Monday, December 31, 2012

Biden gets a RAISE, too??

President Barack Obama’s newest executive order put an end to the pay freeze on federal employees, giving some federal workers a raise, including Vice President Joe Biden.
Biden will earn $231,900 beginning March 2013, a roughly $6,000 bump from the previous year, The Weekly Standard reports, citing official disclosure forms.
Members of the House and Senate will also get a small pay increase of $900 as annual compensation for members of Congress will jump to $174,900 in 2013.
President Obama’s executive order lays out the new pay schedule:
President Obama Orders Raise for Biden, Members of Congress & Other Federal Workers
They may not be huge pay increases, but the timing of the executive order is interesting as Obama and Congress are currently trying to avoid going over the so-called “fiscal cliff. Meanwhile, Americans are tightening their belts and preparing for potentially higher taxes.
Finally, a pay raise seems to indicate that Congress and other federal employees have been doing a good enough job to warrant one. Do you think Congress and federal employees like Joe Biden deserve a raise? Information from The Weeekly Standard and Drudge Report...  

So, you think they deserve raises right now? How much CAN a government ignore the facts? WE ARE BROKE. What company gives increases when it's BROKE?  If  I was Biden I'd be so ashamed.

Your thoughts? Z


Anonymous said...

Way to start 2013 without being angry.


Anonymous said...

Hey Boss, I suck really bad at my job but could I get a raise?

Yes, no problem.


Silverfiddle said...

This is why we will never see any improvement in our bloated, sclerotic government.

They have done nothing but screw things up for years and decades, yet they continue to get pay raises.

Z said...

no wonder lefties hate corporations...
In Corporations, you pay only for good work. You can fire if the work isn't good. You don't get raises for not doing your work. You don't spend money in a corporation when you're going broke..etc. It's a culture that's against everything this liberal government stands for :-)

Ya, that's anger provoking...that's for sure.

Meanwhile, the news is atwitter with "we're waiting for the president to talk at 11 am ET" as if anybody CARES that he says? ...
This man who hasn't let Reed come up with one budget all these years?
Watch Obama's eyes...he stares deeply when he's being duplicitous.


Let's also all remember what he said to Russia's guy "I can be more flexible after I'm elected"...remember the look in his eyes? how he continued to stare like "ya HEAR me?" (watch the Youtube) after he spoke to him? what's he going to do now?
Don't liberals CARE? man

Z said...

SF...when are Americans going to finally act like NETWORK and say WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE?

If we had a media which told the truth and showed both sides of everything truthfully, we might not be in this situation, I really think that.

Z said...

By the way, FOX now has a kind of 'theme music' every time they discuss the budget, and CNN has that AND they call their panel "the Fiscal Cliff Allstars"

Does ANYBODY get how important this is and how bad it is for our country if we get downgraded again or if we all have tax increases of $3500 this year or if businesses decide they just can't hire anymore people and just might have to fire?

Meanwhile, they're treating it with cute names and music!? YIKES!

Z said...

by the way, some are very concerned about what Obama will say this morning at such a sensitive time of negotiation...will he be sending a message that will spoil any kind of agreement? Some think so.

Let's not forget that the obamacare taxes kick in tomorrow, too....

And still there are those who just can't understand that we need to STOP SPENDING.
People need to step up and individually help relatives, etc...we as a gov't simply can't afford much more spending..

and, instead...we give Biden and others a raise. man

Waylon said...

For a President who was elected supposedly on the idea of bringing more "transparency" to government, it's interesting to read the first Executive Order signed by President Obama is one restricting access to information of current and former presidents.

I'd say that it's becoming more evident that pushing the country and the rest of the world over the fiscal cliff is just part of the game plan. George Soros was right that the financial destruction if the USA can't and won't be avoided. A deliberate act to create financial chaos. So this new executive order seems to be just more pissing in the faces of the public of sheeple being prepared for the shearing.

Marine4ever said...

The raise that Joe "Wanna Watch Me Drop A Squirrel Down My Pants?!" Biden needs is a raise in his IQ level.

JonBerg said...

To say that this is the, absolute, height of arrogance understates the case! While I've heard little of this, on the news, it should be a major topic. It should be rubbed in the face of every dolt who supported our Fraud-in-Chief! The timing of this outrage defies any question(s) left as to the degree of insolence that we can expect for four more years!

Anyway Z thanks for your always informative blog; keep it up.



Z said...

I was just looking at the Huff Post's coverage of this story (very few leftwing venues are, so kudos to them)...but their comments are all about "gee, can federal employees get raises without Congress getting a raise?"


Z said... other words, the Huff readers are totally fine with federal employees getting raises now, right? UNBELIEVABLE.

Anonymous said...

Huff Po readers are lemmings. They enjoy being led blindly to the cliff.


Anonymous said...

In the meantime, Germany is on the verge of fixing its budget problem.

I think they should go back to the German Marks and make it the global currency since by law they have to watch their budget.


Pris said...

This is an in your face deal, and the politicians couldn't care less. If they did, they'd waive this raise in pay until the economy was in better shape.

Meanwhile, millions can't find work, and businesses are not sure what to expect from this administration, and Congress, which hampers their ability to plan ahead.

As for VP Biden who donates a measly amount to charity, he can laugh all the way to the bank!

We all ought to be totally disgusted. A pox on all their houses!!!

Z said...

FB...couldn't get that article without subscribing to the WSJ...I'll think about it!
That's really good'd Germany DO it?

Meanwhile, Obama issued another edict against this Congress (when he hadn't even offered a budget in 4 years) for just not wanting to do what HE wanted. Hint: That's the GOP, not his people, of course.

You see, he apparently had ideas to solve this whole problem all on his own, but apparently nobody'd listen!? :-) That's how it sounded today. My GOD.

I think Germans put their country before party.

Meanwhile, our Georgetown law students are being taught we should do away with our constitution since it doesn't work anymore. MAN

Z said...

Yemeni terrorists are now offering big money to anybody who'll kill the American ambassador there.

Anybody think this would have happened with Bush in charge?
It worked in Benghazi, why not work everywhere, right?
Heck, they look at Obama treating the Benghazi deaths like a botched CSI show, so why NOT?

By the way, WHY did Obama speak this morning? He said....what?
That there's a deal close?

WHAT? maybe there is, but nothing he said was consequential, so...???

Z said...

he did sAy the most important thing was to protect tax hikes to Americans...(except the rich, whose money will help for a week or so, so we all know it's nothing about the money and all about agenda to hate the rich)...

that way, if a deal is NOT made, he comes out the hero.


Pris said...

"Meanwhile, our Georgetown law students are being taught we should do away with our constitution since it doesn't work anymore. MAN"

It doesn't work when the people are under total regulation and control of the Feds! That's the rub. In other words, it doesn't work under a dictatorship!!

For a free people who are the government, it works just fine.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

This is an abrogation, an abortion.

Ladies and gentlemen, when might you consider drawing the line as taxpayers against these arrogant bastards?

When they come to your house to personally cut your throat or confiscate your property?


Z said...

BZ, I LOVE that 'captcha' much better than people who still have the spammer letters and numbers to decipher..very cooL!

As I was commenting at BZ's (he covered this story, too), I remembered all the lefties INCENSED that corporations gave raises during hard times..INCENSED, JUDGMENTAL, CRITICAL, etc etc

and now Obama does it, and...where are they? WHERE is the left when this gov't gives increases at this time?

I guess that takes care of having any lefties visit geeeZ at least for today.

Hey, good idea...instead of resorting to DISQUS and other things to get the leftie commenteres who add nothing to our blogs, why not just ask a question or make a comment they simply can't defend the left on?


Z said...

Did you hear Obama.."if Republicans think that I'm going to do that, they've got another THINK COMING"..

what president says that? Only one who has zero respect for the office, for the process, for the ethos of this country. What a truly disrespectful, conceited JERK.

Z said...

By the way, why do the left think Republicans want SPEnDING CUTS...? because they hate their constituents who aren't very rich?
Because they hate Obama?

Do they REALLY not understand that we must have cuts to bring down deficits? Why's that hard to understand?

Bunkerville said...

What a disrespectful dangerous little man.

Z said...

Bunk, you said it. I just heard his little talk from this AM again. it's ALL about HIM.
When his liberal Sec of Def says that sequestration will leave us much less able to defend ourselves and this president pushes for that, what does a country DO?

Meanwhile, as I said above, Yemen's threatening US. Get that? It's like Somali pirates pushing US around and winning.
Under Obama.

Z said...

when your party's only got GIVING THINGS AWAY by which to get votes and people loving your president, how do you cut SPENDING?

My Thoughts said...

Bumbling, Grinning Joe " the economy is getting better" Biden. got a raise? Why? Because everything is going so well? The economy is getting worse, but he's too stupid to know it.

JonBerg said...


"What a truly disrespectful, conceited JERK."

Yes, B.O. bloviates about some mystical "balanced approach" but eschews spending cuts, while he reminds us that he is President and will be for the next four years. Is he now so "full of himself" that he thinks he's impervious to any sort of scrutiny? Sooner or later something has to GIVE! The man(?) just isn't quite right!

Brooke said...

Like those thieves need a legit raise! SNORT! The idiocracy just keeps comin'!

Happy New Year, Z!

Ducky's here said...

In Corporations, you pay only for good work.

Yeah, just look at Wall St., Best Buy, J.C. Penny, Hewlett Packard, Groupon, Zyngna, Chesapeake Energy, HSBC, Bankia ...

... but you get the idea even though the fringe right never seems to read the Business section.

Anyone on this board read Barron's?

sue hanes said...

Z - Not fair.

Happy New Year to you and all of your commenters.

Anonymous said...

Do they REALLY not understand that we must have cuts to bring down deficits? Why's that hard to understand?

If they understood this, they wouldn't be on the left.


Z said...

Sue, it's truly not fair. There are millions without jobs and these guys get raises? A very happy new year to you, too.

Ducky, Of course my point is exactly right; when you screw up in a corporation, you get fired.
What you might have trouble with is that there are contracts that are oftentimes hard to break or cronyism ; We Conservatives understand life is sometimes not fair.
But, yes...most people get fired when they're not doing a good job.

Anyone on this board still think it's smart to give raises to those in charge when they're screwing up so badly?

FrogBurger, I need to sign up with WSJ as I'd very much like to see how the Germans are pulling out, considering they practically support the rest of Europe.
See, I read Barrons. :-)

Anonymous said...

I got to the article by looking it up via Google news.

Another quick article


Anonymous said...

18% "approval rating" and the scum get a raise? 82% of America reviles them. They don't get it...and what's more...they don't give a rats ass what you think.

Meanwhile...SS gets a 1%?

They alone caused this mess...they alone control the purse strings...and have screwed the pooch...and they alone can't figure out what to do? And "we" (they give themselves ) a raise?

Chuck said...

I can't get real excited about this, it is my understanding they went without last year.

I do agree though that they should have to earn it, they clearly do not. Maybe incentive pay for The Executive and Legislative branch?

There is a pay scale called ARC - At Risk Compensation. It varies but some companies make 25% of an executives pay contingent upon performance.

This may get some attention.

FreeThinke said...


See you tomorrow at the bottom of THE CLIFF.

Jan said...

No way they deserve it, but that seems to be the way it goes, lately.

Hey, it's only money!

Kid said...

Staying within context, joe biden deserves to be fired as a entry level clown for the traveling circus and demoted to lettuce handler.

Z said...

Kid, well said.

Chuck, the point is the TONE DEAFNESS of this.......a company's WAY beheath ROCK BOTTOM and raises get handed out and the left stays quiet? (oh, ya, sure!)

But on their messiah doing this? The leftwing media is QUIET. Except for Huff Post, whose people weren't so upset (according to comments) at federal workers (you know, many of whom sit around doing zip at the DMV, etc.?) getting raises but weren't too happy about Congress (rich, you know) getting more money.

Bob said...

Joe Biden is the kind of guy that picks his nose and farts in church and thinks it is funny. Like Obama, he doesn't care about a fiscal cliff. If the Democrats cared about fiscal matters, there would have been budgets the last four years.

Oh, Happy New Year.

KP said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend. Sincerely, all the best to you in 2013.

Z said...

Bob, I think it's against the law not to have presented budgets, isn't it? But the media's sleeping again because it's Obama. Do you know the law? Is what I've heard correct?

Kid, a VERY happy 2013 to you and yours as well. I hope you're doing really well.xx

FreeThinke said...

Joe Biden, AKA Laughing Boy, AKA First Clown, AKA All-American-A'hole, knows no shame and has no conscience. All he has is is a skull full of mush, colossal effrontery, and an ostentatious set of fluorescent white capped teeth.

I swear those choppers must glow in the dark.

But Laughing Boy is no different from any of the rest of the knaves and fools WE ALLOW to run the ever-expanding, rough-riding, out-of-control, CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, which has gradually transformed itself from a representative republic to a DICTATORIAL REGIME in the past few decades.

It's time for a PURGE, a ROUT, and a Second American REVOLUTION.

My fondest wish for the New Year is that We the People will find the courage and make the necessary sacrifices that would enable us to GIVE WASHINGTON, DC a long series of powerful HIGH COLONICS.

WIth God's Grace it could yet be accomplished -- as long as we are willing to give HIM the GLORY.

~ FreeThinke

Waylon said...

Anyone on this board read Barron's?

Yeah. At one time many years ago I bought it religiously when it hit the news stands on Saturday afternoon in Montreal.

Now not so much as it arrives later in the week. But it's an excellent journal, or at least it was an excellent journal. Alan Abelson was a great writer back then. Not sure if he's still there or not now.

Liberalmann said...

Lots of talk yet not one single substantial example of Biden's 'ineptness.'

Hell, his work this week alone on the Fiscal Cliff dealing is worth a raise.

Get a life.