Monday, February 11, 2013


YOU MUST READ THIS...I mean MUST.  Kid wrote it and it ROCKS.  Please take a look and send it around....MANY more people than the number who read our blogs need to read his post.
One of my greatest pleasures as a blogger is to find REALLY outstanding stuff I know more people should read and this is one of the best I've found.  PLEASE give it a look.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I love it when you use 'little merde' on Ducky. That made my day.

I'd love to comment there but don't want to use my google account:

So in response to it, I'd say:

Well said. France is sinking. I'm hearing more and more right wing talk on TV through youtube so something's changing. Something you'd never hear before. Bad stuff is that the National Front will go bigger, especially now that some leftist are joining it because they're freaked out by radical islam in France. It's similar to the 1930s with the leagues.

Government is scamming us. The elite is scamming us. They preach equality when they get special treatments all the time. Special retirement plans, special healthcare, sometimes without putting a dime of their own money. We're paying for them. And they keep taxing us. It's no different than kings and queens. And one day, they'll have to suffer the consequences I think.


Z said...

Frog...I'm sorry I used that language but the term always makes me laugh and he deserved it. Pardon, Monsieur..!

Ya, Right Wing always sounds SO SCARY when, really, it's a reaction to the REALLY REALLY scary leftwing merde!
The National Front needs to straighten up and do SOMETHING and rid itself of some of the bad reputation of the past.

healthmyths said...

At What Point do you Obama supporters stop swallowing Obama's CRAP???
There is a GROWING number of people that swallowed Obama's (in his OWN Words.."It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned."CRAP"!

President Obama has a split 46 - 45 percent job approval, according to the independent Quinnipiac (KWUIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll, down from 53 - 40 percent approval among registered voters in December, a month after his re-election.
National (US) Poll * February 8, 2013 * Hillary Clinton Is Most Popula

This decline is in direct correlation with more people who are seeing:
1) Paychecks reduced due to more payroll taxes deducted..FACT: 77% of Americans' paychecks saw payroll taxes increase!

Crap/lies coming from Obama..."I can make a firm pledge: Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

2) Seeing their employers DROPPING their health insurance ...

FACT: "The result ObamaCare which today McKinsey & Company commissioned a survey of 1,329 U.S. private sector employers to measure their attitudes about healthcare reform concluded that 30% of all companies would stop providing health coverage once Obamacare kicked in in 2014.
US employer healthcare survey | McKinsey & Company

CRAP/LIES Promises people swallowed!
"If you like your health-care plan, you keep your health-care plan. Nobody is going to force you to leave your health-care plan. If you like your doctor, you keep seeing your doctor. I don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care."

The more people hear/read from this phony President the more people are understanding this guy is out to destroy our country!

3) And for those of you that ONLY voted because he was black?? Here is a SUCCESSFUL much smarter, much blacker black man who is shooting holes through Obama's LIES!

Dr. Benjamin Carson

Anonymous said...

Don't apologize. I've done worse. And he deserves it quite often.


Anonymous said...

Seeing their employers DROPPING their health insurance

They knew it would happen. Or you have to be stupid as hell no to understand the consequences. It's all part of the plan. If they really cared, they would have made insurance portable across state lines to maybe counter that consequence. Only choice will be to enroll in gov insurance or pay the fine.

It's all about control with those freaks.


healthmyths said...

These people voted for him because HE WAS BLACK and that was the only thing they knew about him!
So of course not knowing he was friends with known USA terrorists like Bill Ayers who was happy 9/11 occurred. Not knowing he was the attorney that
helped ACORN embarrass Citicorp into lending to unqualified people thus paving the way for the housing collapse.. they voted because he was black!

These same people that voted for him NEVER knew he voted "present" 129 during his eight years in the Illinois Senate. Obama's campaign says anyone criticizing his "present" votes doesn't understand how this type of vote is used in the rough-and-tumble give-and-take of the Illinois legislature.

To register a vote in the Illinois General Assembly, lawmakers have a choice of three buttons on their desk. The "yes" button is green. The "no" button is red, and the "present" button is yellow, says Rich Miller, who writes and publishes The Capitol Fax, a daily newsletter and blog on Illinois politics.

They just knew he was black and they didn't want to appear racist by voting against him!
Plain and simple ignorance of Obama's lack of experience, lack of principles.. a

Redfish said...

Tell us what aspects of "our country" have improved over the last 4 years:

economy no
debt no
deficit no
unemployment no
people on welfare no
people on food-stamps no
people in poverty no
military strength no
balance of trade no
healthcare no
infrastructure no
gas prices no
food prices no
housing prices no
college tuition no
violence in cities no

So again, if Obama is not destroying our country,who is?

Anonymous said...

Tell us what aspects of "our country" have improved over the last 4 years

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Pinterest
- ipad
- iphone
- Samsung Galaxy

Everybody's stuck in front of their screens and their mobile devices. Life's good.


Anonymous said...

Redfish, are you another frog?


Ducky's here said...

Hey Froggy, gówniarz. You're cute when you're butch.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be cute than a little shit.


Liberalmann said...

Wow wingnuts have taken to howling at the moon, lol! Noting but spin, lies and a strong misunderstanding of the truth in that post.

Z said...

Healthmyths? What PLANET are you on? You read my blog, you read Kid's post and you're calling US Obama supporters?
Holy COW..

Redfish, you've got that list right, sadly.
He's REALLY destroying us and what's worse is the left doesn't see it. We all have to remember there are people under the age of 40 who don't even remember America as we do.
I SO admire young teens I speak to who are getting the drift that something's amiss; they HEAR the word FREEDOM and LIBERTY associated with their country and they're asking me "What's happened? Where is it?"

Frogburger..."I'd rather be cute..than a .."
I'm laughing out loud in my office :-)

Z said...

Good, Liberalmann...

Let's have a list showing how wrong it is :-)

You really are fun to have around, you dope (nothing personal :-)(

Elmers Brother said...

Of course its liberal thought in both parties that is to blame. The moral relativism makes them dangerous to everyone even themselves. With no basis for their "faith" there are no limits. Both extremes are scary...the deification of Man on one extreme and hedonisitic debauchery (both with little regard for life) on the other. Either way duhkkky wakes up tomorrow and its not just unborn children and the elderly who need to die but whoever hes determined has gotten in the way of the collective.

Z said...

Hi, Elbro!
Who's deifying man? The RIGHT extreme?

Anonymous said...

Wow wingnuts have taken to howling at the moon, lol! Noting but spin, lies and a strong misunderstanding of the truth in that post.

Nothing to laugh about, nut job when you see France collapse. That's not a lie: it's a balance sheet, it's a trade deficit, it's a debt number, it's more tension between people, more radical islam in the suburbs. That's the results of decades of leftism.

Why don't you go live there to see the lies yourself.

And in the US, go get the stats yourself too.

So like Z said, you're a big dope.


Z said...

You know, FrogBurger, as you and my other wonderful readers know, I rarely swear and I very VERY rarely call my readers a name, even just 'dope', but man, some just deserve a moniker like that...Libnut's the perfect one.

As for swearing, I hate to have done it at Kid's blog, but I have to admit calling Ducky a little shit felt really good! :-)
He deserved it there, too, of course!

une petite merde ou un petit merde?

Z said...

or is it only 'un' because DUcky's a 'male'?

Z said...

Does 'merde' have a gender!? HA!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for lining that Z. t was awesome. Like I told kid we have to be "raw". It works so well for the left even when they lie.
By the way I won't be watching the STOTU address tomorrow because I like to be inspired not disenfranchised.

Elmers Brother said...

No liberal atheistic thought. Think Humanism

Z said...

"inspired not disenfranchised"...well said, Lisa.
I'd rather have my finger nails pulled out one by one than listen to him.
Actually, maybe finger nail pulling will happen if I don't ENERGY PROOF or SAFETY PROOF my home and they come to demand it, huh?

Elmers Brother said...
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Z said...

Elbro...ya, no doubt about that, but you said "both sides are extreme" then listed 2 things so I thought one represented the Right!

Elmers Brother said...

Both of these extremes run the spectrum of the left. A dictator or god if you will OR we're reduced to the most base part of our nature. The point I would make is that conservatives and in particular people of faith understand human nature far better than the left. The left seeks to change people through force (laws or wars etc) while we understand that the true revolution comes from within. Ala Les Miserables ....a revolution of the heart.

Elmers Brother said...

I do believe liberal thought is not solely possessed by Democrats.

Elmers Brother said...

Where conservatives fail, Especially people of faith Is that they seek a purely political change. Forgetting, That changing 1 heart at a time Will create a lasting revolution.

Z said...

I couldn't agree with you more about human nature, as you know. I'm always hammering here on how Leftists want laws to control EVERYTHING, including human nature. Heck, they even want to make our little girls play with trucks against their will..(proven in many studies)..changing GENDER identification? nuts.

One person gets hurt out of a million? MAKE A LAW some ONE more can't get hurt; ruin it for everyone so ONE more can't get hurt.

Bad CANNOT be allowed to happen; typical leftwinger dream...a nightmare for rational folks.

I agree about political change not being the change we need in this country, too.
One heart at a time seems puny but it works!

Elmers Brother said...

Well perhaps one heart would turn to many with a man like Billy Graham. This is what I pray for.

Anonymous said...

Merde is negative. Sorry we decided to go with the female gender for this one :D


Anonymous said...

Check this one about leftists and other statists. It's in French but it's well said and is supposedly from Depardieu. That sums up the hypocrisy and I wish more people who vote for those conmen realize it.

I'm translating:

When one lives with government money from birth to death, like Mr. Hollande, Ayrault, and millions of others,

When one rarely or never pays social charges (French fees for unemployment benefits, healthcare, etc...), and benefits from a special retirement system, a tax-free investment plan, and has never invested one euro into a company, but only in real estate,

One ought to be at least intellectually honest and never mention the word Equality, as well as never require others, especially if they've become wealthy, more solidarity than he imposes upon himself.


Anonymous said...

And in French the word "become" in "become wealthy" is emphasized in the way it is written.


Impertinent said...


I stopped by to leave my mark / graffiti on ur wall.

Elmers Brother said...

The two kinds of men are not Republicans and Democrats.

There are only two kinds of men: the righteous who think they are sinners and the sinners who think they are righteous. - Blaise Pascal

Kid said...

Wow Z, thank you.

Thank you all who came by to share your thoughts.

FrogBurger As went France goes England. Someone in a hijab threw acid in a Vic Secret's staff's face. Next day BBC has an article about "celebrating the hijab'. I'll stop there.

Did you read where bloomturd is building a compound in England to retire to now that he's helped turn America into a libtard/muslim paradise, and/or he doesn't want to pay the taxes here either.

Imp, thanks for the visit bro.

libdude, you got a link for that?

Elmers Brother said...

And you do a great job!

Anonymous said...

For a laugh:

I have been watching a lot of videos on Youtube about French politics and Rocard, a former prime minister of Mitterrand gave a fabulous idea to give a boost to the French economy.

Get ready...

He proposed we should change all many windows of France to have better insulation. That it would create jobs.

And he's the guy who changed the 40-hr work week to the 39-hr work week to create jobs.

This is what you get when gov and bureaucrats run your life. You have utter morons running a country and coming up with stuff like that.


JonBerg said...

Redfish said....

Q:"So again, if Obama is not destroying our country,who is?"

A:The morons that put this fraud in office, AGAIN!

Z said...

FrogBurger, what a perfect example of leftwing's astonishing the people put up with that.

But I thought it went from 40 hours to something below 39? ??

Always On Watch said...

Kid is a great guy! He regularly visits Mr. AOW's blog, which gets scant attention as my husband's posts are sporadic and he rarely comments at anyone's blog -- even his own. Mr. AOW requires a lot of sleep so as to promote brain healing.

Anonymous said...

It went from 40 to 39. Since it didn't work it went to 35. It is lefty logic.


Pris said...

Kid, great post! I like your no nonsense approach, no mincing words!
Love it!
I'd give my two cents worth on the subject, but at this point, it'd be redundant. You do rock!!!

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

Pris, Wow, Thank you so much. And so do you Rock. I always read your comments here.

Kid said...

Aw Shucks Mrs AOW! All the best to your and Mr. Better everyday I hope.

Elmers Brother said...

It is in vain, oh men, that you seek within yourselves the cure for all your miseries. All your insight has led to the knowledge that it is not in yourselves that you discover the true and the good. The philosophers promised them to you, but they were not able to keep that promise. They do not know what your true good is or what your nature is. How should they have provided you with a cure for ills which they have not even understood? Your principal maladies are pride, which cuts you off from God, and sensuality, which binds you to the earth. And they have done nothing but foster at least one of these maladies. If they have given you God for your object, it has been to pander to your pride. They have made you think you were like him and resemble him by your nature. And those who have grasped the vanity of such a pretension have cast you down in the other abyss by making you believe that your nature is like that of the beast of the field and have led you to seek your good in lust, which is the lot of animals. Pascal