Friday, December 28, 2012


Remember when George Bush went to his ranch at Crawford, fully fortified with cabinet members, secretaries, every communication he could need, and how the Democrats (including the media, of course) tore him apart for being gone so often? They also insulted him constantly for playing golf (he stopped playing when the war started). Obama has played more golf than Bush ever dreamed of and nobody insults him.

Obama went to Hawaii for Christmas during some of the most intense economic challenges this country's had and the media's saying he "cut his trip short" (that must be the White House meme because I saw a succession of about 5 mainstream media news readers say that exact phrase...not "left early", not "coming back before schedule", it's "cut his trip short."

Now, you see...if it was a Republican president who'd gone off to a sunny island in the middle of the financial crisis, he'd have been excoriated...and Obama KNEW he'd have to come back early, right? SO what's the "CUT SHORT?" When someone schedules a trip for less days than hoped for because he's got business to do, and shouldn't have left anyway, is that cutting short a trip?

Any leftwinger who STILL doesn't believe in leftist media bias isn't awake. The double standard's palpable.

By the way...did you see Obama refer to himself as an OPTIMIST? What PLANET does he LIVE ON?



Always On Watch said...

BHO is the Teflon Man. Nothing that he does "sticks" to him.

The old double standard is now ramped up on steroids!

Ed Bonderenka said...

"What PLANET does he LIVE ON?"
I'm a birther.
I want to know:
"What PLANET is he FROM?
Think Men in Black.
He is alien to mainstream America.
For now.
You just can't convince mainstream America of that.
For now.

Thersites said...

Don't you know that its'"unaffirmative" to criticize a black man! Come on, Z, this is Journihilism 101!

Silverfiddle said...

Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. It's all kabuki.

Fredd said...

It is frustrating to get the blame no matter which way we go: over the cliff? Rotten Republicans are to blame. Cut a deal to avoid the cliff? No backbone, those evil Republicans, can't trust 'em.

What's a conservative to do?

Ducky's here said...

Quibble over a phrase. That's clearly the salient point of this issue.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

In Obama's world he is the only one who exists. That's why he's an optimist. No one is a threat to him since they don't exist.

Joe said...

Dicky: "Quibble over a phrase."

To liberal/leftist/progressives, words mean what they want them to mean at the time they want them to mean what they want them to mean.

"Cut short" usually means to plan something long and then not be able to fulfill the plan because of some unforeseen circumstance.

There was no unforeseen circumstance here.

PBO (tap) is playing Americans like fools, and the majority don't even know it.

JonBerg said...

Just what can be expected when we have a President: driven by "revenge", re-elected by a clueless electorate and buttressed by an irrational media? This Loose Cannon-in-Chief will continue to extract "revenge" with impunity unless and until the preponderance of Americans realize that this fraud is, arguably, the biggest mistake in the history of the Republic. Should such a realization occur, will it happen in time to salvage what remains of America? Given that we have, unwisely, mortgaged the foreseeable future of our Executive branch to irresponsible debt, at the expense of positive investment, it appears to me that our only salvation lies in the possibility of the House and Senate taking responsibility. We can't, however,even expect that to happen for some two years. In the meantime how far will we have fallen?

Darth Bacon said...

The pipsqueak in the White House and his Commie cronies are beyond belief. Clearly we cannot continue along this path.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

This goes to show how great it must be to be The Messiah!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama took drama classe while at Columbia?

Minda said...

Liberals are lying, evil people, and do not appreciate this wonderful country of ours and I cannot stand dealing with them any longer.

Plus, they wouldn’t know a fact if it hit them in the face, they think if they say something then that makes it the truth.

Mark Adams said...

Is this really any surprise, Z? The last 4 years have been a on going vacation for Obama. And his past "professional" achievements in life have been community organizer. He hasn't worked a day in his life worth noting. And the Media is no better with their lack of due diligence of this clown, in their industry.

Z said...

AOW, and they called Reagan THE TEFLON PRESIDENT, remember? What a joke...this man obama puts new slickness to the pan!

Ed...think Americans will wake up? With Axelrod behind him, Obama just lopes alone and keeps winning somehow.

Thersites, right! And let's not forget another forgotten Journalism (journaihilism!) rule: only WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? and WHY?
A more liberal friend of mine the other day said "the media's like PRAVDA's so left even I don't believe's laughable". yup

SF...KABUKI. EXACTLY. I'm feeling Kabuki'd around by the nose and there isn't anything Americans can do about it, it seems. But that's a result of the media, of course. If Americans heard the truth of both sides, they'd have grown up and even voted differently.'re right. That's how Axelrod/Jarrett have it set up. They're really quite brilliant. And I thought Carville was good? kindergarten stuff on his part.

Ducky..oops. a phrase? how about the meaning of the post? No, you can't hide by picking out tidbits from posts and supposedly missing the point; you're going to have to grow up this new year and address all of the posts this more hiding so the truth got it ...Ducky misses it all the time. (actually, I don't think he ever actually misses the points...he's just excellent at red herrings.

Infidel, that is a fascinating way to put it, I must say. I really DOES seem like that, doesn't it.

Darth, Deb and rock!

JB...REVENGE does make so much sense. I've written on this before; he was a boy of a very troubled childhood, throw in race confusion, religion confusion,communist mentors, drugs, a wife who seems to disdain America and handlers hoping to bring us down to Third World status, and WHERE THE HELL WAS THE MEDIA SO WE COULD AVERT living out the lack of therapy Obama should have had? WE are suffering for his psychoses.

Minda, nice to have you here...obviously I certainly agree with you.

Mark, sometimes I just have to show again the amazing bias, hoping SOME liberal or SOME journalist might be ashamed of their ilk and grow up.

beamish said...

I think it was pretty obvious that the media was in the bag for Obama when they kept referring to Mitt Romney as "a Republican."

beamish said...

RIP Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

Z said... missed the point, too!

And yes, RIP, General.

Z said...

Just saw that. Now the media's on how Reagan kept Queen Elizabeth waiting for not having answered an invitation weeks before.
I have to laugh, considering the tiny bit of attention Obama got for keeping netanyahu waiting as he ate dinner...and the lousy gifts 'we' gave the Queen, remember?

man, this media's digging :-)

beamish said...

No point missed. If Romney and his fellow extreme far left welfare communists in the Tea Party "movement" had somehow miraculously convinced more Republicans than John McCain did that he was fit for the Presidency, we'd still be just shy of a month from Romney taking office, and still be going over the "fiscal cliff," but, you marionettes would be dancing about Romney's plan to eliminate your mortgage deductions.

JonBerg said...

Z said.......

"WE are suffering for his psychoses."

Yes and it has been reported that antipschotic drugs are now the single top selling theraputic drugs, surpassing cholesterol medication, etc. This sort of conjures up a new 'chicken or egg' enigma. Which came first, Barack Obama or [mass] psychoses?

Z said...

Nobody's happy around here with any politicians... Gee, maybe a bunch of nuts wasting their vote on Johnson MIGHT have helped and all would be well with the world...
keep dreaming.

FreeThinke said...

Z, naturally Obama has Reagan beat by a mile when it comes to "stickiness."

Obama is The Or-GREEN-ick President. ;-)

Poor Mr, Reagan had nothing better to work with than inadequate, outmoded, Teflon.

Nothing makes me want to vent my spleen
More than propaganda about "GREEN,"
Alhough nothing could make me more bored stiff
Than more discussions on The Fiscal Cliff!

~ FT

Liberalmann said...

Wingnuts, like children will always find a way to bitch about something Obama does. If he didn't go on vacation he'd be accused of plotting to bypass Congress, if he stayed on vacation he'd be 'lazy.'

Grow up.

Z said...

"Grow up".
Liberalmann...if you don't see hypocrisy, that's FINE...just don't slam us for understanding what's going on, okay?

Elmers Brother said...

Nice ad hominems.

beamish said...

Gee, maybe a bunch of nuts wasting their vote on Johnson MIGHT have helped and all would be well with the world...

So it wasn't rigged voting machines and Mexicans, it was us danged ol' right-wing conservative libertarians.

We'd have gotten away with it too it not for you damned kids and the mangy mutt in the dog carrier.

Chuck said...

Z, this whole discussion over the fiscal cliff has been a joke in the media. Obama has no ownership for anything, it's all on the shoulders of Boehner.

This is why I have largely dropped out, I am sick to death of the whole damned thing.

BTW, it's good to see Libidiot is the same nasty little cretin he has always been.

Z said...

Chuck, ALL on the shoulders of Boehner? He's to give in? What do you mean other than that?
I can't stomach the man, but how's it ALL on his shoulders?
Obama's had almost four years to come up with something and NEVER presented any the way, that's also illegal, from what I hear.

Z said...

And Chuck, I am tired of the whole thing, too. I think a LOT of people are very depressed by how we're being led around like with a ring through our nose.

Z said...

Obama will be on MEET THE PRESS this Sunday.
Think he'll get any hard ball questions? :-)

"What did you get Michelle for Christmas?"

Liberalmann said...

Chuck said: 'BTW, it's good to see Libidiot is the same nasty little cretin he has always been.'

I guess irony and hypocrisy escapes you. Lol!

Thersites said...

Obama's going on Meet the Press to declare that Republicans have driven the country off the fiscall cliff... through no fault of his

Kid said...

obama and company have exceeded exponentially ALL of the talking points the diseased media screamed about for all of the Bush years. Tkae anything they complained about Bush and obama and crew have overdone the item to Obscene levels.

It is all lies, all BS, all hypocrisy supported by a media propaganda machine that Russia would be envious of.

The leftists do see it, they just either support it or don't care, because they're losers who can't afford to care what their masters do.

More WIC. More food stamps, unlimited unemployment (plenty of jobs available), tax giveaways, outright theft for the in crowd)

We have a new majority. Just call them losers.

It's over.

So, I happen to be going through the kitchen and Fox News is on, and some black dude, and some young black girl "news reporters/analysts" are talking about the fiscal cliff.

At one point the chick says "Well,I don't think anyone is going to be affected regardless how this turns out"

I start screaming. "OH! Please Tell us What You Think ! Fresh Outta college with your communications degree.! Please ! Please tel us what YOU think !"

Note I watch abut 10 seconds of news a year because of the constant deluge of crap like this. Imagine people who sit in front of this stuff all day. They can't possible have two brain cells left to rub together.

Of course anyone who pays taxes is getting a $3000 tax increase next year if nothing is done. And what about the AMT that if not revised is going to pull a whole bunch of people into AMT who were never intended to be paying AMT. Maybe the girl doesn't Know anyone who pays taxes so what's the diff to her and friends.

Really hon, Tell us what YOU think. Good Lord.

There is no sane media. Fox must exists purely to perpetuate the right wing are extremists meme.

Fox trying to do America any good? Let the brainless wonders spout off on msnbc.

Kid said...

Don't know if I said it here, so:
boehner and the republicans ALL should back away, announce that they will concede to the will of the voters and will not oppose anything the dems want to do. Then at every possible opportunity, announce that they are Not standing in the way of anything and that the democrat majority are completely and fully in charge.
4 years from now, the democrats will be 100% responsible for the situation.

The repubs can't win, just like Fredd says.

Kid said...

Does anyone think the media are not a Balls to the Wall, No Holds Barred, Anything Goes, Democrat Propaganda Whore ?

I'm honestly curious how many still give them credit for anything non-propaganda. Yes, they publish the honest or unbiased article from time to time but it is at 2 am and it's gone by the time the new day starts.

Or mabye better stated - Show me some mainstream media articles on Benghazi published Anytime of day.

Libtards need not weigh in, I already got you down.

JonBerg said...


Oh, this has to be some kind of a joke! A nation, that has accumulated a [known] debt of> $16,000,000,000,000 and multi trillions of untold debt, projected, not accounted for, has jumped off the "cliff" quite some time ago. I'm glad that I won't be around to see the results of this, certain, disaster! As much as I can't stand B.O. he is but a symbol of the sick 'credit card' mentality that will see us to our demise!

They Say/We Say said...

Cliff talk maybe smoke screen, UN Small Arms Treaty, passing, one Small Assult Arms at a time. No Senate Ratifing required this way.
Now we know why one was used at the tragic event.

Kid said...

They Say, this constant din about a 'fiscal cliff' has all the markings of misdirection from other things that are being passed into law.

Remember the one about how the government can pick you up for no reason, send you to Gitmo if they want without charging you and keep you there forever if they want? That passed through the vampire halls late at night over the holiday season..

Kid said...

Jonberg, the people who caused this problem have enjoyed the heck out of their thefts and are long dead now, having kicked the can down the road. It is the standard operating procedure.

Personally, after the Fed printed 43 trillion (30 trillion on the onset of the financial 'collapse' and another 13 trillion for QE1 and QE2) for the banks so they could have a do over, I don't feel 16 trillion is that much of a big deal. Just something to wave in front of the natives to emotionalize and motivate them in 'some direction'. No offense. It's still a big number and something they will use to tax us more and inflate our money and savings away.

But it is a mathematical fact that we could cut all discretionary federal spending, fire all the employees and still be running at a deficit.

We could take ALL the money of "the rich" and only be able to run the government for 96 days.

It's not a matter of taxing more or spending less. It's over. it's a matter of how much further down the road we can kick the can until we face the Greek reality.

Inflation is the only current answer. It makes our debt cheaper. A dollar only worth 80 cents is easier to pay off than a dollar worth a dollar. (last I heard a 1913 dollar is only worth 13 cents for perspective)

I honestly wonder if the current government has tossed in the towel and are now focused on dealing with the masses when the actual collapse occurs. Lots of ways to look at it though.

Bottom line, cliffs and various numbers and metrics being tossed around these days aren't worth much.

JonBerg said...



Kid said...

Thanks man.

christian soldier said...

As an artist and an musician-singer- I give this to you = my friend

Chuck said...


Chuck, ALL on the shoulders of Boehner? He's to give in? What do you mean other than that?

I should have been clearer. The media is placing all of the responsibility of a deal on his shoulders. Obama has completely gotten a pass.

Sorry, it sounded right in my head. ;)

Chuck said...

Libidiot, I did not misspeak and I do know the definition of irony.

In the real world you may very well have some redeeming qualities. Your posts on these blogs however make you come across as a mean spirited despicable little worm who is completely bereft of any intellectual capacity. You make ridiculously inaccurate and pointless comments and then go from blog to blog cutting and pasting the same comments.

This is one of the reasons I have stopped visiting blogs as much. I genuinely enjoyed the friendships I had made with good people like Z but I am sick to death of liberals. I run into you people and it is like fingernails on a chalk board. You are destroying our country and are too damned stupid to know it or you simply do not care.

Z, this whole comment is likely going to come off as nasty and you are more than welcome to delete. I would not be offended, it is your blog.

Someone has to speak up though. Our country is going to hell and no one is stopping it. The economic impact of liberalism is bad enough but the moral decay we are undergoing is cancerous and is destroying this great country.

If we continue on this course over the next four years, you will not recognize what remains.

Z said...

Chuck, I couldn't agree with you more. Have you seen ads for TV shows like HAPPILY DIVORCED and HOT IN CLEVELAND? They're so much dirtier than any Las Vegas foul-mouthed comedian used to be...and now they're on TV. People used to blush at comedians there and elsewhere and now we've got our kids exposed to it.
And if one more liberal says "but it's CABLE" I'll flip. As if CABLE isn't seen by everyone including kids?

Libjerk is STILL insisting there was no guilt on the administration for Benghazi when we've all learned that the independent report said they were badly protected... Chuck; they just keep believing what they see on LINK TV...we almost can't criticize these dopes. I saw Jesse Jackson this morning on LINK saying "THIS IS THE YEAR FOR US TO FIGHT BACK!"

what's he planning? And the media doesn't cover it. This is AMERICA, where racism was almost gone till Obama and Jackson and the other pimps have fomented it again. DIVIDE AND CONQUER is a very dangerous way to govern.

ANyway, Chuck; our morals are SO bad now I don't see a recovery and I pity our children. You are so right.

And, by the way, you're so right about Boehner; the media and Obama's thugs have set him up perfectly and he knows it.
Today, the House has turned down the huge amount for Hurricane Sandy and it's the Republicans smart enough to know we can't afford the higher amount but we know how that's going to go over, don't we. "Republican's DON'T CARE" (never mind that Republican politicans' homes were ruined there, too)...

beamish said...

Inflation is the only current answer. It makes our debt cheaper. A dollar only worth 80 cents is easier to pay off than a dollar worth a dollar. (last I heard a 1913 dollar is only worth 13 cents for perspective)

Actually, unemployment is artificially held high to keep inflation down. But a dollar in 1913 would buy everything $23.25 would today. Your 2012 dollar is worth about 4 cents in 1913.

beamish said...

Your 2012 dollar is worth 94 cents in 2008 dollars.

Its worth 75 cents in 2000 dollars.

It's worth 57 cents in 1990 dollars.

It's worth 36 cents in 1980 dollars.

Tell your boss you want all the backpay you lost when he gave you a "raise."

beamish said...

People making fed. minimum wage ($7.25 / hour) are really only making $6.76 / hour in 2009 dollars, the year minimum wage rose to $7.25 / hour.

beamish said...

Via Consumer Price Indexed inflation, someone making minimum wage in 1933 (25 cents an hour) would be making $4.43 an hour today.

Basically, a part-time employee at minimum wage today getting < 25 hours a week.

beamish said...

So why are people working more now (if they're working at all) for less pay than Baby Boomers enjoyed?

Well, someone has to pay their debts.

Anonymous said...

Or-GREEN-ick president was funny, FT.

Dick Wilde