Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"God Help Us" is right, Mr. Stein

Ben Stein's Diary

God Help Us

A massacre that has turned the world upside down.
Sunday I learned about the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school while we were setting up at Fox News to tape Cavuto on Business. The news was so horrible that we all felt as if we had lost our legs and could no longer stand. It was such horrible news that it simply turned the world upside down.

It still is that kind of news, and it’s incredibly depressing about the nature of humanity. And my wife and I pray all day for the souls of those dear children and for the peace, if there ever will be peace, of their families… and for the souls of the adults and the peace of those who knew and loved them.

As usual, the smartest comment about the whole subject came from John R. Coyne, Jr. “There is evil in the world. It’s beyond mental illness, beyond gun control. It is evil.”

The killer got his weapons from his mother, who apparently had bought them legally and registered them. That tells us something about what anti-gun laws would do, although maybe the mother should not have had them either. In this world, a killer devil can kill his mother and steal her guns to kill six year olds. That’s what some humans are and I am not sure what laws will stop them.

Second, I read that the killer was socially awkward (putting it mildly) and “reserved.” I know what that often means. He spent much of his miserable life playing shoot ’em up video games on line or on machines. I see a troubled young man doing that often.

Up close and personal.

In these games, the “player” just spends his whole day attempting to exercise and exorcize his loneliness and low self-esteem by shooting imaginary creatures and creating damage all day long.
At a certain point, just “killing” on the console blurs into doing it in real life. “Killing” is just what the kid does all his life. How much of a stretch is it for him to shoot into a movie theater or a political gathering or a kindergarten in “real life” if his life is so pitiful that he does not know what’s real and what is not? If you are looking for a villain, try shoot ’em up games.

 Third, what motivates “great” deeds? So that a man’s name will not be forgotten and he will be sung about even after his death, goes the ancient saying. That’s what you get if you slaughter 26 totally innocent people at a grade school. If you want another villain, try the media itself, which has now given Adam Lanza fame beyond what he could have dreamt of. It is impossible to blame the media, but evil men like Adam Lanza have gamed the system to perfection.

Fourth, why are these killers always men? What is it that we teach our young men in this world that makes them think it’s a mark of manliness to kill the unarmed and innocent? Whatever it is, it’s disgusting. It’s not manly to kill any unarmed human. It’s miserable, crawling cowardice.

Finally, a comment that will enrage the beautiful people. The whole world is rightly overwrought and crazed with grief over the murder of twenty totally innocent and blameless souls last Friday in Newtown. It was and is a catastrophe for the ages.But Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promises to kill every Jew in Israel and then in the whole world, including babies… and he had his defenders, even at the Democratic National Convention. And it was daily life in Nazi-occupied Europe from 1939 to 1941 to kill thousands of Jewish children every day. But powerful, intelligent men and women in this country defended Hitler, spoke up for him and for keeping America from even sending arms to Britain when England stood alone. What are we to make of that? 

No one even mentions, no one even knows about the horrendous Armenian genocide by the Turks in 1915, when well over a million of the most talented people on the planet were wantonly murdered — and the world has still not officially called it genocide — and Hitler explicitly said it was a model for him. Who today even talks of the purposeful mass starvation of millions of beautiful Ukrainian children by Stalin? The U.S. did not say one word about it as a government. The U.S. still will not confront Turkey seriously about the Armenian children.

Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge killed roughly one third of all of its people, including children, from 1974 to about 1977 — and it was U.S. policy to avoid doing anything to stop them — because they were opposed to the North Vietnamese Communists and Communist Vietnam, which had just taken over South Vietnam — our ally. What can we say to that? We cheered the deposing of the President — Richard Nixon — who would have stopped the Khmer Rouge from taking power. There is plenty of Cambodian blood on our hands. There is plenty of blood of all kinds on our hands, especially of the most innocent and blameless among us… real babies, truly innocent.

God help us. Man is made of such crooked stuff that it is impossible to set him straight, said a famous philosopher. God help us.

Z;  Excellent piece.  Thanks, Elbro.  (I particularly appreciate someone remembering the Armenian genocide...there are people who never heard of it).  
What part could anybody disagree with?  ANYTHING?   Tell me.

thanks. z


Average American said...

That was a great article, however, he does not give the media nearly enough of the blame. Hasn't anyone noticed how much worse things have become since the advent of "24/7" Television News stations? You NEVER saw so many copy cat mass murderers before CNN, MSNBC, etal were born. These frigging assholes spend days, weeks, and even years on occasion, making the worst possible deranged killers of our society famous. Tie that in with all the violent computer games kids have access to these days, and yes, you probably are going to see the cultivation of some pretty damned rotten human beings. DUH! Is it really so hard for them to see that? Maybe I'm the only living soul that has the common sense to figure it out? NO, most of us sane people know, it's the whack jobs on the left that can't see it. It has to be because we have so many guns. Sure, that's why. We have to have more gun controls, or better yet, no guns at all. THEY MAKE ME SICK!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I concur with Average American; the media establishment bears much of the blame for what society looks like today. There is not a single television news outlet that doesn't secretly yearn for these sorts of tragedies..because it gets people watching. Sadly, this is coupled with a distinct lack of focus on news reporting on everyday events. Sensationalism rules the day.

One can blame God or a lack of God; guns of a lack of guns; medications or a lack of medications.

The problems with our society manifest themselves like volcanic eruptions....and they're not going to be cured by legislation.

beakerkin said...


The real story in this latest massacre is the failure of mental health care professionals.This person like the others was well known to be a problem.

The truth is that any other industry with a track record of failures and false promises would be shut down.

Always On Watch said...

By taking her son to the gun range, Nancy Lanza was trying to connect with her son, trying to bond with him.

What kind of therapist didn't tell her that the idea of such mother-child bonding as a cure for autism is now outmoded -- and has long been outmoded?

Did nobody tell her that bonding with a child on the autism spectrum should be subject to some tabus because autists are wired differently?

I read this morning that papers from the Lanzas' divorce proceedings indicate that the Lanzas had a therapist for Adam.

What kind of therapist didn't tell her that some on the autism spectrum obsess over things to the point of those things taking over their lives?

Why didn't a therapist tell her that autists often have trouble discerning fantasy from fact?

Why didn't an expert in autism tell her about tactile sequencing, which can work miracles for those on the autism spectrum?

Did nobody tell her that upbringing in religious faith is of great help with those on the autism spectrum?

And why didn't Nancy Lanza know about THIS?

I regularly work with children on the autism spectrum. Most can indeed be helped but only via particular kinds of interventions, interventions that the experts often will not even consider.

I do not see Adam Lanza as evil -- at least not with the information that I have to date. I'm certain that my viewpoint won't be popular, but I've come to that conclusion over decades of working with children who have learning differences and other kinds of differences.

BTW, I read somewhere that it may not be so that Adam Lanza was submerged in video games. Perhaps we'll soon get more information about that matter.

Always On Watch said...

I read somewhere that Adam Lanza was medicated with a drug that is counterindicated for those on the autism spectrum. I haven't confirmed that information. Perhaps you know something about this matter?

Always On Watch said...

Average American,
That was a great article, however, he does not give the media nearly enough of the blame....

Tie that in with all the violent computer games kids have access to these days, and yes, you probably are going to see the cultivation of some pretty damned rotten human beings. DUH!

I agree!

Furthermore, autists are particularly susceptible to problems with video games and other visual media.

Silverfiddle said...

I read the Stein piece yesterday, and I concur.

Our society is sick. Switzerland is more heavily armed, but you don't see mass murders there. We are obviously sick in a way that they are not.

Take all the guns away, (as if that were even possible) and people would wreak destruction with knives, swords, automobiles, explosives and poisonous gasses.

We are sick.

Always On Watch said...

I read today that 1 in 88 children today are on the autism spectrum. Perhaps we are now defining autism spectrum as something with so many aspects.

Is being quirky autistic according to the thinking today? Well, plenty of quirky people don't hurt a soul and are indeed very creative and very productive.

In any case, some visiting this thread may find THIS SITE of interest: The Benefits of Asperger's Syndrome.

Waylon said...

Have parts of the story been edited so much that only a sanitized or approved version is put out for consumption from the mass media?

Some points that were mentioned earlier in the story, as it was happening, are not mentioned, at least not that I can find. For example, the reports that the police had chased down two suspects. One had run up into the woods behind the school and another had been pinned to the ground face down in front of the school. One of the young students (a boy with short black hair) was interviewed about his escape from the school and he mentions that he passed the police with a man pinned to the ground and he was handcuffed.

Were these people released or even taken into custody? Another thing the malevolent main stream media will likely never mention is the tattoo on the wrist of Adam Lanza —Anarchist Communist. This too is the prevailing ideology of the likes of the New York Times and the Washington Post, two of the journals that are always held up on the MSNBC "Morning Joe" show to show they are following the prescribed line of thinking.

Liberalmann said...

Gun control legislation is coming. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

I do not wquate evil and mental illness. Be that as it may, both exist and neither can be cured by legislation. Until America is wolling to have a frank and honest discussion of both and understand what we really know about both, can we even begin to talk about how we protect ourselves from them.

Waylon said...

Gun control legislation is coming. Deal with it.

So are you ready to deal with your complete enslavement when its master kicks down your door?

Fredd said...

Mark Stein could have gone on and on about evil attrocities committed by evil men, and omitted the Rape of Nanking by the Empire of Japan. So many Chinese men, women and children died during that period leading up to WWII that they stopped counting the bodies.

And of course Ghengis Khan killed men, women, children, and even dogs as a matter of policy should he run into even a shred of resistance to his advances for territory back in the 13th century. Body counts back then were sketchy at best, but perhaps 20% of the world's entire population was extinguished at the hands of that guy.

Z said...

Have you all heard that Obama's thugs are at it BIG TIME? They've shortened the time that Bill CLinton had implemented (60 days) in which to review new bills being enacted do those involved can either add to or take umbrage at parts of that bill in time....This time, with hundreds of bills Obama's trying to get through, it's down to sometimes only down to 24 days.. to sift through FOUR HUNDRED PAGES OF A BILL. Criticism of really important bills are now due by the day after Christmas, or they go into effect. And nobody's watching.
Sadly, again, FOX is the only venue covering this.

Please, someone, look into this! I'm going to try but I'm out a big chunk of today.

Look for gun legislation to be part of a quick move. When nobody's watching.

Also, did you hear that our Holder Justice Dept has freed Paula Broadwell of any guilt in those emails to her lover Petraeus!? Isn't it AMAZING how the Holder department keeps absolving those that stink around them? Yup! Some of us thought that Petraues affair news came at a very odd time, time to obfuscate the death of our ambassador and others in Bengazi.
Suddenly, Petreus who testified but is now GONE (and why wasn't his testimony that Obama was in the wrong listened to!? :-) ...ya, then then the woman he was supposedly involved with is off the hook.


AND, Bengazi is FORGOTTEN! imagine that!?

Where the HELL are the Benghazi PARENTS??

Z said...

AA...you make some excellent points. We need to stop celebrating these murderers; even not mentioning their names if possible. But the hungry media can't WAIT to get the information out and then fill all that ad time with interviewing people now living in London who only knew Lanza in Middle School and hadn't seen him since! I saw that interview and was stunned! (CNN)

CI...Nobody's pushing for one particular God for our country; that's explicitly and rightfully in the constitution. Nobody's suggesting, either, that going to a church or synagogue or even believing in God makes us better people necessarily. The point is that people with conscience and some appreciation for a higher being seem to lead less violent lives.

I agree with all that you say.


AOW...'tactile'? One of the big gripes of the dead mother is that her son wouldn't let her ever touch him. Is that what you're getting at with TACTILE SEQUENCING?
I was wrong about the pain thing, by the way..he apparently did not feel pain.
He was more autistic than the news was letting on at first.
I personally haven't ever seen SO MANY incorrect 'facts' come out after anything like this.

SF...I figured many of us would have seen this piece and still like to publish them just in case; when they're this good. It's important, isn't it.
As for Switzerland, Ducky's still on saying Switzerland has the highest murder rate...totally untrue, of course.

Waylon, I think the left doesn't understand what Obama's doing; they'll learn, the dopes.

Fredd...I was just happy he mentioned my Armenians (smile)

Yes, many have killed in the past. My point from the last post is that kids in farming/ranching communities had guns all their lives and one didn't hear of anybody shooting up a classroom on the prairie.

This is so much more than guns...this is sickness.

Why the left would like to focus on the guns which keep us safe is beyond me. Anything (even the survival of our country) goes if they can be against Conservatives.
dangerous stuff.

Z said...

"the president won't accept a tax plan that DOESN'T REQUEST ENOUGH OF THE RICH"..

what does that mean? In other words, it can be a good plan and bring money in but that's not enough....there must be punishment for BEING rich, or...?

odd wording but we keep hearing this and I think it's very telling

Z said...

I'm wishing the Holder "Justice" department will work on getting the marine in Mexico out of jail as fast as they cleared Paula Broadwell and the voting intimidating panthers or Holder himself from any wrong-doing in Fast and Furious (by the way, whatever happened to that?) :-)

Elmers Brother said...

Its all weasel words Z.

Elmers Brother said...

Words like rich and fair have different meanings from day to day and expressions like "many economists agree..."


Always On Watch said...

About tactile sequencing....The autist can be fast asleep during tactile sequencing.

I've seen tactile sequencing work. Let me tell you the context.

After Mr. AOW's stroke, he didn't know that he had a left side. I know that such a thing sounds strange, but it is often a complication of stroke.

Anyway, for well over a month, he didn't look to his left AT ALL. But after one two-hour session of tactile sequencing while he was asleep, the next day he looked to his left FOR THE FIRST TIME.

I was skeptical and didn't believe that tactile sequencing would help my husband. But I saw what happened with my own two eyes!

The tactile-sequencing sessions were continued for about a year -- courtesy of a friend of mine who had "normalized" her son by using that same method (along with other interventions as well). Mr. AOW does still have damage to the part of the brain that reads sensory input, but clearly not to the degree that he had before. Neuroplasticity took hold. Neurologists are just now learning the neuroplasticity is indeed a major key to normalizing anyone with neurological deficits -- no matter the cause of those deficits.

Tactile sequencing is "alternative medicine," but I've seen it work when nothing else did. I've actually seen kids normalize to a great extent -- even though so many experts said that these kids should be locked away forever. Note: They weren't a danger to others, but rather to themselves.

If you're interested in the topics I'm mentioning, please see THIS. Excerpt:

...The brain develops if it receives specific, appropriate input through the sensory channels. Specific auditory, visual, and tactile input stimulates the brain and triggers neuro-growth that physically changes the brain and its function. This process is called neuroplasticity. In autism the primary issue is sensory dysfunction. The brain does not correctly process sensory input, thus interfering with the typical neurodevelopment and triggering what is now being referred to as negative plasticity. Function determines structure; how you use your brain determines how it develops. Normalization of all these sensory channels establishes the foundation upon which typical neurodevelopment can occur....

I've seen more than one hopeless case turned around -- and beautifully so.

I can't help but wonder if something like NACD wouldn't have helped Adam Lanza.

JonBerg said...

beakerin said.............

"The truth is that any other industry with a track record of failures and false promises would be shut down."

OK, it's not an "industry" but how about the GOVERNMENT?

Waylon said...

@ Jon Berg

In the mind of the left "the government" is an industry. The only industry. Especially when it cuts them a cheque.

Bob said...

I agree with beakerkin. We know who these people are, and always have. They are in the social care system in one way or another. The problem is that there are no plans to control the problem. None. We are either too cheap or too afraid of stepping on someone's rights.

People that favor more gun control laws are simplistic.

Always On Watch said...


They won the campaign handily and even had $14.2 million to spare, but the Obama-Biden campaign is still raising money, this time off the president's comments about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut.

In email from chief campaign advisor David Axelrod that urges supporters to watch President Obama's moving address to the community of Newtown, Conn., there are two links that open a page with a video player featuring the president's speech and two donate buttons asking for $15-$1,000 for his campaign.

"The next chapter begins today. Stand with President Obama for the next four years," headlines the donation page.

Ducky's here said...

So are you ready to deal with your complete enslavement when its master kicks down your door?

No, but we do need to explain to the fools who are stockpiling hundreds of thousand rounds how easy it is to send up a drone and go medieval on their foolish butts.

We all sat still for the militarization of our culture and we will all reap the product of that stupidity.

Elmers Brother said...

tsk tsk tsk slippery slope fallacy

Anonymous said...

Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Things were many times worse in His time. If He could say that, who dare we be afraid and upset with each other all the time?

Affirm the faith, be serene, wait patiently for the Lord. He will not forsake you.

Waylon said...

Ducky, there's something completely contradictory in your thinking. You willingly embrace communism, the ideology of Marxism (Karl Marx was a Jew) and some here call call you an anti-Semite. Maybe you're a selective anti-Semite since you endorse the likes of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. Communism is the tightest form of individual ever invented.

Why the hell would you protest the power grab of the slave state since you endorse its ideology so vehemently, how could you not embrace your own enslavement?

christian soldier said...

CHRISTians have been -largely- silent about the murder of our Sisters and Brothers wold -wide- both now and 'back 100 years'--

I do not want the US to be involved in "follow the $$$ conflicts-(interesting that we give $$$ to islamist states and Mexico) --
I do want Christians to step forth ant demand that intervention / rescue- be executed on behalf of our fellow Christians --
Have not figured out how to do it --
Any suggestions?

Liberalmann said...

Switzerland is #4 in the world in the highest gun related murder rates. Pretty large for such a small country


beakerkin said...

Guns are not the problem unless they fall into the hands of Ducky

Kid said...

I always say, regardless of what anyone thinks of religion, there is no disputing the constant struggle between good and evil.

Pick a side.

Bob said...

Liberalmann said, "Switzerland is #4 in the world in the highest gun related murder rates. Pretty large for such a small country".

Actually, not.

You might ask why Mexico was excluded from the list. Actually, every country in South America, and most in Africa have higher murder rates than the US. Don't worry about Switzerland because they don't have a problem.

The question you should be asking is why do the countries that were responsible for greatest mass murders in history have such low murder rates, today.

Do you not think there is a relation between the freedom to bear arms and the ability to avoid mass murder on the scale of the last century?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I've seen Evil.

It exists.

As a cop I've battled it for years. It exists because it's cheap and easy and satisfying and intriguing and beckoning and forbidden.

There are those persons to which no one -- NO ONE -- can restore.

There exist people so evil that they simply deserve to die or be killed.

Refute that.

I write as a cop for 41 years and a believer in God.


Elmers Brother said...

Murder rates are misleading


Z said...

Liberalman, there are also stats saying Switzerland is 52nd in the world in murders.
Switzerland had the lowest rate for most of Western civilization...it's only since immigrants came in that the rate's higher, not because the Swiss have suddenly after 700 years taken the guns they've always had and started shooting :-)

Anonymous, thanks. We're well aware of that but we're also trying to be good and blessed stewards because most of us believe God's hand on America is what made her strong ..and we want to help her back. Thank you for coming by. I hope you come back for my Sunday Faith Blogs..

Kid...sometimes I feel God is SO not about religion.

Z said...

Bob...very well said. And yes, in Guatemala, Colombia and even El Salvador now, you can be killed for your laptop. I know this from almost first-hand experience...I have many friends from Salvador and Guatemala and Beliz; it's a nightmare there. NO ONE is safe.
My husband and my stepdaughter both did business in Caracas and he insisted she stay in a hotel near the office.

As an aside, something I found interesting is when she told me about five years ago how the executives she liased with hated Chavez. I told her that was pretty normal since these are bright people trying to make a living and keep their profits. So, in spite of Mr. Z's protestations, I asked her to try to POLITELY and DISCREETLY ask the lower middle class; see what your taxi driver and waitresses are saying, I asked. And she did. (and lived to tell it, thank God!)(

"they all hate him" she said. I found that fascinating.

Z said...

"the militarization of our culture"
Ducky, you really are hilarious.

Militarization involves protection; ask the Jews who we saved; ask the Vietnamese who wish we'd stayed and finished the job; ask those fighting there so we're safe here.
Except that your islamist heroes are breeding in terror training camps here which we can't even go into because it's not PC.

Good job...gee,militarization sounds so rough, doesn't it? Don't worry...we'll be unsafe as soon as Obama can do it.
Come back when you and your family can't shop at a mall or go to a church for fear of terror attacks. Bravo, Ducky.

Anonymous said...


Aren't lib turds simply amazing?

Take this: "The right of a free press and speech are absolute" and guaranteed.

Yet the rest of the constitutional amendments are "open to interpretation" and the constitution is a "living" thing.

So their right to lie, slander, libel, spout bilge, untruths both in the press ( all of them in movies, on radio ( NPR ) and certainly on TV...on the internet and blogs....it''s a sacred "right".

I'd say the right to defend myself and family are a sacred right too.

Yet...the libs can't seem to connect the dots...anytime. That that right they hold so dear and sacred...is only been guaranteed by that pesky second amendment....or millions of men and women who have taken up arms...to protect their soft, cushy asses who write their lies.

And their lies now extend to "assault weapons"!

So just what is an assault weapon? Anything you can use to assault someone...fooking idiots. Could be a baseball bat...a club...a knife...a tire iron...a rock...a car...and the common fist!

So a cops Glock 40...is an assault weapon.

"Military" grade weapons? More bullshit. So...they resemble some only in appearance...it's illegal to have them function the same though.

The military throughout the years has passed all sort of remarkable goodies down to us through our generosity to finance their research.

GPS? Microwaves? Heads up Displays? Amazing improvements in aircraft performance and flight itself. All eventually adopted and passed down for civilian use and benefit. Take NASA...40 years of remarkable achievements that we've benefited from.

And M16 is a remarkably functional, dependable, easy to shoot, lightweight....RIFLE!! Rugged and dependable..easy to maintain and disassemble and easy to carry.

That's why we have the AR15 civilian model...that's why we have the 1911 too.

I called my local gun shop today...told him I wanted that remington or AR they had for sale...he said...wait in line..they're already gone.

So thanks again libs...you've only succeeded in jacking up the price temporarly...made more , millions more get off the couch and get their guns...and ammo.


Anonymous said...

Some example of great lies that the Press hold..."sacred"...

"On Jan. 8, 2011, NPR and others mistakenly reported that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had been killed in a shooting rampage that did claim six lives.

On July 20, 2012, Brian Ross of ABC suggested that the shooter in the Aurora movie theater massacre belonged to the Colorado tea party; Ross had confused the actual killer, James Holmes, with another person of that name who popped up on an Internet search.

Initial reporting on the Dec. 11 shooting at a Portland, Ore., shopping mall included inflated body counts, inaccurate descriptions of the suspect and bogus rumors of multiple gunmen.

And by the way, I don’t trust the cops — at least not blindly. In 2006, law enforcement told us that Duke lacrosse players raped an exotic dancer; the accuser had fabricated her story.

In 1989, New York City detectives said a group of black teenagers had confessed to raping and beating “the Central Park Jogger.” The kids went to prison, until DNA tests exonerated them and proved another man’s guilt.

Journalism doesn’t need new laws to adapt — just a genuine rededication to the values of accuracy, skepticism and prudence with which we already claim to operate. No more excuses."

Kid said...

IMP. I don't care how "they" define assault weapon. As far as I'm concerned, and assault weapon is fully automatic, which can get you 15 years in the grey bar hotel for even looking at one almost.

Media. Good God, I just watched a documentary on the Mumbai attacks and it was pointed out that the gunmen in the hotels were on cell phone with some assholes directing the attacks, and the MEDIA, who can't WAIT to put Murder on TV, were giving ALL of the tactical moves of the Special Ops guys to them immediately, who relayed that info to the gunmen in the hotels.

I HATE the media. They're such self-important assholes it boggles the mind. They should have been brought up on charges of being accomplices to terrorism. They should be cooling their hells Still in some Indian Prison. To add insult to injury, some CNN bitch was actually invited to add to the narration.

How much misinformation have they already put out on the conneticut shooter that has been total BS. Not to mention glorifying these cowards is a big part of what motivates them to do mass murder And in a venue that draws the maximum amount of emotion to their pathetic lives. The media should be up on charges for that.

I'm going to get a prescription for some Fugitol.

Anonymous said...


Well BF..best friend...I can always count on you to add the sauce to my pasta!!

Great finish bud...ya know when you look at the total asswipe fools like Matthews, Oberfurher ( dead isn't he...bathtub boy? ) O'Donnell, Schultz , Sharpton and Madcow...all on the same GD joke of a "news" channel.

You have to wonder...who the fook actually listens to...and worse yet believe these hateful, lying, slandering sacks of shit?

I've got mud on the bottom of my shoes that I respect more. Who...WHO..are these dung heads that listen to and believe this crap?

Indeed....we are two countries.

Z said...


Kid said...

Z, Say it slower and put a K in place of the G. :)

Z said...

that's what I thought :-)
We all need a prescription for THAT!xx

Anonymous said...


BTW...I just heard a lying POS from the Brady bunch...fabricate gun deaths in America at 30,000....the truth is...it's less than 1/4...and the majority of them are gang bangers in Chicago, Philly, Newark Baltimore, Detroit and every other gun free ghetto...while autos kill 50K plus.

The purge is in full swing Led by the queen of PMS....Feinstein....figures...a tribe member that still doesn't get history.

Lanza was evil..McVeigh was evil...so is Feinstein.

Kid said...

IMP, Thanks... And yes, a very valid element to add this conversation - WHO actually listens to the msnbc contingent?

Good God man, these people are literally criminally insane. Add bill maher, ed asner.

As an aside why would Fox (I don't watch but) have a complete tool like juan williams on there and colmes before that.

We are men without a country my friend. Seriously. Literally.
Sometimes I feel like one of just a hand full of true Conservatives. Well, not Most of the time I feel like that.

Kid said...

IMP, Yes, the evil politicians are like vampires an inch away form a virgin's smooth lovely blood filled neck over this thing.

Anonymous said...


Great video. Gotta say..Daltry & Pete were one hell of an influence. Sheet...I never listened much to the lyrics that long ago...like most of us.

Last time I gave a rats....I played revolution backwards..LMAO! I liked the harmony..the beat and the bounce. Hope Duc fart ain't listening to it....we all know his fare is Madame Butterfly or something. But...to those pukes...anyone south of Bean town are "rednecks".

Ya know...I found that the most hateful, intolerant dipsticks are the Pinot Grigio crowd.

Kid said...

So, politicians/school people Busted a Gut to get to show 1st graders how to put a condom on a cucumber, because you know, sex might result in an STD or pregnancy, but they'd Never consider teaching Gun Safety, even though the lack of THAT might end up in their DEATH.

I was taught gun safety at the age of 6. It would be impossible for me to accidentally shoot someone.

Anonymous said...


"but they'd Never consider teaching Gun Safety, even though the lack of THAT might end up in their DEATH...."

Oh Jesus....I'm lost for words....the insanity and the hypocrisy.

Hate God...take out the commandments....mock our founders...mock our most revered holidays....and we'll get more Lanza's..the product of liberals shits.

Kid said...

IMP :). I never listened to lyrics much either. I listened to the notes and chords. I hear songs from the 60s and 70s today and think 'Is THAT what that was about" haha..

Revolution 9 backwards? Wow, I was too poor to have the technology to be able to do that. Plus forwards was bad enough! I'm a Dear Prudence kind of guy.


Anonymous said...

You dope....

Anonymous said...


Last I counted I had 3000 tunes in my Mac library...email me and tell me what you want...I've made a couple for some very special, spectacular, amazing friends here.

And yea...I've got dear prudence and every album those bugs ever made.

Kid said...

IMP, We're becoming a country of dumbass nincompoops.

Because, That's the way the government wants us.


You know, I honestly, think it is because government people are afraid of us - because 1) they know ho much they;re screwing us, and 2) becuase people "in charge"" NEVER want anyone smarter than they are around.
Given that the majority of them are as dumb as headless hammers, imagine how stupid they prefer the population to be.

I think that's 99% of it man.

Incompetent Middle Manager + Scared Libtard = 99% of what they spend their time F* with us over.

Anonymous said...


Hey...wonder where are resident dopes are tonight? Ya know who...think they're out caroling or setting up Nativity scenes down at City Hall?

Kid said...

IMP, I very much appreciate the offer. I may do that. I presently have the ability to dowload and covert to mp3 Anything that is on youtube or any other site offering up audio or video content.

via registered copy of Download Helper which is an add-on to Mozilla Firefox.

I do need more music. I have the ability in both vehicles now to plugh in a USB flash drive loaded up with MP3's and have them play for a few thousand hours. My 8 Gig flashdrive is only 25^% full and I've already loaded it up with the content from all my CD's and a bunch more from youtube. So I need a lot more ! :)

You have any good jazz or blues? We'll have to compare notes a bit. I think I have some good stuff.

Kid said...


Anonymous said...


"becuase people "in charge"" NEVER want anyone smarter than they are around...."

According to their recent "popularity polls"...83% of America thinks they suck canal water and eat fish shit. So the 17% who love or tolerate them must be those loser libs. Now...get this...in any other country on the planet...anywhere....with stats like that...

they'd be out of work...voted out...imprisoned....jailed...on trial...hung or given a straw mat to rot on.

Everyday these pukes pass janitors in their halls....and I know they're smarter and more honest than these pricks, pimps of poverty and robber thieves we call...Congress.

Last honest man in government....John Adams.

Anonymous said...


" Download Helper"

Mines called "Hijack Pro"...LOL....and I can do the same on any audio video source.

Lot's better than Napster..yea?

Do I have Jazz / blues..yea.....but you can FO...you pissed me off!! LOL

Kid said...

IMP, they may be dissatisfied but instead of taking action they change the channel to E.S.P.N.

Seriously. Sports in the morning, Sports all morning. Sports at lunchtime. Sports all afternoon. Sports at the bell. Sports on the way home. Sports during dinner. Sports after dinner. If sports isn't on they watch people talking about sports.
If that's not on, they watch people talking about people who talk about sports.
That is all.
Over and Out.

Kid said...

IMP, Yea, no viruses coming from youtube, and the $18.50 lifetime download registration is a lot cheaper than a buck a tune.

PS - Well, then hell with you, you're not getting my bootleg Dylan either !

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Anonymous said...


My price is a tad better.....zip.

Kid said...

IMP :), yea, But I am helping Fuel the Economy !
No doubt that 18.50 Bought some American stuff that was made in China....

Anonymous said...


Sniff...sorry..check ur email...

A prize..

Kid said...

I came back and found 66 comments. That won't do so let me take this opportunity to point out once again that duck and libturd have the minds of 3 year old's. Maybe younger.

Anonymous said...


"the minds of 3 year old's...."

You forgot the pampers BF!!!

Badda Bing....Over and out.

The worms have buried themselves in soft, moist cellars tonite I see.

cube said...

We don't need to ban guns. We need to ban gun-free zones.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The only way to protect the children is to arm the teachers, but then the teachers would need to take responsibility and do something themselves, and also overcome the liberal hysteria and stupidity.

That sort of thing is very scarce in the western world these days.

Most prefer to whine at someone else to do something and prefer to 'feel' good/better than actually do anything.

Leticia said...

I totally and completely agree, this is truly an exceptional article. Impressive, to the point and the truth.

Kid said...

IMP "The worms have buried themselves in soft, moist cellars tonite I see. "

They're with the mushrooms, in the dark and standing in manure. heheh