid..."waterboarded by insanity!"
Man, is that the truth. I think we're the only people lefties want waterboarded, come to think of it. We're far worse than muslim terrorists, dontchaknow. :-)

Waylon and Kid....great conversation...thanks for having it here. :-)

Sue said...

Here is another example of media FILTH...

BetteJo said...

I am not well spoken or articulate or educated, for that matter so I hope you will bear with me. I am just so tired of this argument!

What is this gun culture people speak of? Is it the legal gun owners who go to gun ranges to shoot, or who buy hunting licenses to hunt deer and ducks? Or is it people like Rhianna who has a gun tattooed on her rib cage or people who sing songs with lyrics glorifying gun violence that define "gun culture"? And are these people members of the GOP? But they are part of the entertainment industry and are defended as part of "the arts" and allowed a pass, even though they are influencing a whole generation of kids. Defended by those same people who scream for gun control every time there is a shooting. Amazing.


When I was a kid we played cowboys and Indians (yes, I'm that old) and when someone 'shot' someone else with a gun or bow and arrow - that kid would fall to the ground and writhe in pretend agony and die. It was one on one and the result was personal. There is something a bit more real about that than kids sitting in front of a screen blasting away person after person after person - and winning a game because of it.


People used to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school, there were CHRISTMAS pageants and kids sang Silent Night and Oh Little Town of Bethlehem and no one shot up schools.


We have a culture now that says anything goes unless it is a traditional value. God is being systematically removed from every day American life and our political discourse has degenerated to something that hardly resembles anything close to the truth anymore. People do not want to execute criminals but they want the right to kill babies.


Why is it so hard to understand that gun control will take guns out of the hands of the law abiding, while criminals will have them no matter what??

It really is time for the left to grow the hell up and say some prayers for those innocent children, school employees, their families and that town. May God bless and comfort them.

Kid said...

Bettyjo, Thank you for adding your voice.

If I may just add - Why is no one asking "Where Were the Authorities that are Supposed to Protect That School after they [hypothetically] Take Our Guns?"

Otherwise, now you have the same situation and even less of a chance someone will defend the school!

Mind boggling isn't it? No limit to libtard stupidity.

Kid said...

And to argue with facts is textbook definition of insanity. Or in ducks case we can call it Official Shit for Brains just to put a little extra zing on it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the problem. Load up the kids with drugs, encourage single parent families, make the village responsible for raising the child, and then leave weapons laying adrift so that mentally deficient democrats can access them and kill lots of innocent people. Progressive social policy appears to be working just fine.


Anonymous said...


Sorry I missed the party here....was hosting one of my own at home here...Kid...

"December 15, 2012 4:06 PM"

Jesus Christ....that was one of the best posts I think I've ever read in this lifetime.

And...sadly...I hope these fookers and libs...and imbeciles get it....and live in agony the rest of their rotten lives...bitter...pissed of...never happy unless they're fooking with someone elses lives....Pure vermin and puke.

Kid said...

IMP, thanks man. heheh

Anonymous said...


"It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbours, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain."

Silly ignorant bastards of our ancestors....shit for brains banned guns all together...and now it's worse that these countries...and Detroit, Chicago and Newark put together...then...they kiss the muslims asses which leads to more crap to swallow.

These are the same people that fought the battle of britain.....nah....these are the people that one ruled the world? Nah....

These are a defeated, sick people.

Kid said...

IMP. Yea. Once ruled the world, reduced to hoping for rain so they can run out and throw some soapy water on their toy car which is in a driveway, not a garage, and wait for the rain to rinse it off because buying that much water isn't in their freakin budget.

I've seen this with my own eyes, in upper middle class England in 1990.

Anyway, soon coming to America as the libtards cheer on their coming sodomy.

Kid said...

IMP, Thanks again, but I really thought my point about being flooded with illegal mexican criminals and muslim vermin makes an even better case for wanting to have responsible armed civilians. They're beheading people in Arizona, and Texas for God's sake. They're committing all manner of crime in the other 48 states because if they even get caught, and American jail is like a 3 star hotel for these vermin. Imagine what these vermin would be doing if they knew law abiding people were disarmed ! Truly mind boggling.

The intelligence chasm between libs and adults will continue to grow.

Z said...

Sue, that info you liked is DISGUSTING and so typically LEFTIST. And they call US names?
FILTH is right.

Bette Jo...your comment belies your first sentence, TRUST ME. If you AREN'T ARTICULATE AND SMART, I don't know who IS :-)
It almost made me ache for the 'good old days' to read your comment.

Yes, we had Christmas Pageants and the Jewish kids loved them, too (trust me, I've asked many Jewish friends since this WAR ON CHRISTMAS began..."did YOU resent Christmas growing up?" Most of them laugh and say how much fun it gave them....they didn't feel proselytized, nothing.
it's only atheist, AntiAmerican liberal SCUM which is single handedly ruining all the beauty of America with its undeniably Christian roots which kept us better people than we are NOW.

Our poor kids.

Imp and Kid.........geeeZ loves you!

Z said...

Yahoo still has Obama's finger wiping the 'tear' from his dry eyes.


Anonymous said...

There will be peace on earth, the climate will calm down, and the ecology will become healthy again once the human race becomes extinct. We are the problem. Doesn't that mean we have a duty to die in order to save the planet?

---------> Katharine Heartburn

JonBerg said...

I feel very disadvantaged. Having grown up in a family where my parents, a [male] father and a [female] mother taught me right from wrong and, for sooth, we even attended Church. I rue, to this day, the fact that my father taught me, not only to use but to respect firearms. I only wish that I could have grown up in a "broken" home or one with two MA-MAs or whatever is in vogue these days. Yes, I deeply regret that the disipline demonstrated in my up-bringing, I was made to suffer from, has made me less of a decent, CARING(?) Liberal type. Please bear with me and my transgressions.

Anonymous said...


"soon coming to America as the libtards cheer on their coming sodomy...."

Oh gawd....and I hope..I pray ( u listenin' Duk? ) it hurts so bad. I has to. Do I give a real sheet?'ve chosen an ultimate death sentence. Just watch "Philadelphia" a few dozen times. Hanks didn't sanction butt butting....he died from it.

Now Kid....the Brits. What can you say about a people that gives us a Paul Pots or a Susan Boyle to bring tears to your eyes?

I'll tell you what.....that the muttlim scum would behead these people for even giving us the pleasure of..."I Dream" or a "Nessun Dorma".

The world is so fooked up by the libtard madness...that...well...something has to give pal...something.

Anonymous said...


"Yahoo still has Obama's finger wiping the 'tear' from his dry eyes...."

I think I was his middle finger too?

Anonymous said...


" and the Jewish kids loved them, too (trust me, I've asked many Jewish friends since this WAR ON CHRISTMAS began"...

Tonight on the last day of Hanukkah and my Jewish wife of 43 years...threw our 15th Annual Christmas bash. 50 and whatevers....for a Christmas tree lighting in our home....and gift giving. the Jews stayed top off the CHRISTMAS TREE!!!

Hmmmmm......maybe it was just the food?
/sarc off

Z said...

Imp....maybe it was the booze! :-)
heh heh~!

Always On Watch said...

Most autistic kids do not have violent tendencies that they act upon. However, you might be surprised to learn of some of the strange compulsions and obsessions that autists have -- compulsions and obsessions that are rarely discussed because parents are so horrified and at a loss as to what to do.

I have also noticed that many autists have a difficult time (1) discerning reality from fantasy and (2) overreact socially when there is any disruption to routine.

Simply put, not all on the autism spectrum are like Rainman.

Always On Watch said...

Bunkerville said:

No doubt an executive order is in the making.

A strong possibility, IMO.

Always On Watch said...

There's something wrong with the picture that I'm receiving from CNN.

You are exactly right about that!

I watched CNN for a few minutes last night and changed channels in disgust.

Liberalmann said...

‎"One failed attempt at a shoe bomb[ing], and we all have to take off our shoes at the airport;

31 school shootings since Columbine, and no change in our regulation of guns" (John Oliver).

-FJ said...

Pathos makes for poor arguments, liberalman, let alone public policy.

Z said...

Good quote, but he's wrong, so...

Kid said...

Hey Libturd, 31 school shootings but still no security people at schools.
We CAN find ways to over-employ administrative people though. No offense to anyone working in the administrative field unless you're doing Nothing for 100k a year like maybe 90 that were recently let go from a local podunk school district.

If you had a brain libturd, maybe you wouldn't be such a stupid ass begging for a corrupt POS government to take as many personal liberties as they possibly can.

No leave solutions to the smart people and go back to making cookies and crying watching soap opera or whatever it is you do.

Kid said...

IMP Something has to give

Yes, I believe the libs are trying to start a war and blame it on us. Oh well, it's not like anything that has happened to this point in time has made much sense.

The libs are a mob mentality. There is no changing that. They will suffer.